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  1. You know, during that same game I changed my underwear. Maybe I'm to blame.
  2. IMO the most important and glaring need is to deal with Chris Davis. He's done and his roster spot is more valuable than he is.
  3. I agree with everything you wrote in the first sentence. But the second sentence made me pause. Mountcastle is a solid prospect, but he still hasn't proved yet that he can hit ML pitching, and he still doesn't have a position. And I'm skeptical that Davis would factor into the decision. Wouldn't freeing up a spot for Mountcastle depend on a choice between trading Mancini or releasing Davis?
  4. Jagwar

    Why Not?

    I'm not suggesting this team will have anywhere close to the same season. But I don't think its too much of a stretch to say that on April 3 1989, a good number of these guys would "otherwise be on someone's AAA team" based on their body of work before the Why Not season began. Milacki, Ballard, Finley, Devereaux, Milligan, B Ripken, Worthington, Anderson, Traber, Gonzalez, Harnisch, Bautista
  5. That AB was pathetic. And unfortunately, it was the norm last year. The 3 called strikes weren't even on the corners. They were in the middle of the plate at the belt or higher.
  6. Somewhere Sal Fasano and Paul Bako are shaking their fists at the MASN screen
  7. Waldman is worse simply because of the sound of her voice.
  8. Orioles fans should thank God every day that they have never had someone as un-listenable as Waldman.
  9. Bowie comes to Hartford in May and June. Looking forward to that.
  10. The primary analytic that matters to me are scoring more runs than the other team. Do that and you win.
  11. Maybe Hays was sliding headfirst to protect his surgically repaired ankle.
  12. His chances are even greater if Cobb's injury requires an IL stint.
  13. Tell you what... I'm much more interested in what the roster looks like on July 1 when service time is no longer a concern with Hays. (and Diaz too?)
  14. Jagwar

    Austin Hays

    And he runs hard right out of the box too.
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