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  1. This is great news if he can keep it up. The groundball rate was the largest factor in limiting his offensive ceiling. If he can maintain a high flyball rate and keep his hit tool intact, this changes everything.
  2. Right, which is why I generally hate when people throw out oWAR and dWAR. Looking at other metrics he was average to slightly above, which is about what dWAR says too. That is not "loving" a player to me. dWAR loves Mookie Betts for instance, not Travis Snider
  3. dWAR did not love Travis Snider. He was -0.6 for his career and had more negative seasons than positive ones. As for Smith, none of the metrics have liked him so far but it's too small a sample to make any reasonable assertions.
  4. www.reddit.com/r/mlbstreams Hopefully your work doesn't block it.
  5. Ichiro would not have been a very valuable player if he were a defensively challenged first baseman. Davis needs to hit and hit for power or be cut.
  6. Way too early for defensive metrics to be definitive, but they suggest that his defense over his 328 major league innings has been pretty bad.
  7. It certainly doesn't come anywhere close to explaining the difference, but their ballpark contributes to suppressing runs.
  8. wRC+ is even closer, 110 to 107.
  9. By advanced metrics the offensive value is similar. It’s just shaped differently. Trumbo more power, Mancini a better hit tool. They both don’t walk enough. Their defensive value is also similar in that they aren’t outfielders, and their offensive ceiling is low to be great at first. Neither walk enough to put up great OBPs and Mancini has only average power. The end result is likely a 1-2 win player. They’re quite similar in value, even if the traditional offensive numbers look different.
  10. Not much, IMO. He's a bad defender in the outfield, so much so that his ceiling even in a good year with the bat is limited to average. He's not a great defender or bat at first either, limiting his ceiling there as well. I've said this many times, but Trey Mancini is prime Mark Trumbo. The playstyle is obviously different, but the total package has the same value and limitations.
  11. Not fully stretched out and pitching on short rest in his first start of the season. He correctly had no chance at finishing this game. It was the correct call and one that took some stones to make. No issue at all from me.
  12. wRC+ the last 7 seasons: 127, 119, 117, 111, 98, 107, 98 He's been trending down for a while. It wasn't just last year.
  13. Indeed, their profiles are not very similar.
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