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  1. UpstateNYfan

    How much today's managers are paid (Buck is tied for 4th)

    I am shocked at how low most are. Scioscia is the biggest joke IMO. When you have non-regulars making multiple times more than some, it seems wrong...compared to basketball, football, it's pretty low. What do the coaches make?? $80,000??
  2. UpstateNYfan

    Fangraphs: Competitive Windows - Rays Fourth Best?

    Like the AL East, the AL Central, has similar questions, has there ever been a division when the second place team is decidedly below .500 and the division as a whole so many games below .500. The imbalance in baseball will continue to be a huge problem and 20 teams will continue to be "league fillers" for large market teams. You can say a number 1 pick will have impact, but that BS. 1) For the most part the choice is a crap shoot...2) Year(s) of development. 3) a position player only bats 1/9 of the times in a game; pitcher 1/5 games. In basketball a #1 is 1/5 of the starting team and will be on the court 80% of the game. In football, the player will be involved in nearly 50% of the snaps. In hockey a #1, a player will be on the ice 1/3 and has a better chance of making a larger impact on a team's record than a #1 in baseball. The #1 only serves for PR and hope, little more. I would suggest a late round pick for a major market team has just as much impact for them as a #1 for a medium, small market team. They can draft for need...the #1 has too many needs to fill.
  3. UpstateNYfan

    2019 Draft Order Tracker

    Sure miss 1988, the Good Old Days!!!
  4. UpstateNYfan

    MiLB Affiliates Season Summaries

    This lack of "winning" in the minors seems to be a consistent pattern which began with the Angelos/Thrift era. In the day, the O's had winning teams from Bluefield to Rochester. I do not believe the O's care about developing a winning philosophy (learning to win) as a team, they focus on 10-20 percent of the "prospects" on each roster and fill the rest of the roster with fodder. I am one that believes in winning at all levels is important (along with clubhouse chemistry). Many here seem to believe neither is important. Perhaps you are correct, but you'll never convince me. Pride, selflessness and learning to play the game correctly has to develop along with the individual skills if you want long term success at the top.
  5. UpstateNYfan

    This is one of the worst teams ever

    MLB minimum wage??? I'll watch every inning!! This season certainly has been discouraging early on to the point that I had given up on the game, O's blogs and all the negativity in general. This past weekend I visited the HOF once again. It revitalized me in ways it never has....the introduction video reminded me of the greatness of the game...so many HOF'ers and their respect for the game that gave them so much...guys like Juan Marichal, Pedro Martinez, Joe Morgan, Ozzie Smith, Cal...So, I will happily go through the rebuild, not look back at the mistakes (past and future), not rate this or that, watch some very ugly games, see some players grow above expectations, some fall by the wayside, continue to refuse to say suck, stinks, bag of balls when describing all involved. These can be the fun times..The GAME is great, the current O's not so much. However, the joy when they do return to respectability will be so much more enjoyable after these times of despair.
  6. UpstateNYfan

    An Early Look at the 2019 Draft

    If it comes down to a toss up, one being a pitcher, the other everyday at a key position, wouldn't an everyday player be more valuable than a 1/5 player?
  7. UpstateNYfan

    MLB - Expansion and realignment

    Youth baseball is not helping advance baseball to the masses. Too many expensive travel leagues at an early age, year round training for those who can afford it. The average (or economically poor) get stuck in leagues that players have no skills. The game gets boring and kids quit. If you want to see a youth sport that develops talents at an early age, look at youth hockey (yes, again VERY expensive). Certified coaches develop skills, pick up-end of practice games at the early ages.
  8. UpstateNYfan

    MLB - Expansion and realignment

    Funny stuff...as others have said..Senators, Seattle, Milwaukee all had movement. The O's had trouble drawing 1,000,000 during their glory days. The game has changed...better venues, TV and such. Pitching hasn't watered down, players have beefed up, better training, video, stats. There are more 90+ throwers today than in any era, also more injury related to overthrowing IMO. Moving mound back won't improve the game IMO..just more HR's. Now if you pushed the fences back 20-30 feet along with moving the mound back 5??? it might be an exciting game...doubles, triples, inside the park HR, speedy outfielders.
  9. UpstateNYfan

    You're in charge: What would you do with Chris Davis?

    Tell him to take the f'n wad of chew out of his mouth. Why would he take a buyout if he doesn't care enough about his own health or the image he gives to youth. He is the ultimate selfish player. Just release him.
  10. UpstateNYfan

    2019 Draft Order Tracker

    #1 may be exciting for the possibility of getting a stud. For a team rebuild, I am more interested in what a team gets in rounds 4-10 and if I was hiring a guy for Scouting Director, I'd look for a guy that has the most success in rounds beyond the seemingly obvious.
  11. Sorry...great arm, turn and making tags....other than that pretty average and below. IMO.
  12. UpstateNYfan

    Is it just me......?

    The Royals may truly define historically bad considering the division they play in. My last check, had the division as a whole being 80+ games under .500. Considering division play accounts to over 40% of a schedule with an outcome of .500 (one team wins, another loses) it astounds me. At least in the AL East, one team is crazy good, another very good..
  13. UpstateNYfan

    Is it just me......?

    My delusions of competence came from the "experts" here.
  14. To be fair, the human eye is not designed to calls balls and strikes (there is no way an umpire, setting over the catcher's right shoulder call strikes accurately on the outside corner). Secondly, the HP umpire sees what?? 300 or so pitches per game? It is difficult to maintain focus and concentration for that many pitches. The only "fair" solution is to automate it.
  15. UpstateNYfan

    On the Edge of My Seat

    Well, has to be close the earliest playoff elimination (already done) ever!!