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  1. I am very pleased by this signing. I like Cobb to begin with, and if we aren't going to burn it down, we have to "go for it" (Orioles lackadaisical-style) this year.
  2. Jeremy Guthrie Retires-- his thoughts

    This was a great article. Guthrie was a horse for us and was one of my favorite Orioles during his tenure. Thanks for sharing.
  3. O's trade for Hellickson

    His K rate is the WORST of all qualifiers. Maybe he eats 90 innings for us and saves us the indignity of raiding independent leagues for SP.
  4. O's trade for Hellickson

    Swinging Strike rate at career low, contact rate at career high.. time to buy!
  5. O's trade for Hellickson

    Hellickson has one of worst FIP and THE WORST xFIP of all qualifiers. 5K/9, gopher ball specialist. 1.76 HR/9IP. I wouldn't take him on for free. Help me see the hidden genius here. This is the bad old days...
  6. Brad Brach might be the first guy traded

    This times a million. Brach and Britton should go IMMEDIATELY. Also, in terms of trade value, relief pitching is a perishable good -- while things are going well and no shoulders or elbows are broken, it's time to sell, sell, sell. All we need is for Brach or Britton to get hurt or catch the I-suck-at-pitching-itis that our entire starting rotation has. If we dither this year and injury or skills decline drives their value to near zero, we've triple-screwed ourselves. I have zero issue with trading within the division, especially relievers. You take the best deal every time, and if that comes from the Sox, then fine. Side note: I am in the trade-everything that isn't nailed down camp. I know ownership has other priorities that may not involve winning alot. Maybe they are happy with winning just-enough... but even that ain't gonna happen with this squad, and moving one or two deck chairs won't fix it.
  7. Our team has outperformed for 5 years straight. A one game playoff is SSS to the max. It's a coin toss. Except Britton should have tossed the coin for us. See you guys in the spring!
  8. Caleb Joseph gets even more likable

    Back in grad school when I had no money*, I splurged and bought a $400 rusted-out Tercel as a long-distance-capable stable-mate to my primary mode of transportation around town, a $900 Yamaha moped. Duct tape seals windows, old towels make great seat covers, and there is some solid programming on the AM band. Plus, if you can't afford a parking permit, walking a half-mile to your freely parked, unstealable sh*tbox is worth every penny. The Caleb Way is good advice for managing your money! Always buy much less than you can afford... * I can't complain too much, because Honolulu is a decent place to be single and broke in!
  9. Lincecum Free Agent

    I had totally forgotten about Billy Rowell. Ooof. Thanks for that.
  10. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays

    Tony, thank you for this site. As a longtime lurker, I have always appreciated the Os chatter and enthusiasm that I don't get anywhere else! All of my buddies here in CA are Giants or Dodgers fans, and the O's are my tie to the homeland. Merry Christmas everybody!
  11. 2015 Travis Snider Trade

    Snider's contact rate jumped up to 81.5% last year, and his batted-ball distance jumped to 301 ft. BABIP of .298 was BELOW career average. He has the markers of a late breakout candidate -- I think this could be a great deal for us.