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  1. Not sure how many O’s fans have Pac12 network but here’s a pretty cool video on Rutschman. I’ve lived in Oregon for 15 years now and he’s a local kid so I’d love to see my hometown team select him #1. A friend of mine is friends with his family so my little ball players and I got to chat with him a bit after the loss to Cal last night. A very grounded kid from a great family. No matter where he goes that team is getting a great kid. https://pac-12.com/videos/honoring-his-roots-how-adley-rutschman-sets-bar-high-oregon-state-baseball
  2. This will be our 5th year traveling from Portland, OR to Spring Training. It never disappoints. We stay in Bradenton Beach on Anna Maria Island which is a little less crowded than Lido Beach. This year we flew to Pittsburgh for a funeral and we are driving down tomorrow from there. We will catch a few college games (South Carolina, Florida) on the way down as my 10 year old is a baseball nut. Stupid question but where and when are the minor league games? Is there a schedule online? I’m sure my son would love to check out former Beaver Cadyn Grenier.
  3. I remember Roch when he was covering high school baseball for the Anne Arundel County Sun, a local insert to The Sun, in the early 90s. Back then he was Roch Eric Kubatko, about 170lbs and sported a somewhat curly, dark mane. He was always pleasant when talking to my coaches and I whenever he did a write up on us. That was 26 years ago. 😂 I hope he's able to stick in this new org.
  4. Never tempt the football gods which is what I think they did with all this extension talk 🤨 . Couple that with coming off a big win, well, a Browns win would not surprise me at all.
  5. Sorry, I meant high schools, plural. There are 1-2 per year at our HS. There are two rival high schools within 5 miles from me that are good for another 4-5 Pac12 level kids. Adley Rutchman went to a neighboring HS, seen him play baseball and football many times for Tualatin Hs and OSU.
  6. I was a pitcher at Northeast HS in Pasadena, MD on back to back state 2A title teams, coached by the legend Harry Lentz. I wouldnt trade that experience for anything. I went on to pitch four years at D1 level, pretty average, some great days and some awful days. I had good velocity but my offspeed offerings sucked. If you don’t have a working second pitch, you’re a one time through the lineup pitcher at that level which is why I was a closer. I learned a sinker and that compensated for my average slider. I played on some good summer league teams, even had a first rounder on one team. Matt White was a teammate of mine on my college summer team. An upcoming HS senior st the time, the kid threw 95 consistently on the ray gun that summer, good command also, and had a nice slider. He was 6’4” 230 or so, a can’t miss prospect, but such a humble and great kid. College kids couldnt touch him. My baseball days are over but my sons are just beginning. As they get older we watch a lot of HS ball and I’m continuously amazed at how good the HS baseball is here in Portland. Every year there seems to be 5-6 kids from the 3 nearby HS going to Pac12 schools. Not bad for an area that gets 8 months of rain.
  7. What is so great about Eric Wedge?
  8. No way... did this actually happen? Baba Booey?
  9. I didn't understand Roch's "gold mine" analogy either. There is nothing to mine. Call it a "green field", "vacant lot", whatever, there's very little in the organization to harvest. I'll be curious to see what "builder" type exec they eventually hire.
  10. It feels like next week is the week. I think the Os are going to make a good hire and it isn’t going to be Colletti. Solid list of candidates.
  11. Perfectly valid interview question to ask. I'd imagine that the interviewers would frame it as such. Something like: "I'm sure you're aware that our organization is looking to do a complete rebuild. We are seeking to be 'best in class'. With that goal in mind, how would you go about completely rebuilding an organization assuming you had $M in resources. What would you prioritize and why?" You could assume that an interviewee is going to give you an answer based on his recent experience but it also gives AngelBros insight into this person's vision and highlight the candidates' differences in how they would build a modern baseball organization.
  12. This team has no identity, no personality, no reason to watch. He’s done.
  13. I would have to imagine that Dan has received a few calls from prospective candidates or their agents looking to get a download on the inner workings of the warehouse. That could be a reason for the delay. Not sure how this industry works but many “separation agreements” contain non disparagement clauses. I wonder if he signed anything on his exit interview. Its a small industry, people will talk. I’m sure there will be someone that thinks they can operate there.
  14. Well run businesses have a leadership team that establishes the organizational plan for the year and then ensures the functional area plans (marketing, sales, operations, finance, IT) support the organizational plan. Poorly run businesses don't communicate internally. True, they've got to march forward with what they have. I guess they get the info out there, then if/when a leader comes on board, fans can decide if the product is exciting. Sometimes you have more success if you "ready, aim, fire" and are more proactive, then just "fire".
  15. I find it amusing that the Orioles are sending out season ticket emails and promoting FanFest yet refuse to communicate anything substantive re: the PBO search. For all we know the new President might want to raise/lower ticket prices and scrap FanFest for something else.
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