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  1. Pheasants

    Prospect Live Orioles Top 30 List

    I was waiting for McCoy to show up so I could read that all four shortstops in the lower levels are really 2Bs.
  2. Pheasants

    Fall and Winter Leagues

    Thank you.
  3. Pheasants

    Fall and Winter Leagues

    Would posters of pictures please identify the players; I don't know minor leaguers well enough to recognize them.
  4. Pheasants


    I hope our other outfield prospects--Stewart, Hayes, etc.--prove good enough that we have to have him share 1B/DH with Mancini (if he goes back to last year's hitter).
  5. Pheasants

    Reminder, doubleheader today

    To be fair, I think we should note that the O's pitched their B squad in Game 1--Meisinger, who hasn't been effective yet; Hart, who most OHers want off the team; Means after three weeks sitting at home; and Carroll, who must be hiding some quality somewhere but I haven't seen it. We didn't pitch anyone we'd want in a tight game.
  6. Pheasants

    An Early Look at the 2019 Draft

    But, having them do that throughout their minor league career means they are not spending their time working on being the best SS they can be. Once they have reached the level you want, go ahead and play them anywhere, but give them the chance to make it at the premier position.
  7. Pheasants

    An Early Look at the 2019 Draft

    I agree on the best prospect but you do have to have someplace to play him. We get 4-6 SS who all belong in Frederick, we wind up shortchanging someone and he could have been the guy who could have been a star.
  8. Pheasants

    Steve Wilkerson!

    He's looking good as a DH.
  9. Pheasants

    Grayson Rodriguez 2018

    Every pitcher knows lower velocity will almost always lead to worse results.They would not want to change without other measures to counteract that.Higher mound, bigger strike zone,requiring thicker bats so less speed? I don't think going to more breaking pitches will mean less injury. I remember all the talk about torque on the bones from various pitches.
  10. Pheasants

    Jimmy Yacabonis 2018

  11. Pheasants

    Jimmy Yacabonis 2018

    ? Since I has them going 5, I don't understand the reply.
  12. Pheasants

    Jimmy Yacabonis 2018

    Is stamina develop-able? He's only had one year of trying to be a starter. I don't know if he can add another inning--maybe workouts with Brady will help.😀 Actually, with the number of pitchers we have that don't seem to go beyond the 5th inning well, I'd like to try an approach where we only expect the starter to go 5 innings, maybe 6 only if they are throwing extremely well, then we have relievers who have been prepared to go 2 or 3 innings starting a fresh inning--trained like Scott with three inning appearances in the minors. Of course, we probably could not do it with Buck managing as he seems to like to let a starter pitch until he's in trouble. I would not have had Bundy start the 7th last game because he gave up runs in 5 and 6 and hasn't been pitching well lately. If this became a set approach, we might be able to go with 4 starters (I'm old enough to remember 4 starters who tried to go whole games, impossible today, but at 5 innings possible I think), 4 2-inning relievers and 3 to take on the 8th and 9th. No loogies.
  13. Pheasants

    Jonathan Villar- Our new 2B?

    How good is his defense at ss?
  14. That is true, but I keep being surprised by statements about seemingly good AAA pitchers that they have to change to be successful in the majors. I don't seem to hear that from other organizations.
  15. Pheasants

    You're in charge: What would you do with Chris Davis?

    For the last 30 days, Davis has a .239 average, though his OPS is only .645. Maybe the question for option 3 is, is that enough to keep him? Or would a .239 with a .750 be enough?