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  1. Greg Pappas

    Thread Capsule: Revisit in 2022

    The owners will remain the Angelos group, led by John & Louis Angelos. The GM will be either Jason McLeod, Jared Porter, or another highly-touted up-and-comer. The manager will be Sandy Alomar, Jr, Carlos Beltran, or Joe Espada. Our best players will be RF Yusniel Diaz, 1B Ryan Mountcastle, and 2021 RoY C Adley Rutschmann. 2019=54-108 / 2020=64-98 / 2021=72-90 I suspect we'll have some solid contributors in addition to our top position players. Our offense will be a bit below average overall, but improving. Our team defense will be league average, but we'll be struggling to field a quality pitching staff. Most of our best starter prospects did not make it as big league starters, due to injuries or ineffectiveness, though two will. The other three starters will be traded for or picked up as FA's. Our minor league system will be among the top ten in the game. The future shows promise, but a team that's still a couple of years away from contending.
  2. Greg Pappas

    Thread Capsule: Revisit in 2022

    I could definitely see that, though a high draft pick should be a strong contender (I'd hope).
  3. Greg Pappas

    Thread Capsule: Revisit in 2022

    I was watching a movie where a time capsule was involved, which gave me the idea of starting a thread with the intent to revisit it in before the start of spring training, 2022. Naturally, any thread can be revisited, but just go with it. 😉 The main thought for this revolves around what each of us imagines we'll see by then... regarding all things Orioles. Perhaps you can predict: who the owners are. who the GM is. who the manager is. who our best players and prospects are. what our records were in '19, '20, and '21. what the 'future' looks like for the team moving forward from that point in 2022. You can keep it short, or really get into it... it's up to you. As well, it'll be interesting to see how these recent trades play out, and what posters will expect from our return by then.
  4. Greg Pappas

    2019 Draft Order Tracker

    The draft standings updated after Wednesday's games-- 8/15/18. 1. Orioles 36-85 2. Royals 36-84 / 0.5 GB
  5. Greg Pappas

    Orioles - Victor Victor Mesa

    Behind a paywall, so I have no idea what this is in regards to. Anyone able to read this and share?
  6. Greg Pappas

    Orioles - Victor Victor Mesa

    It's Bartolo Colon... according to my barber in Queens, at least. He swore that Frank Sinatra told him that Bartolo Colon is 137-years old.
  7. I've advocated having some sort of electronic device to aid the umps, rather than outright replace them, for a number of reasons. I don't see how you can just replace an umpire behind the plate. There is a lot more to being a home plate umpire than ball and strike calls. I had not seen an idea like yours, where a special pair of glasses (ironic LOL) could be the way to implement the strike zone assistance I mentioned earlier. On the surface, I like your concept.
  8. Greg Pappas

    Orioles - Victor Victor Mesa

    No worries.
  9. Greg Pappas

    Orioles - Victor Victor Mesa

    Broken link?
  10. Greg Pappas

    Renato Nunez Claimed from Texas

    Yeah, it really is something that needs to be fixed. I edited my post, seeing I typed "correcting" rather than "corrected".
  11. Greg Pappas

    15 Off the Radar Sleepers for 2019

    Thanks for your thoughts and for the time and effort put into this. Sedlock needs to return and remain healthy, and if he can do that, his star may rise rapidly. That's a big if, but it's quite possible, whether as a starter or reliever. Kline is another guy that still has a shot, having been limited via injuries. Time will tell. Rom and Zebron were good picks and both should factor into the Top 30 next year... or at least Rom. I have a really good feeling about Rom... but I'm often excited about early round High Schoolers' upside.
  12. Greg Pappas

    Orioles 2018 Draft - Updated Player Stats

    You're welcome. Perhaps it would. I'm cool with whatever the mods feel would be best.
  13. Greg Pappas

    2019 Draft Order Tracker

    The draft standings updated after Tuesday's games-- 8/14/18. 1. Orioles 36-84 2. Royals 36-83 / 0.5 GB
  14. Greg Pappas

    2019 Draft Order Tracker

    The draft standings updated after Monday's games-- 8/13/18. 1. Orioles 35-84 2. Royals 36-82 / 1.5 GB