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  1. At this point I'm not sure many are worth a shot if we have to put them on the 40man. Is there enough time to evaluate them before we have to add all the new people and start cutting? Of course, if he was released, we don't have to put him on the 40 man do we--unless we want to use him in Baltimore.
  2. A double, two walks, two hits batsemen, 2K--could it be that playing conditions were the cause? Was he slipping on the mound? Unable to fully extend with his legs? The umps may have looked at how bad it was and used his inability to pitch under the conditions as the reason to postpone the game. I don't like his Frederick season, but I think that start should not be seen as the real him.
  3. Except it would be planned that they only go a scheduled 5 or 6. The starter walks on the field knowing his innings instead of expecting to pitch until they are in trouble. Of course they could be pulled early if needed, and it could be agreed to make exceptions for perfect game starts.
  4. I'm still rooting for a decision to change the system to 9-10 guys who can all do 5-6 innings. Start 5 for 5 innings, have another do 3 innings of relief and have 1-2 guys like Alvarado at the end as closers. The starters can switch off if need be. No one faces a third time through the lineup. Other than Baumann it looks like most of our starter prosopects are good for 6 and we have a few relievers throwing 3 at a time. We could put together enough guys in a couple of years for the Os.
  5. Reyes to Bowie finally, but would they jump him over Encarnacion?
  6. But you got to see Wojo outpitch Verlander; something to tell your grandchildren. (unless the only thing that counts is strikeouts--a "true" outcome.)
  7. What is McInturff's reputation? A good scout or a repeater of what others say? (I noticed the agreement with Law on Rodriguez--so is he basically copying Law or stating an independent opinion?)
  8. The purpose of walks is to get a good OBP. His OBP at present would be second on the Orioles if he did the same in the majors. Beyond that I have twice asked and never received an answer: Is Mountcastle expanding the strikezone and swinging at bad pitches, and thus pitchers know they don't have to throw strikes? Or is he swinging at every strike he sees and thus should be a bit more judicious about what he is likely to hit hard? The former will cause a huge problem; the latter only against pitchers like Wells. Or can he not catch up to fastballs or not hit sliders? In those cases, I don't see how his average could be as high as it is because pitchers would know what to throw at him. I'd like to see some analysis of why he doesn't walk much. If he knows the strikezone, I'm not worried.
  9. On deadline day I was thinking it was a perfect time to sell Wojo high--2 great starts in a row; just convince someone he had found the magic touch. Too bad we didn't.
  10. Maybe they simply had to find a place for Stewart? The biggest problem with making Mountcastle an outfielder is that they have other prospects out there. If Hayes, Diaz, Stewart, McKenna all hit their top projections, outfield is already crowded, and I don't think they can, at present, throw anyone away to look at Mountcastle. It is possible that next year, after checking their inventory by evaluating everyone all this year, they can toss Mullins and Stewart into the recycle bin, but for now they are still evaluating.
  11. If he goes up it means sitting Williams, Hayes or Stewart. To me, that is Stewart, but are we ready to declare him a non-prospect? Of course, we could run a rotating DH.
  12. I saw Mountcastle last Friday. In that game, he was a patient hitter at the plate. He struck out looking on a 3-2 pitch that looked low and inside to me. (The ump really liked low, off-the-corner looking pitches all night so if he'd been watching the ump, not the plate, he should have swung. Hayes struck out looking twice.) He went to 3-1 in another at bat. I don't remember him swinging at an obvious ball all night. Perhaps he should not swing at some strikes to avoid ground balls. Other comments from the game: Hayes has a great arm. Stewart looked worse than I expected in the outfield, slow. Sucre, however, made Stewart look fast as a runner. I've now seen two Norfolk games (The other I was too far away to judge batting.); Sucre is pure molasses going to first and does not seem able to reach back for an extra gear on what should be a close play. I hope never to see him in Baltimore again.
  13. Three innings every 6 no, but they may increase the frequency. I look at the number of pitchers who are normally going 5 or 6 innings as starters or piggy backing with someone and going 4 each and I wonder if that could be the future. Have 10 guys at Baltimore who can pitch 5 innings well and continually piggy back them. Almost never have to worry about the third time through the lineup. They can all air it out a bit more. Let starters go beyond 5 only if they are really dominating like Baumann or Hanifee the last times. Any of them can start and any can relieve, if they are even enough. Match the pitchers up so a finesse guy piggy backs with a power pitcher. In AAA, even Straily has shown the ability to do three clean before he runs out of wind. Ynoa might be workable if he got consistent. Then you could have a pitcher to clean things up if someone falters.
  14. Pheasants

    Austin Hays 2019

    I saw Hayes' speed Thursday at Durham. He took off for second on a 3-2 pitch and did a full slide. The catcher threw despite it being ball four, but neither infielder covered the bag. Hayes got up, didn't even slow at third and made it home easily before the ball came in.
  15. Pheasants

    Mullins to Bowie

    I think this says Stewart and Hayes are up with Stewart still on rehab so he has to go to Baltimore soon. Mullins needs to play every day, so find him a place. When Stewart goes up, Mullins goes back. So I think its just practical. Now if McKenna gets promoted to replace Stewart, then Mullins has slid.
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