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  1. Straily went 6 innings today for the Tides allowing 1 run on 4 hits with 5 strikeouts and 2 walks.
  2. Ah, can't make it next weekend. Hope lots of OH'ers are able to get there for his debut!
  3. Guess Severino is well enough to play tonight if necessary.
  4. Don't forget The Wave! Especially in a close game in the 8th inning. Prime time for doing The Wave.
  5. Yeah, I would expect a sellout and an electric atmosphere the first several games. Manny only played a total of four home games in Aberdeen, and I didn't see him there. Wieters didn't play in Aberdeen because the signing deadline was later back then. I bet they are pretty excited, 12 of their next 18 games are home starting Tuesday. After that only 6 of their final 21 games are at home. Hopefully Rutschman comes up, plays well and gooses the attendance for 18 games and then moves to Delmarva for the stretch run and the playoffs.
  6. The bigger issue currently is that we drafted way too many college players that are too old for the GCL and not experienced enough for Delmarva and there just aren't enough roster spots at Aberdeen, so they are crushing the GCL. Here is an existing thread on the topic. My feeling is that if they aren't going to spend on the big league team, it would be nice to have another team to get everyone at-bats and innings.
  7. Fingers crossed. Even if he isn't up yet, I am excited to see the new draftees especially the Stanford trio, and the Red Sox have three potential top 10 players at Lowell in Antoni Flores, Nick Decker and Cameron Cannon.
  8. I bought tickets to the Ironbirds game on Tuesday, hoping that will be his debut!
  9. Santander is probably still second or third this century, behind Gibbons and on par with Flaherty.
  10. MurphDogg

    Austin Hays 2019

    Hays with his fourth multi-hit game in his last eight games. 2-5 with a double and a home run, although he did have three strikeouts.
  11. Means needs to get a real MLB number. You can't be a regular member of the rotation with #67.
  12. Hopes to be back on Tuesday.
  13. Quick edit wasn't quick enough. Severino is sick, so this is likely temporary.
  14. Apparently Severino is sick. The corresponding move was made on Wednesday night when Tayler Scott was optioned.
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