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  1. Manager Movement

    Who knows for sure. They let it drag out for a week. If they were sure then why let it linger that long?
  2. Manager Movement

    I am starting to wonder about how the Nats operate. Rizzo kept running his mouth about Baker coming back. Owners must have forced Dusty out.
  3. Manager Movement

    Me neither.
  4. Manager Movement

    Farrell was not respected in Boston by the fans or media. Red Sox I assume will get a big bat somehow this offseason.
  5. Manager Movement

    Who leaks this stuff? Agents I assume for players.
  6. Manager Movement

    I get that but once rumors were out why not announce it? Series may not be over until Nov 1. That's 10 days away. I know MLB wants no announcements during the Series.
  7. Manager Movement

    Plus it is dead space before the World Series.
  8. 2017 A.L.C.S. (Astros vs. Yankees)

    Robertson sucked tonight!!!
  9. Should the Orioles bring back Miguel Gonzalez?

    I have no issue with Miguel but only as a number 5 type. If they address 3 and 4 I could live with someone like him as a number 5.
  10. Expansion/Realignment

    The Yankees and Red Sox don't impact the Orioles attendance that much anymore. Just look at the numbers. Part of that is the pricing tiers so maybe they make some more revenue those games.
  11. 2017 A.L.C.S. (Astros vs. Yankees)

    Hope they wake up at home. This is awful.
  12. Was ERod too much for Andrew Miller

    Watching the Astros pen just cements even more that I liked the trade. I know the Orioles already had a deep pen but Miller was a difference maker.
  13. 2017 A.L.C.S. (Astros vs. Yankees)

    He has clearly become a Yankee. Cries over being rung up on a clear strike. Top of inning Beltran took a pitch way outside for a called strike. Wasn't close.
  14. Offseason Trade Ideas thread

    True. That was sickening to watch that tonight. Could see it coming once it started.
  15. Offseason Trade Ideas thread

    Well Houston needed him tonight..... That ship has sailed.