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  1. EA Killing Battlefront II

    His comments (and video) on bugs stops around the 5:53 mark. The rest of the video is rant about loot boxes.
  2. EA Killing Battlefront II

    Yes, it only took one of the worst P.R. weeks they've ever had for them to respond. lol They're also being investigated in Belgium now. The Belgian gambling authority is looking into whether loot crates should be considered gambling. EA's defense is that, at least you're always getting 'something', whether you get what you want or not, but that seems like a pretty weak argument. By that same reasoning, as long as casino's give you a free drink, snack or anything of a small, insignificant monetary value (even a penny), then nothing they do should be considered gambling. Also, if you're still thinking about getting Battlefront II, I would wait a week or so. I haven't seen much reported on it, but it seems the game is fairly buggy in its current state (at least console). I've skipped his intro. The music can be a little loud sometimes. There is some NSFW language.
  3. Rampage

    They seriously made a movie about the old video game, Rampage.
  4. EA Killing Battlefront II

    EA has removed the refund button from their website. You now have to call their customer service line to get a refund. I can't imagine why EA was voted Worst Company in America two years in a row.
  5. EA Killing Battlefront II

    Very true. That's actually my biggest fear. There's all of this negative press, but the end of the week rolls around and the game ends up being one of the top selling games of the year. None of the problems in the gaming industry are going to go away until people wake up and start voting w/ their wallets.
  6. EA Killing Battlefront II

    Gamespot bought $100 in loot crates to see how much of an advantage, if any, someone would get spending. Worth noting, duplicate star cards give you credits. Even after $100, the reviewer still didn't have enough credits to afford Vader and Luke's original price. The rest of it though ... ugh.
  7. EA Killing Battlefront II

    Game Informer is holding off on their review, but the writer did mention his overall feelings toward the single player campaign. Warning, SPOILERS ahead. - - - - -
  8. EA Killing Battlefront II

    It seems EA eventually responded by cutting the prices of multiplayer hero characters by 75%. - Emperor Palpatine, Chewbacca, and Leia Organa now cost 10,000 credits - Luke and Vader now cost 15,000 credits In a corresponding move, they lowered the amount of credits you get for beating the game. The 20,000 credit reward has been reduced to 5,000. It's funny what a full day of bad press can do. I'd feel happy about this, but I know people are just going to continue buying EA and Activision games.
  9. EA Has Killed Another Studio

    Shortly after killing off Visceral, EA purchased Respawn Entertainment, makers of the Titanfall franchise. I'm a little bewildered by this deal. If you know the history of this company, you know that most of the people at Respawn started out at EA making the Medal of Honor series. They left EA, went to Activision and formed Infinity Ward to make Call of Duty. They eventually left Activision to form Respawn. Seems like the biggest reason these guys have moved around has been creative control and ownership of IP. So, why would you accept a deal to become a part of EA ... again. Especially when they're the biggest reason Titanfall 2 flopped.
  10. If any of you don't follow video game industry news, you may have missed the drama revolving around EA on Monday. Star Wars: Battlefront II doesn't release until the 17th but, those with an EA Origin Access subscription get to play the game one week early (10 hours of total play time). This is where things quickly went downhill. It seems Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader and Emperor Palpatine are all locked behind a paywall* (of sorts) for multiplayer. What's worse is that the beta EA had for the game (as well as review copies) had the unlocks priced at 10,000 credits; in-game currency that you can earn in the various play modes in the game. Those with early access to the game quickly noticed that the price for these unlocks is now 40,000 - 60,000 credits. That averages out to over 40 hours of play time ... to unlock one character. If you averaged 3 hours of play time per day (which many people can't because of jobs, real life, etc.), you're looking at 14 - 16 days. I put an asterisk next to "paywall" because you can't actually buy the characters, or in-game credits, with real world money. The paywall comes into play in how the credits are used. The in-game credits are actually used for everything in the game including leveling up your character. So, if you want just ONE of these characters, that means no leveling up, new weapons, upgrades, etc. for 40+ hours of in-game time. This is made worse by the fact that there is actually a credit cap on Arcade Mode, meaning you can only earn so many credits in this mode per day. The entire point of all of this is to continually tie up your in-game credits, meaning you'll never have enough to spend on loot crates. So, if you want all of that shiny, game-breaking stuff that's only in loot boxes... you'll need to spend real money. This would have been bad enough, but then, the EA P.R. department felt the need to go on Reddit and answer one of the many angry posts. This post is currently sitting at 621,000 downvotes and has now become the most downvoted post in Reddit history as well as the most voted on post in history (that's counting both upvotes and downvotes). To put that into perspective, the former 10 most downvoted posts have a total -113,490. EA's post has almost 6 times the amount of downvotes as the the previous top 10, combined. (On a side note: it looks like it'll take around 4500 hours on play time to unlock all level 4 star cards) Remember all of this when you think about Visceral Studios and their dead single player Star Wars game.
  11. The Mummy

