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  1. Perhaps, but teams are finding it hard to find 5, so 6 will be difficult. We are seeing a 6th to give the 5 a rest later in the season, so a 5.5 kind of exists now. Did guys pitching on 3 days rest keep them sharper? If you went to 5 days rest, how do you keep them sharp. BP sessions do not imitate a game. I sometimes wonder if a guy like UJ (or any finesse pitcher of your choice) would be better with more work.
  2. I remember Earl talking about Palmer's complaints of aches and went roughly like this.."Palmer on his worst day, feels better than me on my best day." Yes, the current games tends to be careful with pitchers. It will continue to evolve and change. IMO, 6 innings by "starters" will eventually decrease...the 100 pitch will change to two times through the line up (I believe there is supported evidence that pitchers' effectiveness the third time through decreases). So, over the years there has been more specialists....closer, set up, long relief, middle relief. Things will change.
  3. I know Toronto has had some serious issues, in particular throwing items at the O's outfielders (I'm not sure if it is isolated to the O's). They still sell their beers in containers which would seem to be a solution to a possible dangerous situation. I was at the last series in Toronto for 3 games and Adam was very animated with the fans. Talking in CF and playing with the crowd most innings on his way to the dugout, tossing balls, enjoying it. The Boston situation is not new. MLB seems to ignore at things evidence of PED use buy any Red sox player during the investigation..please. This (these) incident(s) should be headlines on the MLB site. The City/Team and fans should be put to task on the site. But, they will never do it. AJ is one of the best Ambassadors to the City of Baltimore and MLB....the issue needs to be addressed. A racists will live and die as a racist. These people of ignorance need not only be removed from the game and publically humiliated. I am sure there are a few stockades left in Boston.
  4. Winning when all is good...hitting, D, pitching, etc is synonymous with winning when some of those pieces are missing??? The only synonymous thing is winning.
  5. It is not whether you can win when every cylinder is firing, it's winning when you are not at your best. If anyone thought the O's would be 13-6 at this point, my hats off to them. When I looked at the opening month, through May 4, I thought .500 as decent. Buck plays to win series and sets up things to do just that. When you have enough talent, sometimes there is just enough to get by. Over the long haul it may not work, but short term it may.
  6. Gausman's recent outings have certainly been disappointing. He certainly seemed like a sure thing, now this. Pitching, in the current vernacular, is a grind both physically and mentally. Bundy seems to have taken the leap mentally, Gausman has not IMO. They are not going to take him out of the rotation. I have faith he will get over this bump. The question is whether the bumps lessen over time. Pitchers cannot ever think things are great based on their previous performance(s). Every start, every pitch is a new beginning...yes it is a grind being a pitcher.
  7. It is a chicken s*** move. You don't retaliate two days later. Get it done while a guy can hang lose in the batter's box, the next AB or next day...not the last game of the series and you can leave unscathed.
  8. And so it begins
  9. Just left the Rogers Centre after seeing the O's play 3. Bundy most likely not be a consistent 93-4 pitcher he was, but he can pitch, not just throw. He knows what he's doing out there and has a great presence. He changes speeds and keeps hitters guessing. It was fun to watch.
  10. I forgot to mention I was at the game. Interesting place......foot long dogs, fries with gravy and a lot of Bacardi Rum spots!! Looking forward to seeing Bundy tomorrow.
  11. This loss is on me....I said to my wife, when I saw Wilson return in the 9th...this is likely to be over in one pitch....Bingo. I do thing Buck stretched Asher a bit. I also think Buck manages to win series and this was his sacrificial game with Asher vs Estrada. It was fun watching Buck have Gentry steal a base!! I thought Smith was only thinking double when the ball left the bat in the first, if he hustled all the way, I think it was an easy triple. Also, Flaherty is a lost soul at the plate, very Josephish.
  12. Suppose PA offers a 10 year/300 million contract, don't you think someone will offer 10/310 and so on? At what point would PA cut bait?? I know Manny says the right things, but does he really have connections to Baltimore? The absolute worse outcome is getting nothing in return for Manny. If they intend to sign him it better be before he reaches FA IMO.
  13. Sounds good, thanks!!
  14. Yes, despite that it will be fun!!! Payback will be a bitch......probably Hawaii or Italy, but she has already made plans for next year's ST in Sarasota.
  15. So, my wife and I were sitting around the living room this week talking after finding out our kids are busy with their families over Easter weekend and not coming around. Spontaneously, she asks, "Where are the O's playing?" I tell Toronto, without hesitation, she replies "We are going." (It's about a 400 mile trip). We booked the Renaissance, and our going Saturday and Sunday. She is a woman that sent me to Dream Week on my 40th, tolerates taking grandkids to Ripken camps in Aberdeen every summer. Guess I am pretty lucky...Thought I give her some deserved praise at the OH. Anybody have any suggestions about what to do or not to do in Toronto?