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  1. Greg "Otter" Olson
  2. Robbed him of his chance for the HOF. Also got Hyde off the hook for Hess’ bad performance since. If he had left Hess in that game some would have attributed it to poor management.
  3. Glad the good defensive team is on the field. The bad one would be unwatchable
  4. I’m old enough to remember when Bawlmer was meant to be a slur, an aspersion on those uneducated people who lived in a certain city who had a football team called the “Coats” and a baseball team called the “Oh REE o’s.” You know, those folks who had to make a hard, dirty living with their hands and the sweat of their farhead downna Point. It was particularly made fun of by those intelligent folks that had gubmint jobs down in Warshington. In this enlightened age of increased sensitivity, perhaps it is time to recognize the name Bawlmer for what it is. Further reading encouraged at: www:Baltimorehon.com.
  5. Infield rule: Umpire raises his arm and says “Batter out if fair.” I think.
  6. I dread to think how bad the pitching would be without these two defense oriented catchers now on the staff.
  7. Nunez is not a good fielder why is he not dh? Oh never mind
  8. There that was easy. Does it mean Means cause he was mean.
  9. Did Jones, I mean, CM just make a game saving catch.
  10. That trot to the plate by Ruiz was a no go, even with the clutch part of the order coming up.
  11. The O's are lucky the starters are good with this pen. lol
  12. I was just about to say a Mora or Pie.
  13. There, O's still with a lead. Just a little closer.
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