    For those who didn't know, this film was supposed to kick off the "Dark Universe". Univeral's monster movie-answer to the MCU ... because, sadly, every movie studio wants their own shared universe now. The Dark Universe was actually supposed to be started with Dracula Untold, but it flopped at the box office and Universal pulled a DCU and said, "Nope, nevermind ... The Mummy is the REAL start to our universe." They had pretty big plans for too. Tom Cruise was the star of The Mummy, Russell Crowe was also in the movie as Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde, Johnny Depp was going to be the Invisible Man, Javier Bardem as Frankenstein's Monster and Angelina Jolie was supposed to star in the next film in the franchise, The Bride of Frankenstein (2019). They even had Danny Elfman compose the short, musical piece you hear that accompanies the Dark Universe logo. That's right, big plans. BIG, big plans. At least, they did before The Mummy released back in June. Then, the movie came out and only grossed $80 million in the US and Canada (to be fair, it did really well overseas bringing the total to $409 million). Now, it seems that the shared universe is all but dead. Last month, Universal put The Bride of Frankenstein on hold and now, the architects of the Dark Universe - Alex Kurtzman and Chris Morgan - have both moved on to other projects. Morgan is focusing on the Fast and Furious franchise and Kurtzman is doing the same with Star Trek: Discovery. Universal is reevaluating the franchise(s) and may potentially try to do several one-shot films that do not exist within a shared universe. I hate to say it, but I'm kind of glad this failed. Movie companies have been talking about copying Marvel's-style of a shared universe for years now. While I really like their movies, I honestly don't like the idea of nearly every movie that comes out within a year all being attached to their own separate universes. Just thinking about it brings the idea of 'superhero fatigue' to a whole new level.
  12. Roy Halliday plane crashed one confirmed dead.

    The plane he was flying was an A5, a small, single engine plane. He bought it around the same time he got his pilots license. It looks like it seats two but, luckily, reports haven't mentioned a 2nd passenger in the plane with him. Still really sad news.
  13. X-Men Movie Universe Updates

    Well, there's ONE way to get your movie rights back. It seems Disney has had preliminary talks with FOX to buy it's TV and movie studio. Obviously, these talks are preliminary and could end up going no where, but this would be huge if Disney were able to get the X-Men and FF back. I've like most of FOX's X-Men movies, but it really is 50/50 on whether they'll be good or not and their "continuity" from film to film is a complete joke. Seeing that franchise rebooted and added to the MCU would be huge, though it would likely mean the end to shows like Legion and The Gifted.
  14. EA Has Killed Another Studio

    Not to get off topic, but has anyone seen the news about CoD:WWII? First, some back story ... Activision was recently outed for a patent they filed two years ago for a new way of handling micro transactions. Basically, they would use matchmaking to force micro transactions on you. - are you a new player? The system would match you with another player(s) that has spent money on loot boxes, powerful weapons, etc. The point being, Player A is new to the game and does horrible while Player B, who has bought weapons/loot boxes obviously did much better. - AFTER the match, Player A gets an advertisement for getting said weapon at a discount - AFTER Player A's said purchase (or non-purchase), they are conveniently put in a match where said weapon/item would give them a decided advantage. If you bought the weapon/item, Player A has a clear advantage in the match, potentially encouraging him to spend more money on micro transactions. If you didn't, you're put at a disadvantage for that match. "Hmm. Too bad you didn't buy that weapon/item at a discount when you had a chance, huh? Don't worry, it's still in the shop at regular price." - the system is also designed to track your DLC and micro transaction history, advertising micro transactions/discounts more frequently to players who have spent money. - The more you spend, the more "deals" they keep spamming you with. The more you spend, the faster you move from being Player A to Player B and the system starts using YOU to advertise DLC and micro transactions to other new players. After this became public, Activision quickly came out and said that there is nothing like this in any of their current games. Back to Call of Duty. It seems some people have gotten WWII early and it seems to have a system that's not far off from this (even though Activision just said that they wouldn't be using this in any of their current games). It seems that players sit in a pre-game area before a match starts and if you've bought a loot box, it lands right in front of you ... so everyone can watch you open it and see what you got. That's right. Loot boxes will being dropping directly onto Normandy Beach. Nope. That totally doesn't anything like the previously stated system where Activision uses Player B's purchases to advertise micro transactions to Player A.
  15. EA Has Killed Another Studio

    That's pretty much EA right there. Seems like each game there put out gets worse and worse. When Visceral presented a demo of 'Ragtag' (codename for their Star Wars game) one of the executives immediate response was, "Yeah, but FIFA makes us a billion dollars a year. Where's your version of that?" Visceral was closed right after this meeting. I don't think they were "ruined" before EA. Most/all of them were smaller studios who could only work on one game at a time. They used profits from one project to fund the next one. The problem is, EA treats these studios like ATM's, expecting them to continuously pump out cheap, easy-to-make content that will make the publisher a lot of money. It's why they continually shove EA Sports down our throats every chance they get. It's because they're all literally the same game every single year with only minor tweeks (rosters, music, menus, etc.), but people are willing to spend a That's why, whenever there's a new console, the 1st versions of each of their sports games is always a completely stripped down version of that game. It's because that's the only time that they're actually making a NEW version of that game. It's the only time they're actually making a game from the ground up, game engine and all.