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  1. Greg Pappas

    Brand New Grandfather =)

    My daughter and son-in-law are looking to move to the Frederick, MD area in early January, as he just secured a very nice job near Frederick. They'll look to rent a single family home or town home. If anyone is renting in the area, message me. Hey, you never know. 😃
  2. Greg Pappas

    An Early Look at the 2019 Draft

    I hear you. If Rutschman is the clear choice, that's great. From my point of view, it would also be great if one or two others stepped up and gave Elias some truly awesome options to choose from. But to your point, all we need is one guy that stands out.
  3. Greg Pappas

    An Early Look at the 2019 Draft

    I agree... at this time he is. I'd love to see him have another great season and make it hard for anyone to take that #1 spot away from him. Hopefully, multiple players raise their game and have us wondering who we'll take.
  4. Greg Pappas

    An Early Look at the 2019 Draft

    Ive updated the OP with this... MLB Pipeline's Top 50 prospects for the 2019 MLB Draft Rutschman and Witt, Jr are 1 & 2.
  5. Greg Pappas

    Luke’s 2018 Rule 5 Draft Preference List

    IMHO, Junior Fernandez seems like the top pitcher available, with Akeem Bostick a solid second choice. Again, just a quick take based on those short write-ups.
  6. Greg Pappas

    Brand New Grandfather =)

    Thanks so much Tony. Alan, my son-in-law, is trying to find a new job/career here in Maryland. He's got degrees in Math and Engineering, as well as being an Actuary (someone who compiles and analyzes data), though his experience mostly lies in teaching math. I communicated with Mike Elias via email about Alan and Elias requested his resume, which I provided. We're hoping for the best, but would be elated if another position became available. He must find a job here before the end of December, or they're staying in Utah without family support. It's a difficult thing for everyone, but we're still hopeful.
  7. Greg Pappas

    Brand New Grandfather =)

    Thanks, Hank!
  8. Greg Pappas

    The Orioles Are Hiring

    With my daughter pregnant, my son-in-law Alan, who has degrees in mathematics, physics, and is also an actuary, is looking for work here in Maryland. They live in Utah, but want to come home and raise the baby here. Having recently become an Actuary, which involves compiling and analyzing statistics, would seemingly be a big help, but I wonder if Alan's lack of knowledge about baseball would be a major negative if he were to be interested in a position with the Orioles? Regardless, if anyone knows of an Actuary position available, or a job involving teaching math, shoot me a message. It would mean a lot to me. Thanks.
  9. Greg Pappas

    Connolly: Chris Holt to be hired from Astros

    I hope Holt likes and teaches Greg Maddux's way of thinking:
  10. Greg Pappas

    Congratulations to Luke: Twins!

    Awesome @Luke-OH !
  11. Greg Pappas

    New Hires

    Having another familiar face for Elias makes sense. Holt should be a quality addition to the staff.