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  1. It seems less "formula" and more "close your eyes and throw a dart at the board." lol I gave up trying to understand it awhile ago. You could google "Is Bigfoot real?" and get a better, straightforward answer.
  2. Disney recently posted job openings for Lucasfilm Games. When Disney bought Lucasfilm and Star Wars, they also got LucasArts. Unfortunately, they closed LucasArts shortly after and gave an exclusive licensing deal to EA to make Star Wars games. Fast forward to today, EA has seemingly canceled more Star Wars games than they have actually produced, releasing only 2 games (Battlefront I & II) despite being six years into a ten year deal with Battlefront II being the poster child for the current microtransactions debate. One of the worst kept secrets in the industry is that Disney is REALLY not happy with EA and were even rumored to be shopping the Star Wars brand to other publishers/developers early/mid last year. Disney has continued to show public support for EA, but this latest news would suggest otherwise. EA's current exclusivity deal ends in 2023. If Disney were to revoke that deal and find a new publisher, you likely wouldn't see a game from that new deal until late 2022/early 2023 anyway. It looks like their plan is to just wait out this bad deal w/ EA and, from there, cut out the middle man and produce their own games.
  3. Elbren

    2019 NFL Draft

    Unless a higher ranked Tackle or WR drops to them (I'm not big on Metcalf), I imagine they stick to their usual Best Player Available. I would love to see them get C Elgton Jenkins, slide Stanley over to LG and get a stopgap guy like Donald Penn at LT. That would be a huge boost to our O-line which is a huge question mark at the moment. I don't think you could go wrong w/ CB Amani Oruwariye either. I think it will be interesting if LT Andre Dillard or Cody Ford are available when we pick. Not long after the draft ( in May), the Ravens have to decide whether they're picking up Stanley's 5th year option. I thought I read that the number for O-linemen this year was likely to be around $13 Mil. If either of those guys are available when we pick, I wouldn't be shocked to see their names called.
  4. They have announced the run times of each episodes. Supposedly, with only six episodes, each episode was going to be "feature length", meaning 90-120 min. It looks like none of them actually meet that mark. In fact, the first two episodes are actually less than one hour. They're both just under 60 minutes and you have to remember that "run time" typically includes the intro., end credits, Previously On ... and teaser at the end. That's at least 7-10 minutes shaved off of each episode. Even w/ the extended run times of the last four episodes, this is still the shortest season of the series. That includes last season, which had at least one or two episodes that were in the 40-45 minute range. Ep. 1 - 54 minutes Ep. 2 - 58 minutes Ep. 3 - 82 minutes Ep. 4 - 78 minutes Ep. 5 - 80 minutes Ep. 6 - 80 minutes
  5. It's another reason to not like the Boyle contract. Your starting RB gets $5 Mil. per, but you give a blocking TE $6 per? ... should have just let Boyle go.
  6. Same here. Thomas is definitely an upgrade, but I would rather have kept Weddle. We haven't seen the specifics of the deal, but Thomas got 4 years, $55 Mil. That's an average annual value of almost $14 Mil./year. That's gotta make him one of the top paid safeties in the league. To me: Weddle+3rd round pick > Thomas+big cap hit+no draft pick+$1.75 Mil. in dead money (from Weddle)
  7. THIS is the type of signing that should be pissing people off. Our O-line was horrible last year, we used a practice squad guy as our starting Center and he’s now a FA, so he’s not even coming back. At the very least, a Center should have been a priority in FA. Again, it’s early and I’m willing to wait and withhold judgement. If they plan on going full rebuild, I’m totally down for that, but if this team still has some delusional thought of trying to compete ...
  8. 😂 He got less years and less overall money than what the Steelers offered him. lol He forced his way off a winning team over $5 million in guaranteed money. 😂
  9. The Giants got quite a haul for him too. SS Jabrill Peppers as well as a 1st and 3rd round picks. They just drafted Peppers in 2017; he's also a kick/punt returner. That's obviously a lot better return than what the Steelers got for A. Brown, but I think their situations were a bit different. The Giants had to eat $16 Mil. in dead money and they really didn't have to trade OBJ. The Steelers, on the other hand, ate more dead money ($21 Mil.) but had almost no leverage. It was clear he had almost no interest in staying on the Steelers, everyone knew they had to deal him (before the situation got any worse and they were potentially looking at a holdout situation) and it was clear that any team that traded for him would have to give him a new deal (w/ a lot of guaranteed money). Over half of his new deal w/ the Raiders is guaranteed ($50.125 Mil., $30.125 Mil. guaranteed).
