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  1. Maryland at Michigan

    That was just sickening. Would have been a huge resume win. If you aren’t going to guard the in bounds man then to me you have a CF type around mid court. Way too easy of a pass was executed.
  2. So What is the Plan for Starting Pitching?

    Just someone who might get voted into the HOF next month. Other than that, no.
  3. Correct but I think looking at the teams payroll and saying that the pitching should be better considering how the money is spent isn’t fair. I also think pitchers like Chen and Gonzalez are the exceptions to the norm.
  4. In the beginning I followed the MASN thing closely but the last couple of years I started to ignore it because it was so frustrating, it keeps dragging on. You have probably already explained this in previous threads but thanks again. I can certainly see why the Orioles are so mad. Have to wonder if this simply isn’t to try to bust MASN and get the Nats out of an unfavorable deal.
  5. And how much of that payroll is allocated to starting pitching?
  6. Ok, thanks for explaining. So basically Angelos personally gets hurt when the teams are paid more because there is less profit for MASN itself. Am I correct in saying other teams use loopholes in terms of funneling more money to the networks they own instead of rights fees? For revenue sharing purposes.
  7. I know the topic isn’t about MASN specifically but what a mess. MASN was designed to appease Angelos over his TV market being infringed upon and protect him - the Orioles - financially. The fact is how can MASN pay the Nats what this committee says they should be paid and still remain profitable? Did anyone take into account that this is one network that shares two teams? This isn’t like a normal situation where one team is on one network and another team has a separate network. When the committee determined how much each team should be paid did they factor in that point? Why was it set up like this in the first place and not simply based off of profits to the company? All that said no doubt Angelos personally has reaped the rewards financially.
  8. Os requesting offers on Machado

    So you are accusing DD of sabatoging a trade deal and just going through the motions?
  9. Os requesting offers on Machado

    Ken is a 1:100 betting line favorite.
  10. Os requesting offers on Machado

    Big picture wise we are in the last stages of having to deal it. It should be over relatively soon.
  11. What Do You Think was Communicated

    Speaking of how many are they going to lose this year?
  12. What Do You Think was Communicated

    Verbally no.
  13. What Do You Think was Communicated

    Or Does Peter have the guts to tell the fan base we are going to be down for a little while but hang in there? Feels like to me he may be afraid to do that and instead straddles the fence.
  14. If Angelos is that upset at Dan for the Toronto situation then why penalize the team for it? It’s petty and counterproductive. If you are so mad at the person then let them leave or fire them.
  15. They have a hard enough time getting the owner to deal players at the deadline, now they are going to move him coming off a playoff berth with the core still in place?