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  1. Hope he doesn't get over used. Seems like he's pitching every day. Just checked and it's only 9 times this month. My imagination.
  2. Especially if JJ was playing
  3. A too late strike out
  4. Bottom of the 9th woke up the board, though
  5. I have this device called a remote. Good night Buck!!
  6. CD is getting $169m to play great defense and bunt in the 9th down by one run. OK.
  7. Looking for a contract extension?
  8. CD Needs to work on his bunting in another situation, not now!!
  9. Not bad for a rule 5 guy. Maybe next year when we can option him to AAA he can develope into a MLB player.
  10. His coach turned into a pumpkin. He's had some good outings for the Os and is left handed, but his track record is not that good. 9 years in the minors before MLB debut.30 yaesrs old Picked up on a yankee DFA for PTBN. Another throw against the wall and see if it sticks.
  11. Can Tejada be Os SS next year or just organizational filler.?
  12. They occur mostly when Os are up 6-1. That tends to shorten the streaks .
  13. Another. And I wanted to pull him after two. That's why I'm eating peanuts and not managing.
  14. Ubaldo, shutdown inning. Yes, something new
  15. Texas pitching staff just what Os hitters needed. Thanks.