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  1. mdbdotcom

    Hyde: New O’s Manager

    He's not denying anything, he is reporting that the GM said, " ... " The local media took Elias from a flat "no" to "it's premature" in 20 minutes. That's pretty impressive. I don't think the Sun has printed anything about it. The national guys are reporting what they've heard from outside sources.
  2. I believe the group trying to bring baseball back to Montreal already has plans for a stadium.
  3. mdbdotcom

    Hyde: New O’s Manager

    I wish him all the success in the world, as long as we don't crack the 70 win mark until 2020, at the earliest.
  4. I don't know why pitching coach Jim Hickey left the Cubs, but I wouldn't mind seeing him with the O's.
  5. Objectively, I think the only place in Florida that makes sense for them is Orlando. Cities on the east and west coasts are spring training homes to so many teams. The entire AL East trains within two hours of Tampa, and the Yankees train in Tampa. Many Tampa residents are Yankee fans, not Rays fans. Clearwater is adjacent to St. Pete, but many Clearwater residents are Phillies fans, not Rays fans, because the Phillies impact the Clearwater economy more than the Rays do. When the Phillies and Rays played in the 2008 World Series, Clearwater was all for the Phillies. Orlando is not a spring training mecca, so there are no allegiances to other teams, and it's where millions of people go each year to be entertained. A stadium with a retractable dome in the vicinity of Disney and Universal should be a great attraction for a never-ending flock of people from all over America who have never seen a major league game in person. Besides, Disney already owns ESPN and BAMTech (the streaming media and video on demand company founded by MLB Advanced Media), so they have a vested interest in baseball's success.
  6. mdbdotcom

    Hyde: New O’s Manager

    People don't remember this debacle, caused by Frank Wren's announcement of a deal before it was final. Since then, they have denied every rumored deal until it was absolutely done, including the Adam Jones trade, which AJ spilled the beans on by telling people he was leaving his winter league team because he'd been traded to the O's. That simple statement held up the deal for days. This is what the fuss was, and still is, about. I'm guessing they have an agreement with Hyde, but not a signed contract. From the O's perspective, until a deal is done, it never happened.
  7. mdbdotcom

    New manager

    You should post the same thing on all the other threads.
  8. mdbdotcom

    Hyde: New O’s Manager

    Must be true, then.
  9. mdbdotcom

    Hyde: New O’s Manager

    They wanted Dr. Jekyll, but settled for Mr. Hyde. Ominous decision.
  10. It's not over a bridge if you're in St Petersburg or any other part of Pinellas County. Tampa is only about 15 miles away, in Hillsborough County but you have to take one of the bridges across Tampa Bay to get there. There's a ton of commuter traffic in both directions during rush hour. The decision to try to move to Tampa was based on the concentration of businesses there. The business hub of St. Pete is north of the city in various business parks.
  11. In spite of all the empty seats you see at the Trop, the number of season tickets purchased by individuals is not horrible. The problem is that downtown St. Pete is not a major business hub, so there are few businesses with season tickets. They'd hoped that being near the downtown Tampa business district would change that. But from what the team announced earlier today, it appears the Ybor City deal may be dead. I thought $900m for a 35,000 seat stadium was a bit on the ridiculous side. Next stop Montrdeal?
  12. mdbdotcom

    A few roster thoughts

    I know it's good news for me. Hope everyone else agrees.
  13. Under the terms of the agreement the Rays signed with the city of St. Petersburg, giving them permission to look outside of Pinellas County for a site, the Rays have to tell the city by the end of the year whether or not they intend to leave the trop early or stay through the lease. They won't have answers on most of the funding questions over the next three weeks, so they had to opt to stay at the Trop through the term of the lease. It will be interesting to see if Ybor City remains an option and what the Rays end up doing. The way downtown St. Pete has been growing, the Trop is certainly not the highest and best use for that site anymore. I live in St. Pete and used to go to the Trop when the O's were in town, but I dislike the fan experience at the Trop so much that I watch the games on TV instead.
  14. mdbdotcom

    New manager

    I hope we're surprised.
  15. mdbdotcom

    2018 Winter Meetings Thread

    I missed Gary Thorne mispronouncing his name last year.