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  1. This is a silly argument. The Orioles spent at least $750k and more on similar players or they couldn’t have filled two DSL rosters. Most of these guys are filler with the hope that one or two will pop. The issue is the lack of higher end signings, not the failure to sign 21 low end guys at less than $50k each.
  2. But, everyone knows that Steve and Roch never ask questions. That’s the real reporters’ job.
  3. It seems to be taking longer than I thought it would or should if that was the case. Several other top picks have signed, including Witt at #2.
  4. If he already agreed to $7.5mil, he would likely already be signed.
  5. Damn! I had two minutes in the "How long does it take Corn to make a Jack Zoellner Reference?" pool. You cost me $17 bucks.
  6. David Hess is currently getting lit up in the majors. ☹️
  7. To be the slightest bit fair, he said that a month ago when Núñez was slumping. It was still silly, but not absolute total whack job crazy like usual.
  8. Any reasonable timetable gives the O’s control over Rutschman until he’s 29-30 years old. I don’t really care whether they re-sign a 30+ year old catcher (assuming they don’t extend him earlier). So there’s really little reason to manipulate his service time, IMO. Let him develop and bring him up when he proves he’s ready - hopefully by early 2021.
  9. If you listen to the whole interview, it was clear that Elias was only talking about how much more they want Rutschman to catch this year due to the number of innings he’s already caught during the college season. They want him to get at bats, but limit his time behind the plate for the rest of this season. None of this was about a position change.
  10. Thanks! I’ll be referring back to this all night.
  11. Thanks for putting this together.
  12. NCRaven

    DJ Stewart 2019

    Phillies are looking for a left handed bench bat with a little pop. Smith Jr to the Phils and promote Stewart to play left. When Hays is ready, he goes to right.
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