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  1. How much "Elite" does a team need?

    High Leverage Situation...how is that defined in these stats? link? I admit my statement/example of Palmeiro was based on watching every game during those years, and I have not found stats to back that up. Fair or not, that was what I perceived. I did not say he did not have some clutch moments, just that he was not considered a "clutch" player. My point was not made clearly, and that is what I get for multi-tasking at work. I can always count on you to throw a wrench into my flawed posts...lol. Manny clearly is elite. Who on the current roster would you rather have facing the best closers in the playoffs in the 9th inning? To answer the OP, I think you need a few elite players. Staff Ace, Closer, and maybe two elite hitters. The Cubs deal, I think I do that deal if it is the best deal you think you can get for one year of Manny. We don't have the team around Manny to make it work, and perhaps you can move other players for the pitching you seek. We have an elite closer, and even he is out until June or July, at best. I would say Adam is a tremendous player/competitor, but not elite at the plate. Bundy and Schoop are next.
  2. How much "Elite" does a team need?

    Truly elite players are not guys who simply put up big numbers. They are the guys who find a way to win, a way to beat the other team in any way they can. I remember Raffy Palmeiro hit a bunch of homers for bad Oriole teams when we were down 8-1 in the 7th inning. Pitchers threw the ball over the plate with big leads, and Raffy capitalized. Those were meaningless bombs, usually solo shots. And it always seemed that when the game was on the line that he never came through. Conversely, Eddie Murray often seemed to find a way to beat you in clutch moments. I remember Lee Smith knocking him down, and Eddie taking him deep on the next pitch to go ahead late. I think of Joe Carter bunting in the playoffs for the Jays to win a game. I think of Jeter as an elite player, not for his numbers, but for his ability to beat you in so many ways. Machado cannot get out of the way of his own ego, and it really is a shame. But what current Oriole would you rather have up to bat facing Aroldis Chapman in the 9th inning?
  3. Jose Mesa Jr - Rule 5 Draftee

    That was some better video, certainly a highlight reel, but it makes your point that he can flash a solid CB. Some hangers there too that AA hitters missed, but I can see more of what you were talking about. The slider had some nice late movement at times. Thanks.
  4. Good stuff. You bring a lot to the table here, and it is greatly appreciated.
  5. Jose Mesa Jr - Rule 5 Draftee

    Thanks for that. I look forward to seeing him in the Spring.
  6. Jose Mesa Jr - Rule 5 Draftee

    Thanks Philly, for all of your hard work. I have seen less video than you, but I am not as high on him as you. To me the curve is terrible, he cannot seem to stay on top of it. The fastball has some pop, but it is straight from what I saw. His change was ok at times, not much depth though. It looked like maybe he throws a split like his dad, and that could be his swing and miss offering for pen duty. He seems to like to work down in the zone, and below it. I think he will get crushed at the ML level, and certainly as a starter. ML hitters will make him bring the ball up. I am intrigued by what you wrote about his uptick and possibility as a starter. He’s a soft bodied kid, but like you said, he likely got some wisdom from dad. And wow, he looks just like him on the mound. I actually like Araujo’s stuff much better. I was surprised you are down on him. Neither will probably stick, but Araujo seemed to have better command of his fb and movement.
  7. Could John Hart be our GM in waiting?

    He also managed in the minors for the O’s for 5-6 years before that. He was a high school baseball coach at Boone HS here in Orlando before that. He had a dream rise to his career.
  8. Could John Hart be our GM in waiting?

    John Hart and Buck are very good friends. I know this because I actually know John a bit. He and his family live here in Orlando and he has spoken on a few occasions of his great respect for Buck as a friend and baseball man. He’s as fine a man as there is in baseball and I find it difficult to believe he had any real involvement in the scandal. I would love to see him come back to the Orioles, the first organization to employ him. That said, I wonder if he really wants to work full time in baseball as a GM. I do not in any way speak for him. I have not seen him in several months, but I wonder if that is in the cards for him. But I would love to see him in the front office in some capacity.
  9. O’s Awarded the 33rd Pick

    Thanks for the clarity. They can still trade the pick anytime and just refer to it as “future considerations.” And then, once the season starts, the transaction will be completed formally. I hope DD keeps the pick. I have seen the high school kids in the upcoming draft up close as my son has played with and against them over the years. There is quite a bit of talent in this draft and #33 should get us a very talented addition.
  10. O’s Awarded the 33rd Pick

    Yes, and please, Dan, do not trade that pick!
  11. Brach is a max effort delivery guy. He has not started in what, 10 years? Does he have a ML average third pitch, change up? Hopefully, Brach has value to someone as a back end option and we move him this off season. I would think Miguel Castro is the guy to move into a starter role. There was talk of Bleier becoming a starter as well, but I'm not sure how serious that was. He did have 170 innings as a starter, almost exclusively, in 2015. He has been a starter for most of his pro career, so not foreign to him. Would have to stretch him out, but it is an option. As you may expect, his stuff is short and K/9 is quite low as a starter. https://www.baseball-reference.com/register/player.fcgi?id=bleier001ric
  12. Thanks. I did not know Means had that velo, even in short stints.
  13. 2017 Arizona Fall League Thread

    Very few have the range of Arrenado at 3B, maybe Manny and ?. He just moved there a few months ago. It’s early in his transition, for me anyway. I’d be happy if he can play 3B at the level of Moustakas with a step and a dive. I personally do not need him to win a gold glove there. The bat is legit, so let’s see what he can do at 3B for the next year or two.
  14. We seem to agree on Harvey and Wynns. Hess, I can see being taken easily and stashed in someon’s pen. He’s a hard thrower with better stuff in the pen. I think the LHP Gonzalez has a shot, because he is a lefty with good stuff, but limited experience to Frederick. Gonzalez may just be able to hang in someone’s pen. Those would be my four. Some think Wilkerson, Means and Long. Wilkerson cannot play SS well, but I like his overall offensive game as a bench guy. I can see a case for him, and he’s on the bubble for me. The resigning of Sardiñas may impact the chances of him being on the 40. Means, other than being LH and throwing strikes, tell me why would we want to protect him? Long seems amazingly effective at times, but the stuff is a bit short for a reliever. Does he have the stamina to be a starter? Would any of these three be taken and stashed on a ML roster? Someone sell me on Means and Long. I just don’t see it. Dosch is another guy who is interesting, but falls short to me. Philly, and others, summed up why. Rifaela is another guy that falls far short, to me, for all of the reasons stated.
  15. Well, I did say it all depends on what money he wants. Loyalty does matter, and I think Adam has been quite loyal to this organization on and off of the field. He’s been our unofficial team captain. He could have gotten more money if he had left, so I think he showed loyalty and commitment to the city of Baltimore. Nowhere in my post did I advocate overpaying him. I do think it is a good move to bring him back at a reasonable rate to help mentor the next wave of OF’s. He may not want to come back. Trumbo’s resigning had nothing to do with loyalty. It had to do with him being a monster for one season. A bad idea to resign him, yup, but no one owed him anything. Davis, yeah, that was as bad as you say.