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  1. ChipTait

    Tropicana Field goes cashless

    I thought the OP was declaring that the Rays had fired their manager two weeks before spring training!
  2. ChipTait

    Elias Progress Thread

    I’m not the best researcher, but i can't seem to find the length of contract for Mike Elias. Do we know how long the commitment lasts? Thanks!
  3. I met my wife in 1989 when we were both working in the Ad Services department of the Capitol-Gazette Newspaper offices in Annapolis. The paper is forever a part of us. Sorry you missed your chance at professional baseball, but like everyone else around here, I'm sure glad that there's an Orioles Hangout, which I discovered when I got my first home computer in 1998. Let's Go O's!
  4. ChipTait

    Britt Ghiroli Appreciation Thread

    I blame Mike Elias for this! 😂
  5. NPB is posting Yusei Kikuchi. Left handed starter who is only 28-years old. https://www.mlbtraderumors.com/2018/11/seibu-lions-to-post-yusei-kikuchi-in-early-december.html Would a five-year contract work for a rebuilding team?
  6. ChipTait

    Orioles Minor League Locations VS Astros

    The O’s have seven, the Astos have seven. The Yankees have nine. Is more better? Especially the fact that the extra two are at the lowest levels? https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_New_York_Yankees_minor_league_affiliates
  7. ChipTait

    Happy Thanksgiving

    One bird is in the oven, the other birds are looking better by the day. Happy Thanksgiving, everybody!
  8. ChipTait

    A Few Questions About Some Former Orioles

    Jones finished the season with a .732 OPS, which ranked him 42nd amongst MLB outfielders. Theoretically, there are 90 MLB outfield jobs available He was also the unofficial “team captain.” Adam will get a multi-year MLB contract, but I won’t bore you with my guess as to his compensation.
  9. ChipTait

    Take the Quiz: Name the 2018 Orioles

    That was fun! I performed horribly, but I’m also drunk. These four-hour playoff games take their toll!
  10. Sign Dixon Machado and see if anyone notices the difference!
  11. ChipTait

    Tracking Ex Oriole Thread

    Schoop redeeming himself for the Brewers tonight, with two hits, and an RBI and a run scored.
  12. ChipTait

    Arenado is not Manny

    In tonight's Dodgers/Rockies game, Nolan Arenado tried to emulate Manny's "Don't throw it away, don't throw it at all" masterpiece, but instead of catching the runner rounding third, Nolan chucked the ball past the shortstop, allowing the tying run to score. I hope someone with video editing skills puts together a video...
  13. ChipTait

    vs. BLUE JAYS, 9/17 (Beat Dem 'Jays !!!)

    Will this game happen tonight?
  14. ChipTait

    vs. D-RAYS, 9/08

    Stupid play.
  15. ChipTait

    vs. D-RAYS, 9/08

    He's safe.