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  1. Nothing to do with Cashner (sorry) but I think one thing that the O's can do to make things a little better is to not bat Davis, Mullins and Martin in the same group. Three automatic outs in a row is difficult to watch.
  2. Currently on pace to allow 461 home runs. Ouch!
  3. Hunter and Palmer, noting that the temperature had dropped, and that folks had their jackets on. Camera shows Cobb sitting on the bench behind Cashner. "Well, he is a windbreaker," notes Palmer. 2019 is about the little things...
  4. Put him on the 10 IL with a hangnail, then a rehab with whichever affiliate is playing close to home?
  5. Anyone who followed the Orioles in 1988 should be rooting for Chris Davis at this point. Does anyone remember that the national - and GLOBAL - press followed the team everywhere they traveled back then? It was horrifying. Well, that’s happening to CD now. The British newspaper The Guardian posted a story about him this morning. I pray he gets three hits tonight.
  6. Three triples, plus Alberto’s glove work equaled a very exciting game!
  7. While playing for the Astros, Villar once stole home versus the O's!
  8. Wasn’t watching the game, but quickly looked at gameday after receiving a text from my buddy that the O’s have no-no in the 7th. Then saw that Hess had been pulled. My first thought was “that’s modern baseball for you.” My second thought was, why did my so-called buddy have to ruin the no hitter by bringing it to my attention? Sheesh!
  9. Dallas Keuchel, when he signs a back-loaded five year deal with the Orioles next week.
  10. I also watched that game. I liked that Willie compared one of the Yankees’ MiL infielders to Mark Belanger.
  11. I know I lasted through the Rivals.com era!
  12. “Never fear y’all, I got alcohol!”
  13. It’s not going to be Chris Davis, but I’ve always thought there should be more guys like Brooks Kieschnick in MLB. Someone who on any given day can pitch, PH, DH or play in the field. Talk about roster flexibility! I know Brooks Kieschnick wasn’t a star in MLB, but if you had seen him in college... Whew!
  14. Tony, Drungo, Frobby, Roy, and now Luke. I've been hanging around here since I put a computer in my house in 1998. I don't post that often, because I'm not any sort of analyst, and I have no special baseball knowledge. But I learn an awful lot by reading these boards every day. Every day. Long live the OH! (Like the OH in the national anthem!) Thanks, Tony!
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