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  1. 99ct

    Matt Wieters

    Also, does he use analytics?
  2. 99ct

    Matt Wieters

    Lol I actually kinda hope we sign Wieters, Kakes, Jones and Schoop to cheap deals. We all agree that we're probably gonna suck for a while, why not have a reunion tour? If the price is right, I think it would be a blast. OF might be a bit crowded though, but as long as its a 1-year deal...can't hurt to help Elias get another good draft pick!
  3. 99ct

    Elias' Brady comments (Connolly article)

    Stop right there Moose, it's not possible 😂
  4. 99ct

    The Victor Victor Mesa/Sandy Gaston thread

    Interest strategy - let's go all in on VVM's brother, and maybe VVM will come knocking on our doors.
  5. 99ct

    Grade the Gausman Deal

    I think it's probably possible to put a $ value on prospects. I'm not sure how that calculus works, though.
  6. 99ct

    Jonathan Villar- Our new 2B?

    Last time I saw him, he still had that huge mental block preventing him from throwing to 1B. One of the weirdest things in baseball lol...
  7. 99ct

    Opt Outs: Still No For Orioles?

    I'm not a huge fan of giving opt outs, but I can see how it may be necessary, on a case by case basis. For mega talents like Kershaw, it may just be a fact of life and a necessary sacrifice in order to get the top players on your roster. But obviously its a bit of a bad result for the team if the player can opt out, but the team can't do the same.
  8. 99ct

    2018 Milwaukee Brewers

    The real news here is the Wade Miley is rocking a 2.xx ERA!
  9. 99ct

    Statcast: Sprint Speed

    What do people think of Wilkerson? I kind of assumed he was just AAA filler, but I don't even really know how I arrived at that assumption lol
  10. 99ct

    Adam Jones- Where are the homeruns?

    I just really appreciate the dude. Kind of simultaneously awesome and sad to see him fighting til the end.
  11. 99ct

    Hurt or Injured?

    Is it being implied that this is directed at one specific player? If so, I'm drawing a blank ... Trumbo? Mullins?
  12. 99ct

    Luis Ortiz 2018

    Came here to see who was talking about Ortiz's start. Glad you posted this. Kind of encouraged by his numbers at AAA! Hopefully his stuff translates to MLB
  13. 99ct

    Tillman to Texas

    Yeah, true, and in a way, by earning non-lucrative salaries, the minor leaguers are just helping to bring down the average salary (and thus, relatively speaking, helping to push the MLBers into the top 1%).
  14. 99ct

    Tillman to Texas

    I wonder if I could increase my salary by hiring an agent. How do you think that would work out? When I refuse to perform work until I get a pay raise
  15. 99ct

    Tillman to Texas

    Just speculating, but it might be even more important if you're making league minimum, since it probably takes a bit of work for your agent to find your next job after you get DFA'd. If your Bryce Harper, why not just post an eBay link and let teams bid?