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  1. Getting rid of Chris Davis

    This guy is pretty good at defense at the easiest position on the field. Lock him up forever.
  2. Getting rid of Chris Davis

    Porcello was still a league average pitcher this season and only has 3 years left on his deal making 20 per. Chris Davis was replacement level, is still under contract for 5 more years, making more per and somehow the Orioles trade him, only throw in 10 million, and get a useful starter and another player back? Something ain't stirring the Kool-Aid here.
  3. Dan wants to reload, not rebuild

    I was talking position players only, Castillo was an oversight. Mancini however was worth 1.8 wins according to Fangraphs and 2.2 according to BR. ~2 wins is average. Jones was worth 2.5 by BR and 1.7 by Fangraphs. Average. Smith was a below average hitting platoon outfielder worth .5 and .3 respectively.
  4. Dan wants to reload, not rebuild

    Here is the list of definitively above average players that were around Manny in 2017: Schoop Beckham
  5. I say shop them both and find out.
  6. The outfield defense by the numbers, 2014-17

    Low strikeout, fly ball prone pitchers coupled with poor outfield defense doesn't seem like an ideal combination.
  7. Pedro Alvarez Appreciation

    He's pretty close to pre-2017 Mark Trumbo IMO. Bat is above average in the outfield, but the defense is bad enough to offset some of it. His glove plays better at first base but his bat is probably only average there. The ceiling is pretty limited because of that.
  8. The MLB average K% for starting pitchers in 2017 is 20.6%. Miguel Castro is at 13.6% as a reliever. You can expect that to drop even further as a starter. Couple that with his 4.87 FIP and 5.23 xFIP and I'm not overly optimistic about his chances of being effective in either role going forward just yet.
  9. The Orioles Have Lost 81 Games

    Fair, I know it has to be obvious.
  10. The Orioles Have Lost 81 Games

    Wow, I was far more optimistic than I expected back in March. I would have guessed I voted around 81-81, definitely not 85-88.
  11. What do you think is Mancini's ceiling?

    While I don't think he can maintain the .345 BABIP and his walk rate will keep him from being an elite hitter. He's definitely been far better than I expected. I expect more of what he was this year, about league average value. Defense in the outfield is bad enough to pull the above average bat downward, and if he moves to first an average bat and average defense. He's basically Mark Trumbo (pre-2017), but younger and far cheaper. That's just fine.
  12. What does positive future mean? Like 1 or 2 seasons of averageish relief pitching? Or a ten year career anchoring a pen? If's it's the first one maybe a couple of them. If it's closer to the second, then none. I don't like any of them for any real long term value.
  13. Assuming we trade Manny, who's our target for 3B?

    Not to mention Smith and whoever Beckmann is.
  14. Austin Hays

    Trumbo isn't hitting major league pitching. How many minor league outfielders can put up something near a .699 OPS in the majors?
  15. Pitching in the AL East

    Park/context adjusted (wRC+) the Rays are right around average offensively, the Red Sox and Blue Jays quite a bit below and the Yankees are 3rd best in MLB. It is not the AL Beast this season.