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  1. TT: Predicting the Opening Day Roster

    I'm rooting for Tillman, but I really hope they don't put him on the OD roster if he doesn't improve over his last outing.
  2. Orioles 5th Starter

    I really like Rodriguez too.
  3. How in the world would a public dressing down help this particular situation?
  4. This I'd rather have him crapping the bed on March 13th than on April 13th.
  5. Tillman will not be in one of the spots if he can't throw strikes.
  6. 1. Cobb is not signing with this team. 2. Tillman does not belong in the 5th spot anymore than he does in the 4th spot.
  7. Enough with this drivel. They are two completely disconnected things. It is likely that Lynn had zero intention of signing with the O's.
  8. He ain't the answer. I wish we knew how he was really throwing on the back fields for his Sim games. If it was like this, how could they ever let him get onto a mound in a ST game?
  9. Keegan Akin, LHP

    I thought he looked really good.
  10. Rickard

    Yes... and it was one hot month of spring training right? We were calling him Joey Baseball.
  11. Rickard

    Agreed, but we've pretty much seen what Joey can do, don't you think? I suppose what I really want is more reps for actual prospects in ST games.
  12. Rickard

    Really wish we could see Mullins or Stewart get Rickard's ABs.
  13. Boras Speak

    In the case of Alvarez, it's more like a width move.
  14. What was our record in games Hays started?

    I think you misunderstood my post. I wasn't saying that I would be disappointed, but that CoC may have communicated that sentiment. I would love if Mancini and Hays played regularly, and each put up Mancini's numbers from last year.
  15. What was our record in games Hays started?

    I agree completely (I think that is what I was trying to convey). When is the last time the O's had two home grown outfielders who could each put up Mancini's numbers from last year?