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  1. NCRaven

    Joseph for the second time calls out the team

    The "young players" brought up consist entirely of Mullins and a bunch of fringy pitchers. Mullins has been pretty good. The pitchers have generally sucked. Given the poor seasons put up by Cobb, Cashner and Bundy, and the usual mediocre start to the season by Gausman, the final results this year are no huge surprise. My take away is that they need clear direction from whoever the Angelos family chooses to run the organization. Buck and his staff have to go. It's a shame because I like Dickerson and Mills, but, oh well. Chris Davis has to be cut loose. They can't bring back Jones. They need to get rid of Trumbo by the trade deadline so that they have room for some of Hays, Diaz, McKenna in the outfield. And they need to give Mountcastle a first baseman's mitt or outfielder's glove. That would be his fastest path to the majors.
  2. NCRaven

    The 'Piling On' Department

    So in a month and a half, he has tied for the team lead.
  3. NCRaven

    The 'Piling On' Department

    I'd guess that a lot of this coincides with the arrival of Villar.
  4. I don't know if TB, or any team, for that matter, will be able to replicate what they did with their pitching this year. But, with their young starting talent, they may not have to do it the same way next year.
  5. 30 games. Think we need to give him more time. Defensive metrics take far longer to stabilize that offensive ones.
  6. NCRaven

    No fight, no passion , no pulse....no chance...

    My vote for Rosa is based solely on the fact neither is likely to have a ML career, so I'd reward the long-time farm hand over a name. No fault of Yaz, but I think name recognition is the only reason he remains a topic of conversation.
  7. NCRaven

    2019 Draft Order Tracker

    No argument there. But, if I see some of Hays, Diaz, Mountcastle, Mullins, and even a semi-exciting player like Villar (semi only because of his age) in the lineup at some point next year, I'll go to see more games than I did this year. Also looking forward to Akin and Kremer in the rotation later in the season.
  8. NCRaven

    DJ Stewart and Carroll are called up

    I thought Stewart made an excellent play on the ball hit into the left field corner in the third. Played it off the wall and made a strong throw in to 3B.
  9. NCRaven

    No fight, no passion , no pulse....no chance...

    I'd bring up someone like Garabez Rosa before I brought up someone for his name value. Rosa is far more deserving of a short stint in the majors than Yaz, IMO.
  10. NCRaven

    2019 Draft Order Tracker

    Houston did lose 106, 107, 111, and 92 from 2011 through 2014. They are in the US's 4th largest market. They don't share that market with another MLB team like the Orioles do. No excuses. The 2018 Orioles will be worse than any of those teams. But, it's not unprecedented to have a bad run before you get good again was my only point.
  11. NCRaven

    2019 Draft Order Tracker

    You mean like Houston did?
  12. NCRaven

    2019 Rotation?

    The downside of OH. Seeing posters that are knowledgeable and that I enjoy reading even when I disagree with them argue with a total troll.
  13. NCRaven

    Predict the 25-Man Roster for Opening Day (2019)

    To follow this theme. I'm much more interested about what the roster will like like in August than I am April. By then, some or all of Hays, Diaz, McKenna, Mountcastle, Sisco, Akin, Kremer, Tate, Ortiz, etc. could be in Baltimore.
  14. NCRaven

    Predict the Date of Loss #100

    I would call for a reverse lock, but it looks like that already happened earlier this year.
  15. NCRaven

    Rule 5 Target - Nestor Cortes - LHP

    Fixed that for him.