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  1. I almost forgot. Peter Dinklage. A fantastic actor. For eight seasons, he helped bring Tyrion Lannister to life and helped make this show what it is. Eight seasons ... and his last line is, "I once brought a jackass and a honeycomb into a brothel." That is what they give him to go out on. I never thought I'd see a writer/director as self-destructive to himself and a franchise as Rian Johnson. I didn't realize that Benioff & Weiss took that as a personal challenge.
  2. Ep. 6 - This should be quick and easy. Despite it's length, there's not much talking. Most of the episode is spent staring quietly at things. - Tyrion goes to find Jaime. He makes his way down to the room w/ the dragon skulls which doesn't take him very long. Mind you, we saw this room completely collapse and cave in last episode. It's underground, they literally had a castle and millions of pounds of dirt fall on them. Now, the room is completely intact, with piles of bricks laying about. He finds Jaime very easily and, somehow, both he and Cersei aren't crushed and mangled to a pulp. Quite the opposite, he only has to move a couple bricks to uncover them and they look perfectly fine, aside from being a bit dirty and dusty. Apparently, they would have lived if they just moved 15 feet to the left or right. - Jon and Davos find Grey Worm, who is executing Lannister soldiers. Davos tells Jon to find Dany and talk to her. Jon goes through the city, walks through all of the Dothraki and Unsullied and at the top of the stairs waiting for him is ... Grey Worm. Did Jon get lost? Did he stop for lunch? I guess Grey Worm just has a better teleporter. - What follows is a scene where Dany announces Grey Worm is now her Master of War and basically tells her forces that they're going to rape and pillage the world. What's funny is that Jon is standing behind her looking very distressed ... but he doesn't actually speak the language she's speaking in this scene, so he has no idea what she's saying. - It's now snowing heavily in King's Landing. It was snowing at the end of Season 7, spring/summer time in a desert last episode and now it's the dead of winter. It's snowing so hard that Jon almost walks past Drogon without seeing him because he's covered in it. Later this episode, a few weeks have passed and it looks like spring/summer time again. - Jon meets w/ Dany and, of course, she sounds like a crazy person. Like Darth Vader, she's totally cool w/ killing the younglings. Jon kills her, Drogon melts the Iron Throne, takes her body and flies off over the ocean. I'm sure there's supposed to be some kind of emotional weight to this scene, but it's not there. Kind of hard to feel bad for Emperor Palpatine. This is also a very convenient way to get rid of the dragon. No more "nuclear weapon" to worry about in Westeros. The next scene skips ahead a few weeks and everyone knows that Jon killed Dany. I have no idea why because the only evidence literally flies out the window, never to be seen again. Yeah, there's blood on the floor, but this is taking place directly after last episode where we watched almost half a million people die. When we first see Dany, it looks like it's the first time she's been in this room ... meaning, NO ONE ELSE has been in here. The only way for anyone to know what happened to Dany is if Jon told them. - Skip ahead and Tyrion is being called in front of a council of what looks like the heads of the remaining noble houses. We're left to assume that because they never bother telling us who they are or what this group is. There's multiple randoms who never get a name, have no speaking lines and who basically do nothing. On top of that, it seems like there's too many people; there's at least 15. Bronn is also missing from this scene. Right after this, we find out he's Warden of the Reach (because, of course he is). How is he not at something this important? - They literally brought the actor who played Edmure Tully back just to make him look like a jack@ss one more time. What a waste of a character. - The entire point of this scene is to decide what to do w/ Tyrion. That doesn't even last 5 seconds and immediately turns into, "We should vote on a new king." Because that's totally how monarchies. Not just now, but for every king ... voting. Yup, definitely how monarchies work. -Tyrion, yes the prisoner whose here to be punished, nominates Bran Stark. Everyone votes for him except Sansa, who declares that the North will remain independent. In true Season 8 fashion, Tyrion labels him Bran the Broken ... get it? Because he's crippled and can't walk. Nothing says respect like making fun of a cripple. - At this point, everyone forgets why they're there, so Bran names Tyrion Hand of the King. The only one who protests in Grey Worm, but he's ignored because everyone wants to go to lunch. - Tyrion tells Jon that, as punishment, he is being sent to rejoin the Nights Watch. The same Nights Watch where everyone is pretty much dead or gone. The same N.W. that guards a magical wall that no longer serves a purpose. The