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  1. BMann

    Manny Machado Appreciation Thread

    I got a little choked up, TBH.
  2. BMann

    vs. BRAVES, 6/22

    I know I should be fuming but I find this hilarious.
  3. Could be a "fun" discussion at year's end, which team was worse? That '88 was historically bad, also, finishing last in the AL in both batting average and ERA. This team is also last in BA but 14th out of 15 in ERA - watch out, KC, we're past Bundy's spot in the rotation, so we'll have you in our sights by the weekend!
  4. BMann

    vs. RED SOX, 6/11

    Why did I even watch this mess?
  5. BMann

    vs. METS, 6/06

    Break up the Birds! Two straight! This offense is offensive.
  6. BMann

    vs. WHITE STOCKINGS, 5/24

    Too bad he didn't get the record. But that was quite a performance!
  7. BMann

    vs. WHITE STOCKINGS, 5/24

    Mussina and Bedard struck out 15 in a single game. Will Bundy get a shot at tying the O's record? (That is the O's record, right?)
  8. BMann

    vs. PHILLIES, 5/16 (12:05 PM Start)

    Well, we knew one run wasn't going to be enough today... Just hold 'em down, Cash, and maybe the offense will wake up.
  9. BMann

    What To Make Of Manny Machado's Base Running?

    What To Make Of Manny Machado's Base Running? Um, he's not very good at it...?
  10. BMann

    vs. TIGERS, 4/19

    12-3... Weren't the Tigers having as much trouble scoring as Baltimore was, when the Birds came to town? What an embarrassment. I have tickets to tomorrow night's game (mostly for the awesome UMBC hat). Too soon to consider wearing a bag over my head?
  11. BMann

    This team is cooked

    Looking at the results of the past 40 games or so, it's hard to argue. But I do see some hope that our starting pitcher will be adequate enough to get us close to or at 81 wins by season's end. Not that .500 should be a goal by any stretch, but the talk of the O's being historically bad does seem a bit premature. If Bundy/Gausman/Cobb/Cashner stay healthy, this team should not lose 100 games.
  12. BMann

    This team is cooked

    The 1984 Orioles started 5-13 and finished 85-77. Unfortunately, this 2018 squad isn't populated with defending (but aging) World Champions.
  13. BMann

    vs. TIGERS, 4/18 (1:10 PM Start)

    That Sardinas HR might be more surprising than Davis' 2-out RBI hit...
  14. BMann

    vs. TIGERS, 4/18 (1:10 PM Start)

    What a team! Pathetic...
  15. BMann

    vs. TIGERS, 4/18 (1:10 PM Start)

    Davis with the clutch hit! I was wondering if I'd ever type that sentence again...