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  1. Ewwww...lmao. I knew a pin-up model who won tons of bikini contests here in Central Florida that dipped. She was hot hot hot, but she'd throw in a lipper right after the contest. Country girls...
  2. This kid is a competitor. Seen him over the years, and my son's team beat University in the state 9A finals. He threw a no-hitter in the semi final, and he hit a homerun as well. Not much projection there, no, but he's a winner.
  3. I wonder if new addition Miguel Castro breaks into this list at season's end.
  4. <p><p><p>Happy Birthday</p></p></p>

  5. I seem to recall that Melvin and Adam Jones are buds and hang out in the off season. Is it a good deal? Depends on the prospect going back to SD. I really like where his swing was a few weeks ago when we played them there. Obviously, Cashner would be a much more important need, but Melvin would do some things for us too.
  6. I hope for Keller to bounce back. He seemed to be banged up again this year, command issues. I thought the starts might be to control his preparation pregame, rather than warming up in the pen whenever needed. I don't disagree on Fenter. Exciting kid. I did not realize how poorly Dosch did this year. He started out well. I see what you mean. Thanks!
  7. I agree. Kang has to get up out of the way there. Unfortunate, and no less unfortunate when Schoop was taken out...I thought that was a little more dirty than this one. These are the rules, the Cubs are fighting for a playoff birth.
  8. EB, fine job sir! Surprised Dosch and Keller both fall so far, and that Fenter is so high this quickly. I have Stewart in the 9-12 range, but you know I am not sold on him. Hope you're right though.
  9. Just to be clear then, you believe Stewart will be over slot...$2.065 million...? If so, I like this pick even less than I did before.
  10. I believe Mike Morse was a SS in HS too...just sayin'
  11. I never saw him play, but I asked around to some of my FTB pals and heard he can really hit, raw power. Interesting that he and Mountcastle were FTB Chandler kids. Considering that Jay Gonzalez (O's minor league OF) is George's (runs FTB) son...good stuff. Echevarria from Osceola HS too, where FTB has a strong relationship. My boy played with FTB 55 Elite last year and a half, with Burn now. Lots of talent in the organization, and Chandler was loaded.
  12. I saw him twice this year. Big strong kid, arm was strong and accurate. His hitting mechanics need work as it did not look like he used his lower half consistently. He appeared to be engaged throughout the games with an edge.
  13. Agreed. Of all of the people here defending this pick at #25, how many have not even seen him play on tv, much less in person? I've seen him twice in person, and a bunch on tv. Not impressive on the defensive end, average at best for a LF arm and routes need some work. Will never win a gold glove, but I suppose he will be better than Jimmy Paredes. He is not a slow guy, but watching him run is not pleasing to the eye. He is not a fluid pleasure to watch in any phase of the game, but he is an on-base machine with some power...with perhaps more power to come. He will have to stay on top of his body, and I wonder what his athleticism will be in five years. I like that he is a "winner." Tough guy, leader, intangibles....he finds a way to win. I guess I will back off, a little, from my initial scathing comments from last night. But there was several guys (Nikorak, McKenzie, Hayes) I personally would rather have had in the longer term if I am really taking the best available talent. This pick seems like a short-term lower ceiling quicker fix...really not what they have said they were commited to. But then, I am just a fan.
  14. He was in the top 20 or so preseason, so not really a total shocker. I have seen him a few times as he lives nearby. Definitely not a SS, but hands are ok and arm is very good. Has some uppercut, not quite a RH Chris Davis though. Has that special sound in BP. I would think he will be a methodical riser through the system.
  15. Count me as unimpressed with a DH in the first round with Nikorak, Kirby, and Hayes still there. Not a fan of a LH version of Pete Incaviglia...or the reincarnation of Jack Cust. I really hope he proves me wrong, but yak.