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  1. Especially if there was any embedded photos/video
  2. I think it had something to do with 86 pitches thrown. They need a fresh arm for the next 7-run inning. 😉
  3. We often forget that these players are people too.
  4. I won't get excited until Harvey at least shows he can throw a secondary pitch for a strike
  5. Yes, his fastball location wasn't that good. For example on the Moreland strikeout, Severino wanted the pitch high and inside, and the pitch ended up low middle-ish. Luckily Moreland couldn't catch up to i.
  6. A "fringey mid-rotation upside guy" would be the #1 starter on this team.
  7. They have to put one of those Eutaw street metal baseballs out there. It would be the only one there, correct?
  8. Orioles since the 1972 team. Terps basketball from the King/Graham/Williams teams. Also a huge USMNT soccer fan.
  9. Somewhere DJ Stewart is smiling because nobody is talking anymore about the routine flyball that gave him a concussion.
  10. Pretty sure Hyde was confident Davis wouldn't do anything to him. He knows Davis can't hit.
  11. Add Wilkerson into the infield coverage mix.
  12. How is DJ Stewart below Cadyn Grenier?
  13. I thought it was Terry Crowley who said it.
  14. Fair enough. I suppose I'm looking more at the full body of work, but I would still say he should be up and DSJ should be down.
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