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  1. Not really. Even when Bundy's ERA looked good this year, compared to last year his velocity was down, strikeout rate was down, swinging strike rate was down, and fly ball rate was up.
  2. The Rays are the fifth best offense in baseball by wRC+.
  3. Not missing any bats, allowing too many baserunners, FIP over 6, xFIP over 5 and bad minor league numbers.... something tells me his 3.07 ERA in these two starts may be a mirage and he's actually bad.
  4. I think he was due for regression looking at his peripherals. So I don't see it as a drop off, I just see it as his traditional numbers starting to normalize and match his expected production. FIP is over 4.6 and xFIP is over 5. He's just not as agood as his ERA was previously indicating. I want to know why his peripherals have seen such a stark drop off from 2016.
  5. Metrics have Schoop's defense as slightly below average. Mancini doesn't have enough of a sample size to be meaningful, but so far he is somewhere between average (DRS) and awful (UZR).
  6. As has been pointed out already, my post was sarcastic.
  7. By WAR he is the worst qualified center fielder in baseball so far this season.
  8. Should be? How many second basemen should make it? Altuve, Castro, Lowrie, Cano have all been better.
  9. The answer should be no one. There is not a single player on this team that deserves it. No one on the team is even ranked in the top 10 at their position except for Schoop (and he's 9th) by WAR. Their best starter is Bundy and he's 30th among qualified starters. Among relievers, their best is O'Day at 34th.
  10. To be fair, no one could have seen it coming.
  11. Yeah, that too.
  12. If I am Buck Showalter, and my team isn't winning the World Series, I don't care who is.
  13. Machado is the only player in that group that gets you anything of value. No one wants Davis' contract. No one else wanted Trumbo for the deal he got, and he's been below replacement level since signing it. Jones is declining, coming off a bad 2016, having a bad 2017 so far, and is still on for another season. Gausman's value is tanking every start he makes. Tillman is a FA at the end of the year and is getting blown up every start too. They missed their window to sell. Their only chips now are Machado, semi valuable bullpen arms, Schoop, and Bundy.
  14. Right, at least a rebuild has a chance of working.
  15. What's the alternative to a rebuild at this point?