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  1. NCRaven

    Britton Trade Expectations

    I’d rather trade Britton in a 1 for 1 trade for a major prospect than for 3 question marks. If Schoop is traded, I think it’s more likely in the off season. Trumbo can be traded after July 31 since no one will claim his contract and if they did, we would say buh bye. Valencia has to be traded before because he’s cheap and someone probably claim him. Just my 2 cents. Anyone want to fight about it. 🙂
  2. NCRaven

    Baseball America Midseason Prospect List

    The players themselves will prove him right or wrong. If they perform well, this will be remembered as an excellent trade. If they don't...
  3. NCRaven

    John Means scoreless complete game win

    Is Means a starter at the ML level? Or a multi-inning reliever?
  4. NCRaven

    Trade Impact on Bowie's Roster

    It appears that all four of the younger prospects were assigned to AA Bowie. Any idea who is being moved off that roster and where they might be going? Mountcastle promoted? Anyone else promoted, demoted, or released?
  5. NCRaven

    TT: Orioles get Haul for Machado

    IRC, Butler was injured before the trade and we knew it when we traded for him. Considered the risk worth it.
  6. Didn't the Yankees once have Small, Wang, and the Big Unit?
  7. NCRaven

    Machado Trade Expectations

    Then it's hilarious!
  8. NCRaven

    Machado Trade Expectations

    Signing a 16 year-old international free agent to a high dollar signing bonus involves a very high level of risk. The Braves invested big money in this market several years ago. The result was prospects that didn't produce once in the system, a GM banned from baseball for life, and a respected team President forced to retire, basically in disgrace. Including a 20 year-old international prospect that has already proven himself at several levels in the minor leagues reduces the risk significantly. It doesn't require a huge signing bonus, the payment of a posting fee, or dealing with crooked buscones. You can argue that it will cost us Manny Machado, but we are trading Machado anyway, so at this point you get the best prospects possible no matter where they were born. I think the O's should raise their risk tolerance when it comes to these players, but they can make a moral and risk assessment based argument for avoiding that market at some level.
  9. NCRaven

    Ryan Mountcastle 2018

    Understood, but maybe in the off season you package one of those outfielders with Schoop, Gausman, or Bundy to bring back a young infielder with other prospects.
  10. NCRaven

    SS/3B in 2019

    Agreed with getting AAA at bats. But they really need an adequate plan for where he's going to stand when the defense is out on that green stuff. Maybe he sits in the dugout and DH's, but it would be good if he could at least be league average at one defensive position.
  11. NCRaven

    Ryan Mountcastle 2018

    And, we may have infielders coming back in the trades for Machado, Britton, Jones, etal.
  12. NCRaven

    Milb.com scoreboard glitches

    But, it wasn't nearly so bad in prior years. Don't know what the issue is.
  13. NCRaven

    Milb.com scoreboard glitches

    Yes, it's been a problem all year. I have to go to the next day and then back to the previous day. A pain.
  14. NCRaven

    Machado Trade Expectations

    I believe that the FO is using today to evaluate all of the trade offers, or at least the ones that they consider close to what they want, and reach out to the other GM's with any final asks. Reps from all of the teams will be at the ASG and it becomes a mini GM meeting of sorts. A three way deal with the Dodgers could include someone like Britton going to the Astros, or another team, and other players and prospects moving between the teams. But, that seems unnecessarily complicated. Shame that Bleier went down with an injury, he would have been a good package deal with Machado, allowing us total freedom to move Britton separately.
  15. NCRaven

    Machado Trade Expectations

    I think you're mixing up what he said. He was proposing that the best offer the Orioles could get might not include prospects, but players with some MLB experience like Russell and Almora. He didn't say that that offer had actually been made. It was just the writers proposed outline for a trade.