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  1. Jomar Reyes 2018

    Left field?
  2. Wynns sent to Norfolk

    I think that Sisco has the second catcher gig wrapped up. And by season's end, he could be getting more playing time than Joseph (hence second catcher and not backup catcher). Wynns needs time at AAA and is very likely an AAA+ type player that will get cups of coffee in the bigs but never earn a full-time spot as a backup. Susac is still on the spring training roster so that Buck and Dan can continue to evaluate him against a higher level of competition for any future value.
  3. Thoughts on Manny @ SS and Beckham @ 3B ??

    You're misreading his quote. He's saying that the move to shortstop this season isn't about earning more money. It's about his love for playing shortstop. I can believe that. His next contract...of course that will be all about the money!
  4. The injuries may help the spring performance, but last time I checked, these games don’t count. Those guys are going to be on the ML roster so a least Davis needs to get some work in.
  5. A Lot of Moves This Next Week

    Pedro Florimon had his contract selected by the Phillies. I see a Flaherty in our future.
  6. Santander

    You got me there!
  7. Santander

    Santander and Mancini are the two biggest reasons that I wish Trumbo was not on this team.
  8. Santander

    Gotta admit, I didn't! Stand corrected.
  9. Trey Mancini: Role Player or Star?

    Very good read. If Mancini is a solid regular over the next five years, that's a plus outcome for the Orioles. You don't need 9 All Stars on the field to be an outstanding team. But a couple of All Stars on the mound would be a big help!
  10. Santander

    Buck has gone out of his way to praise Santander for his work ethic and efforts to improve, both on offensive and defensive, this Spring. He's the adult among the prospects.
  11. Is poor Ryan going to get his feelings hurt and start crying because Buck told us what he said? Well, there's no crying in baseball! Rogers Hornsby was my manager, and he called me a talking pile of pigs--t, and that was when my parents drove all the way down from Michigan to see me play the game! And did I cry? No! No! And do you know why?... Because there's no crying in baseball! There's no crying in baseball, no crying! I think Mountcastle will be able to handle this just fine. And might even turn into a better ball player for it.
  12. Santander

    Would he have been protected if healthy last year? Seems like he could easily have been a guy that the Indians might have added to the 40 man, but took a risk that no one would draft him due to his health. This would mean he's not the typical Rule 5 pick that wasn't quite good enough for his team to put him on the ML roster. IOW, he's not Joey Rickard or Ryan Flaherty.
  13. I think that they believe that this team, with these players, is better with Manny at short. It's as simple as that. And, while they don't want to pay for any of Arrietta, Lynn, or Cobb the kind of money they want for the years that they want, management does want to win as many games as possible with the players on the team now. Having said that, if they could get either of Lynn or Cobb on the kind of deal they gave Cashner, most likely for more money but the same type of structure, that deal would be done.
  14. I know one of the criticism's of moving Mountcastle to LF is that we already have several players that fit best in left - i.e., Mancini, Stewart, and Mullins (if you think his arm isn't great in center). But I don't think any of those guys will ever have Mountcastle's bat. That is what could make him a special player. Of that group, all could be productive major leaguers, but Mountcastle is the one that could be special.
  15. Tillman

    We have something like 90 pitchers in camp sucking up innings. You're only evaluating Tillman for health and you're not really evaluating Cashner at all. Just getting their work in. They need to see the other 88 guys pitch in games so that they can make decisions on them. That's all there is to it from everything that I've read and heard.