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  1. Austin Hays 2017

    He should be in the top 20-30 range. His numbers are just ridiculous.
  2. Jacob Brown - 18th rd pick 2017

    I got ya. Saw the video above. Looks like he flies open a bit. But he's built powerfully and I liked some things there. Certainly has work to do, but what was he, a 17th round pick? Looks like he was worth 100K. We'll see in a year or three.
  3. Jacob Brown - 18th rd pick 2017

    I believe he had been mostly a 3B in high school, so if he struggles with routes and hitting the cut, I can understand that. Is he athletic, fluid? Can he throw? He was mid 80's on the mound, IIRC. Rajsich has drafted some hitters in his time. He has shown power with some swing and miss, but let's give him some time to develop. He's not coming from a baseball hotbed, so let's see what we got in instructs and next spring before we throw dirt on the kid.
  4. Maybe I read a little too much into Buck's bristly comments, at times, when he talks about personnel moves. He seems evasive about their relationship mostly, aside from the occasional, "we talk about things regularly" comments he will make. Perception, for me, is that Dan wanted to sell and Buck did not. That is the scenario I think Dan lives for. Making trades and building a younger and cheaper talent base. Buck clearly likes his nuggets and holds them as long as he can. Markakis and Wieters were like sons for him, and it crushed him to see them leave. Perhaps that is a healthy difference, but seems not to be at times. It seems like an underlying tension between them occasionally gets intense. I appreciate what Buck has done and continues to do. I want him to stay as long as he likes, to be clear. We have had no better manager since Earl. And yes, I want him to get his WS ring with us. As far as development, Buck is certainly involved. Peterson's ousting was interestingly quiet. I was just referring to the evaluations of players that were moved for minimal return. Every organization has goofs there, but Bridwell and Miranda just seem to have been undervalued. Bridwell and Ed Rodriguez made some reported changes and the results were immediately better upon leaving the O's. Ed Rod brought us Miller in a time we went for it. I'm good with that. But to lose a young pitcher like this for a PTBNL?
  5. It's tough, because Buck has brought this team back from the dark ages. There is no one more prepared than Buck. He is great, from a fan perspective, to listen to in his press conferences. It is fair to say his loyalties to older players sometimes hinders the progress of the team, overall. But that loyalty is why most players love him. He's an old school baseball guy, by today's standards. When he leaves the manager job, I believe it will be on his terms. But when he does, he will be missed. He and Dan just do not get along, that much is obvious. But I wonder if some of the grief Dan gets for trading young pitchers away that flourish elsewhere belongs at the feet of Buck. In fairness, you cannot tell me that if Buck wanted Bridwell or Miranda up that he could not have had them. He certainly had seen him over the years, along with the others. Buck as the GM...that is interesting, a little scary and very likely.
  6. Well, yeah...Babe Ruth is dead. If we traded for him, I am sure I would complain. 😉 Zach will be worth more in the offseason, if that is the direction they want to go. But the fact that no one beyond Kim was dealt, it's clear Angelos decided to go for it. My gut says Buck had something to say about keeping his nuggets. He and Dan really must not like each other, at all. Two different ways of doing things for sure. But their lack of cohesion has this team in a confusing state.
  7. Ben Breazeale

    I stand corrected. However, in my defense, the Notre Dame website has him listed as a senior. http://www.und.com/sports/m-basebl/mtt/trey_mancini_722679.html
  8. I believe Dixon had a suspension this year for PED's.
  9. Ben Breazeale

    I'd have to say Mancini.
  10. I think we have many more prospects that, if they can develop, have major league ability/quality tools. We have taken more high school talent since Rajsich has been here. Not saying we have more all star type talent, but guys that can contribute at ML level. We are still weak in MIF and 3B, but overall I think we have better depth. The starting pitching has been somewhat disappointing, but some have shown signs, like Akin, of turning things around. I think we have a lot of ground to make up in the quality overall, when you compare the Orioles to Boston, Cubs, Dodgers, etc.... But, to me, the overall talent has been improved since DD, Rajsich and Graham have been here.
  11. No argument there, as far as quality. But top to bottom throughout the organization, I think we have much more depth now.
  12. Lots of great information. In fairness, 2012 and 2013 I will give Gary the benefit of the doubt due to it being his first 2 years with the O's as Scouting Director. It takes time to get your people evaluated and in place. I mean, a scouting director might see, what, maybe 100 kids at most each year. So he has to rely on the reports of his scouts and cross checkers. It seems his drafts have become better each year after that. I would also say that WAR should not be the only tool used to evaluate the quality of a draft. But, like Frobby, I don't have a better way. And I appreciate the effort you have put into this. A Scouting Director has no say in how the kids he drafts are developed, but I am not taking a shot at Graham either as I think we have developed more talent recently than I can ever remember. I would just add that Rajsich has had some misses, like Josh Hart to name one. But there is much more talent in the system than I can ever remember, and the vast majority of it has come from the draft. I am not saying there is much in way of impact or all star type talent. But there are many more guys there that have the potential to contribute at the major league level. And we even have some legit position player prospects that have been developed, not drafted as high end nearly ready guys like Wieters and Machado. I guess the metrics from his first two years may say he is a mediocre Scouting Director. I look forward to the same analysis of 2016-2017 when we get to the year 2022.
  13. TT: The only question left for Angelos

