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  1. Elbren


    Looks like J.J. Abrams made a ripoff-Wolfenstein movie. There was a lot of secrecy around this movie, with many people believing this would be the next Cloverfield film. From the look of the trailer, that doesn't seem to be the case. I have to admit, I'm oddly excited for this. The film obviously doesn't look that "deep", but I don't think it has to be. It just looks like a fun, action, popcorn movie with some sci fi/horror elements thrown in. Nothing great, but definitely something I'll see at a matinee.
  2. Elbren

    E3 2018: Sony

    Wow, seriously? lol They have a world renowned musician performing and they don't even bother giving him any kind of introduction? Apparently, it was the same deal w/ the guy playing the banjo. I forgot his name, but I believe he's a composer also. Both of these guys were really hurt by Sony's poor planning. In 30+ minutes of airtime, all the audience got was 10 minutes of live music (that no one cared about), 12 minutes of game play (which also failed to give a release date) and 15 minutes of talking from people that no one cared about. That's almost 40 minutes of people zoning out and not paying attention. Not good for a live press conference. You had to wait over 50 minutes before you even got a real reaction from the crowd. (The trailer for the RE2 remake)
  3. . A few weeks ago, after the AT&T/Time Warner merger became official, Comcast came in and made a higher offer for FOX. Their offer was for $65 Bil., but it consisted of mostly cash versus Disney's deal which was mostly stock options. Disney quickly came back and upped their offer to $71.3 Bil. and changed their deal to include more cash (stockholders have the option of taking up to 50% in cash w/ the rest in stock). Comcast has remained silent since then, with many believing that Comcast doesn't have the equity to go higher. They had quite a bit of existing debt and any deal for FOX would have required taking on their substantial debt. FOX's board didn't wait very long to accept Disney's 2nd offer and today, Disney has won U.S. antitrust approval on the condition that it sell all 22 regional sports networks owned by Fox. This also makes Disney the majority shareholder of Hulu. With them opening their own streaming service, they could end up selling off their shares in Hulu. Between that and having to sell off the various regional sports networks, Disney could end up making back a good amount of the money they spent on this deal. In the immediate future, we may get some kind of news on the MCU front. Marvel Studios has been very quiet about their Phase 4 movies that begin after Avengers 4. The only movies they've talked about are the few films coming out next year, going into 2020. The rumor is that Fiege is basically just waiting on the phone call telling him he's allowed to use the X-Men.
  4. Tom Holland made an instagram post about how there would be no new Marvel information this week ... while holding up an iPad that had the logo for his next solo movie, Spider-Man: Far From Home. I guess the movie now has a title. 😂
  5. Leon White, who many knew as Big Van Vader, passed away this week. He had been diagnosed with congestive heart failure a few years ago and was given two years to live. I used to love watching him in the early/mid-90's. I remember constantly being amazing watching him do moves that I never thought a 350-400 lb. man could do. Huge loss for the world of wrestling.
  6. Elbren

    Star Wars: Episode IX

    Solo has done so poorly that Disney has stopped all production on their Star Wars anthology films. From the sound of it, none of the films (there are reportedly nine currently in production) will continue until after Episode IX has finished. This includes the Obi-Wan Kenobi and Bobba Fett films that were announced when Solo first opened.
  7. Elbren

    Marvel's Phase 3 Movies

    It's crazy how big of an opening Incredibles 2 has had, but it's understandable considering the current box office. Deadpool 2 has been out for a month and is still in the top 5; Infinity War has been out two months and is still in the top 10. The rest of those films are fairly niche films that had no intention of breaking the bank. Solo should have been it's only real competition, but that film has bombed hard. It's had a month and it still hasn't made $200 Mil. yet, domestically. It will be interesting to see how long Incredibles 2 can hold up. It has two big openings over the next two weeks in Jurassic World 2 and Ant-Man & The Wasp, but it's honestly the only true family movie out right now. The only real competition is Hotel Transylvania 3 on July 13th and ... yeah, I just don't see Incredibles 2 having any problem w/ this film. lol
  8. Elbren

    E3 2018: Sony

    All of that wasted time during their E3 press conference and Sony failed to mention that they're relaunching their Greatest Hits line of games, now simply called Playstation Hits. This is essentially a Best of ... line of games, all for $19.99. The first batch of re-labelled/re-priced games should be available on June 28th.
  9. Elbren

    E3 2018: Overview

    Don't forget. Several of the companies were offering games that were either discounted or free for the week of E3. Pretty sure most, if not all of them, are ending today. Nintendo - Octopath Traveler - demo available in the eShop - Fortnite - Free, in the eShop Sony - CoD: Black Ops III - Free for PS Plus users - digital games on sale in the Playstation Store Microsoft - The Awesome Adv. of Capt. Spirit - Free on June 26th, also on PS - digital games on sale in the XBox Marketplace Bethesda - Quake Champions (on PC) - last day of the free trial. If you get in now, you get to stay in the Beta, even after the free trial ends. - Prey - new update, available now, new game modes - Fallout Shelter - mobile game that is free and now available on PS4 and Switch
  10. Elbren

