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  1. He did a good job, showed his wares, and got to hang with his dad. Hope he gets a major league job and does well.
  2. Split squad. I think they sent the regulars to Lakeland, knowing Buck wouldn't put any starters on the bus.
  3. Should be at least a few veterans available right before the season starts. Either Worley or Guthrie could be one of them, depending on what the Nats do.
  4. Didn't someone say that signing Trumbo was a steal? I guess he meant that Trumbo would steal AB that would otherwise have been Mancini's for $35 million less.
  5. Early morning brain fart.
  6. The fact that they are all overused doesn't make it right that one is overused.
  7. Glad the O's will soon have Machado, Jones, Castillo, Schoop, and Givens back for what's left of spring training, and very glad they are all healthy. Was surprised Castillo caught an 11-inning game. Shouldn't be allowed.
  8. The main thing we forget is that he has to clear waivers before being offered back to Cleveland, and someone would likely claim Santander. Also, MLB has asserted that since there is now a 10-day, they will not put up with any more gaming of the DL. The O's aren't the only ones who've done it, and MLB isn't blind to it. They created the 10-day list because teams wanted it. Now, they expect teams to stop putting players on the DL who don't warrant it.
  9. Maybe they want him to catch a game with the real team on the field. Can't wait to see a lineup with Jones, Machado, Schoop, and Castillo in it.
  10. If my aunt had balls she'd be my uncle.
  11. Trading our #1 starter for our #6 starter is unlikely to produce an optimal outcome.
  12. When Brooks played, the question was, "Who's slower, Brooks or Boog?" I'm pretty sure Brooks was.
  13. One problem with rotating 5th starters in order to keep up a 14th position player is that every time a 5th starter comes up, a position player will have to go down for at least 10 days. That means you need to be able to rotate three different 5th starters AND three different outfielders to make this work. Of they outfielders mentioned in this scheme, only Rickard and Mancini can be optioned.
  14. Unlike the rest of the team, which is composed of flawless baseball players.
  15. Yes, but which group hits more solo home runs?