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  1. I don't think it's about questioning the talent. It's about how horribly our offensive roster is constructed. We currently have 5 RB's and 6 TE's. They just signed Woodhead as a FA, so you have to assume that he will be getting most of the snaps at RB. Especially considering that: 1. He's more of a receiver than a RB and 2. This coaching staff has repeatedly shown that they have little/no interest in running the ball As for the TE's, there's only ever two of them on the field at once. Usually, it's just one of them and Pitta just reworked his deal, so you know that he's (once again) getting 80-90% of the throws at that position. That's 11 guys between two positions where 8-9 of them are consistently siting on the bench. That makes no sense. Especially considering that our 2 starting WR's also happen to be our only WR's. Their only real backup is a guy that is basically a guaranteed injury waiting to happen. Oh yeah ... we also need a starting C and LG/RT.
  2. Gerald Hodges signed w/ the Bills.
  3. Nothing new. I assume he and his agent don't plan on budging from their asking price until after June 1 cuts. They're probably hoping there might be more interest once teams free up some money (and other potential linemen get cut). Victor Cruz just signed w/ the Bears.
  4. This is probably the 1st Marvel movie in quite awhile that I have very little interest in watching. The movie looks like it'll be a lot of fun, I like the young guy playing Peter Parker, but: 1. I have no interest in watching Peter Parker going thru this "teen angst" (again) or graduate high school ... for a third time. 2. As nice as it is seeing Spider-Man in the MCU, ultimately, he's still the property of Sony and I just don't trust them not to continue ruining this character. Not so much this film, but further down the line. 3. Despite the fact that they've been failing w/ this character for a decade and Marvel seems very interested in making Sony a crap-ton of money, Sony still can't seem to get out of their own way. It looks like they're moving ahead w/ their "Sony Marvel Universe" where they're going to try and build a movie universe completely around Spider-Man. They recently cast Tom Hardy as Venom.
  5. New trailer. About two months left ...
  6. Zach Snyder has stepped away from the Justice League movie due to the death of his daughter. His daughter Autumn, 20, committed suicide back in March but news was kept private by the family. Joss Whedon will be replacing him to help finish Justice League.
  7. Yahoo Article
  8. Lead singer of Sound Garden and Audioslave, he was 52. He just did a concert with Sound Garden last night. He was found later, in his hotel room. Police are currently investigating as if this were a suicide. Unfortunately, I'm on my phone and don't have a link. I'll add one when I can.
  9. 1st trailer is finally out. Looks decent, but I still have very little interest in this show since it will be behind a paywall. I'm a little confused on the look of the time period, though. I'm assuming this takes place in the JJ Abrams movie universe? It takes place a decade before the Original Series, but all of the uniforms and technology look way more advanced than anything we ever saw in TOS. The main character spends half the trailer talking to someone that's being projected as a three dimensional hologram. I don't think we saw anything even close to that until Next Generation. Eh .. I guess it's pointless nitpicking over a show I'm never going to watch. Hopefully, this eventually makes its way to Netflix.
  10. I'm torn. This looks funny .... but, everything Seth MacFarlane makes is pretty much just a different version of Family Guy.
  11. New sci fi comedy from Seth MacFarlane and Jon Favreau.
  12. Looks like RT Sebastian Vollmer is no longer available. He just officially retired. I think it's funny, when trying to follow sports in the off season, there always seem to be articles that completely contradict each other or they say things that no other writer(s) seem to corroborate. For instance, I read several articles this off season that said Vollmer may be out of shape and had been picking up weight. But, you see a picture of him now and he's lost 75 lbs. and looks in great shape. Just did a quick search and the only mention I see of him being "out of shape" now is a small blurb on Rotoworld. lol
  13. Updates from the Ravens website: - Ravens are talking to WR Victor Cruz, he should be visiting soon - WR Eddie Royal was recently cut by the Bears - Heard on 105.7 that the team have talked to WR Anquan Boldin - sounds like the Ravens' are concerned w/ Mangold's health.
  14. Killed in a motorcycle accident. He was only 48 years old.
  15. The May 9 Tender is for $1.1 Mil (110% of his salary last season). Because of this, Blount now counts towards 2018 draft pick compensation formula (basically means he has draft pick compensation attached to him). If no team signs him by July 22nd, the Pat's will have exclusive rights to Blount from July 22nd thru the Tuesday after Week 10. Am I the only one who thinks that this does nothing but screw Blount? No team is going to give up a draft pick and a decent contract for an over-30 RB making it virtually guaranteed that Blount is still unsigned by the July 22nd deadline. Then, the Pat's will hold his exclusive rights basically thru Week 11. If Blount refuses, he's locked out of the league until Week 11. If he accepts, he takes a contract that's barely over veteran minimum and plays for a team that doesn't even look like they need him. Blount will be 31 this season. Any chance he had at a decent, multi-year deal basically just went up in smoke thanks to the Patriots. If I'm him, I accept that deal, refuse to play any special teams and Albert Haynesworth my way through the 2017 season. What a sh#tty way to treat a guy that just gave you 1,000+ yards and 18 TD's.