Wall which is meant to keep out the wildlings and the undead. The undead, who are now gone, and the Wildlings, who are now friendly to the people of the south. The same N.W. that's in the NORTH, which is now an independent country, ruled by Queen Sansa. - Jon says his final goodbye's to his siblings and Arya says that she's not returning to the North. She's going "west of Westeros" ... which, I'm pretty sure, is just Essos. Apparently, she's a ship captain now, with her own Mayflower-sized ship that's fully manned w/ a crew. It never explains how she can afford this, but whatever. Nothing matters. - Grey Worm, who had complete military control of King's Landing, decides the Unsullied are all leaving and going to the Isle of Naath. I guess this isle is big enough to accommodate 8,000 respawnable soldiers. We see a couple Dothraki around the docks, but there's no mention of what they're going to do. I guess the 50,000 thieves, rapists and murderers that are left are staying in Westeros. That's good to know. - We have a meeting of the new Small Council in the Tower of the Hand. Tyrion looks nervous, as if this is his first meeting. This is literally his third turn as Hand for a monarch. Here we meet the new small council: Davos is Master of Ships, Bronn is Master of Coin and Warden of the Reach while Samwise Gamgee is now a Grand Maester. Yes, the same Sam that was at the Citadel for all of a week and never finished his training ... he's a Grand Maester now, because nothing matters. Mind you, he was also at the council meeting to judge over Tyrion. He wasn't dressed as a Maester there, he was dressed like a nobleman, so I assumed he was representing House Tarly and the Reach. Nope. - King Bran is also here. I guess the Red Keep and all of it's insanely tall towers are now handicap accessible. Bran mentions that they still don't have a Master of Whisperers, Master of Laws and a Master of War ... but, don't worry. This doesn't go anywhere. He then asks if anyone has seen Drogon. Yes, the man who can literally see and know anything doesn't know where the dragon is. I also found it funny that he mentioned not having a Master of Whisperer's. Why would the guy who knows everyone/everything need a Master of Whisperers? - Brienne and Podrick are now Kingsguard. Yes, Pod. Pod the Rod ... Kingsguard. Also, I thought Brienne was sworn to Sansa, who is now Queen of the North, but I guess that doesn't matter, either. - Last scene is of Jon returning to Castle Black, where the Wildlings are all waiting for him. I guess he's Lord Commander again? It definitely looks like it from this scene. It ends w/ Jon petting Ghost and leading the Wildlings north of the Wall. I'm pretty sure the scene of Jon petting the dog was the most expensive scene of the season. As upset as this season has made me, I'm glad this is finally done. The pain is finally over.
  3. It will never cease to amaze me the amount of money Disney makes on Cars. The first was 'ok' I guess, but they keep getting worse w/ each iteration. Yet, they rake in billions of dollars in merchandise from that franchise. lol How? I don't think I know anyone who owns the DVD's/Blu-Ray's, let alone cloths, toys, collectables, etc. Hell, I don't even own the movies and I have four kids.
  4. Ep. 5 - Starts w/ Varys writing a letter to someone. We get a close up and see that he's already telling people about who Jon really is. Later, we see him get a response back, but he burns it before we get to see or learn who it is from. This wasn't a bad scene. It was just really vague. Varys has a quick conversation w/ a little girl. Dany isn't eating. The little girl thinks the guards are watching her. Varys tells her not to worry because that's their job. A lot of people think this implies that Varys is trying to poison Dany, which could be what's happening ... but we don't really know. Like I said, it's super vague and nothing about this conversation is every brought up again. - Jon Snow arrives at Dragonstone and Varys greets him with, "What up, Aegon? You should totally be King." Very subtle. - Tyrion see's them talking and goes to Dany to snitch on Varys. Dany immediately guesses who-told-who and knows how Varys found out. She blames Jon because he told Sansa and she thinks Sansa used Tyrion against her. Tyrion just sits silently, once again looking like the idiot. Dany has already decided; Varys is guilty and will be executed. There is no trial and it's never stated what Varys did, making it seem like he's being executed simply for knowing who Jon really is. It could be that he was trying to poison her, but it's never said or implied. It could be that he was telling others via raven, but again, it's never said or implied that Dany knew. If they knew he was telling others, why would they let his messages go through? Not only did they let them go through, they let him receive messages, which we see him reading (and then burning). Varys dies by dragon fire ... because Mad Queen Hype. - Jon meets w/ Dany and repeats two of his five repeatable lines from this season, "I don't want it" and "You're my queen." Once