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  1. Anyone On Here With Close Connections To Ownership?

    It would seem like many, many here must have substantial inside connections to back up all their claims and displeasure with this off season. I just believe it is baseball in general is killing the off season. Things happen slower and slower each year. It is a reflection of the game itself...deep counts, pitcher changes, 3 plus hour games...
  2. Os requesting offers on Machado

    This reminds of the OLD, OLD Days, before free agency when The Yankees would trade with the KC A's.
  3. If Manny stays he should play 3B.

    Like the words of other FA's....I Really would like to stay with club X, it's out of my hands it's up to my agents, etc. IMO, a team player says, "Put me where you need me most." In reality, Manny is one of the top 3 3rd basemen....not sure if that would hold true at SS (at least from a defensive aspect).
  4. I predict a modest increase in chew as his cheeks expand.
  5. How much "Elite" does a team need?

    Elites are certainly exciting to watch, but in my probably flawed opinion, are an overrated necessity for success. An elite baseball player cannot carry a team like it can in other sports. Four AB's, possible few chances in the field, way too many variables in the game. This is especially true for everyday players. I think a pitching staff with a true one or two, that can stop a 3 game losing skid, go 8 solid innings more than occasionally is imperative to a winning formula and with solid D, average to slightly above average O can put you in the hunt more than a singular Machado,Trout, Stanton, etc.
  6. Os requesting offers on Machado

    I am not sure about the Nats being a powerhouse...they were the only team above .500 in a really dismal division. Yes, they made the playoffs, yes they are good, but no powerhouse IMO.
  7. Gonzo on the O's radar per The Sun

    Yep, let's be a recycling dump., less risky.I'm sure Buck would like it....trade for Pearce, Markakis too. The good news, the #1 draft pick. I'd rather lose with new faces.
  8. Mike Friers on the trade market?

    I agree. Throwing at the butt is worse than this "head" shot. If you want to see a real head shot, dig up the video of the Yankee reliever that "intentionally" nailed a guy in the head with a near 100 mph pitch late last season and compare the two.
  9. Well, for one thing, you can tell why the Nats win so easily. The payrolls in the NL East are pretty depressed.
  10. Mission: Impossible?

    You can't win one, when you are going through the motions (including Buck). This team is busy booking their post season plans. I wasted 10 + hours today and went to the game...It was ridiculous. I don't recall any pitcher imploding the second time through a line up like Hellickson does. How he got a QO, I'll never know. But good for him. He's set and has plenty of retirement dough. I'm ready for new faces on this team with a few remaining vets that care.
  11. Well, it's September and we are still talking about 2017 and not 2018, and I always just ask for a team to at least be competitive. It was only a month ago many were talking sell, sell, sell. Now, win, win, win. This team seems to have the ability to be very frustrating for extended periods of time and also the reverse. Nothing would surprise me in the next month. If they can get a few good (or lucky) starts from their 4, 5, and 6th starters it could be a very exciting last week of the season and beyond.
  12. Do you REALLY think we can go on a run?

    Are any of the other teams capable of making a run?? Seems like the other teams are stuck near .500 ball too. I think this team is the more capable of making a run than the others. I've nailed their coffin at least 3 times this year, each time they do a Jon Snow on me. They aren't going to die easily.
  13. Orioles win; Yankees lose

    Yes, you do have to be careful. However, in this situation after warnings had been given, there is reason for a very strong discipline. The player in the batter's box should be pretty comfortable that no such pitch was on its way. I said I really don't think 80 mph, curves, change ups at the butt are a huge issue. Even throwing behind the hitter with a fastball. This was a no nonsense, shot at the head. Whether he was dumb enough to throw that pitch on his or a coach/manager told him so something has to be done. IMO the minimum should be season ending. All, players and managers would be on notice and think twice.
  14. Orioles win; Yankees lose

    The thrower of that pitch to McCann should be suspended for the rest of the season, if not for life. It was that scary and intentional. If Gerardi (from the clubhouse) or a coach called for that pitch the same goes for them. I am not opposed to a brushback pitch thigh high or so at 85 or so..but to throw that hard and high is just wrong.
  15. Chance Sisco 2018 Starting Catcher

    The defensive liabilities were also placed on Caleb when he was at AA. They Dh'ed him and put him in the outfield as I recall. To some extent ML pitchers are more refined and have better control than MiL'ers and easier to catch. Arm strength is what it is..some players with great arms get away with "poor" mechanics, others with weaker arms get by with great mechanics. I haven't seen Sisco, but hopefully he'll become more like CJ.