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  1. Getting rid of Chris Davis

    In his age thirty plus years, you would expect a decline. But, I am shocked that Davis has completely collapsed in the first two years of this contract. I really don't know what to expect, but hope for some kind of bounce for Davis. With Trumbo, I'd love a bounce that would allow us to trade him in July '18. But, if he's doing well, and the team is doing well, they won't trade him if they're still in contention, even though we have several players that could fill his role, primarily, Mancini once Hays and Acuna are established in the outfield (okay, now you know part of my Machado dream trade with Atlanta!).
  2. Dan Connolly: Orioles Must Be Willing To Make A Trade

    Interesting that he looks at Machado, Brach and Britton as the players most likely to bring back solid starting pitching and not prospects like Hays, Mountcastle, or Harvey (the three I'd least like to lose). For what it's worth, I think it would be easier to find a ML ready 3rd baseman than a high ceiling starting pitcher, along with anything else that would come in a Machado trade.
  3. $80M in Taxpayer Money For Los Vegas Stadium Naming Rights

    Interesting that the author feels that this might be a way for the convention authority to provide backdoor payments to subsidize construction of the 51's new stadium. Possible corruption in Las Vegas? No! ;-)
  4. Should the Orioles bring back Miguel Gonzalez?

    He wouldn't be my first choice among this year's free agents, but I wouldn't be dead set against it.
  5. Milb.com's organizational all stars

    Love that Sisco's OBP is more than 70 points higher than his batting average at a healthy .340. If he's in a more hitter neutral park, both BA and OBP would likely have been higher. And he still has potential for some more power. I think Mountcastle's bat will be special and really hope he can stick at 3B. Not that we'll have a need after 2018. :-( Looking forward to following Well's career. We have several interesting young pitchers. Too bad the Sedlock class of pitchers didn't look too good this year. Fully expect Garabez Rosa to be an O's minor league coach/instructor at some point.
  6. What team will sign Hardy to be their everyday SS?

    Well, the OP said "everday" shortstop and I don't think that Dan is going to let that happen. Even Buck gave Beckham the most playing time over Hardy until his hammies acted up.
  7. What team will sign Hardy to be their everyday SS?

    Dansby Swanson (ATL), Ryan Goins (TOR), Jonathan Villar (MIL), Alcides Escobar (KC), Jose Pereza (CIN) all got over 400 plate appearances at SS and sucked for their teams. Any of them, with the likely exception of Atlanta, could see Hardy as an inexpensive (relatively), one-year stop gap if they have someone developing in their system. He's certainly not going to get more than a one-year deal, but I don't think a major league deal is impossible.
  8. Alex Wells

    Doesn't that average K/9 rate have being as high as it is now have a great deal to do with the hitters' approach today vs. the hitters' approach in 1980? IOW, how much can be attributed to pitchers throwing harder or having better "stuff" and batters selling out for power over contact?
  9. .301/.330/.506 in limited time due to injury. Former productive major leaguer. Stop gap for a year. And, if you trade Manny, that's pretty much a punt already. Johnson is a reasonable, low cost, low risk, short-term option.
  10. Austin Hays

    At this point Hays, Santander, and Sisco, along with Mancini should get regular starting time.
  11. Chris Johnson for a one year deal until Mountcastle is ready.
  12. End of season top 25?

    Or using Trumbo in right field while using Smith as a DH. I was sick over that before Trumbo lost a fly ball and then knocked it into the stands.
  13. Actually, I thought the funniest part of this thread was Interloper accusing Weams, or anyone, of being a troll.
  14. 2016 #3 Prospect: Chance Sisco - C

    If Santander isn't getting playing time, I doubt Sisco will. Just having a third catcher on the bench helps.
  15. Chance Sisco called up.

    Just having a third catcher available allows the manager to make moves that he ordinarily wouldn't. For instance, he can pinch hit for Castillo, then bring in Joseph to catch knowing that if Joseph gets injured he still has a catcher on the bench and doesn't have to worry about asking Flaherty to squat behind home plate. Doesn't "move the needle" but it does give Buck another tool.