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  1. Give him another spring training to prove he is worthless and then cut him.
  2. Wonder how much Davis paid the kid to write that letter.
  3. It won't get any better than this, Chris. Go home.
  4. It says their soonest return to October is 2022. That sounds about right to me. Bad next year, .500 in 2021, contending in 2022.
  5. Was hooked my first visit to Memorial Stadium in 1959. Something about the smell of popcorn mixed with cigar smoke and oh that green, green grass - really got to this five-year old.
  6. "Hey Curt, want to go in and pick out a new glove?" Paraphrase of Frank Robinson to Cur Blefary as the O's bus passed a dump in New Jersey.
  7. It's nice having someone named Brooks on the team. They should let him wear number 2-1/2.
  8. So, Davis won't make the playoff squad in October?
  9. Hays turned 24 last month. It's time to see what he can do at the major league level.
  10. I was thinking that the union and MLB might complain if he just sits on the roster and doesn't play, but how can you complain about not playing Chris Davis and also come out against tanking?
  11. I'd have Harvey pitch the 6th inning when we're winning after 5. That seems to be when the wheels come off the cart.
  12. I was 6'2" at 17 and 5'4" at 25. Thanks happen.
  13. I see a Jim Johnson-like trade happening right before the non-tender deadline. The O's shouldn't pay Villar $8 million to play on a team that will suck with or without him. Fans will have real outfielders in Hays, Santander and Stewart to enjoy next season. The infield will have to wait. Maybe they'll pick up a waiver claim or 12 or a few minor league free agents going into spring training. Hechavarria should be available at some point. He always is.
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