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  1. We do NOT have a plan

    Sometimes in life it's not about having no plan. It's about the current situation being such a massive FUBAR that all of the potential plans suck
  2. Heck, I could be a Wade Miley replacement, and I don't even throw left handed.
  3. Marvel's Phase 3 Movies

    I have seen a few sources speculate that the reason they haven't released a title for the Avengers movie following Infinity War is because the ending will set up Secret Invasion, the storyline of Skrulls taking over. Thoughts?
  4. O's pick up another lefty reliever

    So much so that a 88 mph fastball might seem more like 92
  5. O's pick up another lefty reliever

    He is so far away from the pitching rubber before releasing the ball. Any closer and he could just drop the ball in the catcher's glove.
  6. Orioles out On Cobb per Roch

    I agree. Cobb had high praise for his former manager and pitching coach, which hints they would be a big factor in considering the Cubs. http://www.nbcsports.com/chicago/cubs/cubs-and-alex-cobb-keep-looking-match-free-agency
  7. Maryland vs. Butler

    I revise my original opinion. Yes, he is a prospect. No, I don't think he will succeed in the NBA. And your description about the "handle" is spot on.
  8. Maryland vs. Butler

    A couple of observations/opinions. 1. Wiley is performing like a top -50 player should perform 2. Nickens should get as few minutes as possible 3. Justin Jackson is not an NBA prospect.
  9. The Astros are one game away from a world championship. You think anyone in the organization cares that their bullpen doesn't have Britton and Brach?
  10. Unfortunately, he might be correct.
  11. End of season top 25?

    Or Trumbo (against right handers).
  12. Now we need to get OVER .500

    2 games out of the second WC spot on August 27th isn't already in striking range?
  13. This is such an ugly performance by the Red Sox. Especially in the field. Makes me wonder how they're going to stay in first place.
  14. Holding Runners on 1B

    OK, so this has always bugged me. One of the things the O's preach to their middle infielders (correct me if I'm wrong) is to straddle the 2B bag when receiving throws. Let the ball travel to the bag before making a tag. The speed of the throw beats the speed of the tag. My question... why not have the first baseman do the same thing when holding runners on 1B? Most first basemen put their right foot on the bag, left foot towards the mound or home plate. They receive the throw from the pitcher but have to sweep the tag towards the bag. Why not set up in the same way as the middle infielders? Straddle the bag, let the ball travel to the base, gets there more quickly. What am I missing?
  15. Sign him.

    Exactly I also wonder... if he wasn't an Oriole, and he wanted to sign with the Orioles next offseason, would he even pass the physical with his knees?