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  1. Roster Updates - July 21 - Campanaro put on the PUP (shocking, I know) - team signed WR Griff Whalen. Basically a response to Campanaro still being hurt. Whalen is a career backup. In four years, he's only had 47 receptions, 509 yards and 3 TD's. Last year, he had 2 catches for 22 yards. - also signed UDFA CB Reggie Porter We're in that slow period where nothing much really happens. Pre-season games need to hurry up and get here!
  2. I think I got at least half way through this trailer before I realized this film was made by Netflix. This easily has to have the highest production values of any film they have ever made. The film is a mix of sci fi and fantasy, staring Will Smith and Joel Edgerton. Comes out Dec. 22.
  3. Panthers fire general manager Dave Gettleman. Apparently, the Panthers owner is a little unclear on the exact date of Black Monday. lol What is the point of firing your GM this late into the offseason? You already let him handle any contracts w/ current players, free agency and the draft. At this point, the offseason is already gone and we 're already into pre-season. Just seems like a crappy spot to be putting your next GM.
  4. The entire point of net neutrality is that you have unfettered access to the internet when you pay ISP's for internet access. That ISP's can't create "high speed super highways" on the internet where you really only have access to companies/websites that "partner" with Verizon/Comcast/TimeWarner-or-whatever-they're-called-now. By "partner", I mean companies that are forced to pay tens, if not hundreds of millions of dollars to not have content from their sites throttled (i.e., slowed down) to absolutely nothing. Do you use Netflix or YouTube? Sucks for you ... looks like you better start using services that are owned or "partnered" with your current ISP. If not, you better get used to spending 2+ hours or longer pre-downloading videos for NF or YT. And this is talking about large, multi-billion dollar companies. Do you use a website like Orioles Hangout? One that is much smaller and who can't afford to pay out 8 or 9 figures to "partner" with each of the ISP's? Sucks for you. Looks like you better switch to a site that can pay out for those kinds of deals MLB.com, NFL.com or ESPN.com. People also seem to forget that this isn't a "theoretical" threat that's looming. In 2013, Comcast was throttling content from Netflix and it progressively got worse throughout the year. Netflix was finally forced to sign a deal w/ Comcast in Jan. 2014. Comcast denied that they were causing any type of throttling, but magically, after the deal was signed, content speeds for Netflix increased 66% for Comcast users. Verizon literally did the same exact thing and Netflix had to, once again, pay out and make a deal w/ the ISP. It was literally these two deals (and a massive outcry from the public) that eventually led the FCC, in 2015, to declare ISP's a telecommunications service and that they fall under Title II. If you're wondering why the FCC would suddenly change course two years later, I'm sure it has NOTHING to do w/ the fact that new head of the FCC, Ajit Pai, is a former lawyer for Verizon.
  5. WR Dorial Green-Beckham cleared waivers and is now a FA. Fomer 2nd round pick. Has not come close to living up to the hype, but he's young and should come fairly cheap. I could see Ozzie kicking the tires on this guy.
  6. eh ... I think it's in the same place it was yesterday. Or a week ago. Or a month ago. Until Mangold or his agent do/say something publicly, I don't think anything will change. I have to imagine nothing serious has come from them because he's still rehabbing. It would explain why he hasn't had any real conversations w/ teams in awhile. Any REAL negotiations w/ teams would result in a physical at some point and, if Mangold doesn't think he can pass one right now, there's no real reason for him to push things. He's a veteran, he's made his money and, most importantly, he has plenty of time before the season starts. That's just my opinion though.
  7. As of now, yes, that's what it looks like. There are no starting G's or RT's left on the FA market. The only thing left now is to either trade for one or hoping/waiting for someone to get cut.
  8. This is pretty much where I am on this. I really want Orr back (I have zero faith in Correa), but I don't see how we can afford him. Sounds like he has 12 - 15 teams looking at him right now. I don't see him "getting top guy at his position"-type money, but I think he easily prices himself out of Baltimore. Spotrac finally updated w/ the details of Maclin's contract; it looks like we have $4 Mil. At this point, I think any additions we do will require cutting/reworking deals and I don't see us doing that for a MLB. Not when we still need two starters on the O-line.
  9. I hadn't realize this. Waller's suspension marks our 13th substance-related suspension since 2010. We lead the league in that time.
