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  1. lobo

    vs. BLUE JAYS, 4/16

    Ha ha, love it. Anytime the Blue Jays get rocked, my day is made!
  2. lobo

    RIP Todd Frohwirth

    Sad to hear. I loved watching him pitch. R.I.P.
  3. lobo

    Who is your most hated team?

    Turdronto, and it's not even close. Bunch of punks, and many of their fans are classless as well.
  4. lobo

    Bautista Gets A Clean Shot To The Face

    Ditto. Bautista beat the stuffings out of that guy's fist with his face. Couldn't happen to a more deserving d-bag.
  5. Sounds good to me. We need a more balanced offense, and an ability to manufacture runs instead of always waiting for the long balls.
  6. I came late to this thread, but I HATE the Blu Jays. I don't like the classless Royals either, but I would consider them the lesser of two evils.
  7. lobo

    I think they HAVE to sign Davis

    We'll see what happens, but Davis and O'Day are the ones I hope they are able to re-sign.
  8. lobo

    vs.TWINS, 7/06

  9. lobo

    vs.TWINS, 7/06

    Man, Hunter sucks. I give up internally every time he comes into a close game. He's the weakest link in the BP.
  10. lobo

    vs. WHITE SOX, 7/05

    Welcome back to the party, Mr. Schoop!
  11. lobo

    Favorite Orioles Role Players

    Gary Roenike
  12. lobo

    Caleb Joseph on Royals last night.

    Ha ha. I loved seeing them beaten on their home field too. Now Dyson can go back to selling vacuum cleaners.
  13. lobo

    Caleb Joseph on Royals last night.

    Ha ha. That just made me like Joseph even more.