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  1. O's equivalent to the Gerrit Cole trade?

    I think Cole and Machado have similar trade value.
  2. His batted ball data from last season projects for a .325 expected wOBA, his actual wOBA was .355. Barring significant improvement in either batted ball quality or plate discipline, some regression is the safe bet.
  3. O's equivalent to the Gerrit Cole trade?

    Only until McCullers gets hurt.
  4. Judging by your expectations for the players on the team, how many wins do you project? 120?
  5. Not a person. It’s a math based evaluation system, but I don’t watch much MLB Network anymore and don’t remember the details of its calculations, if they even disclose them.
  6. File and Trial Arbitrations?

    Right, this began with me justifying Donaldson getting more money than Manny. Apparently, there are Orioles fans who don't realize he's pretty clearly been the better player.
  7. File and Trial Arbitrations?

    A few years ago? He was a beast just last season. He was a 5 win player, slashed .270/.385/.559 for a 149 wRC+, and hit 33 homers in only 113 games. Comparatively, Manny was worth ~3 wins, slashed .259/.310/.471 for a 102 wRC+, and also hit 33 homers in 156 games.
  8. File and Trial Arbitrations?

    As free agents I'd of course take Manny because of age. I expect Donaldson to be the better player in 2018, as he has been for the last 5 seasons in a row.
  9. File and Trial Arbitrations?

    Donaldson was coming into arbitration at a much higher salary. He's also a better player.
  10. Os requesting offers on Machado

    Who are we adding with Machado to get him? Bundy/Gausman and Hays?
  11. Os requesting offers on Machado

    Not to mention that OPS is a pretty poor metric to use to compare them offensively as well. Arizona is a pretty extreme hitter's park. Using wRC+ Machado is actually quite a bit better offensively, 115 to 104 for their careers.
  12. Os requesting offers on Machado

    Who also can't hit lefties, can't defend, and is an average total package.
  13. Nice interview with Richard Bleier

    Right. The spike in home runs is not because of a shift in roster philosophy by teams, it's because the same players are hitting more home runs. It's the ball.
  14. Anyone On Here With Close Connections To Ownership?

    Signing lance Lynn and mike moustakas would not change my outlook.
  15. Nice interview with Richard Bleier

    Are they? Seems to me they've become less important judging by how much slug only players are getting paid.