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  1. Too bad Trumbo has no value now. I would happily replace him with Pedro.
  2. June swoon in May. O's being proactive.
  3. Yeah, if this season ends up in the crapper, I'm blaming Frobby and this thread.
  4. Not surprising. For him to fall to the Orioles, every team in the NL and every team in the AL with a worse record than the O's had to pass on him after the Padres DFA'd him. That means that the Twins and Yankees were the only teams that hadn't passed on him when the O's claimed him. So there wasn't much reason to believe he'd be claimed.
  5. Roy, you should bring this point to the attention of that poster who loved the Chris Davis signing and thought the Trumbo signing was a steal. Oh... never mind.
  6. I never have either. I just turn off the sound.
  7. Why turn off the game when it's just the announcers you don't enjoy. As I wrote, I turn off the sound and listen to music while I watch the game. Sorry you didn't understand.
  8. ... I get to turn off the game audio and listen to music while I watch the game. And you?
  9. Given all his down time this off-season, I expect we'll see more of the 2015 Tillman than last year's.
  10. Trouble catching certain balls and hitting. Start with the eye doctor. Wouldn't be unusual for a guy's vision to start changing in his mid-30s. His left eye is dominant when he hits (maybe that's why he's opened his stance more). It also was dominant on those two popups he didn't catch. Probably not the problem, but it's the easiest first step.
  11. Has Pedro Alvarez switched to pitching yet?
  12. Once Tillman joins the team, Ubaldo should be released. Parading a string of rookies in the hopes of one of them catching fire has a better chance of success than Ubaldo.
  13. Buck seems to want to sit Kim whenever he has half and excuse to do so. Does Kim deserve better? I don't know, but I also don't know what his role on this team is or is supposed to be, based on how he is not used.
  14. Ironic moment of the game: Old man Hardy saves the day vs. young Yanks.
  15. Hysteria was made last night and posted this morning.