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  1. Initially against the move. Yow ran the department into the ground financially. The school needed the money. ACC is not the same conference. Pitt is our rival? Would see Dook and Carolina every other year at home. B1G money will be a big help to athletics when it finally arrives. I fear football will be a disaster. Best we can hope for is Minn, Northwestern like teams. 6-6 a good season with an occasional 7-5, and some other bowl game than Pinstripe Bowl or Military Bowl. Don't get drubbed by more than 25 a couple of times a year. Hoops, we should be top 3 in conference or better, and make NCAA tourney 3 times in a 4 year stretch. Need a President who cares about athletics or things will not improve. Why AD on sabbatical for 6 months? Just not good. We are just an after thought athletically in this conference. ACC reffing bad? See any b-ball game when we are playing an old time B!G team and the game is close and we need a loss. Been a fan since the last time we beat State Penn at home. I'm afraid apathy is setting into the picture.
  2. Rickard

    An interesting article on MLB,com about Gentry and how Buck thinks of him as a "secret weapon." Wonder how they will find room on the team for Gentry and Joey?
  3. O’ Vs Pirates 3/2

    Manny triple short of the cycle.
  4. O’ Vs Pirates 3/2

    O's ace just working on a few things. 6-2 Bucs. Nothing to worry about. It's early.
  5. O’ Vs Pirates 3/2

    Ed Smith. SEC 210
  6. O’ Vs Pirates 3/2

    Manny going for the contract smashes a run scoring double
  7. O’ Vs Pirates 3/2

    K backward Davis
  8. O’ Vs Pirates 3/2

    Beckham makes a nice pick up of a swinging bunt and a nice throw to get Cunningham.
  9. vs. D-RAYS, 2/27 (Spring Training)

    I like the Rays announcers. Stay with the game and don't stray too far with extraneous blather. They know something about the opponents and overall do a good job.
  10. vs. D-RAYS, 2/27 (Spring Training)

    Solo tatters are the answer to game speed. Don't slow things down with a lot of sloggers on the bases, but still get to see the big boomers. This O's\Rays game is perfection so far.
  11. vs. D-RAYS, 2/27 (Spring Training)

    Tough to have your cake and it, too.
  12. vs. D-RAYS, 2/27 (Spring Training)

    Half way home and two infield hits. The commissioner ought to look at this game if he wants to speed things up. One run scored by the home team and offensive futility by the visitors, quick commercials, and boom game over in a little over two hours.
  13. vs. D-RAYS, 2/27 (Spring Training)

    Fourth another snooze for O's hitters. Rickard a bunt single and then Sisco and Hays show K ability.
  14. vs. D-RAYS, 2/27 (Spring Training)

    Third quiet inning although O's did get an infield squib hit. Next inning will probably be the one for points on the board. Lee may have injured his oblique and is being removed from the game as the O's pitcher. Next man up.
  15. vs. D-RAYS, 2/27 (Spring Training)

    Rays guys just said not a bad day for Harvey. Struck out 3 of his 6 outs. Double play erased 2 and it didn't sound like anybody hit him hard although he gave up three singles.