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  1. In the old days, players on opposing teams couldn't speak with each other without being fined, and the showing of any kind of emotion was frowned upon. My guess is that by this point in the season, they all have a pretty good collection of aches and pains.
  2. Mancini, Hays and Cobb are just three examples of players who tried to play through injuries and made themselves worse. We've seen Severino try to stay in a game even though he was lightheaded.
  3. Being better than last year's team was not one of the goals of this year's team. I can't imagine why anyone would expect it to be.
  4. I heard Ryan Spilborghs one day discussing how hard the 162 game schedule and all the travel are. He said that playing a day game after a night game was an almost inhuman ask, and that late in his career he was able to hang on as the guy who would play the day game in place of someone too beat up to play after the game the night before.
  5. That game you played as a kid - the one where you let the garage door come down on your head - must have really improved your physical stamina.
  6. General Buck Turgidson to the rescue.
  7. Yeah, it's in Roch's latest blog as well. He even said he might soon have to discuss what's best with his family. Sounds like he's just going through the process until there's no process left. Mentioned that the arthritis might be a bigger issue than the surgery.
  8. I suspect that the point at which a major league ballplayer complains of a little soreness is the point when most of us would be in the ER for unbearable pain.
  9. There's also an opening for a starting pitcher. I think they posted that one on Craigslist.
  10. His rehab assignment ends tomorrow, I believe. Guess they'll have to put him back on the IL.
  11. I've heard of policies where a specific amount of time has to pass before the insurance company starts paying out. If the player then comes off the IL, the insurance stops and the waiting period begins again if they go back on the IL. One article I saw said that policies for pitchers are 2-3 times more than for position players.
  12. I would thank him for letting me know that my work performance has been improving and ask for a raise.
  13. I don't see the point of buying out his arb years and he'll be a free agent just before his age 31 season. That's not young.
  14. I don't see a Mancini extension at all.
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