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  1. BirdinBama

    Does anybody REALLY care any more?

    Of course we care. We're fans. I'm just not watching or listening as much. And I usually make two or three trips to Baltimore per season from here in Alabama. Not this year. I think I would care a lot more if they brought up Hays and Mullins. Just something different. And I am watching to see what, IF ANYTHING, we do in trades.
  2. BirdinBama

    Paul, how about a positive article on the future

    Wildcard, your post made me feel somewhat better today.
  3. BirdinBama

    Who would you hire to replace Buck?

    Just curious, has Cal ever given any indication that he would want a manager's job? Farrell make a ton of sense.
  4. I really can't watch this team. On the positive side, I have been reading a lot and going to bed earlier!
  5. BirdinBama

    This team is cooked

    This team really sucks.
  6. BirdinBama

    OD SP 7IP 0R

    I had to listen on the radio. Obviously Bundy had a great start. What impressed my fellow hangouters about him yesterday?
  7. BirdinBama

    I went to Opening Day

    Sounds like a terrific day all around!
  8. BirdinBama

    Mike Wright, Jr. as a starter

    How can anyone be even a little optimistic about this season with this pitching staff? Cobb addition would at least give us a chance.
  9. BirdinBama

    I love the Orioles no matter what

    I will always be an Orioles fan. They moved to Charm City the year I was born. I was at Game 4 in 1966 with my dad, who has long since been deceased. Ownership takes us for granted, in my opinion, and that pisses me off!
  10. I was just thinking, which is a dangerous thing. Our system has been much maligned, but then I think about Manny, Mancini, Schoop, Bundy, Gausman....all products of our system. Is it that bad?
  11. BirdinBama

    Should we stay close to our computers today?

    Be still my heart, I can't stand the suspense.......................
  12. BirdinBama

    What Do You Think was Communicated

    I fail to understand how ownership sees this team as anything but last place in the AL East. Everyone, even the casual fan, knows it. If the rumored offer from the Cubs was on the table, and we did not jump at it, I am done as a fan.
  13. BirdinBama

    Os requesting offers on Machado

    That's pathetic.
  14. BirdinBama

    Os requesting offers on Machado

    Absolutely he needs to be traded! I don't own the team, and don't have to pay the bills.The Orioles moved to Baltimore the year I was born, and I have been a fan all my life. But if we let Manny stay, and all we get is a draft pick, I just don't know whether I can be a fan of this organization anymore.
  15. BirdinBama

    As the reality of Manny leaving the O's sinks in

    I love Manny. I would love to have him for the next ten years, but that is not going to happen. So, let's pull the trigger now and trade for the future.