again, he refuses to give her the D, so now, people gotta die. "Let it be Fear, then." - Tyrion has a late night meeting w/ Dany and Grey Worm. He makes sure to say the word 'bells' repeatedly, making sure everyone on Reddit and 4chan know that the leaks for this episode are true. Wouldn't want to leave them hanging. - Jaime is caught by Dany's forces. One of the most famous and recognizable people in all of Westeros and, apparently, he's too stupid to remove his golden hand. The golden hand that is ornamental and does absolutely nothing. The golden hand that is made of REAL gold that lets everyone know that he's Jaime Lannister ... yeah, doesn't take it off. In fact, when we see him chained up, he's still wearing it. - Tyrion asks Davos for a favor. We never learn what this favor is or what it's for. You would assume it's to get Jaime into the city, but we see him later walking in through the front gate. This favor is never brought up again. - It's already flashed from day to night again. Arya and the Hound ride directly through Jon's camp and even announce themselves and say that they're going to King's Landing to kill Cersei. They're both on horseback and they left before Jon's forces marched south, so it took them longer to move by horse than it did an entire army marching on foot. Totally makes sense. Also, no one bothers to tell Jon that there's another Stark in camp. - Dany told Tyrion that she'd kill him the next time he failed her and they're holding his brother prisoner. So, of course, he tells Jaime's guards to leave and they're just like, "Cool, break time!" Tyrion makes sure to say 'bells' a few more times. - It's now day time. What follows is the most one-sided battle in history. - We get shots of both Jaime and the Hound w/ Arya entering the city. Again, Arya and the Hound were on horseback and went through camp while Jaime was still locked up. Jaime, presumably, gets to the city on foot. He's barely just behind them. They're the last to get through the gates of the Red Keep, but Jaime barely misses getting in. He waves his golden hand to try and get the attention of a Lannister soldier. It doesn't work, so he turns to leave ... walking passed two Lannister soldiers. Jaime leaves the city and walks around to a "hidden entrance" along the shoreline. More on that later. - The Golden Company position themselves outside the main gate, across from Jon and his army. The Dothraki and Unsullied have fully respawned and their side looks just as big, if not bigger, than the Golden Company. - Euron's entire fleet, is in the harbor, each w/ it's own Scorpion as well as Scorpions all along the walls of the city. Unfortunately, they no longer shoot like machine guns. Now, they're super slow to maneuver and reload and they're being aimed by Storm Troopers. Dany attacks them first and Euron's fleet, hundreds of ships, is destroyed in seconds. We see Euron's ship destroyed by dragon fire, but don't worry. I'm sure his plot armor is too strong for that. - The Scorpions along the walls of the city are worse than the ones in Euron's fleet. I don't think any of them ever get an actual shot off. - By the main gate, Jon's army is staring at the Golden Company. Their staring is interrupted by Dany and Drogon. She flew from the harbor, passed the Red Keep across the entire city to get to the main gate and destroys it, killing the entire Golden Company. The G.C. that we've heard mentioned repeatedly throughout the series. The largest, most well-trained sellsword group in Essos. The G.C. has never broken a contract ... yeah, they're all dead in about 15 seconds. They got less screen time than the Night King. - The next few shots seem to have a major perspective problem. Jons forces march into the city after the Dothraki ride through and they're suddenly very close to the gate of the Red Keep. It doesn't seem like they go very far, but Cersei has been standing by her window the whole time and the city looks IMMENSE. It's so big, she care barely see or hear the battle at the cities main gate. - Everyone is standing around, waiting and suddenly, the bells start ringing, signalling that the city has given up. It never bothers telling us who is ringing bells though. Jaime still hasn't gotten to Cersei, so he obviously hasn't told anyone yet. Cersei is still standing by her favorite window and hasn't spoken to anyone but Qyburn. They just start ringing. The entire 'battle' lasts about 7+ minutes. - Unfortunately, the episode is only half over, so as soon as Dany hears the bells, she immediately starts making faces like she's about to go full Hulkamaniac on the city. - She proceeds to spend the rest of the episode, well over half an hour, burning every citizen of King's Landing alive. Not destroying the city. Literally just burning it's people alive. She's not flying around, destroying strategic buildings and not caring about who gets in the way. She's actually flying up and down the streets looking for people. Seven seasons of character development down the drain. - Grey Worm see's this and starts attacking the Lannister army, who already gave