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  1. Yeah, hopefully next season they do it for April and September at least, if not the whole season. Nice to get people out there.
  2. There are 19 hitters in the Eastern League with a minimum of 126 at-bats that are 22 or younger. There are more than 19 good hitting prospects in the Eastern League. Picking a year at random, 2015, the following Eastern League hitters were over 22 (minimum 141 at-bats): JaCoby Jones, Adam Frazier, Trey Mancini, Aaron Judge, Wilmer Difo, Tyler Naquin, Aaron Altherr. There were 22 hitters that were 22 and under that year, 21 of them have made the Majors, the only one who hasn't, Hunter Cole, currently has a .908 OPS in the PCL and probably will be called up in September.
  3. Yeah 90 percent is probably about right. But he needs the reps either way, and there will be available innings at Bowie where he will have thrown less than 40 innings. Give him a full healthy offseason and half a season as a starter and see how he looks, if his future still looks like relief then bring him to Norfolk to crank it up as a 1-2 inning guy and then if he plays well, to Baltimore in September. That is, by the way, exactly what they did with Hunter Harvey this year, and Harvey had almost the same amount of innings last year at Bowie (32 and a third) albeit less successful innings than Sedlock, and he didn't throw an additional 61 innings in Frederick as Sedlock did this year.
  4. He has only thrown 25 innings at Bowie so I wouldn't promote him yet. And I'm not 100 percent sure yet that he isn't a starter. Most important thing is to have a full healthy season next year to figure it out.
  5. The Orioles are launching a Birdland Membership preview for non-season ticket holders with two free tickets to any September game. Just sign up and pick your games, you will get one-game access to season ticket holder benefits. I haven't seen any marketing for this yet, just stumbled on it while trying to figure out when my next game tickets were.
  6. That is neat, when I have looked the upgrades have been more like $15. For those prices that does seem worth it.
  7. Yeah, I agree. There is enough competition for starting innings at Norfolk anyway, especially at the beginning of the season.
  8. As a season ticket holder it doesn't bother me, it is more fun going to games when there are more people there. These are standing room only tickets, the Orioles ushers shoo people away that try to sit in the really good seats. I do think they should offer it to season ticket holders at a discounted rate or even free though. I can see how season ticket holders might be annoyed, but I think the other benefits outweigh that. Most season ticket holders know that you can get in to most unpopular games on Stubhub for $6-10, this isn't much more than that.
  9. If you click through, it looks like it is actually $55 for two passes, so an even better deal.
  10. He is 22. To be league average offensively at 22 in the Eastern League at a premium defensive position suggests that he won't hurt you offensively in the Major Leagues. Nobody said .770. Dwight Smith Jr. was league average offensively in the Eastern League at 22. If he played above average defensive centerfield, he would be an MLB starter. McKenna's value will come from his glove and his legs, but McKenna could develop power (15-ish home runs, 30 doubles power anyway) and if that materializes he is a league average centerfielder. AAA is where I think we will find out.
  11. I don't know whether he is going to get better or not, obviously I would prefer that he gets better. My point is that I think 190 games at AA is probably enough, and he should get the call up to AAA. Find out whether he looks like a Major League player there. I think you are underselling the value of a bottom of the order center-fielder which is his current profile. The Orioles have been playing non-center-fielders in center for months, a guy that hits .260/.330/.400 while playing a solid center-field has value, and that is McKenna's profile at this point. I hope it gets better, but I don't think sending him back to AA is the way to make that happen.
  12. Alvarado went two hitless innings today, allowing one walk and striking out four. Tides only have 12 games left themselves after today. The only reason to bring him up there at this point is to get a feel for the MLB balls before coming up to Baltimore in September. Not sure whether the Orioles have made that decision or not, but I am sure they have considered it.
  13. It would seem to me that catchers would be more likely to be willing to sign long term deals for this reason. If a team knows that a catcher will be there for 6 years max they will be more willing to run him into the ground catching 130+ games per season. If a team has multiple team options to extend him for the 7th, 8th and 9th seasons, they may preserve him a little more.
  14. Is he? His k/bb ratio is right around 2:1, and his 21 percent strikeout rate is around league average among qualifiers. His OBP is 90 points higher than his batting average. I think the AAA balls should bring his batting average up, as his BABIP is .285, which is well off his career average and feels like a little bit of bad luck with his speed.
  15. Rough outing today for Sedlock. Went 4 and 2/3rds and allowed 4 runs on 7 hits with 2 walks and 3 strikeouts over 81 pitches. He also threw 3 wild pitches. He has only thrown 1 wild pitch prior to today, so hopefully that is a one off thing. He should have two starts left this season, though I don't know what (if any) his inning limit is.
  16. Assuming all goes well next season, an Acuna deal wouldn't be negotiated until prior to the 2021 season so we wouldn't have to engage in the charade of sending him down to AAA for a couple extra weeks at the beginning of the 2021 season to work on his defense or baserunning or autograph signing ability or whatever.
  17. Glad that there will be a shorter wait for more baseball this spring. For anyone who hasn't been yet, I highly recommend it!
  18. Triple and an HBP in his first two appearances today, hopefully he finishes strong. Regardless, his OPS is still higher than league average and as a 22-year-old plus defensive centerfielder with a very good walk rate who will have played 190+ AA games, that is good enough for me to get him the bump up to Norfolk next year. Hopefully the AAA happy fun balls will help him out next year.
  19. Pretty sure Grayson Rodriguez will be in Frederick. But you are right, he should probably catch DL Hall as well.
  20. Paul Fry has had two bad outings in a row, prior to that he had a better ERA than Castro and Givens, and he was very good last year. He definitely will be penciled in for next season, as will Cobb if healthy. Not sure I am ready to give up on Bleier either, even though he doesn't strike anyone out. Tough to ignore his success prior to this season.
  21. Based on how lousy Frederick has been this year, that probably wouldn't be a bad plan as Bowie will be pretty barren and the pitching talent next year is likely to be at Frederick and Norfolk. Would be nice to have him catch some of the guys that are in Bowie this year at Norfolk next year, rather than the non-prospects at Bowie next year. I'm sure the Bowie marketing people might have something to say about that though!
  22. Oh I know, just thought it interesting that Doran Turchin has hit 16 doubles this year with Delmarva in 82 games including the All Star Game and 7 of them have been in the 7 games that Doug Maurer has watched!
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