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  1. I don't understand what other motivation the White Sox have to make this trade. They are not competing in 2018 and Manny has no motivation to sign with the White Sox before becoming a free agent. I would be shocked if he finished the 2018 season with the White Sox.
  2. More likely is that the White Sox flips him to the Yankees or Red Sox.
  3. Tigers sign Fiers (Crasnick: Orioles offered 2 years)

  4. The Braves were naughty and got caught!

    Tanking helps with getting high draft picks. It has very little to do with international signings which is what the scandal was about. In the milb.com top 100 prospects the Braves still have seven players which more than anyone else.
  5. Cardinals sign Mikolas

    Going into 2017, the Mets thought they had six good starters. Only one made it through the year.
  6. 2017 Week 13: Ravens v Lions

    Smith is out for the year with a torn achilles and suspended four games for PEDs.
  7. Mark Appel

    He is a name because of what he did in college but injuries have caused his skills to decline. Obviously it would not cost the Orioles anything but there are a ton of no names the Orioles could sign that are just as likely to help.
  8. Interesting article on the Rays’ future

    The Rays could have an elite pitching staff if everything goes right for them. Archer, Odorizzi, Snell , Faria and Honeywell all have the potential to be very good.
  9. O’s Awarded the 33rd Pick

    What a disaster that was for the Giants. They signed Huff as a free agent for three million in 2010. He played every day with a 891 ops and came in 7th in the map voting. The Giants also won the world series.
  10. Salaries and Service Time

    Corey Kluber won the 2017 AL Cy Young. It was his 2nd Cy Young . He is 31 years old and has certainly been one of the top five pitchers in baseball the last four years. He has career earnings are less than $15 million dollars and is signed until he is 35 never earning more than $14 million a year. Rich Porcello won the 2016 AL Cy Young. Most people think Verlander should have won. He is 28 year old. Porcello made the major at a very young age but has mostly been mediocre with the exception of 2016. His career earnings are over $76 million. He is signed for the next two years at $21 million a year and than can be a free agent at a relatively young age. Relating this to the Orioles. Miguel Gonzalez and Wei-Yin Chen have followed similar career paths both starting in the majors in 2012. You can argue than Chen may be slightly better but because the Oriole were not allowed to tender Chen after 2015 and he reached free agency at his peak, Chen' career earning will likely be five to ten times higher than Gonzalez.
  11. Thank you for your service

    There was this rich guy who dodged the draft getting phony deferments. He is in politics now. Nobody seem to care about it.
  12. If We Can't Attract the Pitching...?

    Dyson was a mostly everyday player for the Mariners last year. He sat against some lefthanders, but mainly when he did not play it was because he was injured. What does he do well? Speed and outfield something the Orioles ignore. Only four Orioles (Schoop, Machado, Bundy and Beckham )had a better WAR than Dyson last year and Dyson missed the last month and half of the season.
  13. Am I missing something? You wrote a long post listing a bunch of DD trades with the conclusion that Duquette does not have a bad trade record. One of the worst trades in baseball the last ten years is omitted. Jake Arrieta says hi.
  14. Will Mark Trumbo Be Back With Orioles In 2018?

    A couple of these teams are not looking for a 1B. Ian Desmond I assume will be the 1B in Colroado. Dominic Smith I assume will get a chance with the Mets. A few of these other teams may stick with what they have. The Angels have Cron, Pujuls and Valbuena between 1b and DH. The Red Sox have Hanley who could play 1B. The Rangers could make Gallo the 1B and Calhoun the DH. Free agents include Yonder Alonso 28 hrs 866 ops strong fielderLucas Duda 30 hrs 818 opsEric Hosmer 25 hrs 882 ops strong fielderMitch Moreland 22 hrs 769 ops strong fielderLogan Morrison 38 hrs 868 opsMike Napoli 29 hrs 713 ops Mark Reynolds 30 hrs 839 opsCarlos Santana 23 hrs 818 ops Then you have guys like Tommy Joseph who is cheap, young and available. He hit 22 hrs with 721 ops. A small market team could acquire someone like our old friend Christian Walker for next to nothing and give him a chance based on his big year in AAA. Finally a team could have a very effective cheap platoon with someone like Danny Valencia and Pedro Alvarez. It is definitely a buyers market for 1st basemen.