    E3 2018: Overview

    Sorry this is a little late. I've been busy this week. If I had to rate them in order: 1. Microsoft Easily the best show this year. They took a page from Sony the past few years and had more trailers, less talking and if there was talking, it was relevant information. None of this PR-talk nonsense from a random Head of Marketing. They also had what was easily the biggest news of the week; they purchased four different developers and opened a brand new, fifth developer. We most likely won't see the results of this deal for some time, potential not until next console generation, but it's still a huge boost for a company that has been getting absolutely killed in regards to console exclusives. On top of this, almost every game they showed is expected within the next year. Not everything was on the positive side for Microsoft, though. The HoloLens was M.I.A. once again this year. Still no price or release date in sight, which is sad since this is the only VR/AR unit that has actually piqued my interest. The new Halo game finally got a title, but it was confusing and the trailer was nothing more than a tech demo for the games new graphics engine. It's been three years since the last Halo game and we're likely going to have to keep waiting. From what I've read, we may not see this game until 2020, at the earliest. One final thing that I was expecting this year, but didn't get, was the announcement of a price drop. We're several years into this console generation. The XBox One X has only been out for eight months, but it's $100 more than the PS4 Pro and MS is already dropping hints about their next system while rumors are floating around that Sony is well under way in creating the next PlayStation. This would have been the perfect time to announce a price drop. 2. Bethesda They had some slow moments, but still one of the best shows this year. Once again, everything they showed is coming within the next year and everything they said was useful information. They even took time to make fun of their own obsession w/ putting Skyrim on every platform humanly possible. Only two negatives stuck out to me. Their pre-show was pretty terrible and they wasted a lot of time at the beginning. I think the edited version that's now up on YouTube fixed this, but the live version saw them play the Rage trailer (the same one we've already seen), had the live performance from Andrew WK (which was the song that we literally just heard in the trailer) and then the two dev's came out to talk about the game before finally showing off gameplay. They could have easily fixed this by having an extended version of the trailer playing on the screens above the band while they played. 3. Nintendo I haven't been a fan of Nintendo for quite awhile, but their show this year was short, quick and to the point. They showed off what they wanted to show off and didn't waste time trying to be funny or use fluff/filler to try and extend their show. Showed off what they had, then said, "Thanks, peace .. we're out." Negatives - There was zero mention of their online service. Nintendo wants you to start paying for their online service, but have yet to give anyone a reason to actually use the service. We still don't know what the service entails. 4. Sony This was a swing-and-miss this year from Sony. They had a slow start, but their slow start made Bethesda's slow start look like a speed run. Started the show w/ a solo banjo performance, showed a trailer, stopped the show for 15+ minutes, restarted the show w/ another solo performance ... and then, their show got underway. Wasted almost 30 minutes and all we got out of that was a gameplay trailer with, once again, no release date. Much like last year, that was a recurring theme for Sony. A lot of great games shown off, but very few of them had release dates attached. Didn't even bother giving a vague "Coming in 2019"-type of release date. We're likely to see most, if not all, of these games again at next years' show. To top it all off, they actually debuted a game after their show was over. Really? You just had a 90+ minute press conference. Were the 5+ minute flute and bango solo's really so important that you couldn't have squeezed this game in? Instead of showing it off in front of thousands of people they had in attendance, they showed it from a roof top that had about 4-5 people and were hoping that people were still watching the live stream. Two games that were M.I.A. this year: Days Gone and the Final Fantasy VII remake. Days Gone is one of the few games that actually has a solid release date (Feb. 22, 2019). If anything, this was the perfect time to show off a story-driven trailer that actually explains what's happening in the game. FFVII, on the other hand, continues to look like vaperware. Something I didn't realize until later was that Control, one of the games they showed off, is actually made by Remedy Entertainment. The same company that made Alan Wake and Quantum Break, both of which were XB exclusives. Very surprised they didn't make a bigger deal out of this. 5. Tie for Last Place The only reason you'll see me mention one of these companies before the other is simply because I have to talk about them individually. lol All three of these shows were terrible. Square ENIX I honestly don't know how you screw this up. They had Tomb Raider, Just Cause 4, Kingdom Hearts III, two interesting new games in Octopath Traveler and The Awesome Adv. of Capt. Spirit aaaaand this was a pre-recorded show ... and somehow, this was still the most boring show to watch. The complete lack of information given during this show is astounding. Babylon's Fall - What type of game is this? Is it 1st person? 