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  1. Weak RH hitter. Got on via a swinging bunt. Was going to be his last hitter more than likely. Trying to limit Nuno. Nuno came in with one runner on base up 7. That runner should not have impacted how he pitched. Stay out of the big inning. Not complicated.
  2. They showed it a little on MASN. Should have kept camera there. One enjoyable moment.
  3. Dan needs to find a Joe Saunders 2012 type at this point. Of course hard to make deals in April......
  4. Nah, just a couple of games.
  5. Stupid MASN took camera off the dugout why? That is better then the game
  6. Well he is there tomorrow then.
  7. They were willing to give up a number 2 after Fowler signed then were desperate is my guess.
  8. Worst thing is the way he impacts the pen. I mean he handcuffs the roster. Other pitchers may have off days but with Ubaldo you have to prepare for it as if it is a regular occurrence.
  9. Britton isn't ready, they have to do something before he is back.
  10. Who else would you have pitched down big?
  11. All this garbage pitching we are seeing and Vance Worley isn't even in the big leagues. Not saying he is great. Seems to be all about money. Nobody wants to pay someone his contract for a swing man role.
  12. Another example of a mid tier FA pitcher signing. Some work out but it doesn't seem many do.
  13. Yankees will be too tired tomorrow.
  14. Not worried about a rehab start stats.
  15. I agree, but I'll take my chances with Tillman Gausman Bundy Miley Not dominant but a realistic chance to be slightly above average.