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  1. Mountcastle field a groundball at 3rd and gets 5-3-5 DP. Norfolk moves to 8-14. https://www.milb.com/gameday/tides-vs-bats/2019/04/26/575236#game_state=final,game_tab=,game=575236
  2. Rogers was bombed. Kline came in to protect the lead in the 9th and hits the first batter.
  3. Nail-biter in Louisville. Norfolk clinging to a 16 to 14 lead in bottom of 9.
  4. Has Hunter suggested any mechanical or psychological fixes for the ace? Or is he just blaming injury?
  5. Technically, ump should call "Batter's out if fair." Often heard in local amateur ball. Whether they do that in MLB or anyone can hear them say that is another thing.
  6. And color coordinate his sofa with drapes.
  7. Aruajo through waivers and at Bowie. Another feather in the cap of the Duq.
  8. So far Hyde has proved a miracle-worker with Davis. Shout out to Jim Hunter for his adept verbal takes on the situation.
  9. What a waste to have a knowledgeable guy like Palmer in the booth with a fool talking about this trainwreck.
  10. Does Jim Hunter believe Davis will break out of this? Has Bordick given an ETA on when the punchouts will diminish?
  11. someone check on Hunter; might been flying higher than a kite.
  12. Would like to see Jim Hunter work with him on the power of positive thinking. I remember way back that he told us he shared a cab ride with Mike Tomlin and urged him to trust his stuff.
  13. Can the new regime use data to fix Davis?
  14. reminder: Chris Davis available on the bench.
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