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  1. Updates on Hunter Harvey

    They were likely concerned about the 26 pitches in the first inning. No need to push him at this point.
  2. No WJZ games this year

    I cut the cable cord about 5 months ago. Right after the O's season ended. I am saving $175 each month. I purchased MLB.TV and I am using Unlocator to work around the "geo-blocks". It is just $5 a month and it works great. It's not a VPN it works through DNS. It also has a smart VPN when I am at hotels etc... have not tried that yet though. I would much rather pay MASN for a streaming service or they could be like most RSN and allow MLB.TV to remove the blackout restrictions. Last time I checked it was only MASN and the Dodgers RSN that doesn't permit MLB.TV to do so.
  3. Orioles partnering up with Navy

    1. As a Navy veteran, I am very glad that the O's are doing this. It's awesome and overdue. 2. As an Orioles fan, I am glad they kicked the Nat's out of the Academy. They are worms... 3. I like beating the Nationals at anything!
  4. Cobb only thread

    That's a completely false comparison. It is a GM's job to build a team to win and win in the playoffs. I didn't even put the bar at winning a World Series. I said playoff series.
  5. Cobb only thread

    All that sounds great except...they have not won when it mattered. They play in one of the weakest divisions in baseball. I view them as a paper tiger. All the prospect rankings are meaningless unless they translate to winning at the big league level. From your write up they should have three rings by now. But, none of what you wrote matters, if they can't actually win a playoff series.
  6. Cobb only thread

    I don't understand all the Rizzo love. I don't think he's a particularly good GM. He lucked into two generational players in back-to-back drafts and his teams have not won a playoff series...ever. The O's have a pretty good head-to-head %. His owners are willing to spend big money and he seems to be Scott Boras' go to guy. I think he has woefully under-achieved!
  7. Cobb only thread

    I would very much like to have both Dan and Buck back. They have done a good job and while they are not perfect (no one is). They have been far, far better than what we had the previous 15 years and I for one will take them over what could possibly be a return to utter incompetence and futility.
  8. At Bat "Out of Market"

    I have a two part question. 1. Is there any update regarding MASN allowing for "in market" streaming? As I understand it, MASN and the Dodgers are the only RSNs who currently do not allow in market streaming. 2. I've done a google search but have not been able to find a map that would show those areas of the country where I can or can't stream MASN on the At Bat app. Does anyone else know where I can find one?
  9. I never thought I'd say this but sometimes a certain segment of the current posters on this board make me miss SportsGuy
  10. They absolutely care. The series isn't over until the win four games. If they had any type of bullpen at all. They would be having their parade today instead of traveling to LA
  11. Buck's TTTP Obsession.

    And now we all know why I don't post much here. I was not looking for an argument...just sharing an opinion. While I am not positive that anyone actually typed those words it was certainly the gist of many posts. The rest of your points are opinions to which we are both equally entitled to express.
  12. Buck's TTTP Obsession.

    I’ve been around this board for a long time but, rarely post. I enjoy and respect most people’s opinions and insights that have a differing opinion than I do on this subject. But, this thread is amazing to me. I can’t believe that so many would articulate that TTTP doesn’t matter. Perhaps it’s the frustration about our pitching but to say Buck has an obsession about this is over the top. Buck brings this up every now and then and he should. He makes some great points. A “major league pitcher” should be able to control the running game and defend his position. He’s not claiming that it’s more important than commanding your pitches. There is no reason that a pitcher can’t deliver a well-commanded fastball in less than 1.3 seconds. Quite frankly, I am of the opinion that if your delivery out of the stretch is longer then your “mechanics are poor”. I know many people are frustrated but this is not a reason to point to as a factor in how bad our pitching has been. We needed every one of our starters to step up this year to have a chance and the absolute opposite occurred. Most regressed from mediocre to plain ol’ bad. Many of our fringy pitching prospects proved to be just that. This was one of those years that they did whatever it took to lose. If we had a string of good offense then the pitching or defense stunk and when we did pitch okay, our offense went MIA. We just need better pitchers and yes, they need to hold runners, be 1.3 TTTP or less and defend their position adequately.
  13. Santander

    I think I read on this board that time after the rosters expand do not count but I am not sure. I found a FAQ online that talks about the 90 day requirement but doesn't mention September at all. So I cold be wrong. Hopefully, someone on the board will read my not so helpful post and correct me if I am wrong.
  14. Santander

    Or, it could be a model that other teams follow. The O's don't seem to get hurt by the Rule 5 maybe it's an outcome of what is seen as our system lacking depth. It seems smart to me and completely within the rules. I am talking real injuries and not fake ones. Virtually no risk involved.
  15. Dan could go from goat to hero in a hurry

    Thanks for the reply.