up and suddenly, armor stops being useful or functional in this universe. Almost all of these men are wearing armor, but it's being cut through like toilet paper. Jon is trying to "stop this", but he cuts down at least 2-3 Lannister soldiers every time he shouts 'stop'. - Another shot of Cersei watching this and again, the perspective magically changes. All of the fighting, fire and damage looks like it's miles away. - Jaime makes it to the 'secret entrance' ... which is a huge cave opening. Like, really huge. Like, 'big enough that Jon could have lead a large Unsullied force in to cature Cersei and take the Red Keep without a really big battle costing hundreds of thousands of lives'-type of huge. - Euron swims up right as Jaime is walking in. Yes, not only did Euron survive his boat exploding and burning, but he swam several miles to shore and just happened to come ashore in front of the 'secret entrance' that Jaime is using the moment he walks in. Jaime see's him and tells him to help get Cersei out of the city but Euron informs Jaime that, "Oh, no. I'm a super-duper Bad Guy. We need to fight now." Somehow, Euron can't seem to beat a one-armed man who we've repeatedly been told can't fight w/ his left hand, so he pulls a dagger and stabs Jaime in the gut. He stabs him a 2nd time, but Jaime gets his sword back and stabs Euron in the gut. Euron lays on the ground and accepts his fate, "I'm the man who killed Jaime Lannister." Don't worry, he isn't. The plot armor is strong w/ this one. Euron is stabbed once and lays there to die (off camera, really?); Jaime is stabbed twice and walks it off. - Dany finally stops making crispy fried people long enough to turn her attention to the Red Keep. She repeatedly flies around it, destroying as much as possible, but conveniently coming no where close to Cersei's window. Cersei finally decides to leave. - Arya and the Hound, who got to the Red Keep before all of this started, still haven't actually made it through the main building. The Hound tells Arya she should turn back or else she'll die and gives her a lesson on revenge. She listens, comes to some realization and then leaves. I'm not sure what the realization is. This is the same girl that killed, chopped up and cooked two of Walder Fray's sons, turned them into pies and then fed them to him. She spent weeks riding by horse to kill Cersei and now stops 10 feet away, because ... reasons. - Cersei is walking down a long staircase with Qyburn, The Mountain and at least seven of her other Queensguard. The building begins to collapse around them and somehow, most of them survive. There are huge stones falling from 2, 3, 5 stories above them and only a couple of the Storm Troopers die. The rest live, without a scratch. - The Hound catches them on the stairs and quickly cuts down 3 Queensguard in about 3 seconds. They're supposed to be some of the greatest knights in Westeros, but the Hound ain't got time for that. He wants CleganeBowl. - The Mountain, who up until now has been a mindless zombie, suddenly has a personality of his own and realizes CleganeBowl is about to go down. Cersei commands him to stop but he doesn't listen. Qyburn tries to stop him, but the Mountain just squishes his head against the wall and tosses him aside. No explanation on Qyburn. No backstory. He gone. Cersei looks at both of them and nopes out. The Hound could easily just kill her here, but he doesn't ... because plot reasons. - They start fighting and it's fairly one-sided. Somehow, the Hound doesn't question the fact that his brother now has inhuman strength and looks like a zombie but doesn't seem to understand why his stabby-stabs aren't doing anything. Eventually, the Hound just grabs his totally-not-a-zombie brother and pushes him through a wall, where they both die in the inferno down below. The Hound dies by fire. A poetic end for a character who spent his entire life in fear of fire ... except that he doesn't die by fire. I'm not a doctor, but I'm pretty sure he died from the 30 story drop down to the concrete ... and why would we think that the Mountain is dead? We've seen him be repeatedly stabbed by swords, he's had a dagger run through his eye almost completely through to the back of his skull and he just had a buildings' worth of stones drop on top of him ... and he didn't flinch. Nothing we've seen suggests that would have killed him. - Cersei makes it to the map room (where we saw Arya & the Hound) right as Jaime does. Yes, he was locked out of the Red Keep, walked back out of the city, around the city to the shoreline, had a fight-to-the-death w/ Euron, went through a secret passage below ground, up through the building... and he was only about 5 minutes behind Arya & the Hound. Cersei conveniently forgets that she's a horrible person and that she hired someone to kill Jaime w/ the same weapon that killed her dad and shows concern that Jaime is hurt. - What follows next will be the most plot armor you have ever seen in television history. Arya is trying to escape the city. She has a building fall on top of her, has another building fall on top of