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  1. If I can't list Otter's curveball, I don't want to play!
  2. NCRaven

    Adam Hall 2019

    19 years old and 170 pounds. Still a good chance he at least grows into doubles power.
  3. Results weren't great for Akin today.
  4. So I’ll just enjoy it while it lasts. Yesterday was the other side of the coin.
  5. Brandon Snyder is at AAA Fresno Grizzlies (Nationals). He was drafted by the O's in 2005. 14 years and still hanging on to the dream.
  6. You are totally out of touch with about 50% of America.
  7. It's not like Oakland has ever been a huge draw in Baltimore.
  8. Not every opponent is from New York, Boston or Houston. The AL has a lot of mediocre teams and we can match up with them on any given night. Still likely to lose a ton of games, but we will make many of them interesting and I think we'll win more than expected.
  9. I find it interesting that the Nationals claim that they have no obligation to pay back the $25 million received from MLB. To me, that means that MLB has taken a direct interest in the Nationals since it doesn't appear to be a loan, with interest and a period during which the loan must be repaid. From a lay perspective, it does look like MLB has directly intervened in the interest of the Nationals and any process governed by MLB, from the Orioles point of view, would be tainted.
  10. That is my point. And if we trade Villar, someone else will play 2B.
  11. Gee, who was going to play second base after we traded Schoop? We’ll bring somebody else in to play there. Or it will be Wilkerson. Or Peterson. Or Reinheimer. Or Alberto. Or Vincej.
  12. He can piggyback with Karns for a start or two.
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