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  1. Whats the deal with MLB clearing him? Just a matter of time?
  2. 99ct

    Machado Trade Expectations

    Agreed. It's unlikely that we reach a trade on a guy with multiple years left because there is no reason for us to compromise on price at this time. There should be much more motivation to trade Britton and Jones.
  3. 99ct

    Hader and the Orioles Judgement

    Just curious, since I'm not a social media-pro: why did it take six years for these tweets to come out? Sounds like there are plenty of people who missed it. Six years worth of people, to be exact.
  4. 99ct

    Machado Trade Expectations

    lol literally every organization has leaks, its not a reflection on the GM
  5. 99ct

    Chris Bosio

    Isn't this the guy who motors out to the mound on a little cart? Why did Joe Maddon let him walk? The guy seems to always be in the middle or something, even if it's minor
  6. 99ct

    Brady helped with plan to convert Yacabonis to starter

    As much as Cindy luvs Brady, though?
  7. 99ct

    Chris Davis

    Can someone who watched tonight's game give a summary of any changes to his stance/approach? My bet was nothing changed, but then I saw a HR in the box score. Now I'm conflicted because, like a metaphorical Trainwreck, I couldn't look away from CD1.0's historically bad season.
  8. I read that article even before you linked it. Felt like I got click-baited by the title referring to a "flawed" rule. The author doesnt like the fact that, probably, a 100+ win team will face a single game elimination in the wild card. Personally I think it makes for great excitement. I don't think disliking a rule makes it a "flaw."
  9. Who do you have in mind as the #1 pick?
  10. 99ct

    Corban Joseph

    Lol but what about your own plan? Mine - not coming along so nicely.
  11. 99ct

    Does anybody REALLY care any more?

    I still care at an organizational level, but definitely not paying attention to games on a day-to-day basis right now.
  12. 99ct

    Chris Davis

    Is anyone on this board familiar with all the terms of an MLB contract? I know that the money is “guaranteed” for all practical purposes, but I wonder if there’s some clause whereby the Orioles could aruge that by being historically bad, Davis somehow has failed go uphold his end for the bargain. For $100m, I’ll bet there are lawyers who would at least attempt that argument.
  13. 99ct

    Chris Davis

    It’ll be interesting for sure. It doesnt seem financially rational for a player to surrender such money. But as this thread points out, Davis is historically bad so somewhere along the lines I suspect he will finally give up. I dont see anyone having the mental toughness to continue this for five years. But what about the players association? Would they be cool with a guy giving up guaranteed money?
  14. 99ct

    WAR of Orioles' drafts

    Haha not a lot of WAR going on. The most interesting thing I learned is that Markakis has a higher life time WAR than Arrietta. Who would have thought?
  15. 99ct

    2018 MLB Draft Discussion

    Whats mind-boggling to me is this: if I wanted to overslot a guy in a later round, why not just pick him up in an earlier round? I get the logic of saving money to sign all your picks...I dont get the logic of trying to save money forma later guy when you could just pick him earlier. Help me out here?