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  1. OldNewGuy

    Ex-Orioles in the postseason

    Miley just seems to like pitching better in the NL. ERA+ 107\85. WHIP 1.31\1.495. Don't know why that would be. Maybe he just likes hitting and not sitting around watching CD bat. lol
  2. OldNewGuy

    Ex-Orioles in the postseason

    John Smoltz is the color commentator for dodgers braves game. Made some excuses for Gausman. Against good teams that won't swing at breaking pitches out of the zone puts a lot of stress on his fastball command. I think we saw a lot of this against AL East teams that wouldn't help him out by swinging at pitches out of the zone.
  3. OldNewGuy

    Ex-Orioles in the postseason

    I want to see a Brewers, Indians WS. That should make MLB and TV money happy. lol. Want to see mega payroll teams eliminated ASAP. Also possibility of a snowed out game and balaclavas for sale next summer.
  4. OldNewGuy

    vs. ASTROS, 9/29 (Game Two)

    Why Corbin? Where was DJ?
  5. OldNewGuy

    vs. ASTROS, 9/29 (Game One)

    Nunez is no Machado. If he was he'd be playing for someone else.
  6. OldNewGuy

    Final series of the season. Will you be there?

    It’s the end of another year. Have spent many spring, summers and fall since ‘53 following the Os. Yes, I go back to Ernie Harrell and Bailey Goss doing the games. I’ll miss the Os come Monday the 1st of October. Miserable season, but still Orioles baseball. I’ll be ready for spring training 2 Oct.
  7. OldNewGuy

    vs. ASTROS, 9/28

    Double header tomorrow.
  8. OldNewGuy

    vs. ASTROS, 9/28

    Tough way to lose. Good pitch, no hit. Tomorrow will be another chance.
  9. OldNewGuy

    vs. ASTROS, 9/28

    I’ve seen enough of Peterson to see he’s no Brandon Fahey.
  10. OldNewGuy

    vs. ASTROS, 9/28

    Hess pitched well and at least he didn’t get a loss. A small victory.
  11. OldNewGuy

    vs. ASTROS, 9/28

    DJ’s inning there.
  12. OldNewGuy

    vs. ASTROS, 9/28

    That was a weak three sum batting for the Os. There might be a utility player in that group.
  13. OldNewGuy

    We say goodbye to Buck and Adam

    How about this for an O's management ending? Both Buck and Dan get tired of the game and tell the Brothers Angelos, "I found another job. Bye, thanks for the memories." Then the A brothers get to say, "Hey, how about that. They quit on us and left us in the lurch. How's that for gratitude? We would have paid them till the end of the month. Now what will we do?" A most fitting ending to the story. lol
  14. OldNewGuy

    vs. RED SOX, 9/26 (Game Two)

    Who won the first game by 16? This is why I love bb. Don't have to wait a week to try again.
  15. OldNewGuy

    vs. RED SOX, 9/26 (Game Two)

    When you lose HR hitters, try small ball.