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  1. The best part of this thread is that on the main page, when this thread is the most recent, it shortens to "Elias inculcating the anal..." Nice work Frobby!
  2. I think if Diaz is doing well at Norfolk, maybe sometime between mid-May to the All Star Break? I would be surprised if he didn't get called up until September or not at all unless he had an extremely poor year at Norfolk.
  3. I'm not sure that Springer is a great comp for Diaz, at least in so far as their respective developments entering the 2013 and 2019 season. Entering 2013, Springer had a .219/.288/.342 line in 22 games at AA in 2012. Diaz had a full season at AA in 2018 (minus time missed for injury), and 31 games at AA in 2017 where he held his own. Overall his AA line is .297/391/.459 over 128 games. It would be shocking if Diaz were sent to AA to start this season. Between his success at that level last year and in 2017, he is clearly bound for AAA.
  4. If you show up in those, the first round is on me!
  5. Not sure Karns is a lock. He may well rehab to build up innings with the goal of potentially joining the rotation instead.
  6. I hope someone else plays their way into the conversation if only to aid in the negotiations, ie if multiple players are viewed equally the Orioles can negotiate pre-draft to see which one will go more below slot. But the Orioles shouldn't alter their draft plans based on two solid months of Sisco. If their ends up a logjam, there can always be a trade down the road.
  7. I don't care how good Sisco is, if a catcher is the best player available at 1:1, (and it looks like one might be) you take him. If Sisco is good enough to have legit trade value in a couple years then that would be gravy, and if he ends up as one of the better backups in the league that would be fine too. Backup catchers still play 40+ games and with a plus-bat catcher who occasionally DHs when he doesn't catch, a backup can play even more.
  8. Definitely excited to go over and try it on March 30th.
  9. What about AAA makes it better for him to work there as opposed to working at the Major league level? As long as he gets the same amount of playing time, the development should be the same if not better at the Major League level due to MLB coaches. If he were to be so lousy as to merit losing the starting job at the MLB level, then sending him to AAA makes sense so he gets more playing time, but playing time at AAA isn't inherently more valuable to development than playing time in the Majors.
  10. I would be very surprised if Chance Sisco isn't the starting catcher. He already has just under a full season of service time (156 days) so there is no way to play service time games, unless they were to keep him down the entire season which isn't going to happen. He has already played 139 games in AAA and 132 in AA. I'm just not sure how much more development there could be. Is he really going to benefit from getting at-bats in AAA instead of the majors? Unlike Diaz and Hays it won't save the Orioles any money for him to be at Norfolk, so I think he gets every chance to be the starting catcher.
  11. I didn't think this topic would need 60+ responses when a simple "no" would have sufficed. In related news, as posted above, the Yankees are reclaiming control of YES, because teams should own their own network if they can swing it. https://mlb.nbcsports.com/2019/03/08/yankees-buy-back-yes-control-with-amazon-sinclair-help/
  12. The difference between 2.01 seconds and 2.11 seconds is 4 feet? That isn't right, that equates to a sprint speed of 27 MPH. The fastest sprint speed in baseball is under 21 MPH.
  13. 20 innings (4 of his 5 games) prior to today per mlb.com. Apparently his throws to second aren't any faster than last year.
  14. To be fair, the trading of tickets on a dollar-for-dollar basis has been a long standing policy. At least as long as I have been back in Maryland post-college (2009). I definitely agree with some of the younger folks stuff, that is why they no longer call them "Season Ticket Plans", they are now "Birdland Memberships". The youth of today evidently like being members of things. I agree that the lack of flexibility in traditional season ticket plans wouldn't fly with most people today. I wouldn't be a season plan member if the Orioles did away with trading tickets, and I am a die-hard Orioles fan that lives 1,100 feet from home plate, so if you lose me as a customer, your customer base is going to be pretty small. I like having a good seat (I am in row 1 of the upper deck directly behind home plate) for the games in my 29-game plan that I actually attend, but I much prefer being able to trade tickets and having slightly worse seats to games that I would prefer to attend. My wife and I go to most giveaway games when we are around, a smattering of games by ourselves when the weather is good and whatever games friends and families want to go to. I don't attend Red Sox and Yankees non-giveaway games because (1) the higher price isn't worth it to me, and (2) I don't like being surrounded by people cheering for the other team at Camden Yards. I think the Season Ticket Plan is a great value and that anyway who goes to even a handful of games would benefit from being a member. Frankly, I wouldn't be surprised if they made the same seat aspect an option instead of a part of membership and simply sold the different memberships on a dollar basis with a corresponding amount of money that you intend to spend on tickets as this is how many people (myself included) use their season tickets.
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