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  1. Well, it does make sense in that there is no Manny Machado, no Adam Jones, no Jon Schoop, not even a Mark Trumbo in the lineup. And that is the context of my point. Although I like our team for what it is, a rebuild. If we had Caleb and Chance, our team ERA and WHIP would be much better...and yes, it’s subjective, but I believe it to be pretty obvious. I like the way these current catchers play the game. I don’t need numbers to show that. All of those stats last year were for a different team. Different pitchers for more than half of the staff. An “lol” is indicative of humor, which that last line of the previous post was. I was being a little silly. Swihart got traded to the Diamondbacks, so really there is not a point here any further.
  2. Well, that’s fair. Let’s have this discussion at the end of the season. We’ll have real numbers to compare. My opinion is subjective, certainly. And they certainly are cheaper. ERA and WHIP are great numbers to look at, WHIP in particular. Last year’s pen had much more back end talent, and there was an endless shuttle of marginal arms going to and from Norfolk. Those numbers are not the whole story. We were 5-14 last year on this date. 8-12 this year, with a limited offense. So, I suppose in that way the pitching is better...lol.
  3. Don’t have objective evidence for you at the moment. But take out the two best games and the two worst games, and I’d bet the team ERA is more appetizing. However, I don’t think Yadier Molina himself, even in his prime, would do much better than we have had from Sucre and Severino in regards to defense and team ERA. Our pitching is what it is. Better than last year, and cheaper too. I pass on Swihart. Never seen what all the hype was about. And arb eligible next season...nah, we’re good.
  4. Jammer7

    DJ Stewart 2019

    You may be right. I don’t think there is any possible way that Tanner Scott gets DFA’d. But Mike Wright is always a possibility. I wonder what Nunez being able to throw unrestricted now means for Rio Ruiz. I like Ruiz, but he may need some time at Norfolk. His swing is long, at times, and he’s leaking on the front side often. It’s fixable, but I think he may need to go down to get consistent at bats.
  5. Jammer7

    DJ Stewart 2019

    I want to agree. DJ’s arm is a bit stronger than Joey’s and the offensive numbers would be better. But I can’t see DJ in CF, and Joey does hit LHP fairly well. I think DJ went down, in large part, because of the acquisition of Dwight Smith, Jr.. And I have to say that I would much rather have Dwight Smith Jr. than DJ in LF. The other thing was Renato Núñez becoming the DH due to Trumbo not being ready.
  6. Their defense is carrying them at the moment. I think Martin will hit enough, and Mullins will hit enough LH. SS and CF with great speed and very good defense up the middle. I can deal with the O-fers while they develop. I mean, I can see you’re point if we are actually contenders for a playoff spot. But, that is certainly not the case.
  7. You had me going there for a second... For me to take a 1B at 1:1, the bat has to be a no doubt HOF bat and not a liability in the field. And he has to have the intangibles. Personally, I am a big fan of Abrams. There is so much there to work with. He needs work and time, but the kid is so gifted athletically. His risk profile is less than Witt, but Witt has more power and a lot more hype. But Rutschman should be just fine.
  8. Thanks for sharing that. It lead me to ponder, what would the Orioles do if Rutschman, God forbid, was severely injured or otherwise fell from consideration for the #1 pick. Would they take Vaughn? I just can’t see it, but what say you?
  9. Jammer7

    JC Escarra

    I really liked what I saw of him this Spring. Good athlete with smooth actions and a solid arm. He was not overmatched against pitching in the later innings when he played mostly. Granted, most of the pitching he faced is currently in the minor leagues, but some were major leaguers. I’m sure he was really happy to see Mountcastle moved to 1B. 🥴
  10. Good to see Blaine Knight pitch well. And Doran Turchin’s development may be fun to watch. @Luke-OH pointed out his tools last summer. If Turchin and Nick Vespi develop into legit prospects, Tony will have to up Luke’s pay. lol
  11. That post made me laugh out loud...and then I cried.
  12. I meant to write more. You are right that it has to be proven. Mistakes are made by all of them. Being a fan, well that’s our choice. Wait, or don’t. I will, and I will enjoy the ride.
  13. We have one of the best young GM’s in the league making decisions. We have an outstanding young manager, one of the best out there. And people are pissed at being 4-5 in the first week and a half of a season we knew would be bad. Pitchforks because an untalented team is playing a game below .500? Yes, today was bad. But there has been some good as well.
  14. The Jays are stacked in the OF. They’re not a good team, certainly, but their OF is the least of their worries. The Orioles are certainly the benefactors. Smith has been much better than expected.
  15. Well, this thread wasted 5 minutes of my life. The worst part is, I knew it would...and I opened it anyway.
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