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  1. It was a sad sad day when the Orange Bowl was torn down. So many memories.
  2. O's brass should be embarrassed if they don't take Rutschman. I'd be embarrassed just as a fan.
  3. I wouldn't mind Mancini staying around for a bit. We kinda need him right now.
  4. what are you talking about? Teams look for players that can hit.
  5. He gets a full pass this year. Probably one of the worst teams ever assembled as it stands.
  6. Thanks! Hate iwhen I miss a game by accident
  7. Great thread, thanks for the updates Tony
  8. Please stop talking about the St. Louis Browns. I just cant bare it any longer. Thank you for your Orioles information.
  9. Lol, PFs comment was logical and not insulting.
  10. I didn't like the guy cause he played for the Blow Jays. Kinda liked his story. Rule 5 guy. Wish he had blown up with us.
  11. You don't make it to many games, I suppose?
  12. Look man, you seem like a nice guy, but interjecting this crap is distracting. Sorry for the mean tone to my post. I just don't need to hear about Bergeson in a Bundy/Gausman thread.
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