    Over the past few years, he has made references to 'being on the ranch' after this contract concludes. The question came up a few times a few years ago when he was named manager of the year for the third time. I remember one, in particular. I believe it was Gary Thorne who asked Buck is he would win the MOY award again in 2024 since he has won it every ten years, something like that. Anyway, I have heard it on numerous occasions.
  14. TT: The only question left for Angelos

    Yes sir! Buck has made numerous not-so-veiled references over the years to not managing much past 2018 when his current contract ends. The current situation between Buck and Dan is just not good. They are clearly not on the same page in many personnel issues, and I don't see that improving.
  15. To me, it's clear that Gary Rajsich has had a much better run than Joe Jordan at Scouting Director. It takes a year or two to get your scouts in place. Since then, he has drafted a bunch of high upside high school talent that needs to be developed. It's fair to say both have had their share of success and misses. Jordan's misses are much much more glaring. Matusz is not Jordan's fault, not a scouting "miss." That mess happened somewhere in the organization during his first few years. And yes, Manny Machado and Matt Wieters were "no brainers," like RZNJ explained above. So was Dylan Bundy. But when you take a Matt Hobgood and a Billy Rowell with high picks, you deserve to be criticized. It comes with the job. Jason Esposito in round 2 2011 was an awful pick as well. But Zachary Davies in round 26, great value there in 2011, JJ's last draft. And Bridwell in round 9 in 2010 worked out decently, just not for us. Mychal Givens (round 2 2009) worked out well, just not as a MIF. And JJ did draft Arrieta in round 5 2007, after Jake fell due to signability. Zachary Britton in round 3 2006 makes up for the rest of that terrible draft. You could say that Kevin Gausman in 2012, Rajsich' first draft, was a similar pick to Matusz. In that, he wasn't a "no brainer," but he was a consensus top pick. Mancini (round 8 2013) was a great value. You can say he only became a great hitter after...whatever. He was drafted by Gary Rajsich. Steven Brault (round 11 2013) and Josh Hader (round 19 2012) were also drafted by GR, and they are in the ML elsewhere. If Hunter Harvey comes back strong, Sisco's defense keeps improving and his power comes through, Gassaway (round 16 2013) develops power, Branden Kline comes all the way back, Brian Gonzalez makes it back to his 2016 form, Tanner Scott keeps improving his secondary pitches, David Hess keeps momentum from last few starts...the list goes on...but if half of that works out, especially Harvey, then GR has drafted players and they were developed. I was not a fan of the DJ Stewart pick, and I was quite critical. But it looks like he may just be panning out somewhat. Not sure he'll be an everyday LF, but he may just hit afterall. Not sure his production and career will be befitting the 25th overall pick, but meh, maybe not a bust. Sedlock is injured, and there is no way he was as bad as the numbers this year. Akin is turning things around. Curran may be a hitter. Mountcastle's results speak for themselves. Garrett Cleavinger may be a bulllen piece before too long. Hanifee and Myers show promise. Hays is a major success story for GR and the development staff as well. Dietz is showing signs of coming around as well. Mullins, I am very excited about. A possible lead off guy...we really need some guys who are more OBP contact oriented with speed. There are more players, by far, in the system today who may someday play in the ML than ever before. The problem is, not much of the impact variety. Not much at premium positions, although Hays may be a CF and Sisco has a shot to have impact at C. We are barren of MIF talent, and everyone knows it. Mountcastle may just be an impact bat, but where does he play? Mullins is exciting, but where does he play? If Adam Hall works out to be as advertised, it really helps. We are also poor at developing starting pitching. We turn out a ton of relievers, but starters other than Gausman and Bundy...not so much. Although Hader, Brault and Ed Rod would have been nice, they developed and improved with other organizations. Arrieta, Bridwell, uh never mind. The biggest problem is, and has always been in the Angelos years, the organizational culture. I like that DD has given Rajsich the freedom to take some guys that need time to develop. We'll see if his picks work out. Tough to get impact everyday players when you often spend your first picks on pitchers due to organizational need. Then you draft in the latter part of the first round because your team is in the playoffs regularly, albeit a mediocre playoff team. If DD would stop trading away compensation B picks, there may be a few more talented kids in the system. If the team would allow international signings of FA, our talent would be bolstered perhaps. The farm system is what it is. But look at what it has produced for trades and for players at our ML club. Look at the talent level now compared to 2011. It's a startling difference for the better. I am not saying GR is a genius, but he is certainly an above average Scouting Director. JJ was below average.