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  1. Kudos to you!! You really watch this team? I can't be that masochistic. Nine innings of waiting for the implosion is not healthy.
  2. The site of "BUTS". It would be nice to just enjoy the man's tough journey to the bigs, that in itself should enough bring a bit of joy to an organization that has had little joy for two years. Congrats Hunter, no if, and or BUTS about it.
  3. Is there anything new here?? First pitch strike, use all 17 inches of the plate not only the outside 8.5. Pound them in and in. Hasn't Palmer preached it for decades. You can't be afraid of hitting batters. It seems sometimes pitchers are trying to go inside and leave it in the middle. It's really Pitching 101 for the professional. Ask Don Drysdale!!
  4. This guy continues to impress and is taking advantage of his situation. It seems like his HR power is not what you might want at the 3B ML level. But, he is a nice find. How is he defensively? 2nd base possibility?
  5. Even if he wanted to retire (and I doubt he does), the Union would strongly discourage it. Imagine, a guy with these numbers creating multi-generational wealth (I guess he does lower the $/WAR value, but it may be viewed as an outlier). Maybe we can all do below average and get paid more.
  6. Well, rephrase the question. Which player that has had at least some success at the ML level has disappointed. But, CD certainly fits into the category of overmatched or just collecting a check.
  7. He can't be promoted until he walks 4 times in a game.
  8. I hope this is therapeutic to you all. Many of these players have been put in a no win situation. Inexpensive placeholders, trying but just overmatched, especially at pitching. So beat them up if it makes you feel good.
  9. Any team that doesn't have New York in front of it.
  10. The game is becoming more and more specialized. Perhaps if a team has two or three quality starters, go with them and cob the others in some sort of opener arrangement. I noticed over the years the O's pitchers had quite a bit of troubles in the 1st inning, then would settle in a bit. I miss the era when pitchers completed games, but hitters have so many tools today and have just gotten better.
  11. I was told here recently that starting pitching is not that important, that it is all about the bull pen. So, my question is, if this is true, if you used an opener (3 innings, 60 pitches), how many days rest between games. If you used a second pitcher for the next three, how many pitchers would you need on a staff? It would seem to me 3 days rest, meaning 6 (openers, #2), 6-7 to fill the last three innings?? The O's seem to have a few that get through 3, then things fall off the rails.
  12. You certainly would know more than me. Last year's team had some decent talent, and yet played poorly. Davis was a major contributor to their performance or lack there of. I can't imagine what is going on in his head. Being on public display and performing so poorly. On many "walks of shame" can a man take before it is a form of abuse. Do the owners feel he has to at least put the time in, even though it was their poor judgement that led to the contract? Is there some "fear" that if they release him, some team will pick him up and he rebounds, while the O's pay him? Anyone that thinks this is ok because of the rebuilding phase the O's are in are off base IMO. Being soundly trounced in this series may have contributed to this event. But, his presence on this team is ludicrous.
  13. The situation is unfortunate on both sides. Hyde certainly should not have called out a player in the dugout. Any idea what he said? Like, "See you in my office after the game." or "Get your head in the game." Is CD forcing the O's to make a move by not only performing poorly at bat, but now going through the motions on D?? I have never been a huge fan, but I understand his frustration. I certainly understand Hyde's frustration too, having really a 24 man team. Any coach/manager should expect maximum effort from anyone on the team. Davis, it would seem is minimum. IMO, the O's should release him. The team had been pretty entertaining over the last month until the Yankee series. Now this. Get him out of the clubhouse, send him home. My guess is next year, some team might take a flyer on CD. The O's would at least save 555 K or so.
  14. Thanks..Many focus on the negative too much IMO and want players without some flaws in their game. I remember Paul Blair commenting on how his hitting seem to get better from the minors. He commented that the lighting was so much better at the ML level. Mountcastle is young and still has had success at all levels, at least with the stick.
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