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  1. POR

    Wilson Garcia

    I was just noticing that Garcia is listed at 5 11 and 160. He is at least three inches shorter and 40 lbs heavier.
  2. POR


    ?. Eduardo Rodriguez beat the Orioles on April 13th and is scheduled to pitch against the Orioles again on Sunday.
  3. POR

    Bundy velocity and farm system decline

    I was responding to your post that people who thought Mancini has no position were wrong. 204 out of 204 speaks for itself.
  4. POR

    Bundy velocity and farm system decline

    Mancini is very much a liability in the outfield. https://baseballsavant.mlb.com/catch_probability_leaderboard
  5. POR

    Minor League Starting Pitching Comparison

    https://www.mlb.com/prospects/stats/player-tracker The above link is a great way to track any minor leaguer that you select.
  6. https://www.baseballamerica.com/stories/international-reviews-baltimore-orioles-2018/
  7. POR

    D.L. Hall 2018

    2018 stats for high school pitchers picked in the 1st round of 2017 draft. 1.2 Hunter Greene, Reds ERA 9.88 WHIP 2.41 1.3 MacKenzie Gore, Padres ERA 10.80 whip 2.20 1.12 Shane Baz, Pirates extended spring training 1.13 Trevor Rogers, Marlins extended spring training 1.21 DL Hall, Orioles ERA 2.29, WHIP 1.22
  8. Luke, Just curious, If you were to update your top prospect ranking, how how would McKenna move up?
  9. The other thing about the MILB list that bugs me is the that they partially update the list to take out Sisco and Araujo but keep the rest of the rankings the same. If they are going to update it, really update it. To have McKenna at 29 is misleading. McKenna is clearer a much better prospect than Wells, Sedlock, Lee, Ramirez, Adam Hall, Reyes, Sparks, Fenter, Wynns, Luis Gonzalez, Rifaela, McCoy, Dietz, Gassaway and Kline and delectably better than five or ten others at this point.
  10. McKenna has four hits today.
  11. POR

    D.L. Hall 2018

    Great game for Hall today. Five innings just one hits and one walk with three strikeouts.
  12. The Braves top third base prospect Austin Riley, who was promoted to AAA about a week ago, will be up sooner than later. He hs three homers and eight RBIs today.
  13. So numbers are subjective?
  14. POR

    Could the Braves be a darkhorse for Machado?

    The Braves have gotten to a surprisingly good start this year and they are in position to be a very good team for a long time. However, the Nats are still the overwhelming favorites to win the division this year. The Braves would then be one of a number of teams competing to make the wildcard. Austin Riley is very close to being ready and he is the Braves third basemen of the future. Swanson got off to a decent start this year before suffering a minor injury and obviously Albies is their second basemen for the foreseeable future. I don't think it makes much sense for the Braves to go for it this year for the slim chance that Machado can be a difference maker for a few months and trade someone as valuable as Riley projects to be for the next six plus years.
  15. POR

    Chicago Sun: Cubs interested in Manny

    To reinforce the point about the Cubs farm system being bare. Rotowire has an up to date top 400 prospect list. Alzolay is the top Cub prospect. The Padres have 18 prospects rated higher than Alzolay.