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  1. Do you understand that CC is a free agent and is not going to get anywhere near 25 million a year?
  2. Cafardo: Showalter losing the clubhouse

    I have no idea whether Buck lost the clubhouse. I just think getting off to a good start does not proof anything one way or the other. I think Buck is an above average manager. In general, except for the exceptional manager / coach, it becomes easier to lose a team after a manager / coach has been around for more than a few years with the same core players.
  3. Cafardo: Showalter losing the clubhouse

    I don't think you judge anything by 20% of the season.
  4. Cafardo: Showalter losing the clubhouse

    Obviously. My point being that the fact that the Orioles started off good for the first month, does not prove whether or not Buck has lost the clubhouse.
  5. Cafardo: Showalter losing the clubhouse

    How could the Red Sox have won the division and been 18 games better than the Orioles for Farrell if he lost the clubhouse?
  6. Ervin Santana

    Santana has not never been on the Orioles but I can think of at least three times that he has been rumored to be acquired by the Orioles. 1. He was part of the package the Angels were going to trade for Miguel Tejeda. The Orioles got very little production from the Astros package. 2. Santana and Ubaldo were the two starting pitching free agent left four years ago. Even after the Orioles signed Ubaldo, there was some talk that they were still trying to sign Santana. 3. Last year at the trade deadline it seemed to make little sense for the Twins to hang on Santana and the Orioles needed pitching. Now Santana is starting the wildcard game. He has been a pretty good work horse for thirteen years. His FIP is strangely high this year but his WHIP and ERA are very good. Granted it is tougher to pitch in the AL East, but Santana is an underrated pitcher and would have been an good acquisition at any of those times.
  7. Pedro Alvarez Appreciation

    What teams are in the market for a 1B / DH? How many other 1B /DH types are on the market relatively cheap? Pedro Alvarez couldn't get a MLB deal coming off a 826 OPS. I don't see anyone willing to 65% of the 26 million owed Trumbo the next two years coming off a sub 700 OPS season.
  8. Pedro Alvarez Appreciation

    Personally I would eat Trumbo's contract. He is untradeable unless they pay 90% of his contract. Make Mancini the DH. Move Jones to left . Give Hays the right field job and acquire a defensive first centerfielder. I expect that the Orioles will have Mancini in left, Trumbo at DH, Jones in center and a Seth Smith type to platoon with Hays.
  9. Pedro Alvarez Appreciation

    Alvarez spent the year in the minors. I don"t think the Orioles would need to break the bank to sign him.
  10. Faulkner DFA

    Yesterday the Giants claimed Engelb Vielma, a shortstop who was DFAed by the Twins.
  11. Faulkner DFA

    Or more likely no other team wanted to put Faulkner on their 40 man roster.
  12. Unwritten rules of baseball

    You and I may disagree with Buck on decisions and his loyalty to veterans, but I find it hard to believe that Bucks thinks Player A is better in a situation but he plays Player B simply because they are going to be free agents next year. Especially with starting pitchers this year, there are a general lack of good options.
  13. Faulkner DFA

    Obliviously Beckham is the starting shortstop and obviously the option on Hardy will be declined but it would be pretty cold not to allow Hardy to be on the roster if he is healthy and wants to be part of the team with expanded rosters..
  14. Pedro Alvarez Appreciation

    There is a over supply of one dimensional power hitters. Khris Davis with the As is going to have his second straight year with 40 plus homers. In Keith Law's chat yesterday, he was speculating that Davis will be non-tendered because he is not worth the $10 million that he will likely get in arbitration.