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  1. I only get Bobbleheads for Oriole hall of famers.
  2. Last year I went to Akin’s worst start for Bowie. Today I’m in Hagerstown. Tough second inning for Grayson Rodriguez. I’m not allowed to see good minor league baseball.
  3. Thanks to the rain, I might get to see a Grayson-Adley battery Saturday night.
  4. I had to pick between Saturday and Sunday. Figured if he caught Saturday night he’d get Sunday off. Rain tonight could change everything.
  5. Now we're talking October baseball, baby.
  6. I didn't realize that SI was still a thing.
  7. Will MLB count Bundy's appearance as a Homerun Derby pitcher as the Orioles' single representative in the 2020 All-Star Game?
  8. Chris Davis was a fan favorite. I am not impressed. 😉
  9. 20 years old, 170 pounds, and from Canada where he likely did not play baseball year round. There may be power yet to come. Not a lot, but enough for middle infield when you consider the rest of his skill set.
  10. Watching him in the field gives me, and Orioles pitchers, a headache. He has been brutal.
  11. I'm not even sure if ML teams even have their own Tricky League teams. Players may be interspersed since it's basically an instructional league. Just don't know much about the league.
  12. If only all wars could last 45 minutes with the highlight being the bombardment of a harem. My kind of war! (Of course, I had to google it. 🙂
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