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  1. mdbdotcom

    Crush Davis is in the House!

    I liked him better when he was good at playing baseball.
  2. mdbdotcom

    A pivotal player in O's history that rarely gets mentioned

    Memorial Stadium fans chanted "Luis" when he reached base to encourage a steal. That was fun.
  3. mdbdotcom

    Anyone Following Manny?

    There are no contenders among his suitors. He might as well wait.
  4. mdbdotcom

    # 19 Chris Davis 2019

    If Chris Davis put up the best numbers of his career, there would still be no team wanting him.
  5. mdbdotcom

    Clay Davenport projects Orioles at 62-100

    How on earth will Roy decide what he will complain about each day?
  6. mdbdotcom

    # 19 Chris Davis 2019

    When you just stand there and don't swing at strikes down the middle of the plate, it doesn't matter what kind of shape you're in.
  7. mdbdotcom

    # 19 Chris Davis 2019

    Just a few weeks until we start to see signs of how his transformation to a slap hitter works out for him.
  8. mdbdotcom

    # 19 Chris Davis 2019

    It's tough to figure how the shift hurt his ability to hit home runs.
  9. mdbdotcom

    Orioles announce Non Roster Invites

    Roy's obvious attempt to lower MASN's value before he buys it is a bit unsettling.
  10. mdbdotcom

    FanFest Notes and Anecdotes

    Just a guess, but Manny and Schoop will probably be no-shows again. Let me know if I'm wrong.
  11. mdbdotcom

    Documentary Film on “The Blade”

    And thanks to Chris Davis, he's no longer the worst hitting regular in team history.
  12. mdbdotcom

    Who is filling out the lineup?

    If I thought that I would have said it.
  13. mdbdotcom

    Who is filling out the lineup?

    Who cares? We'll lose 100+ games, anyway.
  14. mdbdotcom

    Anyone Following Manny?

    Twins come up big and reunite Manny with Nelson Cruz and Schoop. Just a thought.
  15. mdbdotcom

    Anyone Following Manny?

    This thread is starting to come pretty close to proving my theory that you don't have to be smart to be stupid (but it helps).