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  1. Answerman

    A Trade to Consider

    Caleb has been a great Oriole, has the makings of a future manager (would love for him to someday work with our minor leaguers), and seems like a pretty cool dude. However, I have become a big fan of both Susac and Wynns. I do believe we could trade Caleb and open up some playing time for the other guys. I realize he may not have much trade value, but at least three should-be contenders have catching issues: Milwaukee, Minnesota and Washington. Maybe now is the time to see what we can get for him, save a little money, and provide a little more playing time. I really don’t think this would hurt the big league team. What say ye?
  2. Answerman


    Thanks, Weams. Wasn't writing for the front page, but was honored to be selected.
  3. Answerman


    Would have liked to have seen Harvey. Didn't get that chance. Also, I didn't necessarily agree with the Manny/Beck switch, but I do think both will be fine at their new positions. They are pros. Kudos to whoever mentioned Vlad, Jr and Bichette. We would be wetting ourselves if they were in our system. They both can play.
  4. Answerman


    Just returned from Sarasota. A few random thoughts in no particular order. - Love our stadium. Also went to the Rays' home in Port Charlotte. Have been to other stadiums in previous years. I do believe we have the best Spring home. - I'm really impressed with our catcher options. Everyone is talking about Joseph and Sisco, but Wynns is the real deal on defense and seems to have a pretty good clue at the plate. And don't sleep on Susac...dude can play. I do believe I would start Sisco in Norfolk, at least until June 1 for service clock purposes. I would opt for Joseph/Wynns to start the year. Not worried about Wynns' clock since he is already 27. - Our young outfielders are quite promising. Mullins does something exciting every game. He needs another year in the high minors, but he is close. Will be our best defensive outfielder and second place won't be close. Santander looks really, really good. He deserves to make the big team not as just a Rule 5 guys, but as one of our five best. He is that good now. I'm intrigued by Stewart. Cool story. Looks different than all the other players. Hard to describe. I predict he will be our minor league player of the year. Hays is absolutely gonna be a stud. I think he is ready now, but these little injuries are a nuisance. Probably for the best. I'd rather bring him up after June 1. - Speaking of OF, Adam is dialed in. Spraying lasers all over the field. Must be a contract year! And Mancini may have the quickest bat on the team. He is a professional hitter. Saw him going after first pitches and driving them with authority to opposite field. Not sure if that was a coincidence or if he was working on something. I expect him to prove last year was not an anomaly. - I'm a Joey fan, but not sure what to do with him, Gentry and Presley. They are kind of the same player. I like that Gentry can bunt really well. That's something we need to strengthen as a team. - Like the rest of the Hangout, I'm concerned about Trumbo. The acquisitions of Valencia and Alvarez raise an eyebrow. But those guys can both hit opposite pitchers. I am quickly warming up to the idea of them as a DH platoon. I think we could have a .900+ OPS from them, but would require two roster spots. Can't see that happening if Trumbo is on the roster. I hate it because I think Trumbo is a cool dude and has been a good Oriole. - Was in favor of trading Manny, but seeing him play in person reminds me of how much better he is than everybody else on the field. With all those young cheap hitters coming up, we can afford to give him and Schoop the big contracts. Offer him 10/300 with incentives. Go as high as 10/330 if needed. Don't let him get out of town. - I'm rooting hard for Mountcastle, but 3B is not working. Even the warm up throws were going over the first baseman's head. Every play is an adventure. I know we have been spoiled by Manny, but it's time to try 1B or LF. But, to his credit, this kid can absolutely rake. - Beckham will be fine at 3B. - I love watching Manny throw. Arguably best infield arm (combo of strength, quickness, accuracy) in MLB, but I think he is playing a step too deep. Saw a runner beat his throw even though he snagged it clean, charged and made a great throw. One step closer to the batter and he gets him. - Our pitching staff is a tire fire. I don't see any of our Rule 5-ers sticking this year. They're just not close enough. - Many of the guys I saw seemed to have lower velocity than expected. Wright was hanging out around 89-91. Brach and Givens were in the low 90's. I thought maybe the gun was off, but Blake Snell was sitting 95-97. - Moved behind home plate at the end the games. Really enjoyed watching Tanner Scott pitch. Brings it! Had a good inning. Some type of off speed pitch (slider I think...89-ish) was just effective enough to make us wonder if it was coming. Fastball was coming in at 97. He could be a nice replacement for Britton in a year. - Yacabonis and Teague (no clue where he came from) looked good in very limited action. Donnie Hart throws slow, but was effective. Good placement and kept batters off balance. Not much else impressed. Every no-name on the other teams seemed more impressive than our guys. - Not sure what to make of the utility competition. Sardinas, Vielma and Tejada seem to be getting equal time...meh. - Didn't get to see Tilly, but I have real doubts about him locking down a starter role. I really think we can compete if, and only if, we get both Lynn (3/33?) and Cobb (3/39?). Would like to see our rotation turn from a weakness to a strength for $24M...within the boundary of last year's payroll. Lots of money coming off next year and no concern about blocking prospects for at least two years. I have zero hope this will actually happen. That's it. Just one man's thoughts. Would enjoy reading your reactions.
  5. Answerman

