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  1. I prefer live, but I watched off the DVR yesterday. Had to pick the kids up from school, so I paused the live feed. By the time I got back, the game was underway. Probably was a 1/2 hour behind, but we caught up quick skipping commercials and all. Odorizzi was pitching slower so I was able to skip the time in between pitches too. Dylan was working a little faster so wasn't able to skip much there. Of course, if I knew then what I know now, I could have skipped a lot of the early snooze-fest. (And I'd probably skip that painful 9th inning too!)
  2. What is this Orioles walk thing? So rare to see....
  3. Servers can stop crashing anytime now.
  4. My current peeve is lose vs. loose... It's not that difficult. (And I can't believe this thread is still around. LOL)
  5. I was impressed with the new offerings. I love love love anything fry related. I'll pass on the dumplings, and will wait to hear if Pizza Johns is as good as they say it is our of the stadium (never had it). The crazy loaded hot dogs aren't necessarily my thing, but the sandwiches sounded good. My wife's ready to go for the lobster thing... (lobster at the ballpark? I'll pass). Anyway - lots of new option to explore...
  6. I've never been a fan of the giant O logo. Cartoon bird works for me. (Though I was never a hater of the real bird either. Just that the results were lacking those years.)
  7. It is pretty great. We usually watch our copy of it leading up to the opener. In addition to Nashlumber's suggestion - you can set an email alert on ebay to let you know when copies come up for sale. Good luck!
  8. Ken Ehrlich = Producer. According to wiki - born & raised in Ohio. Resides in CA. So it appears to be coincidental. Maybe Corden or someone else is a BOS fan? It's been a boring show, IMO.
  9. Not sure how high I would have had it on my list, but probably higher than 8. It's one of the games where, if WC and stumble across it, we leave it on and watch it again. Fun, fun!
  10. I wish we could trade Flaherty too, but we're out of comp picks.
  11. Happy anniversary OH! Congrats on 20 wonderful years. This has been and continues to be such a crazy, interesting place to talk Orioles baseball!
  12. That was a fun read. Looking forward to more.
  13. I doubt I commented in the threads, but I was for keeping him. I was glad for he solid results and was hoping for more.
  14. Thanks for sharing vatech! It's been a fun read. Very envious!
  15. Why have a replay "system" if they just ignore the damn rules every time? Soooo stupid. Change the rules if they want, but this junk is annoying.
  16. Flaherty in mid-season form too....
  17. Have to get something out of this inning. At least not a total loss.
  18. We've had worse starts. Let's get some runs on the board.
  19. I'm glad my spring break runs through this week. I get to catch both day-game openers without having to take off work. :beerchug1: Let's get this season started!
  20. I do think someone will overpay, but it won't be us. With the injuries, the inconsistent offense, and the fact that we've had success without him, and can't see how you can justify designating that much payroll to Matt in his declining years.
  21. Neither Witchy nor I won the ticket lottery this time. We were lucky enough to get some game 1 tickets from a family friend, though.
  22. She needs to get out of the road... traffic. (And she should fine some shoes.)
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