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  1. Babypowder

    Sorry this loss is squarely on Buck

    Strikeouts aren't Castro's game either.
  2. Babypowder

    Chicago Sun: Cubs interested in Manny

    The Cubs aren’t doing that.
  3. There were also a few "It's not my money" takes. Those are always fun.
  4. It's the bat speed. He has to guess more because he can't catch up to the fastball now.
  5. No, it isn't. If you told any baseball fan outside the Baltimore area that, they'd spit out their drink. Even I, without a doubt one of the most negative posters here, have grossly overestimated the Orioles competency two years in a row now. We're all wearing different shades of orange glasses. I will agree however that a lot of hindsight is being thrown around on the Davis deal. This forum was overwhelmingly in favor of the deal when it was signed and there are polls to prove it. Too many people are not remembering that now. There were only a few us who cautioned it could get bad quickly. Granted no one saw it going this bad, this quickly.
  6. A lot of baserunners and a lot of contact again last night. Swinging strike rate an K% are still way down from his career norms. His last two starts were better but this one dropped back off. I'm still concerned.
  7. That's the legend. The numbers of beers is also disputed by accounts, but by all accounts it was an absurd amount. "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" did an episode in reference to it, where the gang tries to replicate it.
  8. Pass some this way, I also like to party.
  9. Don’t know much about the Seattle system, but I would assume Jones for anyone’s 3rd ranked prospect is something I would do. Jones is a salary dump right now.
  10. Babypowder

    Straight talk: Buck is not coming back for a rebuild

    Cut the cord, there’s a lot of ways to watch baseball without cable and you’ll save a ton of money.
  11. Babypowder

    TT: Orioles Games of Thrones and the Way Forward

    He's slow and his routes and jumps are both poor. He's not good out there.
  12. He’s missing bats lately. He was allowing an alarming amount of contact early, so it’s good to see that correcting.
  13. Babypowder

    Pondering the Outcome

    Which is why it would be better. Get the first pick and start the rebuild.
  14. Babypowder

    Pondering the Outcome

    I’d rather a 50 win team than a 75 win team. So, if they’re going to win they better actually win. If they’re going to be bad, just be really bad.