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  1. Only problem is that Trumbo follows him.
  2. Bad job by Adam. Got to try to go to RF there.
  3. Thanks for that.
  4. If the Rays' OF was playing as deep as it was for Beef, JJ would have had a shot.
  5. Just to show how wrong I can be, I would have hit Caleb for Welington.
  6. Oh, he's still on the team.
  7. Wish we still had that patient LHed hitter from Korea to PH here. I forget his name.
  8. How many late-inning HRs have I seen Tommy Hunter give up as an Oriole? He should give us one back.
  9. Are the players from the Dominican, or do we bring down a bunch of kids from the U.S.?
  10. This may be it -- from 2007, a few months after MacPhail's arrival. The Orioles rented rather than bought -- trying out the neighborhood, I suppose. Fits in with my theory of aversion to investing much in anything other than MLB contracts. ("OK, Andy, but what if this Dominican baseball thing is just a passing fancy? We did invent the game, you know.") https://www.camdenchat.com/2007/11/28/64419/693
  11. The way I look at it, this isn't the equivalent of waging war, in which you're planning a strategy of current and future battles, campaigns, and strategic retreats to optimize the chances of conquering and minimize the chances of being conquered, even if that's a ways down the road. It's entertainment. I find it very entertaining to see the Orioles get to the post-season, or even come down to the wire fighting for a spot. That's true even if the stay is a short one. Yeah, I know I said a lot of stuff and threw a lot of objects when Ubaldo faced the Parrot guy and during the Royals debacle. But getting to see, and even better go to, an Orioles post-season game is fun. I'm all for building the team for the future -- though what we fans are for doesn't mean a thing to the owners -- and wouldn't like to see anyone of potential value traded away at the deadline, but you never know whether or when that rebuild will you to the post-season.
  12. Graded on a curve. With Gentry gone, that's about the best we can do.
  13. That's my take. I have no idea whether it's right, but I haven't heard an alternative one. And to follow up on your last point, an international slot is worth more to another team (that knows what it's doing because of the investment it has made) than it is to the Orioles, so in theory there is some value created when the slot is sold, some of which the Orioles should get. The Orioles can use that money to pay for six weeks (or whatever it is) of Mark Trumbo, instead of taking a speculative bet on a few guys they don't know much about.
  14. No. Just the recent guys -- A-Rod, Jeter, and Ichiro -- plus Rose.
  15. I don't know much about how the market for Latin American talent works, but I do know that for a lot of teams -- including the Dodgers, NYYs, and some others with visible operations and, I think, a lot of success in these signings -- the Latin American spend consists of more than signing promising young players to contracts. They have extensive infrastructures, with scouts, instructors and training facilities. They spend many millions of dollars in overhead in the Dominican, and I'm sure they spend significant (though much smaller) amounts elsewhere in Latin America. The Orioles' owner has not been one to spend many of his own dollars in ways that do not immediately put talent on the field. My guess is that when teams started investing heavily in Latin American operations (in the '90s, not long after Angelos bought the team), he thought it was a fad in which too many teams were spending too much and in which his money was not well spent; there may have been a "But American" component at play, given his union background. Ten or fifteen years later, and continuing to today, the Orioles got so far behind in building an infrastructure that he was unwilling or unable to make the investment to compete effectively with them. Just a guess.