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  1. 2017 Week 3: Ravens vs. Jaguars (in London)

    - signed CB Josh Thornton to the practice squad. The practice squad now looks like this: 1. FB Ricky Ortiz 2. LB Boseko Lokombo 3. G Maurquice Shakir 4. WR Quincy Adeboyejo 5. QB Josh Woodrum 6. S Ronald Martin 7. RB Jeremy Langford 8. G Arie Kouandjio 9. LB Nicholas Grigsby 10. DB Josh Thornton - DT B. Williams(foot), RB T. West (calf), TE M. Williams (ankle), CB J. Hill (thigh) and WR M. Campanaro (ankle) did not practice today - LB Z. Smith returned to practice
  2. 2017 Week 3: Ravens vs. Jaguars (in London)

    I actually think this is going to be a very close game. It's going to be a good test for the defense, but I think the offense will have a much harder time than they've had in Weeks 1 and 2. I think our odds of winning this week are greatly dependent on the defense being able to create turnovers and giving the offense the ball w/ short yardage. I don't trust this offense enough to score if they're constantly starting from their own 20. Wallace and Perriman really need to show up this week.
  3. Marvel Netflix Series.

    Full trailer for Punisher.
  4. 2017 Week 3: Ravens vs. Jaguars (in London)

    My mistake. Dieugot Joseph was signed off of the Bears practice squad. The team also signed RB Jeremy Langford, G Arie Kouandjio and LB Nicholas Grigsby to the practice squad. Also, a correction on the game time. It's at 9:30am EST, not 9:00am. If you're planning on watching, you have quite a few options this week. - it will be broadcast locally (CBS) as it usually is - if you prefer to watch it online, it will be streamed live on BaltimoreRavens.com, NFL.com and Yahoo.com - it will also also be streamed live on Oath and Verizon affiliate sites: go90, AOL, Huffington Post, Tumblr, Complex and RatedRed - if you have Verizon Wireless, you can also watch it on their NFL Mobile app - it will also be streamed on the NFL app on Windows 10 and XBox One. If you use DirecTV, their Sunday Ticket will NOT be carrying the game. Also, it's worth noting, if you plan on streaming the game on your PC, you'll need to turn off your adBlocker (or whitelist their site) in order to get the stream to work. At least, you usually do. Great news for Ravens fans who may be living outside of the Maryland area and who typically can't watch the game. Bad news for DirecTV subscribers though.
  5. Also, I agree with your assessment of Collins, but I think you also need to mention Buck Allen. This was a breakout game for him: 66 yards rushing, 4.7 yard avg., 5 catches, 35 yards receiving and a TD catch. He stepped up big w/ West out.
  6. Don't forget, this is a 9am game. - G Yanda and LB Bam Bradley have both been IR'd; the team brought up C Matt Skura and OT Dieugot Joseph from the practice squad - looks like Bergstrom will be the one replacing Yanda at RG - it doesn't sound like DT Brandon Williams injury is serious, but Harbaugh isn't giving much info about when he'll return
  7. Great analysis. Something I disagree w/ though is the secondary. First, I don't agree that J. Smith is comparable to pre-"You need to pay me" McAlister. Second, I want to agree w/ you on how good this secondary looks, but I think it's too early. We still haven't played a winning/playoff-type offense yet. We have quite a few INT's for only two games, but a lot of those were just balls that were tipped at the line and went straight up in the air. We dominated the Bengals, but we saw this week how "good" they are. I think it definitely says something that the Browns backup QB had more success than the Bengals offense. I have a feeling the Bengals are in for a really bad year. As for the Browns, they were a tougher opponent than the Bengals ... but they're still the Browns. We did well against a rookie and a backup ... but the backup still put up a TD and put them in range of a FG. Anyone else notice how Ben Watson got most of the playing time at TE in the 2nd half? He had more catches than Williams and Boyle combined. In fact, Watson had more catches this game (8) than Williams and Boyle have had targets over both games (7). I totally agree about Perriman. I'm sure some will defend him and mention his injuries, but sadly, the clock doesn't stop ticking for anyone. The Ravens need to decide on his 5th year option after this season and, right now, all you've gotten out of him is 504 yards and 3 TD's. He's only had 50+ yards in a game once and he's only caught more than 3 passes in a game once. This is not what you want out of a 1st round pick.
  8. 2017 Week 2: Ravens vs. Browns

    This is where I am w/ this subject. We're the one's who turned down the bye week after London because we didn't want it that early in the season. As for the travel, I really don't mind the every-other-game schedule that we have this year. No, we don't have a long home stand, but we don't have a long period away from Baltimore either. Also, this isn't MLB where the team is playing 8-12 hours after getting off their flight. They have plenty of time to get over any kind of travel/jet-lag.
  9. 2017 Week 2: Ravens vs. Browns

    If these were late round 'project' type picks, I'd agree w/ you, but they're not. They're not even mid-round project-type guys at a skill position like a QB, WR or CB. (except for Moore) Eluemunor is "only" a 5th round pick, but it seems odd that he'd be inactive when we only have two other backup O-linemen. I'm more annoyed that there are two 3rd's and a 4th round pick on the roster not contributing. One of the few team strengths we've had over the past couple years has been our D-line, so why did we take Kaufusi, Wormley and Henry? Those picks could have been O-linemen or something else that was a higher need than D-line. The team can't keep saying "Best Player Available" and then keep having these high-mid round picks that don't contribute. This is why we're stuck in the cap situation we're in. It's not because of Flacco. It's because we keep having to fill all of these holes w/ veterans. We keep having to spend money on guys like Zuttah, Austin Howard, Carr, Weddle, Jeffereson, Wallace, Steve Smith or Maclin.
  10. 2017 Week 2: Ravens vs. Browns

    Damn. That's pretty devastating to the O-line. Yeah, I'm assuming one of the two guys we traded for steps in at RG and Eluemunor starts getting playing time in the rotation of backups. The only guy out there that I can think of that could help (once again) is Mangold, but with him, you go right back to that conversation of: 1. Has his price come down? 2. Can the team even fit him into the cap? 3. Is he healthy enough to play? 4. Is he even in game-shape? Beyond that, the only other option would be to trade picks for an O-lineman and that won't be cheap. I think the team goes w/ what we have until it's glaringly obvious that what we have isn't working. At least until the trade deadline.
  11. 2017 Week 2: Ravens vs. Browns

    Buck Allen w/ a 37 yard run, Ravens use their last TO. TD catch by Maclin.
  12. 2017 Week 2: Ravens vs. Browns

    Harbaugh gets saved by an INT by Tyus Bowser. Kiser basically threw at a guy w/ 2 Ravens standing in front of him.
  13. 2017 Week 2: Ravens vs. Browns

    Sigh. Offense goes 3-out and Harbaugh calls for a FG try from 58 yards. it obviously fails and we give the ball back w/ a minute left and good field position.
  14. 2017 Week 2: Ravens vs. Browns

    I actually have a Mophie case. It's a little heavier than most phone cases, but it's also a backup battery; basically doubles the life of my battery ... as long as I charge it. lol
  15. 2017 Week 2: Ravens vs. Browns

    Sack by Mosely, but it's eliminated by a holding penalty by Jimmy Smith.