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  1. With the uptick in offense, he's actually dropped about 10 points in wRC+. He's hit to a 88 wRC+ playing a position that averages 110. He's replacement level. He may have even more trouble finding a job this offseason.
  2. Chris Davis didn't make the mistake. He is under no obligations to help the Orioles fix theirs. The cries should be for the Orioles to end the embarrassment, not Chris Davis.
  3. He doesn't have enough data for 2019, but in 2018 his sprint speed according to Statcast was 27.6 ft/sec. That's actually above the MLB average of 27 ft/sec. He has slightly above average speed.
  4. I like the Orioles and baseball almost exclusively. I have some interest in the British Premier League and follow it casually. I don’t like getting up early. I don’t really follow any other sports. The NFL has too little game action and too many commercials. I love daily fantasy football but don’t watch games or have a team I follow. That’s it for me.
  5. Why not an inexpensive outfielder with major league experience? Perhaps one that was already on the team this year.
  6. Has anyone from the organization said why this is happening? I can’t understand why Jace Peterson is on the team, much less making starts in left field and batting 5th.
  7. I’m having difficulty imagining there was no market for Givens, Villar, and Mancini. If they end up non-tendering Villar it looks extra strange. Without knowing what was offered it’s hard to grade anything. The Cashner deal was fine, but that being the only move for a team that should be obvious sellers is hard to swallow.
  8. Do you think Mancini’s value goes up or down with less years of control? I don’t think he brings a great return no matter when he is potentially moved.
  9. No shot. I think Mancini is unlikely to bring a top 100 guy, much less one of the top guys in baseball.
  10. Alberto has "emerged" into being a below average offensive player while hitting .313. It is very impressive, but not because he has turned into a good player. I'd like to see Nunez get more time on defense. It wasn't an issue for him until spring training this year. I think there must still be something going on with his arm. It's still too early to buy into pretty much everyone. Santander was struggling in the minors the last few years before getting hot after being called up. Mountcastle still has serious discipline issues. Hays can't stay healthy and productive. We still don't know who the real Mancini is and I'd still like him shopped while he is in the midst of what looks like it will be the best season of his career so far offensively. Long story short: I don't think that lineup is likely to be above average.
  11. Don't forget there were a lot of people here lamenting over missing out on the prospects that replacement level Adam Jones would have brought back by going to Philly to be a 4th outfielder. This is basically the same thing.
  12. I'm fine with this. For a guy like Andrew Cashner, I'd rather a couple of far out lottery tickets that a scout or two likes than higher level non-prospects. That was the likely alternative others seem to have wanted. Andrew Cashner is not good. His recent run has been great in fortuitous run prevention, but GMs are smart enough to see in the peripherals that this is still Andrew Cashner. The Sox are already talking about how they don't really need him in their rotation for very long. He wasn't bringing back anything impactful.
  13. I don't think any teams are buying into John Means enough to give up anything significant. They definitely shouldn't be.
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