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  1. I would not mind see Joey play LF in Yankee Stadium all 3 games. He will be plenty busy out there. DH Mancini Game 1 and sit Núñez. Nunez can start next 2 vs LHP. Also think Sucre starts Game 1.
  2. Last loss on Opening Day was the Mike Gonzalez debacle in 2010. Getting booed in pregame and then in the 9th when he blew the game. Good times. Frustrated fans taking out over a decade of anger on one player.
  3. I was already wondering about the betting lines for these 3 games. I wondered if you bet on the Orioles all 3 and they won 1 of you would come out ahead. Have to think they will be plus 200 or more every game.
  4. Maybe we can get some calls like Duke did yesterday to help us out...........😀
  5. How far back can they date this? His last game correct?
  6. My dark horse is Ruiz. Hope he can be competent.
  7. I get this way of thinking but Elias may want to see if Severino can be a useful backup and doesn’t want to lose Sucre in the process of finding out. Don’t forget about Wynns either. Fluid situation.
  8. I thought you are a framing aficionado?
  9. Who is on the team now will not be there by summer. Many new players by then. No way is it worse than last year.
  10. Is it entirely possible Elias thinks he can keep someone by DFA them later ? Just playing other side.
  11. Phillips was sent down Tony. Yacabonis and Means can both make it if Cobb goes on DL.
  12. Who’s spot is he taking? Sisco has nothing to do with him. Bench would be Severino Jackson Rickard Alberto
  13. Pretty much sums it up. Of course who knows what waiver pick ups we see.
  14. Heard Hyde say on radio he had MRI at 11am this morning.
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