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  1. Pheasants

    Hyde: New O’s Manager

    I didn't read everything, especially as the news became did we/didn't we, but one thing I never saw in any of the comments on Hyde: Is he a believer in analytics? How much so? I hope whoever we hire is on the same page as the front office.
  2. Pheasants

    Do you support rules limiting defensive shifts?

    I'm only in favor of a simple rule: Must be two infielders on either side of the second base bag. (If we state it as two, then you can't call a shifted player a 4th outfielder.) You can play the SS one foot over from right behind the bag and put the 3B in the SS spot; it's still quite a shift.
  3. Pheasants

    How long does your blank check for Elias last?

    Why not start a prediction calendar on when the first negative thread shows up (not by our Debbie Downers who hate everything)? I'd bet by the end of Spring Training, and I could even see one about the choice of manager. I like the choice of Elias; I think he'll be great, but we've spent two years in a culture of negativity.
  4. Pheasants

    2018 Orioles Top Prospect List

    Tony, How much stronger do you think the system is now? If you were to take last year's list and put current Dietz or Carmona in it, where would they fit, 25, 20?
  5. Pheasants

    How long does your blank check for Elias last?

    If Elias does not nontender Beckham and he is the starting shortstop next season, I think many blank checks will go away. If he adds even one low-level pitcher to our list of bad trades, the rest will go away. I don't see the OHers as blind followers. I see a lot of agendas out there.
  6. In other words, they add how-to knowledge to their physical ability. I remember a few years ago, someone (Drungo?) was quoting some national analyst about pitchers only having so many pitches in their arms so we shouldn't waste a lot of them in the minors after they are pitching well. Then we hear the rushing argument for Gausman. I don't really think anyone has figured out when to send a pitcher to the majors.
  7. Pheasants

    Ryan Mountcastle - 3B - 2018 #3 Prospect

    Is this true of Mancini in general or just the middle of 2018? I thought that hitting GBs became a problem rather than always being a problem.
  8. Pheasants

    Keegan Akin - LHP - 2018 #11 Prospect

    On September 11, you posted in the minor league section on Akin: "Akin had a good year and is definitely a top five prospect in the organization. I'd like to see him get in a little better condition this offseason, but as David Wells proved, you don't always need the perfect body to be an effective pitcher. He should get an opportunity to compete next spring but most likely will get ticketed to Norfolk for awhile, but he could be in the rotation by next summer." Anything in particular change your mind?
  9. Pheasants

    Ryan McKenna - OF - 2018 #13 Prospect

    Last I saw reported here McKenna had an OPS over 1.1 in Arizona. If he hits that well, would it matter if he never hit a home run? Would it be better for him to try to keep hitting as he does now or change something in order to get "power" and thus sacrifice something that is now working? Is he a good enough athlete to retain everything he now has and add the power?
  10. Pheasants

    My approach to the 2019 season

    Maybe they should wait so it fits the new GM's plans, but Graham has whatever power the Angelos boys give him. Apparently he would have been allowed to sign the Cubans.
  11. Pheasants

    Who Will Get Cut From The 40-Man By Opening Day?

    Without Duquette, I think there is a good chance we don't go for a rule 5 player--after all we have a ton of young talent to evaluate right now. As far as free agents are concerned, why go for a big name for the next two years? And the type DD signed won't be much above the guys we have. Time to find out what we've got.
  12. Pheasants

    2018 top 1-5 Prospects Vote

    Sorry, I rmisread the 6-10 list, Kremer is still eligible.
  13. Pheasants

    2018 top 1-5 Prospects Vote

    Can I revote? You changed 5 which already had mine and another vote--I know it can't be Kremer since he's number 6. (No one has voted for the first list, so if you stuck Kremer up there instead, it would work for me.)
  14. Pheasants

    2018 top 1-5 Prospects Vote

    choices 1 and 5 are the same list. A hint?