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  1. Sisco vs. Mountcastle

    I think he did. It was a genuine question. I assume it’s rare but I don’t really know how rare
  2. Sisco vs. Mountcastle

    The orioles, apparently. But they keep swinging when they get to the majors too.
  3. Sisco vs. Mountcastle

    How many guys walk more at the major league level than the minors?
  4. That won't happen if they still think his future is at C. He's got to play catcher if he's going to improve there. Unlikely he has the pop to be of significant value as a DH.
  5. TT: Pitching staff just about complete

    Scott is not being developed as a starter.
  6. Castro moves into the lead for the 5th starter

    He better start missing some more bats, or I don't think he can sustain success as a reliever either. Dude had a 4.94 FIP and 5.19 xFIP last year.
  7. Love this quote from Cobb

    Those teams won by preventing runs, not scoring them. And it has them as slightly below average offenses those years, because they were.
  8. Love this quote from Cobb

    Must be. Home runs = great offense. Nevermind if your ballpark inflates them and you do nothing else well. and defense hasn’t been a strength for 3 years. I do think that will be better this year, though.
  9. Love this quote from Cobb

    I am going off wRC+, they’ve ranged between 96 and 104 since 2012.
  10. Love this quote from Cobb

    Of course, but you pretty frequently hear comments by players and analysts praising the Orioles offense. In reality the offense has been average to slightly below average consistently.
  11. Love this quote from Cobb

    The O’s position players appear to have a much better rep around the league than the numbers would indicate.
  12. OK, time to grade the offseason moves

    We saw who got them last year. Hopefully that just means the leash is shorter this year. I still have a hard time seeing them swallow the rest of his deal.
  13. OK, time to grade the offseason moves

    The same argument was made for Gallardos peripheral drop though too. By Gallardo himself, and several publications. We will see.
  14. It is time to give Dan and Peter Angelos credit

    I still think the rotation will be well below average. I’m also not a Cashner fan, and think Tillman is toast though.