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  1. eddie83

    Ticketmaster is Active

    I just saw this. Nice addition. Shame my internet is so slow. Can still watch on phone but rather use TV.
  2. eddie83

    Ticketmaster is Active

    Maybe for the 29 and 81 plan holders. I don’t recall for 13.
  3. eddie83

    Ticketmaster is Active

    They had early access on Friday and Saturday’s last year?
  4. I figured you would recommend skipping watching the Orioles play and instead go to some dive bar and watch sundry rock “n” roll bands.
  5. eddie83

    Ticketmaster is Active

    New Rewards program. I’m still trying to figure it all out. Can buy all the giveaways for $199.
  6. eddie83

    Ticketmaster is Active

    Email was sent out. Prices stay same. 15% off food and merchandise inside. Can enter gates 2.5 hours early on Saturday and Sunday. Other benefits. https://www.mlb.com/orioles/tickets/season-tickets/orange-level?partnerId=ed-13332527-1119495483#members-only-benefits
  7. eddie83

    Ticketmaster is Active

    For me it would be more about benefits, not cost. They need to give people reasons to keep plans. The incentives are what matters. I am not naive enough to think there will be price reductions. Everyone needs to have food and shelter. You can still be an Orioles fan and support the team without season tickets.
  8. eddie83

    Ticketmaster is Active

    I’m a very curious what changes if any they are making this year with the new “membership” plans. Most fans I know are happy with the direction of the franchise but that doesn’t mean they are going to want to pay to watch what they know will be losing baseball.
  9. eddie83

    Your 2019 Team

    Also going to a contender. Players like him aren’t signing a one year with a bad team unless they are really desperate. Right now the questions are RF C SS SP Curious how much money they invest in these positions.
  10. eddie83

    Ticketmaster is Active

    I didn’t get the lack of a holiday card. Maybe the analytics showed fans didn’t care about that or a cost cutting measure.....
  11. eddie83

    Ticketmaster is Active

    I had issues and contacted them via email and they got back to me right away. Was able to get it resolved. The person online that day was very good to deal with.
  12. eddie83

    Orioles Entertainment?

    Buck is no longer here to complain.
  13. eddie83

    Ticketmaster is Active

    I can’t figure it out. I already have a Ticketmaster account. I keep hitting send link and I am not getting one. I’ll mess with it later.
  14. eddie83

    Fanfest 2019 update.

    They have to be making some changes with this new wording. They are going to need to be very creative. It has been a positive offseason but that doesn’t mean fans want to invest in season plans for a bad team. Curious what they do.