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  1. Some current and former players, even HOF’ers, actually don’t even like baseball. Some hate it, at least that is what they will say privately. I get what you’re saying, from the perspective of the player. But as a fan, the culture of the game is/was what made it special to me. It was far more entertaining when ignorance was bliss. We now know far too much, innocence lost. There is no...”Magic of Orioles Baseball.” Somewhere, the heart of Wild Bill Hagy is broken.
  2. I am not a fan of changing the game to appeal to the NBA type fan with a short attention span. The current game is not the same as it was in the 1970-1980’s when I first loved and learned the game. But change is inevitable and I am not going to bemoan subtle changes. No pitch clocks, and no Texas style tie breakers in extra innings. I do like that the catcher cannot take 15 visits to the mound in a game as well. And the netting was a must. The fields have gotten smaller, the mound lower, the ball is juiced, modern hitter training has advanced exponentially, players are more physically fit, and there are more hanging sliders and curve balls than before (at least it seems that way.) The shift, although I hate it, I say leave it. Make the hitter adjust, which is what the game is all about, to me anyway. I’d like to see the mounds raised back up, just a bit. And raise the seams of the ball, so a breaking ball has more bite. I agree the current ball they use is just too hot. I also agree there is too many strike outs, but you cannot legislate players to make more contact. I like a 2-1 pitcher’s duel. I appreciate great defense, and the execution of the little things. I like stolen bases and the hit and run. I think triples are more exciting than most home runs. That said, the home run is king. I just would like to see less of them. Make it mean something. My goodness, Al Bumbry would average 20 homers a year with the current ball. I’d like to see pitchers pitch inside more. Hitters today take swings that no respectable pitcher used to allow. You dig in, you get knocked down. You dive in, you get knocked down. You take great big hacks, you might just wear one. Everything that has changed over the years benefits the hitter. Time to allow the pitcher to prosper some. I don’t really like the bat flips, but I don’t really care if they flip and take a look at a bomb they just hit. Especially in a big moment. If you hit a dinger, and you’re still down 10-3 in the 8th inning, no flips please. I can see some of what the former players are saying. I miss the strategy, and more so the culture of baseball of 30 years ago. Talking to some of the old guys, listening to their stories, it just takes me back. But those days are gone. It’s not a Field of Dreams anymore. It’s a field of people staring at their cell phones and data driven calculations. No more umpire vs. manager arguments to entertain us on occasion. No big rivalries anymore. The players all get along. It’s a neat and tidy package now. Too bad.
  3. Well, no...but the goals are vastly different for Diaz. 😆
  4. Do you think he has done enough to move up to Norfolk in 2020?
  5. Really has a chance to be a great story. Nice pick!
  6. I thought a lot about Rob Neustrom, but I am going with Zach Watson. Speed and defense are outstanding, and he grinds. Hope he makes some strength gains in the off season. He’ll obviously need more contact, and better discipline, but the tools are there to have some impact. Interestingly, there could be a few guys from the DSL teams that could create a lot of buzz next year as well.
  7. I agree. It’s just that, sometimes, he shows patience in his approach and shortens up. Sometimes, not. Sometimes, he drives the hall all over the field; and sometimes, he gets long and pull happy. But when he does make contact, he drills it. His exit velo is really elite.
  8. 🤣...Well, so much for the video I just watched. Hope he makes it through.
  9. If you have not done so, watch some video of Rondon. He has a lot of defensive ability, as advertised. Very good quick soft hands and range, with about a 55-60 arm and average speed. The bat, well there is some pop there, mostly gap to gap, but he took Matt Boyd deep to RF on a pitch high and outside. I like the pickup, and I would like to see him play quite a bit just to see what he can do with regular reps. He might have a shot to be the starting 2B if Villar is not brought back in 2020. Edit: Never mind....
  10. I would love to see Givens, Castro and Bleier all rebuild their value for Winter trades. I think some of Hyde’s handling of the pen has been rough at times in regards to these guys. I want to see Bundy have a solid finish for the same off season movement. I want to see Santander and Severino keep progressing in all phases. Same with Richie Martin. They are the only three position players, currently on the 25 man, likely to be here when we are good again. I want to see Nunez keep raking. He has really matured as a hitter, not trying to pull everything. I want to see him find a position, but I’m not optimistic. I want to see Rio Ruiz improve his conditioning and strength. I want to see him trust his hands and stop trying to pull everything. He gets long and it kills him. He has a real chance to hit, and there much more power there, but he has work to do. I want to see Hays stay in AAA until a September call up. I want him to find stability and again become the guy he should be. I was glad to see Mancini stay, but he needs to be at 1B. I love watching Trey hit. DFA Chris Davis, I know it won’t happen anytime soon, but it is severely clogging things up. He’s awful. Eat the mistake and move forward. I want to see less of Dwight Smith Jr. and more of DJ Stewart. Although I do not think Stewart is well thought of internally. I don’t particularly think he’s a long term answer either, but I want to see if he can make some adjustments and be productive. He took some really bad swings in his short time in Baltimore, and I want to see if he was just pressing and makes adjustments.
  11. Bleier, Castro, Givens, Bundy, Wynns, Villar and Mullins could all be traded, non tendered or DFA’d this Winter. Stewart is another guy that just does not seem to be in the plans, and I would not be surprised to see him traded. Smith is a guy that can hit, but as the season has progressed, his soft body and terrible arm really show. He’s banged up, and has been for a while before the concussion I think. But I would not be upset if he’s moved as well, or even DFA’d.
  12. Is there? No matter where you’ve been for the past 4-5 years, it’s where you are headed from here. No? I get what you’re saying, but does that really matter in the grand scheme? I mean if he takes off, prospect wise, from here, does anyone care that he has been in professional baseball for 5 years before getting to Delmarva? Does he somehow become less of a prospect? Or is he a success story of perseverance and good coaching? He seems to be another existing talent that Chris Holt and staff have helped turn a corner.
  13. Not sure that he will be, but I really like his set up at the plate last night. Lowering his hands and eliminating the leg kick really allows him to get through the fastball on time. We’ll see what the second half brings. This thread reminds me of the negative comments once commonly heaped onto Santander. Martin is a guy that still may hit after all. I would not count him out just yet.
  14. While that is certainly valid and fair, he was a one time top 100 prospect and had to overcome shoulder surgery and a few other things. So, maybe there’s a 4th OF there. Won’t know until he gets a chance.
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