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  1. Yeah that looks to be what I had in memory. Can't find much follow up on Google. It looks like we have a team in the Dominican: http://m.milb.com/t621 Not surprisingly, they are sub-.500 😢
  2. Weird, I posted this in a different thread and it popped up here? How do I delete this post?
  3. What ever happened to that Dominican academy we were building like 5-8 years ago?
  4. What ever happened to that Dominican academy we were building like 5-8 years ago?
  5. I think the bolded part is most likely the "truth," regardless of what our record is from here on out
  6. Can my strategy be to have gausman pitch every game like he pitched tonight? That's probably the best path to the playoffs from where we are.
  7. What ever happened to SG? I missed a few or more years of posting. What about Sapper?
  8. This is so bad that it's hilarious. I vote "yay."
  9. There are some great trades here. Two in particular. It goes without saying that I'd love to see him repeat some of those steals for the Orioles.
  10. I realize this is a total cop-out of your question, but the only "strategy" that I can see is hope/pray/beg/sell your soul that Tillman, Gausman and Bundy all pitch as well as they did last year (or in Bundy's case, earlier this year). We can tinker with the #5 starter all we want, but any success we have this year will begin and end with those three's pitching.
  11. Nice try, Dan 😂😂😂
  12. I kind of (want to) believe the posts talking about how his peripherals are unsustainable, but this is a bit of a dong punch TBH.
  13. I was responding to a line of discussion regarding what Duquette *says.* Youre right that many people probably look at us and dont see a contender. Doesnt necessarily mean Duquette should say that, though. That's all I was really addressing in my post.
  14. Who knows what he really thinks, but keep in mind how complicated his PR position is. If he admits he has to sell, that immediately drives down the price. Moreover, he's also (apparently) trying to keep key pieces on the team (e.g. recent article re:Schoop extension) and player would probably start heading for the exits if he said they sucked. Lastly, it probably wouldnt be great for ticket sales either - and while that should be only a small consideration, it would be a bit clumsy to just conceed the rest of the year.
  15. Exactly. The irony is great because if they really wanted to keep the team together, they would just starting winning more games. At least, according to internet logic.