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  1. I'm beginning to think of Givens as Full Pack, as in Weaver's comment (on stanhouse?). He throws a lot of balls rather than attacking the plate.
  2. My opinion, no data, is that Larry Bigbie was severely hurt. He kept trying to show he was a power hitter and failing at Norfolk. I wonder if it led to his steroid use.
  3. Maybe he should look into ADHD medicine if the problem is ability on some days to focus.
  4. The consecutive does not fit, but Seattle this year has 6 saves from 5 different pitchers.
  5. Pheasants

    Why Not?

    One of the guys on Inside Pitch this morning said today would be the only time this year the Orioles would be on the up-side of 3 up, 3 down. He is still picking us for worse than last year.
  6. The MLB guys on Inside Pitch this morning were 100% behind Machado as having done nothing wrong and that it was a totally bad call. The opposing catcher said there was no contact he felt, no interference.
  7. Pheasants

    Why Not?

    Why doesn't someone (who knows how) start a poll? While we are feeling sky-high, everyone can pick which game we first (OK, second, but lets forget opening day) go under .500. I've got 11. Before the season began I would have predicted 1 or 3.
  8. Are they using the three batterr rule? Fry pitches to Gardener, Judge and Staton? Rule may make for earlier decisions. Fry versus the 9th hitter not the first.
  9. Givens is down 3-5 mph on his fastball.
  10. For them to put Mancini in leftfield and Smith at DH made me question this from the beginning. It seemed slap-dash and already outdated with mentions of Yaz and others. They hate Davis and love Mancini (including his defense, or at least that's respectable now) and Givens and there is not much else there.
  11. What I like is that he apparently can concentrate while DHing. Trumbo has lower numbers as a DH as do many other players. If Mancini is better there, that is great.
  12. 4 starters doing 5 innings each. 3 relievers doing 2 innings per game. (Can come back faster than the starters because less innings.) 3 finishers to do the 8th and 9th, and a long man for when the starter is bombed in the first three innings. 11 man staff; of course the Orioles might need 3-4 long men.
  13. I would hate to see a starting outfield made up of a good centerfielder who may be better in a platoon ( I don't know but some on here say so), a fourth outfielder and a utility player. Doing that in order to run a platoon at third and have a declining SS? Doesn't make sense.
  14. Luke, once we heard a lot about certain pitches being in the problem. Is there evidence backing that up or refuting it?
  15. I tend to agree. If it looks like a short, 3 year rebuild because the young guys are good, Bundy is in the mix. If it looks like a 5 year wait, sell him off.
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