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  1. I think they have to have one space for one of the Rule 5 guys or we'll waste the long-term opportunity. We can't fit all of them in the bullpen, and they sound capable if not ready. So sign one, but not two. Of course if Tillman took a minor league contract, that could be a good way to have a potential return to his earlier quality while not tying up the space if he's not back.
  2. Do we have any sort of projection for our Rule 5 pitchers, etc.? I looked at the list and said wow on Cobb (4.92) and Lynn (4.47). Is that what we want to spend @60 million on?
  3. I remember stories (rumors?) back in October about approaching Schoop. I think there were complaints on OH about how we were approaching him after a great season as opposed to the guys who now want us to go after Gausman after a down season.
  4. Of all the things you mentioned as having left out, one stood out to me as something that is still talked about and that, in my opinion, helped create an attitude on the team or about the team that lasted, and that is Davis's pitching. It resonated among all the modern things on the team.
  5. In those days, three days rest was normal--4 man rotations.
  6. My personal top 50 Orioles prospects for 2018

    I won't say really high; to me it seemed more of a tone of "if they do this, they'll be ok" whereas for 21-30, it was "if they don't manage to do this, they won't meet expectations." Which is probably mainly a matter of depth, pointing out specific weaknesses as you say. I wasn't and am not complaining. I have spent the last three days opening OH thinking the next level was due because it's the best thing happening now.
  7. John Sickels’ Orioles 2018 top 20 coming shortly

    When was the last time everyone in the top 20 was C+ or better? I seem to remember we used to hit the straight Cs by about 12.
  8. My personal top 50 Orioles prospects for 2018

    Odd thing for me was that Luke sounded less positive on 21-30 than on the lower ones. I'd come away from 31-50 thinking that if these guys are OK, the rest must be real good. It felt like now that they were better, he could more directly point out the (fewer) things that were wrong.
  9. If he doesn't agree to right field, we should say goodbye. And right now, he doesn't seem ready to consider it.
  10. We can be glad Seattle didn't have Baltimore's doctors. They probably would have refused to OK bringing Bedard in.
  11. And we sure have enough OH members who want to repeat the keep Trumbo in case Mancini isn't ready by getting a veteran outfielder.
  12. Dan talking "offers and physicals" with a RF target

    So we signed Trumbo because he took the three year deal.
  13. Could DD be planning on 2 Arms?

    I think anyone can talk to a free agent; you can't talk to someone who is still part of another club without their permission.
  14. My personal top 50 Orioles prospects for 2018

    Could you do an explanation of control versus command. My understanding of the difference keeps sliding around on me.
  15. One reason why the Orioles have not improved their rotation

    No one seems to be wanting to meet their demands for a 4/80 or whatever.