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  1. There that was easy. Does it mean Means cause he was mean.
  2. Did Jones, I mean, CM just make a game saving catch.
  3. That trot to the plate by Ruiz was a no go, even with the clutch part of the order coming up.
  4. The O's are lucky the starters are good with this pen. lol
  5. There, O's still with a lead. Just a little closer.
  6. Maybe the lack of seasoning in AAA is what caused it? lol
  7. Maybe he's not used to base running, it may be a new experience?
  8. A running gaffe to make up for getting a hit.
  9. Oh, well. Can't always get a big hit. Maybe next time.
  10. Blue doesn't always intensely dislike the Orioles? Who would'a thought it?
  11. What happened to that sign stealer in the stands? He go for a cold one that inning?
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