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  1. 99ct

    PED Suspensions Coming

    I'd say he's over-perfuming. Really stinking up the joint! But yeah, pretty awesome leap in logic to go from Cano's suspension to Davis. I wish Rene would share his insight on that one.
  2. 99ct

    TT: Time for Tillman To Go

    lol fair enough, I guess it adds up
  3. 99ct

    TT: Time for Tillman To Go

    In their defense, they waited pretty long and signed him cheap...not like we were champing at the bit to sign him to a huge deal...
  4. 99ct

    Chicks Dig the Long Ball, But...

    Do chicks dig he long ball when the other team is hitting it? Asking for a friend.
  5. 99ct

    Lineup for game 2. You pick it...

    Let's see how good my baseball memory is...Was Jason Kendall "fast"?
  6. Because I love numbers and modeling systems, I have to jump in here With the Yanks and BoSox both improving, do you think that our 61% chance of winning the non-DS games will decrease?
  7. 99ct

    Chris Davis to leadoff?

    Wouldnt Chris benefit most from batting with runners on base to prevent the shift? Or domteam still shift on him regardless in whether there are runners on? I just cant remembe now
  8. 99ct

    My Orioles man cave

    Oh come on dude, you can't tease us with the mancave and then omit pics! We wanna see it so we can be jelly
  9. 99ct

    Anyone ever used the broker app Robinhood?

    If RH doesnt execute quickly and also doesnt clear funds quickly then youre screwed for day trading. The price will keep moving away from you while you wait for RH to execute.
  10. 99ct

    Anyone ever used the broker app Robinhood?

    I have heard of it, but have not really investigated it myself. It's hard to shake the feeling that there's a catch though. Trades are relatively cheap, and if you're trying to save for retirement then I assume you aren't trying to day trade anyways. Why not stick with something established like TD Ameritrade? My experience with them has been fantastic
  11. 99ct

    Are There Three Internal SP Candidates

    The frustrating thing is that, to fill 3 spots successfully, it would really take more like 5-7 candidates.
  12. 99ct

    Is Manny a 5 tool player?

    Yeah, sorry, I equate "unspectacular" with "pretty average," as you call it. We're on the same page.
  13. 99ct

    Is Manny a 5 tool player?

    I don't think he's a true 5-tool player, but then again, very few are. Of the skills you listed, Manny's batting average is pretty unspectacular - although his OBP is pretty good, and maybe you should replace BA with OBP in your list of 5 tools. Moreover, baserunning is average at best, IMO. He makes blunders, and doesn't really steal enough bases to compensate. That said, his power and glove are far above average, IMO, so he's still a very valuable player ... but perhaps not that diversified
  14. 99ct

    The Case for Justin Verlander (Pros / Cons)

    The deal-breaker for me is giving up prospects. The salary is obviously unattractive, but you might be able to talk me into taking the contract (easy to say from my position). Its the part where we presumably have to give up a prospect in exchange for the contract that I am opposed to. Maybe a second tier prospect and they throw in some $? Doubt they'd do it though.
  15. 99ct

    We get Tim Beckham...and its a good pick up

    (I mentioned OBP because speed on the basepaths, even if he had it, wouldn't do much good if he can't get on)