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  1. Harlan was one quirky dude-and writer.
  2. NCRaven

    Time to give the Angelos boys some credit

    I think we all want that. Agree with you there.
  3. NCRaven

    Time to give the Angelos boys some credit

    Whatever floats your boat.
  4. You’re the one that originally used batting average and home runs as a measure!!! What a joke. I just countered your argument.
  5. NCRaven

    Time to give the Angelos boys some credit

    If we want to five John and Lou Angelos credit, maybe week can start by not calling them boys all the time. Pet peeve.
  6. A first baseman with a .250 average (not a good measure of utility anyway) and 10 HRs is useless. But, it’s a silly argument. It’s 10 pounds of crap either way.
  7. NCRaven

    Joe Espada Future Orioles Manager?

    The thing is that Espada was only in Houston for one year and there’s little evidence that he and Elias have any real connection beyond that. I am not against him, just want the O’s to consider any good candidates.
  8. NCRaven

    Random Drug Test

    And, players are less likely to use stimulants during the off season.
  9. $42 million over 15 years, averaging $2.8 mil per year. Should be manageable fairly easily. Edit: Credit to Makoman, above. Beat me to the point.
  10. Davis has four years left. After that the lion's share of his contract will be gone, although there will still be some decent sized deferral payments, none of that will be debilitating. So, most of the Davis money will be off the book's just as the Orioles should be ready to compete and spend on a key free agent or two. And, if the new team "fixes" the amateur pipeline, we'd also have a more reliable flow of less expensive players when we lose some to free agency in the future.
  11. NCRaven

    Adam Hall - SS - 2018 #19 Prospect

    I think service time is overblown for players like most or all of our prospects. Unless you're talking about someone on the level of Machado, or more recently like Ronald Acuna, Eloy Jiminez or Vlad Guerrero Jr, I don't think it makes sense to keep a guy in the minors who has shown he's ready for the big league challenge. Better to get him up and used to playing against the top competition show he's ready to perform when we are competing.
  12. How could Davis possibly hit less homers (16 in 470 ABs this year)? If he does, he'll have even less value.
  13. NCRaven

    Sig Mejdal

    Just curious, how was the pay?
  14. There's really only one "awful" contract. Cobb is expensive, but he will certainly provide value much closer to his cost than Davis (an obvious overstatement). Trumbo and Cashner only have one year left and either or both could be flipped at the trade deadline - just need to pull a Schoop and have a few hot weeks in July! Other than Davis, there are no outrageous, long-term commitments.
  15. NCRaven

    Adam Hall - SS - 2018 #19 Prospect

    I could live with that if Mountcastle, Kremer, and Akin are playing in Baltimore by September.