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  1. Over the last 35 years the only catchers taken #1 are Mauer and Surhoff, both All-Stars. Shortstops drafted at 1-1 were Shawon Dunston, Chipper Jones, A-Rod, Matt Bush, Justin Upton, Tim Beckham and Carlos Correa. Tough to say that the average player from the second group is much better than the first group.
  2. Catchers play more than 120 games. From 2012-2017, Posey started an average of 140 games per year. With the DH, that number could be slightly higher. Hell, Wieters started at an average of 130 games at catcher in his prime.
  3. Please get a real centerfielder.
  4. It means the Orioles didn't blow the pick that year. In the same way, the Astros didn't blow the pick at 1-1 (and it wasn't their fault that Aiken was injured), because they ended up getting Bregman with the pick.
  5. They got Alex Bregman with the pick so it turned out ok.
  6. I mean, by all means get what you can, it is a supremely unfair system for players insofar as they can't earn anywhere near their open market value and there are no guarantees in baseball, especially for pitchers. That said, the system is not set up for a player to get full slot at 1-1 and the Orioles would be silly to sign anyone at full slot 1-1, when, if they failed to sign, they would get the second pick next year. They can negotiate with various players if they see similar value and the opportunity for over-slots later on, but full slot at 1-1 is illogical.
  7. I don't think it is possible for a player at 1-1 to get full slot. It isn't like he is going to sit out a year and go 1-0, and he won't get $625K overslot (the difference between 1-1 and 1-2) if he goes 1-2.
  8. Per this Rosenthal article, the Orioles are among the teams that have looked in on Shields as he continues to look for a deal.
  9. http://forum.orioleshangout.com/forums/index.php?/topic/34841-aaron-altherr-dfad/
  10. I am pretty sure that is the map of county-by-county favorite MLB teams per Facebook likes.
  11. He is arbitration eligible for another two years. I don't think six weeks is going to do it (nor do I think he is likely to rediscover his form in six weeks), but whether it is this offseason or next trade deadline he could certainly offer trade value and is much more likely to do so than Joey Rickard. If he is terrible with consistent at-bats for the rest of the season then non-tender him, but if your best alternative is Joey Rickard, then I would go with the guy who has had success at the Major League level.
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