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  1. The City of Austin would never finance a baseball stadium. It almost happened at the AAA level 25 years ago when the Giants agreed to finance 40% of a stadium in a part of town that could have benefited from the investment, but the locals cried "foul!" We did just come to an arrangement for a new MLS soccer stadium, privately financed on city-owned land, but with 20,000 seats. The 2 million folks around here have a whole lot of ways to dispose of their entertainment dollars, and I'm not sure how MLB would fare.
  2. Here comes the cycle for Villar!
  3. Are the Orioles on to something here? 😀
  4. I wonder what the record is for second generation players in the same game?
  5. I’d like more of Ben McDonald and Gregg Olson.
  6. What is the consensus around here regarding the radio announcers? I like Kevin Brown just fine, but Dave Johnson is hard to listen to.
  7. But will the pitching hold up?
  8. Great, I think I just bought a Tesla. Thanks, ScOtt!
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