    Mike Wright's chance is coming

    Wow...did anyone else see what I just saw. Wright could be this year's Givens. Just the break our bullpen needed. i have a good feeling about him as the seventh inning guy.
  6. Answerman

    Trade Idea

    Let's think a little more about this...Yes, Bradley was a big-time prospect, whereas Mancini was an 8th round pick. But Bradley's career ERA (in a pretty fair sample size of nearly 200 innings) is 4.91 in the National League. His whip is over 1.5. He was demoted from fifth-starter to long guy in the pen. If this trade was merely about production, Mancini is the more valuable player. However, Bradley is still young enough to bounce back and have a nice career. Goldschmidt is rightly entrenched at first base, but Mancini could possibly start in their outfield now. I think it is a deal I would make for the O's, just not sure if Arizona is willing to give him up.
  7. Answerman

    Trade Idea

    I realize the whole town is crazy for Mancini, and he is a really nice player who is fun to root for. However, we don't have a position for him, we have an outfield logjam, and we have some legit prospects in the pipeline (Santander, Mullens, Hays, possibly Mountcastle and Reyes). So...what would you say to a one-for-one swap for Archie Bradley. Former high draft pick who has been mediocre as a starter. He has been lights out in the bullpen this year in a very small sample. He is not a free agent until 2022. We need at least three starters next year and have nobody beating on the door. This guy could fill one of those spots. Thoughts?
  8. Went to last night's (Friday) game versus Carolina. Some thoughts: - Agreed with Dirtybird regarding Hays. He will play in the majors. With he and Mullins both moving quickly as quality CF's, it makes for an interesting conversation surrounding the end of Adam's contract. - Moutcastle impressed. Can definitely hit line drives. Big kid. He actually looked good at Shortstop on this night. - Reyes is big. Hits with authority. His throws from third were adventourous. Just one game, I know. - Wilkerson seems like a forgotten guy in our system, but he's a nice player. Not sure he will make it to the show, but a slow and steady progression may eventually get him an opportunity somewhere. Never thought that red-headed third baseman (sorry, forgot his name) for the Dodgers would make it either. He's a very wealthy man now. - Was really hoping to be impressed by Brian Gonzalez, but he got hit hard. Even many of his outs were pretty loud. On the bright side, the big lefty was sitting around 92-93 and throwing strikes. Unfortunately, they must have been lollipops.
  9. Answerman

    Trade Idea

    An outfielder for a starting pitcher (I realize he is in their bullpen, but he would be our third best starter). Lots of years before he becomes eligible for free agency. Mancini may be the better player, but kinda redundant based on his defensive skill set. We need arms.
  10. Answerman

    Trade Idea

    Mancini to Arizona for Archie Bradley Discuss...
  11. Answerman

    Bye bye Tavarez

    I think Drake may be a fair trade and one I would probably make. He has been very successful at every level of the minors and flashed (albeit inconsistently) at the major league level. I realize we are likely to cut him, but I don't think he will make it to Boston. I believe he will be claimed long before Boston has a chance. So if they want him, a trade for Tavarez would be their opportunity.
  12. Answerman

    @ Atlanta, 3/28 (Spring Training)

    Cedric the Camel. Go Campbell...CU!
  13. Answerman

    Trade Idea for our Rule 5 Guys

    Anyone have the scoop on Crichton? I sat right behind home plate at the end of a game at Ed Smith last week and watched him pitch up close. He was impressive. Nice velocity and a real tight breaking ball. I don't remember where we got this guy. Was he a draft pick? How old? Anyone? Beuhler?
  14. Answerman

    One Man's Observations

    Yeah...I just posted it shortly before the start of last night's game. I was in a school board meeting trying to read the game thread. Every time he gave up another baserunner (and there were plenty) I thought "oh boy, the Hangouters will give me grief regarding my thoughts about Lee." Sounds like he was pretty bad last night. I would have liked for him to pitch one more inning just to see if he could pull himself together. Truth be told, I think I still feel a little better about him starting over Wilson or Wright. Our rotation is in real trouble. At least Cisco proved me wrong last night. Anyone see how he looked defensively?
  15. Answerman

    One Man's Observations

    Thanks for the feedback, Wildcard. I say same old O's primarily because they are still built on power and bullpen. They still lack starting pitching, on base percentage and small ball. In all fairness, this model has made them the most winning team of the past five years (I believe), but no rings yet. Keep in mind, a handful of our best players were not around. So Rickard standing out against mostly AAAA guys and prospects isn't all that surprising. Tavarez and Gentry, while good players and with speed, might not be part of the team after final cuts.