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  1. Bingo..I might suggest that he may improve more without the day to day grind and travel in the minors....he can get hands on day to day work with the ML staff, DH, catch on selective days...if he's not a catcher, send him back to learn another position, if not keep him up. Caleb was never going to be a ML catcher by all reports a few years back. Somehow he managed.
  2. Would be nice to have a ST that goes even somewhat right

    It's worse when the errors were more mental than physical. The GB to second was a no brain play to first, that run doesn't matter, get the out. Wynn's wild pitch (pass ball) was just lazy IMO. He certainly did not look great defensively there. Won't see either player when camp breaks.
  3. Big Bundy start today

    Yep, really, really, really big start......along with all the really, really, really 30 big starts during the season...Really early for really IMO.
  4. Observations

    Down here too. Yes, it is a great venue...don't care for the bat/foul ball netting that extends way down the base lines, takes away from the intimacy of being there. Agree with some of your observations...don't with the Manny/Beckham switch, maybe they'll improve...Manny looks a bit uncomfortable taking tosses from Schoop at 2nd (SSS)...maybe Schoop handcuffs him. Beckham doesn't have Manny's quick first step reaction to ball or arm. Sisco doesn't look real comfortable behind plate, but made a couple nice plays. Santander looks good at the plate, so so in the field. Mullins is exciting to watch, ball flies off the bat. Stewart is patient at the plate, seems to be able to foul off tough pitches, will take a walk. Looked like some of our regulars had late afternoon tee times, first pitch swinging, especially Mancini. Lastly, Vlad's kid can pound the ball..everything a rocket. Off to see the Pirates/O's shortly.
  5. Could Davis and Trumbo start the season on the DL?

    Don't think this team is better with either of them. Davis is set for life (multiple of them), so can just be dead weight to the team with nagging injuries. Of course, I also believe this team is better with Manny at third and Beckham at short. Hope I'm wrong on all accounts.
  6. Not too many years ago, the Red Sox were suppose to run away with the Division....why should the other teams even bother showing up? IIRC, the Sox barely ended up out of last place. Francona got fired,etc. Baseball is a funny game...a few guys play above the expected, a few guys plays below the expected can turn a season around. Things happen, the worse teams win 1 in 3, the best teams lose about 2 in 5. It all comes down to the last 4/15, who knows?? That's why they play. The optimists can pretend, the pessimists can whine. That's the fun and pain of a 162 game schedule, it comes down to that 4/15 of the year. Play and pray!!
  7. Updates on Hunter Harvey

    I do not think he would have signed without that. I might suggest, in hindsight, it hurt him in the long run, being forced to be up too soon after his injury. Luckily, he has the make-up to be able to learn in the ML. I believe that ML deal thing is not allowed now.
  8. Would be nice to have a ST that goes even somewhat right

    ST games really don't bother me too much. I expect pitchers to try new things, a pitch, different angles etc. But my view of Gausman vs Bundy(during the season) is this, Gausman, looks, body language seems (to me) he doesn't have a clue, especially when things go south on him. To me Bundy is the opposite...he always looks confident and that he is in charge despite the situation.
  9. Boras Speak

    I agree, the probability (and/or) odds of becoming a major league baseball player is very low. It is not a career choice, more of a career that chooses you, based on unique and rare abilities needed to play the game at the highest level. That is one reason I refrain from using the term "stinks" when describing a player. BTW the probability of winning the Powerball is much less than the probability of becoming a MLB, about 1/175,000,000. To put it another way, with that probability, there would be less than two Americans (for every man, woman. child) playing MLB.
  10. Boras Speak

    Looks like some are indiscriminating between probability and odds, they are not the same.
  11. Spring Training - Official 2018 Thread

    Same here.
  12. Your level of apathy level for the 2018 season

    In principal you are correct. Does CD have to worry about future contracts? Does Manny take that extra effort to go the extra base or dive? I believe it is impossible for players to give 100% all the time, 90% sure, 100% in certain situations. There are some exceptions...pitchers have to go all out or the results are obvious, position players not as much. Likewise, batters certainly have to maintain close to 100% effort, but in other aspects not so much. I am almost never in favor of signing deals with players in their mid 30's...they are likely cashing their last paychecks.
  13. Your level of apathy level for the 2018 season

    I am not particularly worried about the apathy of fans. That can change in a heartbeat. It is the apathy of the players. Do they come into ST with the attitude that there is little chance? When things start going south, will they just go through the motions. When things start going south, will BS continue to play the players that are going through the motions or try something new. Are there team leaders out there or just veteran millionaires that can't wait for their next contract. It is a long, tedious season for all the players (and the fans). I can handle losing, I can't handle complacency.
  14. It is a rather one sided argument IMO. Britton is getting paid millions for no service to the club. Players like AJ at least inferred they wanted CD back and the club did(that was a bargain). Is it a one sided event to discuss extensions, only the teams. And of course, the player can always be insulated by saying "It is out of my hands." Am I happy with the club? Not really, but it is just a game and doesn't change my life much if they win or lose. I will be down at ST to watch some games in a few weeks either way. I hope the O's find a nugget or two (I find that more enjoyable than signing FA's), but I won't beat down players that don't live up to our expectations.
  15. What if Arrieta falls to the O's?

    His TTP disqualifies him automatically.