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  1. Dreadnought

    vs. WHITE STOCKINGS, 5/21

    Count ourselves lucky we're not listening to Hunter discuss his favorite subject: umpiring.
  2. Dreadnought

    vs. RED SOX, 5/18

    Not watching tonight. Why didn't they walk Manny?
  3. Dreadnought

    vs. RED SOX, 5/17

    The thing I like is that when the ship is sinking without Manny after the deadline Roy will still be here like a real fan. Kudos.
  4. Dreadnought

    vs. D-RAYS, 5/13

    Ouch: "We need a pitcher today, where Donnie is concerned,” Showalter said. “Yacabonis threw 38 pitches last night, and he's going to hopefully continue to work on his command and backing up third base."
  5. Dreadnought

    vs. ROYALS, 5/08

    Thanks for the correction.
  6. Dreadnought

    vs. ROYALS, 5/08

    120 days. He can go to the minors in August.
  7. Dreadnought

    vs. TIGERS, 4/29

  8. Dreadnought

    vs. TIGERS, 4/28

    Hunter: "Caleb's bat coming around...."
  9. Dreadnought

    vs. TIGERS, 4/28

    "Depth at Triple A" - Jim Hunter
  10. Dreadnought

    vs. TIGERS, 4/19

    I've been suffering with Hunter since 1998. It's been an incredible ride - and I mean that in the sense of a ride to nowhere.
  11. Dreadnought

    vs. TIGERS, 4/19

    To be fair, Palmer brought it up first. That said, Hunter is awful, day in and day out.
  12. Dreadnought

    vs. TIGERS, 4/19

    If Davis gets hot, this team goes on a long winning streak of a game or two.
  13. Dreadnought

    vs. TIGERS, 4/18 (1:10 PM Start)

    Any reason Alvarez and Davis can't be bothered to run?
  14. Dreadnought

    vs. RED SOX, 4/14

    Were you hoping for more length out of Cobb?
  15. Dreadnought

    vs. RED SOX, 4/13

    Why is Schoop out of game - down four?