her, falls down and gets trampled by an endless mob, gets charged by a Dothraki on horseback who slices up/tramples everyone but her and stands on a street that gets completely engulfed in dragon flame. Barely walks out w/ a scratch. She's not immortal. She's the god damned Highlander. I'm pretty sure I heard Queen's "Princes of the Universe" playing when she left with that horse. Oh, she also found some people hiding in a safe spot, told them that they'd die if they didn't follow her and immediately got them killed. Like, a millisecond after they walked outside w/ her. - Throughout these scenes we keep getting shots of the city burning, but there are green fire explosions that keep going off. Obviously, this is wild fire, but there is zero explanation for it. Literally, none of the characters seem to notice or care. Also, it's already been established that wild fire keeps burning and almost nothing can put it out. These fires just poof and disappear. - Jon waits until Dany has destroyed the entire city before he decides, "We should probably fall back, out of the city." It took him awhile to catch on to the whole butchering, raping, burning bodies of civilians and the charred ash that used to be a city. - Jaime, whose plot armor refuses to let him bleed out, gets Cersei down to the room w/ dragon skulls, but their way is completely blocked by stones and rubble. They can't make it out this way. He tells her, "Nothing else matters but us," because F Brienne and F seven seasons of character development. The ceiling collapses and one of the biggest bad guys in the series dies, getting a happier (though bittersweet) ending then damn near every character on the show. Literally no one else is there to witness her die, no one gets their revenge on her. She gets away w/ all of the horrible things she has ever done and she gets to die holding the man she loves. - The episode ends w/ Arya waking up (because fire can knock you out I guess?) for the 4th or 5th time and finding a horse standing alone in the street. Good thing she found the one horse that isn't scared of fire ... or explosions ... or the city burning down ... or the sounds of thousands of people screaming ... or the smell of charred human flesh. It's literally just standing around like, "Your Uber is here," and she rides off. It astounds me that you can do nothing but point out the bad writing and stupid, inconsistent things in the episode ... but there's so many, it looks like a full episode recap. 😂
  5. This all comes down to the showrunners, Benioff & Weiss. This season (as well as the past few seasons) feel rushed because they were. After this, they're moving on to do a Star Wars trilogy and that has been in talks for quite awhile. HBO wanted more seasons and B&W were the one's who said no. HBO wanted 10 episode seasons, so Season 7 & 8 matched the previous seasons. Again, B&W were the one's to say no. Simply put, they've checked out. They have a bigger payday waiting for them. One that requires much less work, planning, filming time, etc. The only thing I put on HBO is the fact that they didn't just say, "Fine, you can go. We're gonna get someone else to finish this." I don't know the specifics of their contracts, but unless they had some kind of veto power over that, I don't see why they wouldn't have just walked. They could have left a year or two ago and already be putting out their Star Wars film now. This can't feel good if you're HBO. Game of Thrones has been a cash cow for them (pretty sure it's their highest grossing show, ever) and they were planning on expanding on the show, not closing it out. They wanted more seasons, they wanted longer seasons and they're already fully invested in spin offs for the show. They had five different spin offs at one point, with two currently in pre-production and a third getting ready to film some time this year. Now, they're getting ready to air the shows finale and they're already looking at their lowest rated season in the shows' history. He definitely doesn't like when the question comes up, but it's a fair one. The guy isn't exactly the picture of health. He is grossly overweight and, while he's only 70, he looks like he's 70-going-on-90. On top of that, he freely admits that he doesn't write when he's on the road ... and he's on the road a lot. He's openly said, if he gets an invitation to something (especially if it's a paid invitation), he's going. It's been almost a decade since the last book, A Dance with Dragons. Since then, he's done a history book (Blood & Fire). a reference book (A World of Ice & Fire), at least three short stories and a novella which is a compilation of the first three Dunk & Egg short stories. He even recently tweeted about a new Wild Cards novel coming out. He's an editor for the popular, long running series. Seems like he's working on everything but the next book.
  6. lol No problem. Yeah, I'll definitely be watching this weekend. This season has been so infuriating, but at this point, there's only one episode left. I'll probably do Ep. 5 tonight and I'll try and do Ep. 6 right after the episode.
