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  1. I’m addition to what others have already said: At 3B, first step quickness and a strong arm are huge. Still need soft hands, and agility important on bunts and such. At SS, should ideally be the strongest arm and ability to release the ball from a variety of angles with accuracy. Double plays, OF cuts and such make the need for a strong arm beyond just plays in the hole. Soft hands, great feet, At least a 60 arm, exceptional range, quick release, and a high baseball IQ are ideal. Makes you appreciate what Cal did for so many years in that he was remarkably agile for a large fella and so very well prepared each day.
  2. It’s his first full season of professional ball. It’s the first time he’s really struggled. The demands on his body going from every 7 days to every 5 days will take him some time to adjust. Could be some dead arm periods in there as well. I will look for him to develop for the next two years and then see what he is then.
  3. Definitely a nice play. Where was the runner? Was that the VMart play? Part of the impressive nature of Richie’s play for me yesterday was the fact he threw out a speedy runner hustling down the line. Swaggy T still made a nice play there though. Great memory.
  4. I almost spit my coffee all over my phone. 🤣
  5. Good for Yaz. I wish him well. Significant injuries cost him in Baltimore. I think he was a better player than Rickard, offensively and defensively. I don’t think he’s the hitter that Dwight Smith Jr. has been, but Yaz is a better defender. He probably should have gotten an opportunity at some point last year. 40 man spots were a bit scarce due to the pitching woes, but they should have found a way. Good to see him doing well, but then Yaz won’t be facing the Yankees, Red Sox and Rays 57 games a season. The AL East is a different arena than the NL West.
  6. A fantastic article! Thank you for sharing that. Heard the name many times, but never knew the story. It sounds as though I would have loved to have seen him play.
  7. Exactly. God has blessed me in many ways, Part of that is a love for the game of baseball. I’m just trying to find things to be upbeat about. It’s difficult to do that this year. This board has been a lot of doom and gloom. Too many snarky and/or angry people. I enjoy the game. I enjoy watching men play this kids’ game, especially when they play with passion and energy. I love the College World Series for the same reasons. I love coaching youth baseball of all levels for the same reasons. I love seeing many of the kids I know and/or have coached get to play ball in college, and in several cases get drafted and sign. I have loved meeting people like Bob Boone, Dave Tremblay, Joe Oliver and John Hart, to name a few. Talking baseball with these guys who truly love the game, and to see how down to earth and grateful they are to have played or coached or been an executive. It was just humbling. Baseball is a lifestyle for those guys, not just a job or just a game. I get the feeling, watching Pedro, that he is the same type of individual. Adam Jones had a similar passion and energy for many years in an Oriole uniform. Brian Roberts too, before he cracked his noggin with his bat. Ed Murray was similar with his playfulness and the way he had a flair for the dramatic. These guys were fun to watch.
  8. LOL! Ok. I’ve been a fan of the Orioles since 1977, when I was 8. So, no, not that young. All of those catchers you named in Orioles’ history certainly had their merits. I enjoyed watching all of them. It’s subjective on my part, and I don’t need a big sample size for what I like about the game of Pedro. As I said, it’s his flair, passion, athleticism and the way he has fun out there. The way he plays the game. He plays like an energetic kid out there. I truly enjoy watching him play. Before Severino, Dipper was my favorite. And for similar reasons. The time he filmed a fishing trip and dove into the water, coming out with a fish in his mouth. Or the rain delay antics...that is entertainment to me. Baseball isn’t all about statistics or wins/losses for me. Wieters was an above average catcher in many ways, and he got beat down being the workhorse. He may have not reached the potential tauter by most, but he was very productive. Hoiles had some dramatic moments and a solid offensive resume. Fruit Loops was a solid offensive catcher. A switch hitter with power. I appreciated all of the things they brought to the team each night. But none of them were dynamic athletes behind the plate. When I see Severino throw behind a runner, or block balls in the dirt, or just in the way he sets up or relates to his pitcher or other teammates. He’s the guy that I would have wanted to pitch to, or play with, out of all of the catchers in O’s history. I never said he was the greatest Oriole catcher of all time. Just that he is my personal favorite. He’s the closest we have come to some of my favorite catchers that I’ve seen in any uniform, such as: Yadier Molina, Benito Santiago, Pudge Rodriguez, Tony Pena and others. Posey and Varitek are in there somewhere, but for different reasons. You disagree, cool. Who is your favorite Oriole catcher? And why?
  9. I believe you, and I’ll agree he was capable of those kinds of plays, just not consistently capable of making the routine plays. I definitely slighted Tim, and I was wrong. Someone posted a video that was a very nice play similar to the one tonight. Martin is just more athletic and dynamic at SS than even Beckham. Oriole shortstops over the 40 years I have been watching have usually been the steady workman like guys who make the routine plays consistently, but rarely wowed with a dynamic play of that ilk. Through the ups and downs, Richie has had periods of time where he has been consistent with the glove and fun to watch overall. His speed and arm, to me, are his best assets. It’s not Manny’s arm, but it’s plus. I like the way he plays, and I can only hope he improves with the bat. His barrel awareness is pretty bad.
  10. Well, it’s my opinion that you’re arguing with me about...lol. You disagree, cool. He is still MY favorite Oriole catcher of all time. I loved Dipper, but Wieters and Hoiles were not dynamic and passionate behind the dish. Who is your favorite Oriole catcher? And why?
  11. Yup, he could do special things everywhere. No doubt. Different kind of athlete. Not sure he makes the same play that Richie made today, though. The range was shorter with Manny. But no doubt, Manny is spectacular at times.
  12. Overboard? I don’t think so. I love the way he plays. No matter the sample size, really. Hitting the way he is, yeah, SSS. I’m not thinking he will continue to hit this way for years, as the league will adjust to him some and he’ll need to make adjustments. I do think he’ll at least hit enough to be a solid average offensive producer at catcher. He seems to have good pitch recognition and plate discipline. He just needed consistent at bats. He’s fun to watch, for me anyway.
  13. That was a nice play. VMart is/was extremely slow, but it’s nice. Not hit as hard and the dive was not quite the same, but nice play.
  14. Come on Corn, that’s a fantastic play. Not the greatest play of all time, no, but that is special.That’s a dynamic play and he threw out a fast runner. JJ, Bordy, Cal, Miguel Tejada, and Beckham never made that type of play in an Oriole uniform. All but Beckham were steady yet unspectacular defenders. None of them had the athletic ability to make that play, in my opinion.
  15. I hope Severino stays an Oriole for a long time. I know...Rutschman. But perhaps Adley moves to 1B with that power bat. Severino might be my favorite Oriole catcher of all time. (I know some of you are going to hammer me for that.) I love the energy, passion and athleticism he plays with. The way he’s hitting, I’m sure the Nats are kicking themselves. He’s fun to watch.
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