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  1. Babypowder

    Behind the Curve with Analytics?

    To make this an analytics trendsetting, you'll need data that supports this position. Cain won't make as much as Manny mostly because he was a late bloomer and wasn't a free agent until he was 31. Getting a 5/80 deal at 31 in the recent free agency climate is no small feat. Cain is pretty rightfully highly valued, I would say.
  2. Babypowder

    Behind the Curve with Analytics?

    And there are already well accepted offensive metrics that both support and dispute some of these thoughts. Mallex Smith had a 117 wRC+ and over 3 WAR, Merrifield has 120 and over 5 WAR, Lorenzo Cain had a 124 and over 5 WAR, Trea Tunrner was at 105 and nearly 5 WAR, all of these players are valued very highly by the current generally accepted metrics. If you're looking to buck current analytic trends, you'd need to identify data suggesting players that do not seem appropriately valued by these metrics are actually more valuable than they appear. As far your last comparison, Villar and Schoop are similarly valuable hitters for their careers by most metrics, wRC+ has them at 94 for Villar and 97 for Schoop. Do you have data that suggests otherwise? That would be the kind of thing I think you're encouraging the Orioles to consider.
  3. Babypowder

    Behind the Curve with Analytics?

    Is there data that suggests these qualities are undervalued? I suspect if they were, there would be more emphasis on them. Basically all the publicly available data says all of those things are generally overvalued by the traditional baseball minds. If there's data that suggests otherwise, I'm certainly open to it and I'm sure the budget conscious O's would be too. That would be an obvious cost saver.
  4. Babypowder

    Duquette is expected to be fired

    Our new GM Brady Anderson has it covered. Right after he hires our new manager Mike Bordick. I'm joking. I think.
  5. Babypowder

    How to make baseball more interesting

    Sports participation and viewing is way down across the board among the young. It's not a baseball problem. Minor rules changes aren't going to fix this. We are the midst of major changes in entertainment media and kids have better options than watching sports. I don't know if it is a solvable problem. A 12 year old would rather play Fortnite with his friends than watch a baseball game. Hell, I'm 34 and only watch the games on my PC while I'm playing my PS4 simultaneously. I can't even remember the last time I actually sat at home and watched an entire game with my attention solely on it. It was probably the last playoff game.
  6. Babypowder

    Chris Davis

    All time or this season? I'm assuming all time. This is all according to Fangraphs. Davis is tied for the worst all time season by first basemen with Ivy Griffin in 1920 at -2.8 WAR. He is also second worst all time in wRC+ to Ivy Griffin in that same season 46 to 49. His raw OPS is 9th worst all time.
  7. Babypowder

    How Do The Orioles Land On Sunday Night Baseball?

    I was at the game, unfortunately.
  8. Babypowder

    How Do The Orioles Land On Sunday Night Baseball?

    I don't know about that. ESPN's baseball coverage is pretty lackluster in general these days and Mancini is a bad player on a terrible bad team.
  9. Babypowder

    Cobb & Cashner Clear Waivers

    I still think he would if a contender wanted him for an everyday role. The list of teams that would want him in that capacity is pretty small, however.
  10. Babypowder

    2019+ Positional Review Series: 1B/DH

    So you'd pay Adam Jones what he is looking for in free agency to play a position that requires a much higher offensive output than he is now capable of and one he has never played defensively? Solid plan.
  11. Babypowder


    oWAR adjusts for position. His offensive contributions will be worth less WAR in right than in center. His overall WAR will depend on how much better he is in right than in center and whether or not it improves his defensive metrics enough to make up for the negative positional adjustment for offense. It’s quite possible he gets no bump in overall WAR by moving to a corner.
  12. If anyone thought he was more than a salary dump in a trade, there is now hard evidence.
  13. Babypowder

    Trey Mancini is going to trend up

    It’s about average for a regular, below average for a regular at 1B.
  14. Babypowder

    Would you trade Adam Jones even up for these CF's?

    Suppose the O's decide they'll just let the claiming team have him, I imagine he can block a waiver claim too?
  15. Babypowder

    Would you trade Adam Jones even up for these CF's?

    While I'm sure those things have some weight, I think the biggest reason is he didn't want to be a bench player, especially heading into free agency. I don't blame him for that at all.