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  1. Jagwar

    Our Own Jeff Maier?

    Under current MLB rules, would replay have overturned Maier's interference?
  2. Jagwar

    Hess to start game 1

    What if he took a really long nap on Thursday... does that count as an extra day's rest?
  3. Jagwar

    DJ Stewart 2018

    What is it about Harbor Park? Is it the park dimensions? Is it too much foul territory?
  4. Jagwar

    Meoli calls out the players also in article

    I also hate the reliance on the Rule 5 draft year after year. This year we broke camp with THREE Rule 5 players. Was any other team ever tried to carry 2 or 3 Rule 5 players?
  5. Jagwar

    What Will Happen to....Pedro Alvarez

    He tried to botch the rundown first by dropping Cobb's throw. He sealed the deal by throwing the ball into RF.
  6. Jagwar

    Why Buck And Dan Have To Go

    I think the sabermetrics guy would have said, "Buck, Your team sucks... it doesn't matter if you insert LH hitters, RH hitters, or have your guys straddle the plate and chop down on the ball."
  7. Jagwar

    Will this team draw a million fans?

    Unfortunately... I'm worried that this may be the year when Yankees fans and Red Sox fans re-take the Yard
  8. Jagwar

    The Case For: Corban Joseph

    Or... maybe Rasmus is the guy to go?
  9. More like a paid holiday
  10. Maybe he was actually talking about the children of our current players.
  11. Jagwar

    This team is cooked

    At the game last night, looking up at the lineup on the scoreboard, looking at the last 5 hitters all at .200 batting average or below. Trying to figure out in what Bizarro universe does Chris Davis hit 5th.
  12. Jagwar

    2018 Mike Wright

    Fixed that for you.
  13. This times a gazillion
  14. Jagwar

    Zac Lowther

    Dude has 31 K and 2 BB. Too soon to move him up?
  15. I think I would hold off until old Chance shows he can catch a foul pop up