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  1. Pheasants

    The defense thread, 2018

    Even if you want Trumbo in for the bat, which was good tonight, why would you leave him in in late innings of a close game?
  2. Pheasants

    Who is Michael Baumann?

    In another thread, someone was arguing that all of the Delmarva pitchers were going to be relievers. I see the stats and that all but Hall are averaging 5 innings per start or more (a couple of 7 inning games like Baumans) and wonder what could lead to that conclusion. Ideas?
  3. Pheasants

    TT: Orioles Games of Thrones and the Way Forward

    Much. I just believe that when you are presenting evidence and making a conclusion, the conclusion should match the evidence. Now there are three pieces that say its both Buck and Brady.
  4. Pheasants

    TT: Orioles Games of Thrones and the Way Forward

    Your quotes only mention Brady for one of the three. I'm grading research papers right now; you wouldn't do so well with that "and"
  5. Pheasants

    Connolly: Heads may roll today

    A question that affects my view on firing Coolbaugh: Who taught Hays his new upper-cut swing that's led to such regression? If that was Coolbaugh's idea of how Hayes needed to change to make the majors, get rid of the guy. If Hays made the decision or one of the current major leaguers convinced him what to do, keep Coolbaugh. Who is influencing so many of the players to do things the same bad way?
  6. It's funny but with that game following Bundy's first bad start, the thought went through my mind--what if Tillman winds up the year as our best pitcher? Guess not.
  7. What have you seen in Valencia that would make him valuable enough to keep over even a bad Trumbo? If Pedro can play 3B as well as Valencia, then we don't need Valencia as emergency 3B. So we could basically have a three way platoon for two spots: Davis/Trumbo/Alvarez. As long as he's hitting Pedro plays almost every day.
  8. Pheasants

    2018 A - Delmarva Shorebirds

    You are both young whipper-snappers. He's only 4 years older than my grandson.
  9. Pheasants

    This team is cooked

    Brinton-- I don't see how to edit.
  10. Pheasants

    Manny's defense at SS

    Is Manny better on hard plays than on easy ones?
  11. Pheasants

    This team is cooked

    With mood, we are seeing a baseball application of Crane Britton's inverted J-curve theory of revolutions. Demands for change (revolutions) reach their peak not when things have been bad for a long time because no one expects them to get better. Demands peak when things have been getting better and then the bottom drops out. See France, 1788-1789, Russia during World War I and Mexico in 1909-1910. The mood is so bad because until the middle of last year--even to the beginning of September when we were still in the running for a wild card--most people still expected the O's to be good. Now we want the guillotine. Fire Buck, fire Dan, DFA Davis, Trumbo, Tillman, Joseph, Beckham, etc. Trade everyone but Bundy, Sisco and Mancini. How soon do we turn on Cobb?
  12. Pheasants

    Chris Davis needs to hit for avg.

    The weird thing is that if he quit trying to catch up to fastballs, he could hit them to the opposite field and thus raise his average. He needs to slow the start of his swing by a fraction of a second. So if he's cheating to get ahead, he's overcompensating.
  13. Pheasants

    A summary of our rotation

    On the other hand would it work to go with 4 starters with an intended limit of 5 innings each and fill the extra innings with the larger bullpen? Your 4 best get more starts, know they don't have to save something for later innings, and the bullpen has 8 people to handle 4 innings per day.
  14. Pheasants

    What If Tillman Gets Hammered in Spring Training?

    Know anyone who thought Bridwell was very good before he left?
  15. Pheasants

    What If Tillman Gets Hammered in Spring Training?

    I first saw on here that the game was only on radio, and then read a bunch of comments that Tillman "looked" just like last year. Are posters only going by results or did someone actually see the pitching and could tell his arm angle, etc., was the same as last year?