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  1. Orioles Pursuing Danny Duffy

    One way to improve a team is to take on "bad" contract for teams that are rebuilding. For KC, this is a bad contract and a salary dump. If we take on all of the cost, the quality of the prospects that we have to include goes down. Some combination of guys in the category of Stewart, Mullins, Santander, Akin, Sedlock, Baumann, etc. are more likely for the O's to give up than any of Hays, Mountcastle, Sisco, or Harvey. IMO.
  2. The silence is deafening. Yesterday, chatter all day long. Today, nothing. Wierd.
  3. He just followed up with a blog post on their website: https://www.fangraphs.com/blogs/where-would-manny-machado-best-fit/
  4. They were taking on a huge long term contract so the return was lower.
  5. From Fangraphs chagt a few minutes ago. K2 3:46 Phillies, Cards, Giants linked to the O's for Machado. What would trade packages look like? Pick the best if it saves time! Eno Sarris 3:46 Cards link up best if O's want pitching. Jack Flaherty plus some stuff. One year of surplus might not get them that much more?
  6. MLBTradeRumors.com is reporting that the Cards are front runners in trade talks with the Marlins for Ozuna. Would that have a negative impact on their ability to trade for Machado?
  7. Moustakas is a poor On-Base option (career .305). Out of curiosity, could Neil Walker play 3B? At his age, a shorter contract is more likely and he wouldn't cost a fortune.
  8. More likely to sign Manny because now they're less likely to sign Harper. And after they reset the luxury tax they can do both Manny and starting pitching.
  9. Matthew Edward Harvey - The Real Deal or Damaged Goods?

    If the Mets are dumping Harvey's salary, they are not taking on Trumbo's contract. We would have to send cash to even things out or take on another bad contract from them.
  10. Os have spoke with Dbacks re Corbin

    Corbin is in his last year of arbitration negotiations. As part of a deal, the O's could look to extend him. Of course, that would require some forward thinking, so...
  11. The Rosenthal article was more specific than just "shopping" Manny. He says that the Orioles have asked interested teams to make trade proposals. To me this suggests that the Orioles have gauged teams interest and believe that there's enough to have teams make formal offers. He also said that Angelos specifically does not want Manny traded to the Yankees.
  12. Peter Angelos - Man of Principles

    Agreed. I just like Fangraphs writers, including Swydan, and thought it was an interesting take coming from a national and not local writer.
  13. Peter Angelos - Man of Principles

    Joe: I think Angelos is actually a good person and I understand his principled stands, but if he’s not affecting change in his industry then he’s playing a game without a full deck. 2:27 Paul Swydan: That’s a very fair stance. from today's Winter Meetings Chat on Fangraphs.
  14. Shohei Otani

    Didn't see that you'd posted this hear and put it in its own thread.
  15. Peter Angelos - Man of Principles

    The whole post is worth reading as it gives some background into Angelos history as a labor lawyer, his stance on the players' strirke in 94(?), the posting system and signing international amateurs. Not that I expect this to be a popular point of view or that I even agree with all of it. But, I do like to be a contrarian now and then.