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  1. Do you remember a guy named Forrest from Mrs. Deterding's 6th grade class? He's a pretty cool guy who you should hire to work for his favorite baseball team. In all seriousness, since he grew up in NoVa well before the Gnats moved into town, I'd want to ask: What were your rooting interests prior to working in the industry? Regarding rebuilding, I'd like to ask: What is your opinion on raising minor league pay? Do you think that an organization which does so would be at a competitive advantage (IE, players have less outside concerns, can theoretically devote more energy to baseball) or not?
  2. TBH that was a rather depressing read. It doesn't sound like we'll have a chance at any top guys for several years.
  3. I've always wondered about the warm-up pitches. I haven't pitched since AAA (...in little league...) so I've never experienced coming into a game like that. Is there a reason that pitchers who have already warmed up in the bullpen would NEED to warm-up further after getting to the mound? Perhaps requiring relievers to be ready to pitch when the manager makes the call would help cut down on wasted time.
  4. Eff me, I think I went to school with him! (...not TJ)
  5. I’ve only seen the tweet and one Spanish language article (Here). I should offer the caveat that I do not speak Spanish, not do I know the quality of the two sources!
  6. https://twitter.com/neftaliruiz/status/1054520811149778944?s=21 I think we lost out on Gastón as well...
  7. Like I said, it was completely irrational! I also wasn't paying attention during his first stint, so I only remember his last few seasons.
  8. Orioles Mount Rushmore for Players That I Irrationally Really Disliked: B.J. Surhoff, Mark Trumbo, Aubrey Huff, Luke Scott. Orioles Mount Rushmore for Players That I Irrationally Really Liked: Daniel Cabrera, Tony Batista, Walter Young, Jay Gibbons.
  9. Or in this case, reading more into Dexter "Catfishing" Fowler quoting Jones than might be considered reasonable...
  10. all the bases are belong to us!
  11. I believe the FA/arbitration question has been asked and answered already, so I apologize if this ground has been covered, but will Kim be considered a rookie?
  12. But was the wedding date set before conception? THAT is the question. Season 3 of Serial, anyone?
  13. I know this is tongue in cheek, but this thread is hilarious to me especially in light of Ubaldo's exception. Ubaldo and his wife CHOSE the wedding date. Amber Harmon is pregnant; nature plays a bit of a factor there, with limited room for human choice regarding timing. If there is the slightest reason to be peeved at anyone, a much stronger case can be built against Ubaldo. For the record, I begrudge neither. Both are thoroughly reasonable.
  14. This. It sounded to me like he was frustrated more about Tampa Bay not being willing to swap a home for an away series instead of forcing us into false home games. I'm a bit peeved at the neighborly behavior of the Gnats. I'm more convinced than ever that the Learners are aiming to ruin the Orioles as a viable business.
  15. This came to mind a few games back when Manny lost control of the bat a few games ago. They didn't show where it ended up, but from the poor angle I had it appeared to be the same general direction and strength as the infamous "intentional" bat throw from last season. Without the collective assumption of intention, it passed without comment. If this dude (the terrible ump) hadn't assumed he could read minds, the HBP would've been a note in the box score and not a news story. I've seen comments from the crew chief, who (to paraphrase) stated it was "near the head, hence and automatic ejection" in the same sentence as "the umpire has the option to issue warnings instead of immediate ejection" (which is it? automatic, or one or two options?), but I haven't seen this guy come out of hiding to explain himself. Not that I expect to, but still. Ah in any case, I'm just blowing off steam, because I'm certain that had Ubaldo not been objected, I would've witnessed my first no hitter. Obviously a rational thought process.
  16. Theoretically the first warning can come before the game begins, but that would mean it would make less sense for it to be intentional since he was pitching a no-hitter at the time.
  17. Looks like he's been around since at least 2013, probably 2012.
  18. Jordan Baker...is he a rookie? I swear I recognize the name...
  19. Wow. Just wow. I'm not surprised that I recognize the name of the HP ump...I find the umps who have recognizable names tend to make the worst calls ::coughCBBucknorcough::
  20. This. Thorne = great. Thorne + Palmer = outstanding. Thorne + Palmer + alleged alcohol comsumption + Gary Thorne needling Palmer about his underwear ads + Palmer's awkward response = sublime. I'd like to see Ben McDonald in the booth - I caught him a few times on the radio and loved it. Though I must say, the best tv commentary I've ever witnessed was a half-inning of a Marlins/Mets game on ESPN by this guy:
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