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  1. Elbren

    Marvel's Phase 4 Movies

    Captain Marvel trailer
  2. Elbren

    Justice League & Other DC News

    Looks like Henry Cavill has walked away from his role as Superman. Warner Bros. currently has no plans for any Superman-centered films and instead, will be "shifting their attention to female-centric characters." This includes a Supergirl movie, the Birds Prey spinoff centering around Margot Robbie's Harley Quinn and Wonder Woman 1984. This comes on the heals of Ben Affleck's long-rumored exit from Batman. Vanity Fair had a similar article, but slipped this little nugget in near the end. So, to recap, the DCEU: - has no Batman - has no Superman - SHAZAM and The Flash will both be comedies - Aquaman reportedly did not do very well in it's early test screenings - The Green Lantern Corps., Black Adam and Cyborg films are all currently floating in limbo and may likely not happen - a Supergirl origin movie that doesn't include Superman (that definitely worked well for the last one) - a Birds of Prey film featuring a large cast of Batman characters ... but no Batman - and we're potentially getting three Joker films with at least two different Jokers At this point, I feel like I'm being trolled and Warner Bros. is just trying to sabotage the superhero genre to hurt Disney/Marvel.
  3. Elbren

    Week 1 vs Buffalo

    I think they just walked into the game expecting an easy time against last years receiving core. Unfortunately for them, our guys went out and actually ran routes and caught balls. lol After that, especially w/ that ugly weather, it just snowballed on them quick. While I don't think they're great by any stretch of the imagination, I think they're better than what we saw yesterday.
  4. Elbren

    Nintendo - Switch

    I have to agree w/ Munson and Corn on this. The Switch looks like a great system if you have kids/grandkids. The only two downsides that I've seen so far are: 1. Playing online - if you're playing a game online and want to actually talk to people, there is no headset. You have to use a separate app on your cellphone. 2. Accessories - it is pretty absurd how expensive Nintendo's controllers/accessories can be. If you want a 2nd controller, you have two options. Either the Pro controller for $70 or you can get a 2nd pair of joy-con controllers which can get a lot more expensive. The Joy-con's are $80 by themselves, but if you get these, you'll need to either get the charging grip (the thing that makes them look like a controller) or a charging station; both are $30.
  5. Elbren

    RG3 yay or nay?

    I am certainly not arguing this point. lol I never liked the Ravens taking him and I REALLY didn't like the Ravens giving up 3 picks to get him. The problem is that your argument is essentially, "I don't like him, this guy sucks." The reality is, the Ravens do not agree w/ you. They spent two 2nd round picks and a 4th round pick to get him. They took him in the 1st round, assuring that he's guaranteed to be here a 5th year. He's not the 3rd QB because the Ravens think that he "isn't good." He's the 3rd QB because the Ravens are stupidly trying to "go for it" again this year and Flacco's contract makes him unmovable right now. RGIII is here as the 'solid veteran backup' just in case something happens to Flacco. I assume they don't want Lamar "learning on the job" if we're in the middle of a playoff race. (lol) For whatever reason, this team seems to have no problem spending 1st, 2nd and 3rd round picks on guys, then not playing them for a year or two. Why we couldn't have saved those picks and waiting a year (or two) to take a QB, I'll never know. As for the CB/S vs. a QB argument, I guess we'll just have to agree to disagree. There's a reason that QB's take up so much of a teams cap space. I have yet to see a good, or even Hall of Fame, CB or S carry a team into and through the playoffs ... but I have seen a good QB do it. But again, this goes back to the difference between what you (and me, if I'm being honest) think of Jackson vs. what the team thinks of Jackson. You can hate him all you want, just as long as you realize that he's the future of this franchise, at least until 2022. In regards to J. Smith's injury last season, of course there was a big drop off after he was injured. Tayvon Young, Jaylen Hill and Brandon Boykin were all on the IR and Canady spent half of the year on the IR. That meant our CB core was Carr, a rookie and a bunch of random dudes off of the street. Even the best safety's can't cover up that kind of hole. Agreed. The only way that RGIII has any kind of trade value is if he's playing a significant amount of time and doing well. But, the only way he gets that opportunity is if Flacco is basically out for most/all of the season. If that's the case, I think they skip over RGIII and the Jackson experiment begins. At best, I think RGIII would get a conditional pick ... and that's only if damn near every other backup QB in the league is unavailable for some reason. Don't forget, this is a guy that spent all of last season sitting at home because no one wanted him. I don't care what he did in the preseason, no one is giving up something of value for a guy like that.
  6. Elbren

    RG3 yay or nay?

    All three of those guys are not QB's. Yes, they were all starters but they play positions where you tend to carry multiple guys at the same position. Most teams carry 5 or 6 CB's and at least 4 S's. We currently have 6 CB's on the depth chart and that's not counting Jimmy Smith (4-game suspension), Jaylen Hill (PUP list) or Cyrus Jones (practice squad). QB is different. No one has the same effect on a game the way a QB does and Jackson is supposed to be the future of your franchise. They traded 3 picks to get him and the reality is, there's no practical reason to risk his health just to "see if he's any good at it." A CB or S gets injured, you typically already have a guy that can fill in without seeing a huge drop off. A QB gets injured, that's potentially your entire season. QB's are just more valuable. The fact that Smith and Reed were 1st rounders is irrelevant. Seems like every other year, we see a team trade away their future to take a QB in the top 2-5 picks in the draft. No team sits at 13, 18 or 22 and then trades multiple 1st or 2nd round picks to move up to the top 1-3 to take a CB or S.
  7. Elbren

    RG3 yay or nay?

    I don't think it's an issue of can he/can't he. They spent multiple high picks to take Jackson in the 1st round. He's their QB of the future. They're not going to risk that on punt/kick returns. All it takes is one bad hit. All you have to do is look at RGIII to see how an injury can completely derail a mobile QB.
  8. Elbren

    Final Roster

    DT Carl Davis (3rd rd, 2015) WR Breshard Perriman (1st rd, 2015) DE Bronson Kaufusi (3rd rd, 2016) G Nico Siragusa (4th rd, 2017) All of them are gone. So, out of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd rounds of 2015, '16 and '17, LT Stanley is the only starter. From the 2015 draft, only TE Nick Boyle and LB Z. Smith are still w/ the team. LB Albert McClellan also cut. Kinda surprised about that.
  9. Elbren

    New Star Trek Series

    A good breakdown of all the behind-the-scenes ridiculousness surrounding Star Trek: Discovery Season 1, the problems following it into Season 2 and what we're likely to expect from the new Picard series.
  10. Disney and Fox shareholders vote, approve deal. It's official.
  11. Elbren

    Ravens lose two OTAs, face fine

    I really do hate Harbaugh. lol What is the point of making comments like this? You basically throw two of your draft picks under the bus, and for what? To sound like a tough guy? His comment doesn't even make sense considering the two guys he used as an example, Boyle and M. Williams, can't stay on the damned field between injuries, PED's and complete ineptness.
  12. Elbren

    X-Men Movie Universe Updates

    Today was the last day of the San Diego Comic Con. One of the biggest comic conventions of the year which has expanded in recent years to include most anything pop culture related. A lot of movies, especially comic-based movies, now choose to debut their movie trailers at SDCC. Strangely, both New Mutants and Dark Phoenix were both absent. Two movies that were supposed to be released this year, but were both pushed back into 2019. This just lends more weight to the rumors that many think Disney is essentially trying to bury both of these movies until the Fox buyout is officially done. Then, they can go about planning/recasting the X-Men for the MCU.