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  1. Elbren

    Star Wars: Episode IX

    Anyone going to see the Solo movie? Was hoping to hear some opinions since I don't plan on seeing it. The audience score at Rotten Tomatoes is currently at 64% and has been dropping slowing since the first showings began. Disney also officially announced an Obi Wan Kenobi and Bobba Fett films.
  2. Elbren

    Marvel's Phase 3 Movies

    Yeah, this is kind of how I see him. Banner can control when the Hulk comes out, but only up to a certain point. If you push Banner too far or if he's injured, his accelerated heart rate, anxiety, adrenaline will still trigger the transformation, whether he wants to change or not. As for why he attacks Black Widow, you have to remember that the Hulk isn't Banner w/ super powers. They're basically two separate personalities/minds. Banner can't control the Hulk. He's a giant ball of rage that constantly wants to hit and break things. Even when he "summons" Hulk, it's less about controlling him and more about just pointing him in the right direction. Banner changed in that scene because he was hurt/injured from the explosion. Hulk came out and all he knew was that he/Banner was injured and he didn't know why. Black Widow just happened to be unlucky enough to be standing there when the change happened. If the Hulk does remember anything from Banner, he knows that they were all just arguing and Banner wasn't happy w/ any of them.
  3. ^ This. His OPS is barely above .500 and we owe him money through 2037. Yeah, he's not going anywhere. lol
  4. Elbren

    Lead Up to E3 2018

    ... aaaaand, I just opened Blizzard's Battle.net Launcher and the first thing I see is a new page added for pre-purchasing Black Ops 4. lol I know quite a few Blizzard fans who will not be happy about that. Blizzard has always operated independently of Activision since their merger. So much so, that Blizzard publishes their own games. It wasn't until Destiny 2 that Blizzard finally allowed a non-Blizzard game on their Battle.net Launcher; a small program that allows you access to all of Blizzard's games. They've been doing online games on PC for quite a long time and their launcher is just an evolution of that. Well, it seems Activision is finally beginning to encroach on that. I do find it interesting that this is happening after Blizzard has had some key leadership departures over the past year or so. It should be interesting to see how far Activision is willing to push that.
  5. Elbren

    Lead Up to E3 2018

    Microsoft just released a trailer for Halo: Fireteam Raven. A ... 4 player arcade game. I'm not really sure what to make of this. Arcades were dying when I was in high school ... and I'm almost 40 now. lol Was anyone really asking for this?
  6. Elbren

    Lead Up to E3 2018

    I think it's safer to say that Fortnite and PUBG are hot right now, not so much the genre itself. The genre has seen quite a few no-name knock off's (mostly on PC & mobile, not sure about console), but Fortnite and PUBG are the only two that I know of that are really popular and making money. The thing is though, is that PUBG is a $30 game and Fortnite is free. While it hasn't been confirmed yet, you can pretty much guarantee that Black Ops 4 is going to be $60, include a season pass, the usual micro transactions that they just had for CoD:WWII and any new micro transactions that they'll try and squeeze into the new Battle Royale mode. The worst part is, they could have easily just released this game as CoD: Online or something and they probably would have been fine. Instead, they're using the Black Ops franchise which many people actually enjoyed for the story campaign. This franchise just recovered from the disaster that was Infinite Warfare. It should be entertaining to see fan reactions after E3.
  7. Elbren

    Lead Up to E3 2018

    If you're a Call of Duty fan, you recently received some bad news. Black Ops 4 is coming out this year, but Activision is removing the single player campaign and replacing it with ... a battle royale mode. In other words, they've removed the single player campaign (one of the most expensive parts of the game), replaced it with a new multiplayer mode that's costing them nothing to make and they still want to charge you $60 for it ... and don't forget those microtransactions.
  8. Elbren

    Lead Up to E3 2018

    Apparently, Wal-Mart Canada ruined many of the surprises for this years E3. Last week, their website randomly listed a large number of new games for pre-order. Not just new games w/ no release date, but games that haven't even been announced yet: Just Cause 4, Splinter Cell, Dragon Quest 2 (PS4/XBO), LEGO DC Villans, Borderlands 3, Rage 2, Gears of War 5, Forza Horizons 5, Assassin's Creed and Destiny 2: Comet just to name a few. The pages for the different games were up for awhile, but are gone now leaving a lot of people confused. Some thought that it might be some kind of hoax, but some of the games have now been confirmed by their respective companies. ID Software not only confirmed Rage 2, but has now released a trailer while Gearbox has confirmed that Borderlands 3 is currently in development, but may will not be at E3.
  9. Elbren

    Flacco v.

