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  1. Streak is over.
  2. Did Roy give up today?
  3. Hunter all over Beckham.
  4. Givens has not been used much lately. Off day Monday, no reason if he has clean 9th he can't be used tomorrow. That way have big 3.
  5. If Givens has good 9th he will be ok for tomorrow.
  6. Hate the nibbling given the score.
  7. I think HD has changed how we view them. On the Orioles Classics games the umps missed a bunch as well. Now it is glaring. He isn't a good ump.
  8. Souza nice at bat
  9. Up 5 runs. Be aggressive, pitch before was borderline. Can't walk people up 5.
  10. And it cost him and the team.
  11. This drives me crazy. Get out of the inning clean. Don't get pitch selection again.
  12. Throw a fastball. You are up 5 RUNS!!'
  13. Hunter is in full blown praise mode today. The lead is making him feel peppy.
  14. Castillo consumed with runner.
  15. I hope this game goes quick.