  10. True, but one of the reasons we typically don't spend big in free agency is because we used to pay our own guys. Suggs is off to the Chiefs, Mosley to the Jets, Za'Darius is going to G.B., Weddle is now in L.A. ... on top of that Urban is also a FA and I'm not 100% convinced that the 3rd round tender will keep teams away from Pierce. That's a fairly significant part of our defense that needs to be replaced on top of our needs on offense. I'm willing to be patient and see where this goes. If DeCosta ends up trading a couple veterans and this looks like a rebuild, I'm totally on board for that, but if this team still has delusions of trying to compete ... yeah, I'm not quite scared (yet), but this isn't really instilling me with confidence. The problem is, we haven't been that team in quite awhile. Long gone are the years where our pending FA's would talk about wanting to stay and would give Ozzie that chance to meet/beat/come close to any offers. It's been like this for most, if not all, of Harbaugh's time here (which definitely says something to me). Guys like Grubbs, Osemele and Ellerbe hit FA and never looked back. The only reason we had the money to bring in Dumervil in 2013 was because they had already allocated that money for Ellerbe and were shocked that he signed w/ Miami without giving them a call back.
  11. lmao In the hour since I posted this, the number of User Ratings jumped to 26,600. 16,000+ user reviews in an hour ... at 6-7am EST, pushing the user rating percentage from 34% to 52%. 🤣
  12. lol So, Rotten Tomatoes originally had almost 60,000 user reviews for Captain Marvel. After the huge purge, it dropped to about 4,300 user reviews, but strangely, the review count jumped again to almost 17,000 (all positive) pushing the review score up to 49%. People quickly noticed that, not only were all of the new "user" reviews positive, but they were the EXACT SAME COMMENT. Word-for-word, the same two paragraph review was copy/pasted thousands of times. It looks like R.T. had no other choice and had to purge all of the bot account/reviews overnight, with the review count once again dropping to below 11,000 and the score dropping back down to 34%. 😂 It's getting a little ridiculous the lengths movie studios will go to in order to push some narrative or lay blame.
  13. This seems to be the sentiment of most people, including myself. Without getting into Brie Larson and her ridiculous politics, she has done herself no favors. It got so bad going into this week that Rotten Tomatoes literally changed how they score movies leading up to their release. They used to have a "Fan Anticipation" meter where you could vote and show how many people "couldn't wait" to see said movie. Captain Marvel's meter got so low (sub-30%) that it was removed entirely. Now that it is showing user reviews, the film is sitting at 38% vs. the critics 79%, but even the critic scores are a bit misleading. They're ranked as Fresh (positive) or Rotten (negative) but even some of the positive reviews are pretty questionable. B- A middling, good-enough episode ... The dynamic between Larson and Jackson is lively. His review ends with, "Can’t we come up with something more exciting and fully formed?" Its adherence to the tried-and-true conventions of a Phase One Marvel origin story, 10 years into an increasingly complex cinematic universe, might leave you neither overjoyed nor underwhelmed, but satisfied and wondering what's for dinner. - Her first paragraph is literally a laundry list of things she thought was wrong w/ the film. 3/5 - With each phase of Marvel movies growing in scope and complexity, it's unfathomable that Captain Marvel is a step backwards for the MCU. These are supposed to be "positive." lol Even worse, the user review score was actually LOWER earlier today, but R.T. removed about 50,000 user reviews. Kind of sad. I've seen every MCU film since the 1st Iron Man, even films that I wasn't really sold on like Black Panther or Ant-Man. This is likely the 1st MCU film that I won't be seeing in theaters.
  14. I could care less if he's kept his nose clean. It still doesn't change the fact that he's only had 75 catches in 4 years and has never caught a TD. 3 years, $18 Mil. isn't a guy whose "only going to block". I imagine he's going to be getting significant playtime, meaning that we, once again, are going out of our way to make sure high round draft picks don't get full time snaps.
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