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  1. MurphDogg

    Gausman Versus Archer

    In this thread I suggested that Archer would get a significantly greater return and that opinion was met with some resistance. The Gausman return was weakened by the inclusion of a salary dump of O'Day, but it wouldn't be surprising if all three of the players in the Archer trade become average Major League players. It wouldn't be surprising if none of the players in the Gausman trade become average Major League players.
  2. MurphDogg

    Orioles Attendance Article

    Yeah, stuff happens near the stadium. Cars get rifled through, an occasional break-in or other crimes of opportunity. Typically overnight, not during baseball games. If fans going to Orioles games were victims of crimes, you would hear about it. It would be a big story because people love stories about visitors to the big bad city being victims of crime. It allows the people hearing the story to shake their heads and wonder what the world is coming to. You don't hear about it, because it doesn't happen. As far as I can tell from Google there has been one such incident, in 2015. Obviously any incident is terrible (a guy got jumped by a group of teens), but of the millions of fans that go through Camden Yards, one incident is not a crime wave, it is a statistical blip.
  3. MurphDogg

    Orioles Attendance Article

    Yep, he is at Ravens games as well, going through the tailgate lots. It seems like a pretty good hustle.
  4. MurphDogg

    Orioles Attendance Article

    I have no idea. If he is, that team must have gold plated uniforms. Because that guy has been raising money for their uniforms for at least ten years.
  5. MurphDogg

    Orioles Attendance Article

    The stadium is nowhere near the corner of President and Pratt street. If a random O's fan was a victim of a mugging before or after a game, you would hear about it. I remember when it did happen to some couple 5-10 years ago who got lost driving home and ended up in a bad neighborhood. A member of the Orioles grounds crew got jumped walking home from work by himself at midnight and it was a big story. Fans are extremely safe. The odds of being a victim of a crime while going to an O's game are minuscule. You are orders of magnitude more likely to be injured on the drive to the stadium.
  6. MurphDogg

    Orioles Attendance Article

    I live 1,000 feet from home plate in a neighborhood filled with families and University of Maryland graduate students. It is very safe. If you leave your car unlocked, someone may walk by checking doors and steal your change from the center console, but beyond that there isn't much crime. You are much more likely to be a victim of a home invasion in your suburban oasis than you are to be a victim of a crime walking to and from an Orioles game. Yeah, some guy may ask for change and that may make you uncomfortable. There is also the guy with his practiced speech about how he is a little league baseball coach raising money for the kids. But those people get ignored and shot down all day. They won't hurt you.
  7. MurphDogg

    Orioles IFA Signings Thread

    Yeah, this year's DSL team is winning games, but has few if any prospects, with only three 17 year-olds and seven 18 year-olds, none of whom are statistical standouts on the team.
  8. MurphDogg

    Orioles IFA Signings Thread

  9. MurphDogg

    Orioles - Victor Victor Mesa

    Right, but Ohtani was obviously a special case, people had been talking about the possibility of him becoming available for years before he did and it was a known risk among teams that spent all their money early that he may become available last offseason. I certainly haven't heard any talk about great players becoming available between now and next June, have you? Also, the article posits that as a reason for holding additional slot money AFTER signing Mesa, not that they will be able to use it all without signing Mesa.
  10. MurphDogg

    Orioles - Victor Victor Mesa

    If they are able to spend all of their International pool money, including that which was acquired via trade WITHOUT signing VVM it would be pretty impressive. With all of the top guys already signed, I don't see how they could possibly come close to spending it all this year without signing him, so there really isn't another way to allocate the assets.
  11. MurphDogg

    Orioles - Victor Victor Mesa

    Keith Law was asked why the Yankees have been signing players so cheaply, here is his response: Brian: The Yankees signed a cluster of IFA’s who received significantly less than the other IFA’s ranked near them. Is this just the Yankees IFA machine at work, or could another IFA package deal situation (similar to the Red Sox a couple years back) be in the works? Keith Law: My reaction was that they locked up these kids a while ago, and their perceived values have gone up since then. Remember that for most July 2nd IFAs (non-Cuban), teams and agents strike oral agreements when the kids are 14 or even younger.
  12. MurphDogg

    Who’s jersey do you buy next.

    Like I should be asleep instead of typing on my phone and getting hosed by auto-correct.
  13. MurphDogg

    Who’s jersey do you buy next.

    Heh, I actually got them at Fanfest 2014. They had a great deal where you could be an authentic signed jersey for $40 in a manila envelope, but you didn't know whose jersey it was. All you knew was that it was a former player (ie, one they couldn't really sell for full price).
  14. MurphDogg

    Who’s jersey do you buy next.

    My go-to jerseys are signed Jake Arrieta and Wilson Betemit jerseys.