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  1. Seems like the Nats might be interested in playing there in 2019. Maybe the Orioles should ask them.
  2. MurphDogg

    Anyone Following Manny?

    Labor negotiations will be crazy this next time around. It is absurd that teams are inexplicably uninterested in getting better and trying to win a World Series.
  3. MurphDogg

    Anyone Following Manny?

    7/$175M is barely more than Chris Davis got(7/$161M). At a time when revenue is at an all-time high, that offer to a 26 year-old perennial All-Star at a premium position is absurd. Every team (even the Orioles) should be willing to offer Manny more than that contract. Ridiculous.
  4. MurphDogg

    Ticketmaster is Active

    It is an even better value if you are a fan of another team and live in Baltimore.
  5. MurphDogg

    Ticketmaster is Active

    Even the 13 game members get the free MLB.tv subscription. If you are an out of market fan that is able to make even a single game it is worth buying the cheapest 13 game plan and trading for good seats on a dollar for dollar basis.
  6. MurphDogg

    Ticketmaster is Active

    Thanks for the heads up, mine works now too.
  7. Yep, and Bryce Harper emulates Pete Rose and says he wants to be known as someone who hustles every play and he is criticized for being injury prone.
  8. Running out every routine ground balls is stupid when a player is triaging his body to play 162 games in 180 days. If a guy has a nagging injury and is gutting it out to play, I don't need to see him getting thrown out by two and a half steps instead of three on a two hopper to the shortstop. Players aren't robots and there are better ways to judge heart than timing players home to first time on a random groundout in August.
  9. I didn't get one, I am a STH and have been for 6 years, a 29-game plan holder for the last several. I also live 1100 feet from home plate so my priorities are a little different than others (don't care about parking, care more about fees to attend last minute, etc.)
  10. I still expect them to sign a bonafied Major League shortstop, but we will see.
  11. Would be tough to spend all the pool money at this point, no use crying over spilled milk. Assume this is likely a straight spring training competition, would be tough to carry both Rule 5 middle infielders
  12. MurphDogg

    O’s claim 3B Rio Ruiz, lose Ryan Meisinger

    You can definitely do worse than a lefty platoon bat with an option as a back end guy on the 40-man roster.
  13. MurphDogg

    Luke’s 2018 Rule 5 Draft Preference List

    Yeah, I wouldn't be opposed to him as a second or third Rule 5 pick to take a look at in Spring Training, but there are more interesting guys at number one.
  14. LaRoche was already announced in August. Nice job Orioles, got him twice!
  15. MurphDogg

    The Victor Victor Mesa/Sandy Gaston thread

    Keith Law weighs in on the brothers Diaz.