  7. I honestly didn't want to do this, but there have been so many ridiculous things in the last two episodes, I just had to get it off my chest. Ep 4. - It begins right before they light the funeral pyre's for all of the people that died last episode. Starts off good ... until you get a wide shot. There can't be more than 1,000-2,000 bodies. We literally watched 100,000 Dothraki die in the initial charge, likely thousands of Unsullied, Wildlings and Northern men die in the attack directly after that, nearly everyone that wasn't a named character inside the castle died ... and this isn't even getting into the countless undead that dropped to the ground once the Night King died. Nope, looks like about 50 people. - It looks like there are only a few hundred people in this scene. That would make sense considering the insane amount of people we saw die the last episode ... don't worry. That'll come back up later. - At dinner, Dany makes a political move by legitimizing Gendry, making him Lord Baratheon of Storms End. At first glance, that might make sense. She makes an immediate friend of a House that was previously her enemy ... except that doesn't make a lot of sense for her considering he now has a legitimate claim to the throne. To many of the houses in Westeros, she just created someone who has a better claim to the throne then both herself and Cersei Lannister. - You see Ser Royce of the Vale in this scene. He and all of the Knights of the Vale were completely absent last episode. At least they showed up for dinner. - Tyrion makes a comment to Bran about his wheelchair, as if he's never seen one before ... except that we've already seen someone in a wheelchair. The Prince of Dorne, Doran Martell was in a wheelchair. - Scene w/ Jon drinking w/ Tormund and some others. Dany is jealous and VERY obvious about it, giving a crazy, Mad Queen stare off into space. Yes, this is the scene w/ the Starbucks coffee cup. It was literally the only thing on the table ... no idea how that could have been missed. - Gendry talking to Arya, says, "I'm not Gendry Rivers anymore ..." One problem, he's not a Rivers. Rivers is the bastard name for those born in the Riverlands. Gendry is from King's Landing. The bastard name for those from the Crownlands is Waters ... but even that wouldn't matter. Bastard names are only for those who are fathered by nobleman. Gendry didn't know about his true father until a few seasons ago, meaning he would have grown up w/ no bastard name. - Strategy meeting the next morning. Here they announce that they've only lost half of their forces; half of the Northmen despite us barely seeing any of them, half of the Dothraki despite us seeing them all charge in and die and half of the Unsullied despite us seeing Grey Worm dropping the bridge and trapping them all w/ the undead army. Once again, no mention of the army of the Vale. I guess they all went home? Ser Royce is literally IN the room. No mention of them. Varys mentions that the Greyjoy fleet has brought the Golden Company. Remember that for later. - Sansa mentions that the men need time to rest. Makes sense considering they literally just fought a mythical army of the Dead and faced the end of the world. Nope, Dany wants to go south now and fight. She was just told she's lost half of her forces and most of them face a months'-long march down to King's Landing. Nope, gotta go now, because ... reasons. It's decided; Jon and Davos are taking the Northmen, the Unsullied and the Dothraki down the King's Road. Dany is taking her dragons and a small force by boat. Once again ... no mention of the Vale armies. Ser Royce is literally in. the. room. - Jon tells Sansa and Arya. We don't actually see their reactions because it cuts away before they're told which kind of makes the whole scene pointless. Arya says she doesn't trust anyone who isn't family and then, immediately rides south with the Hound without telling anyone. Sansa goes about 10 minutes before she starts telling people Jon is really a Targaryan. Arya also tells the Hound that she has no plans on returning. I guess "family" doesn't mean as much as it did 30 seconds ago. - Bronn shows up and "aggressively negotiates" w/ Jaime and Tyrion. He was offered Riverrun if he killed them, which never made any sense to begin with. He's a sellsword and he's friends w/ both of them. Why would anyone believe that he'd blindly kill them? Tyrion offers him Highgarden which, once again, makes absolutely no sense. Dany has zero forces that far south, so they don't control the Reach. Even then, did the Reach suddenly run out of noble houses? This plan relies on Dany winning and Tyrion surviving and Dany agreeing to the deal and none of the noble houses of the Reach protesting. - Tormund tells Jon that he's taking the Wildings home, beyond the wall. Why? North of the Wall is also known as "The Lands of Always Winter". Why would they go back to that