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  1. MurphDogg

    The Victor Victor Mesa/Sandy Gaston thread

    Keith Law weighs in on the brothers Diaz.
  2. MurphDogg

    The Victor Victor Mesa/Sandy Gaston thread

    Yep, PSLs are available for as little as $150 per seat.
  3. MurphDogg

    The Victor Victor Mesa/Sandy Gaston thread

    A talented, though inconsistent Major League reliever. He's no Jack Zoellner.
  4. I'm not sure what Buck wants to do with his life next, but a clean break from the Orioles seems like the best outcome for both parties, especially if Duquette returns as is speculated. I suppose someone should start the Buck Showalter Appreciation thread.
  5. Per Rosenthal Thought this merited its own thread, please merge if not.
  6. MurphDogg

    Predict the 25-Man Roster for Opening Day (2019)

    Not Caleb. I have no idea, but I would rather try someone who hasn't had an opportunity yet and has a 1 percent chance of being Gomes, vs. Caleb who has a zero percent chance. Just roll the dice on a minor league catcher that the team thinks has upside. There is no reason for the Orioles to carry a position player who is already declining. You can make an argument that there is value in a losing team carrying innings eater starting pitchers with no ceiling, to protect the other starters and the bullpen but it doesn't make sense for a position player.
  7. MurphDogg

    Predict the 25-Man Roster for Opening Day (2019)

    Yan Gomes was traded from the Blue Jays to the Indians as a throw-in to the Esmil Rogers - Mike Aviles trade, due to a 40-man roster crunch. The Indians were coming off of a 68-win season and Gomes had never come close to cracking the Blue Jays top 30 prospects. Gomes has since made an All-Star team, won a Silver Slugger, and made the playoffs four times. I know what Caleb's ceiling is, I have to imagine there is someone with a future available for a pittance. Why not take a shot at one? If this hypothetical player costs the Orioles a win next year that Caleb would have provided, who cares?
  8. MurphDogg

    Predict the 25-Man Roster for Opening Day (2019)

    Caleb is a replacement level catcher entering his age 33 season. Any number of fringe 40-man roster catchers are likely to be just as good as Caleb, with higher upside. The bottom line is, Caleb isn't likely to be a contributor on this team the next time they will be any good, why not see if there is someone else out there being overlooked? What is the downside?
  9. I agree, it was a dark time for the franchise when he was hired and he brought the club legitimacy.
  10. MurphDogg

    Predict the 25-Man Roster for Opening Day (2019)

    This version of Caleb is probably paid $1.5M if he is tendered a contract. If he is non-tendered and brought back for closer to the minimum, then sure.
  11. MurphDogg

    Final series of the season. Will you be there?

    Going to all three, sitting in the club level Friday and Saturday.
  12. MurphDogg

    John Means getting a chance

    If Means has a decent outing he can become the second most valuable performer of the vaunted 2014 draft class, of which Brian Gonzalez was the top pick in the third round.
  13. MurphDogg

    Per Nightengale: Dan Stays, Buck Goes.

    Duquette also didn't hire Buck, he came in afterward and didn't have a choice in the matter. Typically one of the more important things that a GM does is select the manager. I hope that Duquette hires a manager who isn't a retread, and doesn't cater to veterans and believes in analytics. If he actually gets a chance to mold the team the way he wants then he will and should be held accountable.