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  1. Harvey, Hess, Wynns for sure. Maybe Gonzalez. Rifaela had a fine season in Frederick, but I don’t see him being protected. I do not see any way he would stick on any team’s 25 man roster all season.
  2. Offseason Trade Ideas thread

    I love what Mark Reynolds did this year. He was fun to watch here, at times. “The Sheriff.” You just can’t rely on anything close to that production. He was brought in on a minor league deal initially. You’re probably right, though.
  3. Offseason Trade Ideas thread

    First, a well thought out plan. I agree with some of what you say. Better to go strong in one direction or the other. I would embrace what you propose here. But the organization will not go that route, apparently. That team would finish last in the AL East, but it would be cheap. Second, I found the whole “because I want to” rather a smug and childish response and beneath you. I realize his numbers were down this year. He had a couple of injuries and he tried to play through them. He’s 32, and I know the contract is heavy. It’s a gamble, but he’s been durable in his career. He’s only had one other year with less that 154 games played, and that was 130. He played in 95 this year. You take on salary for production, especially when so much of the core of our team are free agents after 2018, and you want to make a run this year. We can maybe get him, in part, because he struggled. Desmond and Jay change our team defense dramatically. Jay provides a LH bat to a team greatly in need of more balance, along with OBP and contact skills. And the whole salary beyond 2018, do you not want to re-sign the unofficial captain of this team, Adam Jones? Ok, so beyond Schoop, Mancini and maybe Davis, who bats his in the top and middle of the lineup? Desmond will be cheaper that Jones and may just put up better numbers. You want to bank on Hays, whom I really like a lot, Sisco, Stewart (who has had one solid season in AA), Santander, and Mullins? Talk about scary. None of those guys have done it yet. That is a big gamble, but it’s cheap. Chatwood is a pretty good sized gamble as well. And Prado, you want that contract for a washed up utility guy? You asked for a trade proposal. I brought you one. Peace.
  4. Offseason Trade Ideas thread

    I would want another player or two back from them. That was why I said centered around those guys. We may have to add a prospect to make it work. Desmond and Trumbo are similar contracts, yearly anyway, but not on the overall commitment. Brach’s arbitration figure is fairly high, but not unreasonable. Holland is supposed to test the FA market, so they are looking for a closer. But I don’t really think Brach’s value is all that high at the moment. He faded some due to the increased workload. The deal seems to make sense for both teams. Desmond does have a strange structure to the contract, where it is $22 million in 2018, and $15 million in both 2019 and 2020. So perhaps the Rox need to throw in some money to make it work. I have some personal knowledge of Desmond and I would not bet against him being a very solid everyday player again. He’s a high character guy and brings it every day. Either way, he adds athleticism and flexibility to the OF and he can play in the INF in a back up role. We need him and Jay to bridge the next few years for the young OF’s to figure things out. And they make us more competitive for what could be Dan and Buck’s last hurrah.
  5. Offseason Trade Ideas thread

    Since we have been told that they are not trading Manny or Zach in this offseason, here goes my hot stove plan to win the AL East in 2018. 1. Sign Lance Lynn and Jaime Garcia. Re-sign Tillman. Lynn will not be cheap, but he is not at the top of the market. He gets a good bit of weak contact and ground balls, and he is coming into his second year after TJ. Has been a 200 inning guy twice before TJ. Garcia is a guy that should give us 150 plus innings and also gets a good bit of ground balls. 2. Sign Jon Jay and re-sign Gentry. Have them man CF until we move Hays there to stay. Jay can still get a lot of AB's as a 4th OF. 3. Move Adam to RF, sell it to him however you have to. It's time. 4. Work a trade centered around Brach and Trumbo to Colorado for Ian Desmond. They need back end of the pen help and they cannot count on Mark Reynolds again at 1B. Plus they have a surplus in the OF and supposedly signed Desmond to play 1B. Money seems to work out. Desmond plays LF and can back up some in INF. This moves Mancini to DH with some time in corner OF spots and giving CD a break at 1B once a week or so. Obviously Adam needs to be on board with the move to RF, but I think he may be ready if it is brought to him with a plan to bring in Jay until Hays is ready. This would get us more athleticism in the OF and better defense. More athleticism in the lineup with more OBP. It would also boost the rotation significantly. By reallocating the payroll from Brach and Trumbo, we would be much improved. Ok, tear it up.
  6. I was among the loudest critics of Stewart. Currently eating a good bit of crow, and quite glad to do so. Not too many men his size and general profile can make the adjustments he has made and progress the way he has. Still has a ways to go defensively, but I won't doubt him loudly again.
  7. The 2015 draft seems like they made HS hitters a priority and began seeking more upside and athleticism at CF and SS. But then it may have been his philosophy all along. I think Rajsich continues to get his scouts hired and organized the way he wanted them. He certainly trusts some more than others. McConnehead seems to be quite a judge of future hitters, and he was the lead guy on DL Hall as well. It seems that Manto's hiring was also as important. I do not think it is a coincidence that our hitting has improved organization wide since he has been here. I wonder if the shift in scouting philosophy was due, in some part, to the hiring of Manto. Did the O's draft based on coaching strengths? Obviously, there is some luck involved too. Austin Hays in round 3 and having DL Hall fall to us. But the last higher round guy we seem to have missed on was Josh Hart in 2013. But, not signing Conlon and Jonathan Hughes are wasted picks as well.
  8. Hardy...a horrible signing? Seems a bit harsh, and I can't bring myself to say that. I know he has missed a lot of games the past few years and his offensive production has fallen well below what he had done in previous years, but to call his re-signing horrible is wrong to me. This is the last year of his 3 year contract, and I know much of what he brings every day is not quantifiable, but it's clear to me his contract was not "horrible" for the Orioles. Beckham has been incredible offensively, and he's had some good and some bad defensive moments. But let's not forget how incredibly steady JJ has been with the glove, when healthy. Beckham should be the SS from now on, certainly. But, to me, JJ earned his contract and his re-signing was really a no-brainer when you look at what he had done before that day.
  9. DJ Stewart 2017

