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  1. Thorne is an idiot. The catcher throwing to second was a chance to end the game. Whether Santander was on first or second, or even third if the throw went into CF, did not matter with two outs. I think Ben knew that and just covered for him.
  2. Bleier's ERA going down off tonight.
  3. This cannot be posted often enough.
  4. This club is going to win a lot of games.
  5. Is it punchout Bordy or Palmer on TV?
  6. Ortiz has been very pitch-efficient.
  7. Ortiz and Rogers are part of the haul the Duke extracted from desperate clubs in playoff contention last year. Hopefully his moves pay dividends in the years and decades to come to.
  8. "Humor" between Hunter, the fool, and Palme is painful. If Hunter would just shut up.
  9. I was watching without the sound and decided to switch to audio, and I hear Hunter's voice.😡
  10. Mountcastle field a groundball at 3rd and gets 5-3-5 DP. Norfolk moves to 8-14. https://www.milb.com/gameday/tides-vs-bats/2019/04/26/575236#game_state=final,game_tab=,game=575236
  11. Rogers was bombed. Kline came in to protect the lead in the 9th and hits the first batter.
  12. Nail-biter in Louisville. Norfolk clinging to a 16 to 14 lead in bottom of 9.
  13. Has Hunter suggested any mechanical or psychological fixes for the ace? Or is he just blaming injury?
  14. Technically, ump should call "Batter's out if fair." Often heard in local amateur ball. Whether they do that in MLB or anyone can hear them say that is another thing.
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