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  1. Jammer7

    Grayson Rodriguez vs. Matthew Liberatore

    I saw both pitch in summer travel ball. Saw Libby twice. They are both legit, obviously. Libby was more of a known quantity and pitched for the Central Florida Gators which also had fellow first rounders Mason Denaburg (Nats) and Nolan Gorman (Cardinals). Rodriguez was with an equally impressive Banditos team, but he was not thought of as a first rounder then. I say that to say Libby got a lot more press and looks. That lofty ranking may yet be deserved some day, but I think it is just residual hype and the fact that he is left handed. Grayson has more upside to me, and we can let him develop gradually.
  2. Jammer7

    Roch: Caleb will not be back, "guaranteed"

    Wieters could give him a slow jog for his money.
  3. Jammer7

    Should Mike and Sig convert Hunter Harvey to a reliever?

    Yeah, and I should clarify that, to me, a TOR guy gets through the 200 inning plateau. He’s at least a few years away from that. I am curious what innings target the new staff would like to see him attain in 2019.
  4. Jammer7

    Should Mike and Sig convert Hunter Harvey to a reliever?

    Count me in the group that just wants him to stay healthy; and the best way to do that is for HH to remain a starter for this year. Easier to control his innings. He has an MLB starter’s repertoire and he is the kind of kid that you need to be all-in with. It’s an investment in 2021 and beyond. I don’t think he’s a potential TOR guy at this point, but a 3-4 guy is within reach. And you can always fall back on the reliever role later.
  5. Jammer7

    Trezza 2/1/19: Will O's target star Cuban SS Sanchez?

    The money is not “earmarked.” It is simply that they are allowed to spend up to the amount listed by MLB without penalty. The money is and was always the asset of the team. They spend it as they see fit, on whatever they want. That is why Duquette traded the international slots away for marginal prospects. He knew that he would not spend the Orioles’ money, so he traded the slots to other teams to allow them to spend their own money. No currency actually changed hands in these deals.
  6. Jammer7

    We’re #30 - Keith Law farm systems rankings

    I am very excited about DL Hall,Grayson Rodriguez, Ryan Mountcastle, Austin Hays and Yusniel Diaz. I am anxious to see what McKenna, Kremer, Harvey, Akin, Lowther, Tate and Ortiz do. Ranking the Orioles #30 is just plain silly, but he’s entitled to his opinion. But the truth is, we have a long way to go and some of these guys just like to pile on while they can. The new staff will have a tremendous impact on many things. I am quite curious as to how it will all unfold. Another guy that intrigues me still, Anthony Santander, though no longer a prospect, and he’s a long shot, but I can’t help but think he is the kind of guy the regime can really help.
  7. Jammer7

    Wieters and Rutschman

    Fair enough. Owe you a beer.
  8. Jammer7

    Wieters and Rutschman

    Easy...as do I have much to do. Which was why I missed by one pick. And that post was not directed to you, if you look again. Easy....
  9. Jammer7

    Wieters and Rutschman

    Hey pal, the flogged thing was also known as humor. I am not mad. Not that sensitive. I was posting on the go. It’s all good.
  10. Jammer7

    Wieters and Rutschman

    You are so kind. It is my opinion, and I would rather have had Mad Bum or Jason Heyward. I know you will look it up to fact check me on my comments from then. Enjoy. And just for clarification, my thought process was as to how i would draft them in retrospect. Would you rank him as the #5 prospect in that draft now? I would not, but hey, whatever.
  11. Jammer7

    Wieters and Rutschman

    Off by one pick, excuse me. I should be flogged, purged. And it’s debatable whether or not he was worthy of the #5 pick. There certainly was much worse out there, and I suppose the lense I view him through is tainted by his inability to reach the hype that surrounded him. I wanted them to take Mad Bum or Jason Heyward at that slot, personally. And I am sure Frobby will look it up to see my comments from then. It was a particularly bad draft that year.
  12. Jammer7

    Wieters and Rutschman

    Matt Wieters did/does everything slowly. 😉 The bat may have slowed down because of how much of a beating he took. But he was a very good major league catcher for several years. Not worthy of the #4 pick in the first round, but he was the consensus talent for that spot at the time of the draft. Underachieved, no doubt.
  13. If they A’s did not have his eyes tested, were they aware of the contacts? You would think so, but who knows. Maybe there is something else. Maybe they just don’t think he works hard enough. Perhaps they think the swing just won’t work at the next level.
  14. Brady struggled to make contact early in his career, and yeah, you still have to actually hit it. Muscle does not track and hit the ball for you. But hey, see it however you like.
  15. Except that Martin was a first round pick, not some 31st rounder. They had a lot of money invested in him. Its more than just what numbers you have, 20/20 or whatever. It’s the depth perception, and the ability for the eyes to adjust quickly to movement. I recall Brady Anderson talking about this at length many years ago. He spoke about eye exercises he did frequently and how those exercises helped his hitting ability.