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  1. I would hope we've learned from the JJ experience that signing a shortstop going into his age 32 season is not necessarily a good idea, regardless of what he's done in the past.
  2. I thought it was Justin Bieber-Dork, so what do I know?
  3. Dude should get a medal just for surviving as long as he has with that name.
  4. Sometimes I think that the state of our pitching (5.10 ERA, last in AL) has diverted attention from the fact that our offense is not even close to good. Here's where we stand in the AL right now: Runs scored - 10th On-base percentage - 12th OPS - 9th Rebuilding for 2018 would mean adding 3 dependable starters (2 if Gausman has a comeback year) and several offensive upgrades. If DD or anyone else can pull that off by trading a couple of relievers (plus Smith and Castillo) and signing free agents, they will have done a masterful job.
  5. Hilarious. Good dog.
  6. You could be on something. I mean, you could be on to something.
  7. Interested in your opinion on this. Which should be a higher priority: Get a real left fielder and move Mancini to DH Get a real center fielder and move Jones to RF
  8. Kind of like saying that only a team with a bad outfield would want Mike Trout for 1+ years.
  9. It's worth it to them to keep the Red Sox from getting him.
  10. Would be quite a story for a pitcher to make his MLB starting debut at 30 years old.
  11. Britton only goes for a king's ransom. PGA has given DD permission to take offers, but will still have final approval for a deal. If he doesn't think it's a good enough haul, he will not approve it.
  12. Someone in the warehouse expected Trumbo to be worth much more than that. No other team did.
  13. Which is more than Trumbo or Castillo.
  14. Was a rhetorical question.
  15. Unless he started talking trash about this team, what could he possibly say?