    I am really happy for DJ Stewart, and many of the other kids on the farm. I freely admit that I was loudly upset with the selection of DJ Stewart as a 1st round pick. It seems he has really come around, although certainly not a "can't miss" guy, and the bat looks like it may play after all. Good for him. He has turned my harsh criticism to cautious optimism.
  10. Austin Hays 2017

    He should be in the top 20-30 range. His numbers are just ridiculous.
  11. Jacob Brown - 18th rd pick 2017

    I got ya. Saw the video above. Looks like he flies open a bit. But he's built powerfully and I liked some things there. Certainly has work to do, but what was he, a 17th round pick? Looks like he was worth 100K. We'll see in a year or three.
  12. Jacob Brown - 18th rd pick 2017

    I believe he had been mostly a 3B in high school, so if he struggles with routes and hitting the cut, I can understand that. Is he athletic, fluid? Can he throw? He was mid 80's on the mound, IIRC. Rajsich has drafted some hitters in his time. He has shown power with some swing and miss, but let's give him some time to develop. He's not coming from a baseball hotbed, so let's see what we got in instructs and next spring before we throw dirt on the kid.
  13. Maybe I read a little too much into Buck's bristly comments, at times, when he talks about personnel moves. He seems evasive about their relationship mostly, aside from the occasional, "we talk about things regularly" comments he will make. Perception, for me, is that Dan wanted to sell and Buck did not. That is the scenario I think Dan lives for. Making trades and building a younger and cheaper talent base. Buck clearly likes his nuggets and holds them as long as he can. Markakis and Wieters were like sons for him, and it crushed him to see them leave. Perhaps that is a healthy difference, but seems not to be at times. It seems like an underlying tension between them occasionally gets intense. I appreciate what Buck has done and continues to do. I want him to stay as long as he likes, to be clear. We have had no better manager since Earl. And yes, I want him to get his WS ring with us. As far as development, Buck is certainly involved. Peterson's ousting was interestingly quiet. I was just referring to the evaluations of players that were moved for minimal return. Every organization has goofs there, but Bridwell and Miranda just seem to have been undervalued. Bridwell and Ed Rodriguez made some reported changes and the results were immediately better upon leaving the O's. Ed Rod brought us Miller in a time we went for it. I'm good with that. But to lose a young pitcher like this for a PTBNL?
  14. It's tough, because Buck has brought this team back from the dark ages. There is no one more prepared than Buck. He is great, from a fan perspective, to listen to in his press conferences. It is fair to say his loyalties to older players sometimes hinders the progress of the team, overall. But that loyalty is why most players love him. He's an old school baseball guy, by today's standards. When he leaves the manager job, I believe it will be on his terms. But when he does, he will be missed. He and Dan just do not get along, that much is obvious. But I wonder if some of the grief Dan gets for trading young pitchers away that flourish elsewhere belongs at the feet of Buck. In fairness, you cannot tell me that if Buck wanted Bridwell or Miranda up that he could not have had them. He certainly had seen him over the years, along with the others. Buck as the GM...that is interesting, a little scary and very likely.
  15. Well, yeah...Babe Ruth is dead. If we traded for him, I am sure I would complain. 😉 Zach will be worth more in the offseason, if that is the direction they want to go. But the fact that no one beyond Kim was dealt, it's clear Angelos decided to go for it. My gut says Buck had something to say about keeping his nuggets. He and Dan really must not like each other, at all. Two different ways of doing things for sure. But their lack of cohesion has this team in a confusing state.