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  1. Connolly: Just swing the damn bat Davis!

    Trade him for David Price. Red Sox would actually save money. O's would actually get a pitcher (when he's capable of playing).
  2. He's cleared waivers and been optioned to Norfolk, where he can pitch in relief next year.
  3. Tillman is Back

    His second inning was very rough, but I actually thought he looked a lot better than he had in his first and third innings. Specifically, his slider broke downward instead of flattening out, as it had been. Like I said, he lost it for a bit in his second inning of work, but overall I was encouraged by improved pitch execution and command.
  4. Not sure I've ever seen a young pitcher look less confident on the mound than Rodriguez. His time with the big league club was a disappointment.
  5. We should move to the NL East

    The problem isn't the division, it's the yard. Ya gotta pay Fenway money to get a starter to pitch half his games in OPACY. Which brings us to the other problem. Money. We don't pay the good free agent pitchers.
  6. Buck's TTTP Obsession.

    Seems to me that TTTP should be the last step. Get everything else working well and then add the finishing touches. Otherwise, it's like trying to grow the fruit without the tree.
  7. Austin Hays

  8. Buck and Hardy deserve some credit

    I would love to see Hardy as a minor league instructor next year. I'm sure he'll be a great coach one day, maybe even a manager. Not so sure if being a utility guy is in the cards for him.
  9. Austin Hays

    He's not higher in the batting order. Sorry, couldn't resist.
  10. When your designated leaders in pitching (Tillman) and hitting (Davis) don't show up for the season, I think it impacts every part of the game. If Chris and Chris had performed even close to expectations, the overall outcome could have been very different. Success breeds success. The opposite is also true. Their terrible performances make it difficult to judge the team overall.
  11. We might get a 3B for Britton. Apparently, that was the idea with the proposed Astros trade.
  12. Which Orioles Free Agents Will Return In 2018?

    Gentry is the only one I want back, as a 4th OF and Plan B in case Hays needs more time in the minors.
  13. Austin Hays

    For being stupid enough to give him everything he asked for?

    Sucked that yesterday's Fox game was preempted for hurricane coverage. Wanted to watch Hays.
  15. Austin Hays

    Is it too soon to cut the playoff talk and make the rest of the year about seeing what Hays and Sisco can do?