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  1. He was great, and getting strikes with a lot of offspeed stuff, so his fastball played well when he threw it. Reminded me of Betances.
  2. Keeping him rested for the playoff run.
  3. Because Smith is out and we don't have any more outfielders.
  4. Mike Pagliarulo is available.
  5. With all the talk about the importance of defense, it strikes me that our outfield defense may not be as good as last year's. Of course, our pitchers do protect the outfielders by putting so many balls out of their reach.
  6. He'll be brought up after Nunez is traded to the Yankees (who will have run out of players by then).
  7. Anything is fair to anyone who makes so much money and does so little for it. They should use him as they see fit. If he suffers a career ending injury, so be it. He'll still get paid.
  8. Is that a promise or a threat?
  9. Except that Davis has done it before, and in a high leverage situation against the Red Sox.
  10. Maybe they think that Ramirez's continuing development at AAA is more important than whatever contribution he can make to the major league club.
  11. MIke Wright has made close to $2million as a lousy major league pitcher. Good for him. I don't feel sorry for him one bit.
  12. Yes. 6IP, 2ER. I'd take that from any of our pitchers any game.
  13. The ball was scalded and hit directly over his head. He didn't get a good read and couldn't catch up with it. Not sure he would have even with a good read.
  14. Bundy pitched well today. 6IP, 2ER, 96 pitches. Threw a lot of changeups. It was very effective.
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