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  1. Maybe it's because of the day off yesterday and the fact that I missed most of the Seattle series, but this team looks much worse -- more hapless -- than usual tonight.
  2. I'm not sure I've ever seen anyone overrun third base without either sliding or heading toward the plate. In any event, a highly original way to make an out on the bases.
  3. Mr. Rogers gets the third out, thanks to some more bad umpiring.
  4. Yeah, but neither experience can be good for his morale.
  5. I think two of the last things I'd want my #1 draft choice to do are watch the Orioles play a game and be interviewed by Hunter and Bordick.
  6. Plenty of hang time on Smith's throw. Hey, Hunter and Bordick, we're losing now. Does that matter?
  7. Man on second, no outs, 3-4-5 hitters coming up, and he didn't move.
  8. Can't get excited about Mancini because he's such a bad outfielder. Who wants a guy who can only hit and has an OPS well over .900? I bet he would stink at SS, too.
  9. Another argument for using both hands on a difficult catch.
  10. Rotten job by the plate umpire so far.
  11. Until I heard Hunter and Bordick tonight, I hadn't realized what a great pitcher Yac is.
  12. It's pretty clear to me that splitting Rays games between Tampa and Montreal has been brought up not because anyone has any intention of implementing that arrangement, but as yet another effort to put some pressure on the cities and counties involved in the Tampa stadium impasse. I can't imagine the proposal would help the Rays' bottom line much, if at all. You might sell more tickets -- though you might sell fewer, depending on fans' receptiveness -- but you would have to double up on a lot of expenses. A sharing by two nearby cities, like Baltimore and Washington or San Francisco and Oakland, might work, but I don't see it in any other circumstance. I think it's more likely that teams with bad attendance will play a few home games in cities seeking to be awarded franchise franchises.
  13. Well, that's thinking outside the box, all right. Why would you impose this on the NYYs and RS but not on the Dodgers?
  14. Why would the middle- and lower-revenue teams who under this realignment would be thrown in with the NYYs and RS for the first time ever agree to this? I don't much like the idea of having two 16-team leagues or one 32-team league but those are the only way that I can think of to keep the NYYs and RS in competition with one another (as I think they would demand to be) and not force other teams, with much lower revenues, to have their chances to make the playoffs significantly diminished by being aligned with the NYYs and RS when they don't already face that problem. (Of course the Orioles, Jays and Rays are stuck in that position, but there's nothing they can do about it, at least until there's a realignment.) While I like the idea of shifting the makeup of eight-team divisions each year, or every few years, based on past results, the geography might create some serious scheduling/travel problems.
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