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  1. Rutschman so far this weekend vs. #2 UCLA 6/10, 2 hr, 3bb, 2k, 7 rbi (including 3-4 with 2hr today) Up to .446 avg with 26/10 bb/k and 8hr
  2. Some weekend updates: Adley Rutschman Seattle Classic: 6-for-9, 6 BB, 0 K, HR, 2 RBI Season stats up to: .409/.600/.841 14games/44ab, 6hr, 21bb/8k Andrew Vaughn series vs LSU: 1-for-10, 1 RBI, 3 BB, 2 K.
  3. Updated stats over a 3 game weekend vs. West Virginia - 2-10 with 3 runs, his 5th HR, 3bb, 3K Player avg gp-gs ab r h 2b 3b hr rbi tb slg% bb hp so gdp ob% Rutschman, Adley . 343 11-11 35 14 12 1 0 5 12 28 .800 15 0 8 2 .540
  4. It sounds like a lot of scratchiness on the mic on my feed via MLB At Bat app, it's pretty annoying.
  5. Another solid weekend for Rutschman, season numbers up to: .400/.595/.920, with 11R, 4 hr, 11 RBI, 12bb, and only 5k!
  6. You really need to re-read your history. It seems clear you're misunderstanding the intent of the original post.
  7. https://twitter.com/Chandler_Rome/status/1062717764673200128 Astros beat writer from Houston Chronicle confirming.
  8. IMHO I think because she's a woman. Unless i'm wrong I don't think any major sports franchise has had a woman at the top of the team leadership and I think a lot of old fashioned type personalities might not be comfortable with that big of a move. I think the Orioles would do a great thing giving her a chance. Hell, her position coming from MLB HQ might help smooth over some of the MASN/ownership transition issues too. Two birds with one stone.
  9. https://twitter.com/JonHeyman/status/1052256318659158016 I like it. Even though this is an older article, I like her and I like the idea. Young, analytical, if they give her free reign could be really good. https://sabr.org/research/dodgers-assistant-general-manager-kim-ng-ready-make-jump-top-job
  10. You understand Kim Ng most recently of the Dodgers (and with MLB) has been a top GM candidate for a number of years now. Clearly not a "PC" statement.
  11. It's ridiculous. Two pitches right down the middle. No calls, nothing. You can't throw more down the middle...
  12. Can't really remember, I do know it was in Memorial stadium and I remember the bleacher/bench seats. I was around 6-7, so it must have been around '88 or '89 me thinks.
  13. Sounds like higher than the O's wanted, way lower than the Nats wanted it, but overall way in Baltimore's favor.
  14. While the TBS crew isn't the absolute worst (they're by no means good), I've really missed Gary Thorne and Jim Palmer during these broadcasts.
  15. Very aggressive looking pitcher for the bucs, lol
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