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  1. Or maybe Josh Towers?
  2. I would give Trumbo at least an honorable mention. In April and June he was a power hitter who wasn't hitting for power. I also think injuries make this a more murky thread topic. Tillman, Britton, Davis, Hardy, Castillo, O'Day... That's 6 of the team's top contributors spending significant time on the DL, many at the same time. Hard for any single player to carry the load for that many players missing time.
  3. Dan has steered the ship for multiple postseason appearances. He has gotten results for this team. Is DD responsible for Trumbo becoming a power hitter with no power? Or Manny going from an all star to a .700 OPS player? Or multiple starters regressing? Or Britton being on the DL for most of the season? With O'Day Hardy, Davis and Castillo spending significant time on the DL?
  4. If Ubaldo throws another pitch for the O's, I'm cancelling my MLBTV subscription.
  5. This... looks... awesome. Have to say. It's always the fringe characters that end up being the best movies.
  6. I would much rather see them plummet in advance of the trade deadline. Not sure who they would trade or what they would fetch, but it needs to happen.
  7. This team is unwatchable.
  8. It's not possible that Hays didn't take it well but still went right out and hit a homer and a double?
  9. Well technically, the sun doesn't actually rise in the east. The earth actually revolves on its axis, which gives the relative impression that the sun rises.
  10. Yeah, EdRod is so bad, he shut us out for 6 innings.
  11. Somebody needs to adapt this photo to the Mark Reynolds meme.
  12. Unless... 6, 9, 10, 6, 8, and 3 points is really what "on track" means for Justin Jackson, and his high scoring games were really the aberration.
  13. If only we had a Bedard clone to trade for him.
  14. This ump is very inconsistent. Driving me bonkers.
  15. Williamson threw 107.1 innings that year. Including these innings that week: 9/25 Mon 1.2 9/27 Wed 2.0 9/29 Fri 0.2 And threw an inning in that Saturday game. I think his arm was just mush, and likely fell off after blowing that save. Frank Robinson just went to him one too many times.