when at least half of the Northern noble families are all dead, meaning there are empty castles and lands all over the place? Jon tells him that he should take his direwolf, Ghost, with him. Yes, the direwolf that has fought with Jon and protected him throughout the entire series. He just gives him away. Jon doesn't even pet him. Of course, there's a reason for this. They were cheap and didn't want to spend more money on the direwolf then they had to. They have freely admitted this and said that they think that the scene "works better this way." This is also the last we'll likely see of Tormund. - Jon also says goodbye to Samwise Gamgee and Gilly. They both get a hug. Ghost doesn't. Likely the last we've seen of them, too. - The group taking the boats magically teleport down to Dragonstone. Missandei smiles and holds Grey Worms hand, which means ... yeah, somebody is about to die. Tyrion is already talking to Varys about Jon being a Targaryan. - Their ships are ambushed by Euron's fleet ... for the 3rd time. In the after-show, Benioff literally says that Dany "forgot about the Iron Fleet," except that they literally talked about it at the strategy meeting, which makes you wonder why any of them went by boat in the first place. - They're ambushed by a fleet of black ships, with black sails in broad daylight ... let that sink in. Not only that, Dany is flying high in the air, meaning she would have seen all of these ships. Nope, didn't see anything. 11 ships 'hiding' behind a mountain/castle ... meaning they fired those shots literally through the mountain/castle. They hit Rhaegal with 3 literal sniper shots and he's killed, falling into the ocean. We then get a shot from Grey Worms' ship ... he has direct line-of-sight on the ships. Euron's ships are firing off the Scorpion's (ballistae) like they're machine guns. They sniped Rhaegal in 3 hits, but can't hit Drogon who is flying almost ground-level, directly in front of their ships. Euron turns their attention to Dany's ships and destroys them w/ machine gun fire. Not only are the Scorpions insanely accurate, but they're doing more damage than any cannon I have ever seen. - Grey Worm tells Missandei to get on the skiff and get to shore before they all eventually jump into the water. They're swimming. Missandei is in a boat. Not only does she not beat them to the shore, Euron somehow captures her without capturing Varys, Tyrion, Grey Worm or any of the other people from the ships. Just Missandei. I guess she rows as slow as Gendry. - Also worth noting, Dany just leaves them all here to face Euron. She could have come back and attacked from the sides, from the rear or literally from straight above ... nope. She gone. - Cersei standing by the window watching civilians flood into the city. I'm pretty sure all but two of Cersei's scenes this season are of her standing by this window. What a waste. Cersei now has Missandei prisoner, because ... plot reasons. If you watch the scene closely, you can see barrels in multiple places; on top of a tower, on top of the tower gate that everyone is walking in from and along the wall. One might immediately think that's wildfire. "She's going to try and use that against Dany," or "She's going to burn the city like the Mad King if she thinks she's going to lose." Nope, it's neither of those things. You'll never see them again. - Message reaches the North about the attack and Jaime decides to leave. Brienne tries to convince him to stay, but he leaves anyway. I guess he is a hit-it-and-quit-it type of guy. Seven seasons of character development flushed down the toilet in one quick scene. - Dany meets w/ Cersei. Dany's group is standing outside the city ... in full range of countless Scorpion ballistae. Drogon is there too, but in the background. Cersei could literally kill them all in an instant, but doesn't. There's still two episodes left and we need some BS to fill those time slots. Also, we're completely throwing continuity out the window. King's Landing is now in the middle of a flat desert. Forget that Winter is finally here. Forget that you've seen this city repeatedly throughout the show and know that it's surrounded on three sides by water with mountains, tree's and grassy fields in front of it. Nope. It's now in a flat desert. - Qyburn talks with Tyrion but neither of them want to budge. Tyrion gets closer to the gates to try and reason w/ Cersei but it doesn't work. She also doesn't kill him. She hired an assassin to kill him but the plot doesn't want him dead now, so she doesn't. - Tyrion mentions her baby directly in front of Euron, who just learned about it himself and thinks it's his. Does Euron question it? Nope. - Episode ends w/ the Mountain executing Missandei. Grey Worm turns away w/ anger and disgust. You'd think that would foreshadow some kind of fight between Grey Worm and the Mountain, right? lol No, don't worry. You're not gonna get that.
