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  1. I saw one game that there was very little difference in speed between any of his pitches.
  2. I like the statement used by one of our announcers and later by Hyde. This is an inventory year.
  3. I doubt if Yahn is 5' 11". I only saw one game and didn't get to stand beside any of them, but I felt Yahn Moesquit, Miller, Gudino and Hall were all at or below my 5' 10." I kept looking because I was surprised, especially by Hall, who was in the first bbase coaches box and Zack Jarrett looked more than 4 inches taller (listed at 6'4." Of course, if Height determined quality, Dietz would be leading the team.
  4. I don't know if someone will back up the Brinks truck or not, but I think his defense makes people underestimate his offense. Baseball Reference (I assumed it was up to date) lists Mancini as 1st in Total Bases, 2nd in Extra Base Hits, 5th in Batting Average and Runs Created, 6th in Runs scores and Adjusted OPS Plus, 8th in slugging and adjusted batting wins and 9th in OPS. (All AL) If a team needs a DH or 1B, why wouldn't they want him? Offensively he's at 2.1 war. Please note the above includes both counting stats and averages and items like BA which get sneered at. No apologies.
  5. I think the quantity v quality argument needs to include a third dimension--minor league level. We could possibly pick up a few high ceiling players from lower levels. Higher chance of failure, but chance to hit on someone better than a mediocre AA player.
  6. I suggest you read E. A. R's Miniver Cheevy and then find Miniver Cheevy Jr by some parodist. You can follow with The Decline of the West, written just after World War I. Every generation for at least the last hundred years has proclaimed the coming death of civilization. Someday it will come true, but when?
  7. During the double header with the Yankees, I heard their announcers say Thorne denied that this was a rebuilding year. He called it an inventory year. Elias and co. want to see what they have. So far it looks like that to me. They seem to be bringing up people like Wilkerson instead of guys who look like the future in order to see if there is any reason to keep them. Villar plays short, which few expected, instead of just second to see if he can handle it, perhaps as the future utility man. Hess, Ynoa, Ramirez pitch instead of Akin. Minor leaguers don't get promoted to the next level unless they are considered old for their level. McCoy, a 400 hitting ss at Frederick is old; McCoy, a 400 hitting ss at Bowie is a prospect. That Hall was not promoted to replace him at Frederick I think backs this up.
  8. I hope part of the consideration is which pitching coach they think can help him improve more. Or perhaps having access to both by being on the shuttle will help (presumably the coaches are in tune with each other.).
  9. Pheasants

    Adam Hall 2019

    I really get tired of the need for power idea. If he hits over .300 with walks and stolen bases in the majors as a lead off hitter, does he need power? With age and filling out, he'll probably get some without trying. It would not surprise me if McKenna's poor start is due to attempts to change his swing to give him more power. The Orioles could once again destroy what works.
  10. I'm beginning to think of Givens as Full Pack, as in Weaver's comment (on stanhouse?). He throws a lot of balls rather than attacking the plate.
  11. My opinion, no data, is that Larry Bigbie was severely hurt. He kept trying to show he was a power hitter and failing at Norfolk. I wonder if it led to his steroid use.
  12. Maybe he should look into ADHD medicine if the problem is ability on some days to focus.
  13. The consecutive does not fit, but Seattle this year has 6 saves from 5 different pitchers.
  14. Pheasants

    Why Not?

    One of the guys on Inside Pitch this morning said today would be the only time this year the Orioles would be on the up-side of 3 up, 3 down. He is still picking us for worse than last year.
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