3rd person? Is it a shooter? fighting game? action/adventure? Is this targeted towards kids? teens? Adults? The Quiet Man - Same thing. At least the trailer for Babylon's Fall gave a quick history lesson for the games world. This trailer tells you absolutely nothing. FF XIV x Monster World - same thing. Even worse, I don't even know if this is an actual game or some type of in-game event for one of these two games. Kingdom Hearts III - Ended the show w/ the same trailer we've already seen, which is puzzling, since we actually saw more of this game at the Sony press conference. That's right. Sony spent more time talking about and showed off more footage of K.H. III than the people who actually made it. Ubisoft Microsoft started their show with Halo. Sony started their show with The Last of Us 2. Ubisoft started with ... a dancing panda and Just Dance 2. All of their properties, yet they continue to waste time on this game w/ live music and people dressed as dancing, anthropomorphic animals. Then, they spent 30-40% of their show talking about DLC. The Division 2 doesn't come out until next year and they spent more time talking about planned DLC than they did new features in the game. Even worse, they wasted an insane amount of time talking and, somehow, never actually said anything important. They actually had a guy walk out, talk about Rainbow Six: Siege for over 10 minutes and then leave. He didn't talk about a sequel, DLC, current or future events happening in-game, plans for future content ... nothing. He walked out and said, "Hi, I'm one of the people who work on R.S.: Siege. A lot of people have played the game and we're glad you liked it" and somehow stretched that out into 10 minutes. Electronic Arts This entire show felt like it was aimed directly at their own share holders; not the fans. They trotted out all of their big, franchise games. All of their sports games, which are filled w/ micro transactions. Used an existing IP (C&C) to push a new mobile app, which is likely filled w/ micro transactions. Trotted out 2 indie games to show that they're "not the bad guy". Talked about Star Wars ... and that's it. Much like Ubisoft, they spent an insane amount of time talking, yet never actually gave us any new information. All of that PR-friendly, marketing buzzword-talk that was missing from some of the other press conferences? It found a home here w/ EA and Ubisoft. Started w/ Battlefield V, but didn't give any information about the game besides it having a Royale mode and that you should watch the MS press conference for more information. Yes, they began their press conference by telling you to watch someone else's press conference for real information. The best part? They didn't give any new info. about BF V at MS's press conference. They showed a trailer that was almost the same as the one at this press conference and no one was there to talk about the game. I'm not sure if anyone here is an RTS fan, but fans of Command & Conquer have been screaming for a sequel to the franchise for years. It's been almost a decade since the last C&C RTS game ... and this is what they get. A mobile game. Regardless to say, the reaction online has not been positive. After peeing in the cereal of C&C fans, they spent almost 30 minutes talking about Anthem ... and basically gave no new information about the game. The game comes out in 8 months and the only relevant information they gave was that story content only happens when you're in a town/city, similar to The Old Republic MMO. The worst offense during this press conference has to be the "interview" with Vince Zampella. Much like Sony's conference, the show stopped suddenly. For EA, this was to do an interview with Zampella, head of Respawn Entertainment. They didn't even have him come up on stage; they did the interview from his seat in the audience. He looked very uncomfortable throughout and wouldn't give any information about the game they're working on other than the title (Jedi: Fallen Order), the time it takes place (between Ep. 3 & 4) and when it would release (holiday 2019). I think this was supposed to be their "big" Star Wars reveal and it completely fell flat. Even worse, this game is supposed to release in a little over a year, but they don't even have enough running to be able to put together a simple trailer. They didn't even have any promotional pictures or a logo to show off. It was literally nothing. EA is now half way through their 10 year exclusivity deal with Disney and you have to think Disney is regretting it. They've already threatened to end the deal once after the release of Battlefront II and they were reportedly shopping the deal around w/ other publishers earlier this year. With the highly divisive fan response to The Last Jedi, Solo completely bombing and Star Wars toys filling most stores clearance racks, I can't imagine Disney sitting back and "riding out" the other 5 years left on this deal. Especially after the fiasco that was the Battlefront II launch.
  11. Elbren

    Justice League & Other DC News

    Multiple pieces of news for DC this week. DC's version of Kevin Fiege, Geoff Johns, has "stepped down" and taken a writer/producer role. While he's staying on, he'll no longer have a role in how the DC Movie Universe is shaped. This essentially consolidates power to Walter Hamada, who was hired back in January as the new president of DC Films. This first film to be moving forward is the Joker origin story staring Joaquin Phoenix and directed by Todd Phillips (The Hangover franchise). It's important to remember that there's also a second Joker film currently in the works, staring Jared Leto, based on his Suicide Squad-Joker. Also, Matt Reeves' latest script for The Batman is said to focus on a younger version of Batman. Sounds like he's willing to move on with this movie without Ben Affleck.
  12. Elbren

    E3 2018: Nintendo

    Full segment for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
  13. Elbren

    E3 2018: Nintendo

    Hollow Knight
  14. Elbren

    E3 2018: Nintendo

    Killer Queen Black
  15. Elbren

    E3 2018: Nintendo

    Overcooked! 2