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  1. Pheasants

    Updated prospect list

    With Carmona added to Grenier, Hall and McCoy and it seems like a bunch of other young shortstops, do any of them have the bats to play other positions besides ss and 2nd?
  2. Pheasants

    Milb.com ranks O’s system’s first half a C-

    I read through it for the teams that have been in the trade talk and decided I couldn't trust the report as something to evaluate a trade on. They were listing in their positives guys with averages in the 240s with no power.
  3. Pheasants

    Ryan Mountcastle 2018

    I saw somewhere a comment that hand injuries usually result in a temporary loss of power.
  4. Pheasants

    David Hess 2018

    Why was he left in for 8 batters? Wasn't it clear he had lost it? Was it just to try to finish the inning so he could be pinch hit for?
  5. Several people are mentioning that our minor league talent is not good enough to lead a contending team. Thus they say we cannot keep Bundy, Gausman and Cobb (provided he returns to 2017 Cobb not the current one) to lead our pitching and have Hays, Mullins, Stewart, etc lead our outfield, Mancini at 1B, Sisco at C, while replacing 3B, SS and 2B with trade returns for Machado, Britton and Schoop, etc. OK, if that is true, who has been realistically named as a prospect we could get back for our trades of even Bundy that would be the man (men) to lead us to contending level? I have not heard a proposal for anyone better at any position than our current outfield prospects who are apparently not good enough. We are not going to be offered the new stud infielders from the Yankees or Red Sox. Toronto is not going to give us Vlad Jr. Therefore, I'm not sure there is a better choice than keeping our three pitchers who should be #3s or better, trusting that half of our minor league outfield prospects come through--Mullins or McKenna, Stewart or Mountcastle, Hays or one of several reaching down to Jarrett--and doing the partial rebuild by selling the relievers, Machado and Schoop. Any prospective free agents should be traded, but others only if we get a whale of a deal.
  6. Pheasants

    Tony on 105.7

    Buck might be good for a rebuild if none of his guys were still on the team. He would have to truly start over as he did when first hired.
  7. Pheasants

    Early Aberdeen Roster

    It really seems that we have enough pitching to fill Bluefield if we were still there. I'm sure we could scrape up the fielders.
  8. I was surprised by a college shortstop after our 37 pick. Hopefully we are thinking 3B where he played last year.
  9. Pheasants

    Can our current rotation do better?

    I'm not sure I follow. Cashner and Hess get worse. (If Hess hits 5.00, I think he's gone and we try someone else.) You had Bundy and Gausman doing better than their current ERAs, both below your team prediction of 4.65. Cobb is likely to go down to about the 4.20 he's been pitching for a month. So do you really expect Cashner and Hess to be so bad they offset improvements by the other three?
  10. Pheasants

    Can our current rotation do better?

    For them to average 4.65, it would mean that more than Hess and Cashner would have to get worse (or Cobb gets better but stays around 5.) While I no longer trust Gausman to get any better, I can't see him getting much worse. So I think a starter ERA under 4.5 should be expected.
  11. Pheasants

    Alex Wells 2018

    I guess it's not news when he's good again. 6 plus with one run and no walks yesterday.
  12. Pheasants

    Prospects who could get extended look in 2018

    He may no longer be a prospect, but the current reality looks better than what we have in the majors. So what if he's there for only a few months until a prospect develops.
  13. Pheasants

    Prospects who could get extended look in 2018

    I want to see either Dosch or Corbin Joseph up to replace Jace.
  14. Pheasants

    Peterson Question

    Would he actually be better than Dosch or Corbin Joseph? Glove maybe but their AAA and AA averages should translate to better than Jace is hitting.