  10. For anyone who games on PC, the STEAM Summer Sale is going now. I believe it goes until July 5th. They do this every year. Pretty much any game on PC that you can think of is on sale for 40-90% off. Newer games that have come out in the past year are obviously going to be more expensive (DOOM is $15) , but if you're into older games, you can get them VERY cheap right now. If you're into old LucasArts point-and-click adventure games, I just bought The Dig for $1.50. It's also apart of a LucasArts 4-game bundle that's only $3.74. Bethesda's Super Classics bundle is only $59.86 and includes every game that they've ever made, except Fallout 4 (20 games, it's normally $248). There's a similar bundle for Star Wars games but I'm not sure how much it costs. The page adjusts prices for the games you already own and I own about 1/3 of the bundle. If you're bored and have disposable income, this is a nice sale to look through.
  11. Well, at least our TE situation is sorting itself out. lol The article says "at least" one year. That sounds like he's on the Josh Gordon "You come back and we say you can come back" train. Is this his 3rd violation? I don't remember him being suspended before, but a 2nd violation is typically 4 games. 1st violation is the one that puts them in the league substance abuse program to begin with.
  12. lol No one was "bothered" by it. Don't take things so personally. My point is that Haynes at least made it to the ML's and had a long career. It was a pretty terrible career, but he still had one. lol No one else on that list even comes close. John Maine had just under 600 IP; that's still 400+ IP less than Haynes. After Maine, only Loewen (189), Troy Patton (169) and Coppinger (241) had over 100 IP. The rest of that list either never came close to the ML's or pitched so bad that they couldn't even stick w/ the Orioles ... and that's saying something considering the era most of those prospects came from. In fact, I think you could make a case for Maine as well. He had almost 600 IP, 4.45 career ERA, gave up fewer Hits than he had IP, had an almost 2:1 K:BB ratio and he had more Wins that Loses. Yes, both Maine and Haynes were on the top 100 list at some point but they both still had decently long career's. If you're going to include both of them, then you may as well include a guy like Matt Wieters. He is easily one of the most hyped players to come out of our MiL system in the past 15 years. In fact, I remember more than one person around here calling him things like "Switch Hitting Jesus". lol He was supposed to be a premium power hitter who was going to hit cleanup for us for years to come. Instead, he put up a career OPS of .735, career OBP of .316, only had 20+ HR's three times, never more than 23 and never had a 100 RBI season (or a 90 RBI season). Yes, he had a decent career, but he didn't even come close to being the hitter that we thought we were getting.
  13. Driving around and I just heard this on 105.7. He's gotten multiple doctors opinions and it sounds like his neck wasn't as bad as they initially thought. This means he's a FA since the Ravens didn't tender him a contract (obviously, they thought he was done in football). About to visit the Lions, but says he's open to coming back to Baltimore. I'm torn on this. He's definitely an upgrade over Correa, but how much is he going to cost? With the season he had last year, if another team starts bidding, I could easily see Orr pricing himself out of Baltimore. I don't think he'd get a HUGE contract, but I could see it getting high enough that the Ravens would walk away.
  14. Jimmy Haynes pitched in the ML's for almost a decade. While he certainly didn't reach his potential (he was mediocre, at best), he definitely had a better career than all of the guys you listed.
  15. That includes Butterfinger, BabyRuth, 100Grand, Raisinets, SnoCaps, SweeTarts, Nerds, FunDip, PixyStix and more as well as the international chocolate brand, Crunch. It's worth nothing this does not include the Toll House baking goods brand. Obviously, as an adult, I don't eat nearly as much of these products as I did as a kid. In fact, I can't honestly tell you the last time I even ate candy. But still .... those are some iconic names/brands that could be disappearing or changing depending on if they're sold and who they're sold to. I know it sounds silly, but I always found candy as one of those "universal things" that pretty much everyone recognizes, no matter their age. Like Coke-Cola or Pepsi. I remember my dad watching me play w/ my Transformers as a kid and looking at me like I had stolen something from the future. I also remember watching him talk to his dad and getting that same stare, at times. Yet, all three of us (as well as my kids) knew what a Butterfinger and a BabyRuth was. It will definitely be sad if any/all of these brands disappear.