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  1. PeteCanes

    Rich Dubroff: Joe Angel not returning.

    I always hated Joe Girardi
  2. PeteCanes

    The Inevitable national outlet Chris Davis article.

    Please stop talking about the St. Louis Browns. I just cant bare it any longer. Thank you for your Orioles information.
  3. PeteCanes

    What a dreary, lethargic performance

    Lol, PFs comment was logical and not insulting.
  4. I didn't like the guy cause he played for the Blow Jays. Kinda liked his story. Rule 5 guy. Wish he had blown up with us.
  5. PeteCanes

    I'm taking full credit for this

    You don't make it to many games, I suppose?
  6. PeteCanes

    Who has the better future, Gausman or Bundy?

    Look man, you seem like a nice guy, but interjecting this crap is distracting. Sorry for the mean tone to my post. I just don't need to hear about Bergeson in a Bundy/Gausman thread.
  7. I say skip on both. Hundley is Joseph, and Markakis has no position here.
  8. PeteCanes

    Five 30 HR hitters

    That would be an impressive feat. Keep hitting moonballs boys.
  9. PeteCanes

    Arod situation is getting interesting

    Hopefully not a game winning hit against the O's.
  10. PeteCanes

    Anyone else excited about what Schoop has done?

    If rather have Schoop than Odor moving forward.
  11. PeteCanes

    Salary Dump Starting Pitchers

    His trades have had horrific results. Be careful what you wish for.
  12. PeteCanes

    Manny Machado Suspended for 4 Games

    He should get two on the appeal. Everyone knows Ventura had it coming.
  13. PeteCanes

    Ubaldo Jimenez Today, 2016

    Nobody is. Woof. He has been brutal to watch.
  14. PeteCanes

    Ubaldo Jimenez Today, 2016

    Upholstering was your witty fake job?
  15. PeteCanes

    How can you NOT be excited?

    Please shut up Roy. No offense.