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  1. lol Isn't it sad that's the first impression most people typically have from watching a DC movie trailer?
  2. full trailer for Justice League
  3. I know people like Howard, but I can't see this team spending a 1st round pick on a TE. Not when we already have five on the roster, four if/when they cut Watson, and none of them play any significant role on special teams. None of them are probably as good as Howard could be, but the point is we have plenty of people to cover that position; even if there's an injury (or two ... or three). Meanwhile, the O Line still needs starters at both C and RT/LG (wherever Lewis isn't playing) as well as depth; Urschal and Jensen are really your only two backups there. WR's could definitely use some help (I still think they're going to fill this w/ a veteran). I imagine the team is looking for another MLB to pair w/ Mosley and (I don't think) we really have a clear cut replacement for Dumervil.
  4. Is this a guy the Ravens look at if his price drops enough? I'm a little surprised by the complete lack of interest teams have shown him his offseason. He had a meeting w/ Seattle, but they ended up signing Eddie Lacy and the Vikings have already replaced him w/ Latavius Murray. The Ravens already mentioned trying to find a playmaker at RB this offseason. They signed Danny Woodhead, but he's more of a receiver than a RB. If Peterson can be had on a cheap/decent one-year deal, is this a good move for the Ravens? I'm honestly not sure how I'd feel about this. I like Peterson, but there IS a lot of wear on those tires. There is "baggage" attached to him, but he's several years removed from that. I definitely wouldn't want to hand him a big contract ... but, a cheap/decent "show me" type of deal? I think I'd do that.
  5. You would have to think another move was pending, whether it be a trade or FA signing. Otherwise, I don't see the point of cutting Zuttah (right now) when you don't have a clear replacement on your roster. I'd be surprised if they brought in Mangold. While I think he'd be an upgrade over Zuttah, he's three years older and is probably going to cost you at least as much as Zuttah did, if not more. Beyond Mangold, I don't see anyone among the remaining FA C's who are a clear upgrade.
  6. Talks about SoM's connection to the Arkham series. (starts at the 3:30 mark)
  7. There's actually a reason for that. Shadow of Mordor actually started out as an Arkham-style game based on the Christopher Nolan Batman movies. At some point, that game was canceled and Monolith decided to salvage as much of the game as they could for their next project.
  8. This is the sequel to Shadow of Mordor. Also, this isn't a trailer. This is 15+ minutes of alpha gameplay footage.
  9. Webb was cut today. Levine was signed to a 3 year extension. Not sure about the numbers. I can check when I get home.
  10. I would prefer to keep neither and hope you can get at decent production from the combo of Gilmore/Williams/Boyle. I just don't see the point of keeping Pitta or Watson when we've already spent multiple draft picks on th TE position. Cut both and use that money somewhere else.
  11. I would have preferred to see that money spent on a guy like Donta Hightower.
  12. Apparently, Mike Jones of the Wash. Post believes this has more to do w/ jealousy within the Redskins front office. Either way, why in the world would you wait until the 1st day of free agency to fire him? The draft is less than two months away ...
  13. NFL.com link Yahoo Sports link Osweilers' contract Forgot links. Also, the Browns just signed Zeitler away from the Bengals; 5 years, $60 Mil. w/ $31.5 Mil. guaranteed. Makes him the highest paid Guard in history. This was after giving G Joel Bitonio an extension; 5 years, $51 Mil. w/ $23 Mil. guaranteed.
  14. Cleveland gets: Brock Osweiler (and his contract) 2018 2nd round pick 2017 6th round pick Houston gets: 2017 4th round pick Cleveland has an insane amount of cap space (around 100 Mil.) for this coming season. They basically just used that cap space to buy a 2nd round pick. Houston gets rid of Osweilers' ugly contract, but I'm not quite sure why the got around Osweilers' dead money ($16 Mil.) Something to note: this is the last season Osweiler has dead money on his deal. He can be cut after 2017 and the Browns would owe nothing.
  15. Very true, but I just don't see Boldin coming back here. I think that bridge was burned. Also, with the crazy money being thrown around for mediocre WR's, I don't think Wallace goes anywhere. I don't see him restructuring when a guy like Kenny Britt got $8 mil. per and I don't think they risk cutting him. He could easily match or even exceed what he's making now on the FA market and I don't w/ the number of quality WR's quickly dwindling, I don't see the Ravens wanting to test that market w/ Perriman being their only other receiver.