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  1. MurphDogg

    2018 Orioles Draft Tracker

    Looks to be the first to post the bonus for Neustrom.
  2. Six weeks on the shelf with a phantom injury IS a minimal investment. He could certainly be a quality 7th-9th inning reliever in two years. He has a minor league K/9 of about 12 since becoming a full time reliever in 2015, he definitely could be a significant part of a bullpen.
  3. So now they should give away talent for a player who has pitched himself out of the majors instead of having him not pitch for a few weeks with a phantom injury? Whose respect is taken?
  4. I don't find it tacky. It is gamesmanship, and the only entity harmed is the Cubs. Araujo misses a few weeks of development and "rehabs" in AA or AAA for 30 days where he belongs and hopefully finds his control again. He shouldn't be pitching in the majors and they can't send him down, so this is the only way to do it. While the Orioles may not be playoff bound, their fans are still paying customers who shouldn't have to watch a guy walk 5.8/9 and give up a home run every three innings. Compared to service time manipulation, which costs players millions of dollars, disabled list manipulation isn't a big concern of me.
  5. And those can be after rosters expand. Something tells me, this mysterious elbow injury may sideline him for a while, he will have a lengthy rehab assignment, and be back up around September 1st.
  6. MurphDogg

    Anybody heading to the games at Citi Field?

    I thought it was just a ton of Broooklyn Dodgers stuff. Wasn't that the complaint?
  7. MurphDogg

    vs. NATIONALS, 5/30

    Watching live from the first base side, no way.
  8. MurphDogg

    vs. NATIONALS, 5/30

    I was at the 20 K game in DC because they were playing Detroit and my buddy is a Tigers fan. Fun pitcher to watch. Hopefully we get someone like that soon.
  9. MurphDogg

    vs. NATIONALS, 5/30

    Yep, gotta round trip it, so don't want to stay too late.
  10. MurphDogg

    vs. NATIONALS, 5/30

    Sounds good. I am headed back to Baltimore around 9. My sister who lives in Manhattan is attending an open house at University of Maryland Medical School on the 6th, so it worked out that I could give her a ride back.
  11. MurphDogg

    vs. NATIONALS, 5/30

    Where are you sitting? Just grabbed a single on Stubhub in the front row down the right field line. You getting there when the gates open?
  12. MurphDogg

    vs. NATIONALS, 5/30

    I am here. The giveaway is awesome. You going to the O's Mets game OFFNY?
  13. Just grabbed a ticket for the June 5th game. Anybody else going? Planning on getting there when the gates open and watching batting practice and leaving around 9 or so to head back to Baltimore. Excited to cross another stadium off my list.
  14. MurphDogg


    Yep, I will be there tonight. I culled my schedule to only attend the giveaway games this season. Barring a great weather last minute ticket purchase, it is tough to justify going to that many games.