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  1. POR

    Tracking Ex Oriole Thread

    Granted it was in Colorado, but Parra was pretty good in 2017 and 2018. He is fine as a back up.
  2. MLB.com came out with its top 30 international prospect list. 28 of the 30 have a favorite which means they will likely be signing with that team unless they hit a last minute snag. None of the favorites are the Orioles. It is going to take a few years before the Orioles are able to sign the top 16 year olds and then years before they are ready for the majors. http://m.mlb.com/prospects/2019?list=int
  3. POR

    Carolina League Prospects

    Dansby Swanson got hurt in extended spring training after signing so he only played a few weeks in 2015. https://venomstrikes.com/2015/07/26/dansby-swanson-suffers-minor-facial-injury/ Last year, Nick Madrigal, played a week in the AZL, two weeks in full season in the Sally League and a month in the Carolina League. I would think Rutschman would have a similar schedule.
  4. POR

    Carolina League Prospects

    I would not typically include a player that is not in the organization when I do my previews. However, the Orioles have the 1st pick. Adley Rutschman is the consensus top ranked player in the draft. If he is the pick, It would seem to make sense that he would the last part of the season in Frederick. Rutschman is also probably a top 25 prospect in baseball and the possibility of him being on the Keys is more exciting than say his old college teammate, Cadyn Grenier or Jean Carlos Encarnacion.
  5. POR

    Carolina League Prospects

    Thanks for the suggestion. I went ahead and added the parent club.
  6. POR

    Carolina League Prospects

    Top 50 prospect ranking for the Carolina League in April includes 4 Orioles. https://www.carolinaleagueprospects.com/2019/05/aprils-top-47-prospects-in-carolina.html
  7. I did not see this thread until this morning. If the 9th inning had been an Orioles game that I was watching on tv a couple of years ago, my remote would of been in a lot of pieces.
  8. POR

    DL Hall 2019

    I will be tweeting some video from the Keys game with DL Hall starting today. https://twitter.com/league_carolina
  9. In 5 years on the hall of fame ballot where the requirement to get into the hall of fame is 75%, Baines' highest showing was 6.1%. Baines getting in the hall was an example of having friends in the right places.
  10. I started a blog on prospects in the Carolina League. Here is the Keys preview. https://www.carolinaleagueprospects.com/2019/03/2019-frederick-keys-prospect-preview.html
  11. The Giants won two championships with Barry Zito's big awful 7 year 126 million dollar contract. The 2016 Cubs had Jon Lester's 6 year 155 million dollar contact.
  12. That would be really stupid. Let him go to Frederick and if he dominates promote him to Bowie mid season.They are not going to rush him to the majors to avoid starting his service clock so what would be the point of rushing him to AA?
  13. POR

    Nick Markakis

    In other words, the same strategy that Dan Duguette used for years.
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