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  1. This is wildcard. That sample size is large enough for him to hop right off his own "Rickard should play everyday" bandwagon and right onto to his next mission. This mentality is great for message board banter though. I hope he never changes.
  2. While I don't think Mark Trumbo is very good and didn't like re-signing him, it's way too early for major concerns about anyone.
  3. Apparently, he also now prefers Gentry.
  4. I know this is a very imperfect way to judge it, but just saying he's never looked fast to me is worth nothing so I have to bring what I have. Even in his youth Adam Jones was never a stolen base threat compared to other center fielders. He has generally been in the bottom 5 every year he has qualified with 2 exceptions. He's never been even close to the average or median number of stolen bases among center fielders in his career. Obviously, stolen bases don't have everything to do with speed and this is not definitive evidence of his relative speed among major league center fielders, but it is something.
  5. This is why his range has never been spectacular. While he is fast compared to your average major leaguer, his speed is below average for a center fielder.
  6. Yeah, those two seasons of solidly below average play would have been a tremendous asset.
  7. I actually think he should have made that catch if he put a better effort on it, he reached out for the catch in a pretty nonchalant fashion. I also don't think he slams into the wall if he doesn't trip. I, of course, do not disagree with the overall message here.
  8. Right there with that powerhouse, the Cincinnati Reds.
  9. In your scenario, which is essentially the worst case scenario for Kim and the best case scenario for Mancini, Mancini would indeed be preferable. I don't put much stock or weight into partial season splits, so I like to consider Kim as the guy who put up a 129 wRC+ vs RHP last season. I'll take the under on Mancini for that in 2017.
  10. For today, I have a feeling we are about to see some Mancini/Rickard parallels.
  11. Remember when Kim was going to get an expanded role? He got no chance against LHP and it took until game 7 for him to also not start vs a RHP. As expected, more of the same.
  12. I was at the game Saturday and he was visibly limping to and from the field. It may have been just a one day thing, but he was hurting that day too.
  13. Tim Tebow homered in his first minor league at bat. He's legit!
  14. If everything breaks perfectly, yes the windows doesn't shut. But, I'd say there are many more plausible situations where it does close.