  8. You wanna know how teams somehow stay in the toilet despite being in a league/sport that actually has a salary cap, parity, revenue sharing, etc.? You never have to look further than the Jets. lol They just fired their GM as well as Brian Heimerdinger, their VP of Player Personnel. That's right ... they didn't do it mid-season. They didn't do it immediately after the season or even directly after the playoffs. They did it after the team hired a new Head Coach (Adam Gase), strapped the team w/ a big-money free agent (LeVeon Bell) and after he already completed the draft. lol Gase is now acting-GM, so there's a good chance he has a say in whoever the next GM is. Whoever takes that job has to be wondering if they have full control or if they're "sharing" that position/power w/ Gase.
  9. Disney now has full control of Hulu. They gain full control immediately while agreeing to pay Comcast at least $5.8 Billion in 5 years. NBC shows (Comcast owns NBCUniversal) will remain on Hulu for those 5 years. It sounds like Comcast is giving up control of their stake now in hopes that Disney grows Hulu's service (i.e., stock value) in that five year span. The $5.8 Billion number guarantee's them that, even if this doesn't work out for Disney and the service loses value, they'll still at least get the current 2019-value of their stake (I think it's around 30%). Purely speculation, but I think you've found the home of FOX's more adult content with Disney+ being the family-friendly home for their Disney channel content, princess movies, PIXAR, MCU and Star Wars films. Not that I want to see this deal dragged out, but I'm kind of surprised you haven't seen the government involved in this. With Hulu's more expensive packages offering limited cable-like service, doesn't this essentially change Disney from a producer of content to both a producer and content provider, a la Comcast, Verizon FIOS, etc.? This certainly doesn't give them any type of monopoly in any one field, but the government doesn't seem to like it when billion dollar companies get too big and have their hands in too many cookie jars.
  10. I think you'll definitely see a sequel. I think it's more of a question of whether she'll be the "Iron Man" or Capt. America" of the MCU going forward. The rumors were, that's what she was supposed to be.
  11. Yeah, that does kind of suck. I don't mind watching and finding out any idea/theory I came up w/ was wrong, but to watch this and see characters doing asinine things that completely go against their character development of the previous 6-7 seasons is ridiculous. Especially when it's being done, or the events being portrayed, are only done for lame shock value. If I wanted garbage television, I would have kept cable. Look at Tyrion, he was a highly intelligent character ... but, then they ran out of book material. Since then, this guy has literally done nothing right and he's been relegated to being a background character. Jorah Mormont had to meet w/ Daenarys just to convince her to keep Tyrion around a few episodes ago. The writers clearly have no idea what to do w/ him. Look at Daenarys just last episode. That "sneak attack" in broad daylight was one of the dumbest things I've seen on television. In the after-show, w/ Benioff & Weiss, Benioff literally says, "Dany kinda forgot about the Iron Fleet and Euron's Forces." That's the level of writing we're getting right now. I still haven't commented on last week and I'm not entirely sure I want to. I'm sure it'll just end up being another long bullet point list of things I thought were ridiculous. lol I dunno ... I still may do it. I'll see after tonight's episode. That is, if HBO Go ever decides to load. It's almost 9:10 and it's still not loading for me. 😡
  12. Yeah, but there was a lot of shady shenanigans going on w/ that movie, especially with the critic/user scores on RT. They were purging user scores almost daily at one point and that 78% is the critic score. By RT's own scoring, that puts Capt. Marvel near the bottom of the MCU movies (I think that's bottom 5 or 6). The user/audience score is still at 56% and it took multiple purges to get it that high. This is without getting into the fact that RT openly removed the "Want to See" score from it's site due solely to how low C.M.'s score had gotten or how Disney is heavily rumored to have manipulated ticket sales during the opening weekend. Something that, sadly, isn't new to the industry. In the U.S. or otherwise. I understand ... a billion dollars is a billion dollars, but I definitely think fan reactions to this film have already been felt. Lest we forget, the entire reason her solo movie existed in the first place is to introduce her for Endgame ... and the final version of Endgame that we got only featured her for 10-15 minutes and ended w/ her, quite literally, getting punched/launched out of the film, cartoon-style. It was supposed to be a big deal that she was in Endgame and she was supposed to be the main figure of Phase 4, going forward. Instead, her part was cut so significantly, that the only thing she does is accidentally find Tony Stark floating in space. Beyond that scene, you could literally take her out entirely and not change the film. On top of that, Marvel Studios refuses to talk about any of their films beyond Spider-Man: Far From Home. You'd think, with as well as Captain Marvel did, they would be hyping the hell out of this character or the actress ... but they're not.
  13. 1st teaser is out.
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