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  1. You missed a rare Chris Davis pitching sighting
  2. Lol had to log in just because davis is pitching tonight 😂😂😂😂
  3. Possibly, but this story is quite old, he’s just a new date on it. I’m surprised his story isn’t common knowledge on the OH, we’re usually on top of everything.
  4. Fair enough. I'll take May, 2020. My main reasoning is that, for the time being, the O's just need a warm body at 1B and it also gives some time for a miracle bounce-back. I think 2019 is just too soon to cut him based on what he's still owed, in view of the fact that the team isn't going anywhere anyways.
  5. My point is that I'd wait and see how he looks. Are you taking the counter point that he should be cut now? Right after you told me that nobody is suggesting he should be cut now? lol
  6. lol are you the message board enforcer or something? I said "who knows," but that I would at least wait and see if he's made improvements. My guess is either late this year, but I could also see waiting another year since the rebuild is probably not anywhere near done anyways.
  7. Moose asked "at what point do you say enough is enough?" I told Moose that I would at least wait to see if he's made improvements over the offseason. I answered Moose's question.
  8. None. But sometimes you just gotta cover your bases. Imagine is Elias' first act is to cut Davis, eat $90m, and then Davis squeezes out some sort of average production somewhere else. The flip side is that the money has already been spent, and the O's will probably suck in '19...why not make Davis do a little work.
  9. Who knows, but I'd at least see if he was able to make any improvements over the offseason
  10. I find the allegations of collusion pretty interesting in sports, and elsewhere. Economically it makes little sense because what team would rather follow the collusion pact instead of getting the super star they need? There's a reason every OPEC member is also selling a little extra oil out the back door...The far more likely explanation is that neither player makes sense at 10 years, $300m.
  11. Only if teams are willing to give up premium talent. My guess is they look at him as a “buy low” candidate, and I aint selling low! So probably no deal, but may be possible to meet somewhere in the middle.
  12. Also, does he use analytics?
  13. Lol I actually kinda hope we sign Wieters, Kakes, Jones and Schoop to cheap deals. We all agree that we're probably gonna suck for a while, why not have a reunion tour? If the price is right, I think it would be a blast. OF might be a bit crowded though, but as long as its a 1-year deal...can't hurt to help Elias get another good draft pick!
  14. Stop right there Moose, it's not possible 😂
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