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  1. OregonBird

    New MD AD

    Not sure what to think of this article. Losing a kid to heatstroke is inexcusable and is going to cost the school a lot of money. Hopefully the investigation ends soon but it sounds like it might be time to part ways. The university may get off the hook for the rest of Durkin’s contract though depending on the results.
  2. OregonBird

    On The Orioles Rebuild

    Same here. My 9 year old has a closet full of Oriole shirts/jerseys with Machado, Jones, Britton, Schoop on them. He and I flew in from Oregon to see the 2014 playoffs and I truly believe that the experience he had during the Detroit series helped fuel his passion for baseball which makes him the player he is today. His motion is a dead ringer for Britton but he's more dominant Now those dudes are gone and there's a little less excitement about headed to Sarasota in March. A rebuild was needed but it's hard.
  3. OregonBird

    vs. D-RAYS, 7/28

    Typical Orioles. Pitcher struggling with command so they swing at garbage pitches for a craptacular result. A 12 pitch inning. My 10u All Star team has better approach than these guys.
  4. Tiilman needs to spend some time up at Driveline in Seattle. I’m sure the Orioles are probably against throwing with weighted balls but many guys have gone there to get their velocity back as well as get their spin rate up. I’ve talked to a few old school scouts around here in Portland who admit that the science is legit. Indians pitcher Trevor Bauer loves the place.
  5. Yeah, I was a little surprised. He was very candid about other topics, talked with him for about 30 minutes at the hotel. Nice man, treated my little boys like superstars.
  6. Last summer I was able to have a nice conversation with Pat Gillick when he was scouting some Oregon State players. He said that Peter Angelos is a good man who cares deeply about Baltimore and wants to win a championship. He just likes to operate his way which he didn’t have a problem with while he was there.
  7. OregonBird

    vs. BLUE JAYS, 03/SEPT/2017

    Dude look miserable after a game winner
  8. OregonBird

    vs. BLUE JAYS, 03/SEPT/2017

    Trumbo not happy with the pies....clearly.
  9. OregonBird

    vs. BLUE JAYS, 03/SEPT/2017

    That inning was quintessential Orioles. Cannot manufacture runs. Failure to sacrifice. Then Manny swings at the 1st pitch, a breaking ball. Cmon Manny, take a few pitches and swing at the straight one.
  10. OregonBird

    vs. BLUE JAYS, 03/SEPT/2017

    If you're a light hitting OFer you should take pride in taking pitches and getting a bunt down.
  11. OregonBird

    vs. BLUE JAYS, 03/SEPT/2017

    Ha ha, that outcome is so Orioles.
  12. OregonBird

    vs. BLUE JAYS, 03/SEPT/2017

    Prime situation for a bunt.
  13. OregonBird

    vs. BLUE JAYS, 03/SEPT/2017

    Tillman throwing right down the middle. Way too easy for Donaldson.
  14. OregonBird

    Britton injured - DL

    Looks like Tommy John to me.
  15. OregonBird

    How many games will the Orioles win in 2017?

    I'm thinking right around .500. The starting pitching is a major problem. Gausman and Bundy will be improved but I can't see Tillman repeating last year. I don't have a lot of confidence in Ubaldo or Miley. I see the offense being about the same. Trumbo will hit 30ish HRs while the other guys put up their usual numbers. The team still doesn't have good OBP. Unless a pitcher and hitter emerges, I see a .500 year.