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  1. mdbdotcom

    Memorable O's Lefties

    Lefty Steve Barber was the O's first 20-game winner in 1963.
  2. Good. How low will they go? Will they trade Cobb (14m) and/or Cashnre (8M)? How much of Trumbo's contract (13.5m) will they have to eat to move him? Is Beckham safe coming off his current contract (3.5m) and entering his second year of arb? Will Villar (2.25m) and/or Bundy (1.64m) be dealt? Both will be 1st-year arb eligible this off-season.
  3. Close. Duquette joined the Orioles in November 2011. His first O's draft was 2012.
  4. mdbdotcom

    tell me again why Jace Peterson is starting?

    I'm not sure we have any young utility players, but Steve Wilkerson should be up when he comes off the DL.
  5. mdbdotcom

    "GM" & Manager: What are your wishes?

    "He can be a batting coach. He'd be a great batting coach, but someday he'll be a manager." - Jerry Reinsdorf
  6. mdbdotcom

    "GM" & Manager: What are your wishes?

    I don't know which people DD put in place, Buck put in place or Brady put in place, so it's not fair to assume anything regarding my confidence in these people. I just want Duquette to have a chance to run the show without interference. Give him that, and three years later I'll be able to answer the question.
  7. mdbdotcom

    tell me again why Jace Peterson is starting?

    Because we don't have someone else. He's the best utility player on the team. Do you want to trade for a utility player that can hit? How about we fill in the starting positions first over the next couple of years and then worry about the utility player?
  8. mdbdotcom

    "GM" & Manager: What are your wishes?

    GM: Dan Duquette Manager: Carlos Beltran
  9. mdbdotcom

    Favorite call up?

    Nunez is slashing .286/.338/.460/.799 (OPS+ 120) in 18 games with the O's. He's only 24. If he continues to hit and his fielding improves, he could at least hold down 3B until there's a better option. Or, he could be the option.
  10. mdbdotcom

    tell me again why Jace Peterson is starting?

    He's not starting today. When he does start, it may be because he is a better fielder than most Orioles players. Why are you complaining about Jace Peterson? This team is going to lose more than 100 games. Do you think Jace Peterson is why?
  11. mdbdotcom

    Chris Davis

    Baseball players who genuinely want to contribute to their teams don't end up like Chris Davis, still at third base after two consecutive plays on which, as Buck said, he should have scored. Does he not care anymore or has he lost his judgment?
  12. mdbdotcom

    Boy, do WE stink!

    Roy, since we are probably going to stink in 2019 and 2010, this is the only post you'll need for a while. See you in three years!
  13. mdbdotcom

    Grade the Gausman Deal

    Might be a cop out for some. Chris Archer's ERA in his Ray's career was under 3.00 vs. teams outside the AL East and over 5.00 in the AL East. A lot of runs get scored in the AL East.
  14. mdbdotcom

    Grade the Gausman Deal

    Nothing helps a pitcher like getting out of the American League East.
  15. mdbdotcom

    Chris Davis

    Davis had a very good night, 2 for 4 plus a sac fly. The fact that he was hitting fastballs in the upper 90s makes me wonder if he can improve, after all. I don't think he'll ever again be the dominant power hitter he was a few years ago, but maybe he can put up an .800 OPS for a couple of years. That would make it worth playing him, even though he'll never be worth the contract.