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  1. I read a lot about Henderson living down here. He was just named Mr. Baseball down here. I hope we sign him, and thanks for all the posted answers to my original question!
  2. So Henderson might go to Auburn instead of signing with the Orioles. But, why? He signs with us, gets a nice signing bonus, and starts living a dream that I would have killed for. Suppose he gets hurt in college?
  3. I've enjoyed watching this team way more than I thought I would.
  4. I'm with you, Frobby! Hope is springing eternal right now.
  5. I find myself really looking forward to watching these Orioles. With new management and a solid plan for development, I am optimistic. The journey of a thousand miles begins with one small step!
  6. I'm excited now for what this team will look like 3-4 years from now! I really am. I know we're going to lose a lot of ball games, that the yankee and red sox fans will take over the yard. I just can't wait to see some of young players, who we get in the draft, and watching the Elias makeover! Let's go!
  7. At least I am excited again! It's going to be tough for a few years, but I like this hire!
  8. Of course we care. We're fans. I'm just not watching or listening as much. And I usually make two or three trips to Baltimore per season from here in Alabama. Not this year. I think I would care a lot more if they brought up Hays and Mullins. Just something different. And I am watching to see what, IF ANYTHING, we do in trades.
  9. Wildcard, your post made me feel somewhat better today.
  10. Just curious, has Cal ever given any indication that he would want a manager's job? Farrell make a ton of sense.
  11. I really can't watch this team. On the positive side, I have been reading a lot and going to bed earlier!
  12. I had to listen on the radio. Obviously Bundy had a great start. What impressed my fellow hangouters about him yesterday?
  13. Sounds like a terrific day all around!
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