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  1. jeffstonefan

    Could we see changes to MASN? Please?

    I enjoy both Tom and Dave, and I especially enjoy the fact that they are both life long Marylander's and Oriole Fans. One thing that used to make the show great was when they allowed fans to call into the show. They stopped doing that a few years ago and went to reading tweets or emails. Really took down the entertainment level a peg IMO.
  2. jeffstonefan

    Could we see changes to MASN? Please?

    Rock has done a great job IMO. I'd like to see them give him a shot at the broadcast booth.
  3. jeffstonefan

    Could we see changes to MASN? Please?

    I was thinking 2003. I went to a game at Fenway and the ballpark was mostly empty.
  4. jeffstonefan

    What Can the O's Do to Put Butts in Seats in 2019?

    My suggestions: 1) More day games on Saturdays. 2) Upper deck season-pass or standing room Season-pass for under $100. 3) Free upper level tickets on Mon, Tues, and Wednesday games during April and September.
  5. jeffstonefan

    The Victor Victor Mesa/Sandy Gaston thread

    Really? I can't recall the last time any baseball player got a substantial endorsement deal. MaybeTrout with Sub way or Harper with UA?
  6. jeffstonefan

    Free ticket voucher vs Houston Thurs or Friday

    Who wants to the voucher for tomorrow game??
  7. I have a voucher from the Check-in 4 more promotion for a single ticket that I'm not going to use. Must be redeemed via the orioles website (see link below), and will only work for the Thurs or Fri game against Houston. With fees the ticket will cost you $1.50. No guarantee that it will work, first person that PMs me I will send it to. https://www.mlb.com/orioles/ballpark/check-in-offers
  8. Orioles pitched settlement offers to eliminate cloud of MASN dispute with Nats http://www.baltimoresun.com/sports/orioles/bs-md-orioles-nationals-masn-20180628-story.html
  9. jeffstonefan


    26 percent attendance drop is among highest declines in MLB https://www.bizjournals.com/baltimore/news/2018/06/19/orioles-26-percent-attendance-drop-is-among.html
  10. jeffstonefan

    Orioles have interviewed Ned Colletti, and others

  11. jeffstonefan

    Opening Day tickets are available

    11 seats left as of Thursday morning. Sold OUT!!!! Have fun at the game, the weather looks great today!!!
  12. jeffstonefan

    Opening Day tickets are available

    170 available
  13. jeffstonefan

    Opening Day tickets are available

    As of Sunday evening, 366 tickets are still available directly through the Orioles website.
  14. jeffstonefan

    Opening Day tickets are available

    If memory serves me correctly, the O's have sold out every opening day since Camden Yards opened. With one week before the first pitch, there are still over 700 tickets still available on www.theorioles.com.
  15. jeffstonefan

    Opening Day tickets are available

    Over 1,500 tickets available for sale as of 8pm.