    Except, he's not a coworker. He's Flacco's literal replacement. This isn't a low-to-mid round pick that you take a flyer on and, in 2-3 years, you see if he's going to be "your guy" at the end of Flacco's contract. Taking Jackson in the 1st sends a very clear message. Flacco is done as a Raven and the only reason he's still here this year is because of his contract. After that, he's gone.
  10. Elbren

    Marvel's Phase 3 Movies

    It did, but at this point, I don't think that Infinity War has to match B.P.'s longevity in theaters. Infinity War is only about $150 Mil. behind Black Panther right now, domestically, and it has already doubled what B.P. did at the foreign box office ($1.11 Bil. vs. $646 Mil.). B.P. had almost two months by itself to make as much as it did domestically. I.W. is only in it's 3rd week and it has almost matched it. I.W. has to go up against Deadpool 2 this week and the Solo movie next week, but I dont see them keeping I.W. from making that $150 Mil. Especially if we give I.W. the same amount of time that B.P. had.
  11. Elbren

    Marvel's Phase 3 Movies

    lol I love the fact that there were people who thought this wouldn't make as much as Black Panther.
  12. Elbren

    Manny remorse....

    We need to stop pretending that paying a franchise player will somehow "hamstring" this organization. Paying Machado doesn't "hamstring" the Orioles. The only contracts that hamstring a team are bad one's. Contracts like Chris Davis, Mark Trumbo, Ubaldo Jimenez or Darren O'Day. Those are the deals that kill you. You used ARod as an example. ARod wasn't the problem for the Rangers. They got every penny's worth out of him. Their problem was giving a horrible contract to Chan Ho Park, somehow thinking he, a fly ball pitcher, was going to pitch well moving from a pitcher-friendly NL stadium to a very hitter-friendly AL stadium with a DH. Their problem was trading for a guy like John Rocker and trading away guys like Travis Hafner and Justin Duchscherer. Their problem was thinking they could "get by" by building a team around a power-hitting offense and completely mediocre pitching. There are waaaay too many bad decisions by John Hart in that era of Rangers teams that you can blame before you ever get to ARod and his contract.
  13. Elbren

    Tillman starting Thursday

    That's kind of my point. He was that bad last year and he was still given 19 starts. And yes, Ubaldo was better than current-Tillman, but that's not exactly saying much. If they kept a FA merc like Ubaldo for the entirety of his contract (especially over the last two years of that contract), I just don't see them dropping a "real Oriole" like Tillman whose been here for a decade. We're talking about the same team that guaranteed him $3 Mil. and a ML-deal when no one else even wanted him. For better or worse, this is a team that shows loyalty to "their guys". I'm not saying he stays in the rotation the entire year. I'm not even saying that he stays on the team the entire year. But I do think he sticks around for a lot longer than people around here want him to (myself included). He's "only" making $3 Mil., his incentive clauses are pretty low ($1-1.5 Mil. each), at his current pace he isn't likely to hit most (if any) of those incentives and there really isn't anyone in the MiL's that's beating the door down to force their way into the rotation. I think, at best, we might get a phantom-injury that conveniently sends him to the DL when they need to make another move.
  14. Elbren

    Tillman starting Thursday

    I have to agree w/ this. I won't believe he's "done" as an Oriole until they've actually released him. People were saying similar things about Ubaldo Jimenez pretty much after every start, but he was here for the entirety of his contract. If they didn't cut bait w/ Ubaldo, I don't see them doing it with Tillman.
  15. Great article. I am truly dumbfounded how anyone has been able to justify Brady Anderson's rise within the organization over the last few years. I understand, he was a fan favorite, but how in the world does a guy go from strength/conditioning "consultant" to one of the top decision-makers in the organization? That's a complete joke.