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  1. MCO'sFan

    Born in Maryland

    Chris Coghlan was born in Rockville Maryland. Grew up (until 14) in Damascus until his father (Montgomery County Police Officer) was killed in an on duty traffic accident. He and his family moved to Florida to be near relatives. You could tell at the age of 7 that he would be a special player.
  2. MCO'sFan

    ATTN: 2 P.M. AMA (Ask Mike Anything)

    Surprised he doesn't use a Mac... he's too "old school" for me.😎
  3. It is a matter of personal perception. I great discount the Nats division titles due to the extended time that everyone else in their division stunk. In every year that the Nats had serious competition they've failed to win the division and they've been exposed during the playoffs when they did make it there. I am not saying I'd rather be in the O's position rather than the Nats but there has been a huge difference in the quality of teams in the AL East vs. the NL east for the last 6-8 years.
  4. I upvoted you. Thank you for a well reasoned and thought out response. Somewhat rare here.
  5. I don't think that's true. I think working with an outstanding pitching coach who truly understand movement patterns and contraints had more to do with that than analytics.
  6. Just imagine the type of year he could have had in 2016...it may have been historic! Yes, this is sarcasm. I think most of the things players say to the media is prompted my the media. You can hear when they broadcast the interviews. Most responses start off with..."yes, I think your right...that makes a big difference" or "absolutely". This is completely overblown.
  7. MCO'sFan

    August Trade Stock Watch

    Cobb has rebounded very nicely. 5+ ERA is from not having any ST and a horrible defense behind him. Several of his 15 losses are due to lack of run support. He is really putting together a nice second half. Keep him and I think we can get a nice piece for him next deadline. His contract is actually not that bad.
  8. MCO'sFan

    How Do The Orioles Land On Sunday Night Baseball?

    It is the Yankees on national TV! The O's are just the other team.
  9. MCO'sFan

    Mullins is with the Orioles! (edited)

    Bringing him up now is pointless. He has been mediocre at AAA. He’s only been there for a few weeks. There’s no reason to rush him up. You can (and the O’s have) damage development by bring up someone too soon. I’d much rather hold off until they’re beating down the door. Bring him up in 3 weeks (September) and let him start next year in the minors and gain the extra year of control. Who knows what he will be but most projections have him as a lower division regular or a forth OF. We are talking about an above average defender but not an impact bat. There’s no real need to have him up in this malaise of a season.
  10. MCO'sFan

    Take this for what it's worth....

    thanks for sharing
  11. MCO'sFan

    Service time of Sisco, Scott, and Hays.

    I would manipulate as many prospect's service time as I can to get the extra year of control. They may never pan out but, there is no reason to have any true prospect loose a year of control for service time the rest of this year or first two months next year. Let them come up in September and then start next year back down and target June/July to start to bring them up. I don't care if they are 24-25 yo. Nothing wrong with extending control into age 30-31 seasons. Could work out better as they run through most of their prime years before FA hits.
  12. MCO'sFan

    Buck Referring to Orioles as “They”

    That worked. Thank you!
  13. MCO'sFan

    Buck Referring to Orioles as “They”

    Can someone please tell me how to use this feature. This is a serious request...I looked but didn't find it.
  14. That makes me feel somewhat better