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  1. I am well aware. Just was thinking out loud how bad some starters have been.
  2. Orioles are 11-14 in starts by Means, Cashner and Bundy. 3-12 in starts by Hess and Straily. 0-3 Cobb. Better hope top 3 keep pitching decent.
  3. In other starts by Hess, Straily and Cobb. ERA is 7.20 Not included is today and Karns’ 2 openers.
  4. Real quick math. In starts by Means, Bundy and Cashner they have collective ERA of 4.00.
  5. Even Bordick tweaked Hunter. Pinpoint down the middle.
  6. Would be nice if Cobb was around. He could soak up some innings.
  7. Games like this are why Straily still has a job.
  8. Just looked up the AL. 24 is the average.
  9. Now that Sucre is at AAA I doubt it.
  10. Who knows. I would speculate some mental stuff was going on last year. Have to think he gets a chance at some point.
  11. Not sure what is going on with Wynns. Played much better last year.
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