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  1. Chris Davis Has Cleared Revocable waivers

    Though I somehow missed that poll. I can find other evidence that shows I hated the deal immediately. This was obviously a risk. We were giving a 7 year deal to a 30 year old who had 2 good seasons under his belt and was 1 year removed from a year resembling this one. He had old player skills that weren't likely to age well and he had already shown crazy variance in his youth... that wasn't likely to improve as he aged. There were some surprising names in favor of the deal, but the usual "negative" types I seem to align with often were against it as well.
  2. Chris Davis Has Cleared Revocable waivers

    I knew the reaction was mostly positive.... I didn't remember it being that positive. Conveniently, no one was in favor of it now.
  3. Well, that moved my needle

    I hope Hellickson is hiding some stuff somewhere. A 3.2% swinging strike rate isn't going to bring these kind of results most nights. We apparently caught the Royals at the right time because they couldn't hit anything this series.
  4. Coors even makes Gerardo Parra look like a stud.
  5. True, but couple the peripherals with a lackluster minor league resume, including this season at AAA, and I'm very skeptical this small sample success holds up.
  6. O's trade for Hellickson

    I agree we didn't lose anything to get upset about. I just don't understand what hellickson brings. Bad pitchers making real money to "eat innings" is something the O's already have a surplus of.
  7. Actually, I'd be saying the same things I've been saying already... bridwell has a LOB% over 90 percent, his k rate is under 6, his FIP is over 5. This is a small sample size mirage.
  8. O's trade for Hellickson

    ERA is not very useful.
  9. O's trade for Hellickson

    Hellickson's FIP is only better than Tillman and Jimenez. His strikeout rate will be the worst in the rotation, which is pretty impressive for this rotation. He's bad, and fits right in in a bad rotation.
  10. O's trade for Hellickson

    We shouldn't be trading anything at all for Hellickson, he's terrible.
  11. Anyone else open to the idea of extending Manny?

    Career wRC+ Machado 115 Arenado 112 Ramirez 111 Rendon 120 Bryant 142 Sano 127 Coors makes Arenado look like a better hitter, but he isn't one. Manny's been a better hitter than both he and Ramirez. He's comparable offensively to Rendon but is younger. Bryant and Sano are definitively better hitters, but Manny is younger than Bryant and a far better defender than both, Sano especially. One season does not a career make. You also have to consider that his batted ball data suggests an xwOBA of .360, while his actual wOBA is .316. He's had an incredibly unlucky year, and down years happen. I'm confident that's all this has been.
  12. Adam Jones HOF chances?

    Adam Jones has been worth 28 fWAR for his career through age 31. He just needs to put up another 30 or so in his 30s while he is already declining... totally doable.
  13. Are any of the teams in the Wild Card race sellers?

    This. Just saying we are only 3.5 games back makes it sound much closer than it actually is.
  14. Deadline Deal Orioles Mega-Thread

    He's a ground ball AND strikeout guy. His strikeout rate has been around 30 percent 2015-2016. It's only 15 percent right now. His FIP had been below 2, it's above 3. He has a 1.81 WHIP, which has previously been well below 1. His ground ball rate is 68 percent, it's normally ~80 percent. His hard contact rate in 2016 was 14.8 percent, it's 29.6 now. His swinging strike rate has dropped from 17 percent to 11 percent. These numbers can turn around quickly because it is such a short sample, but his performance so far in 2017 has some early caution flags for people looking to acquire him.
  15. Deadline Deal Orioles Mega-Thread

    So, you do care?