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  1. Trumbo out 3-4 weeks

    What is the latest on him? The two players who annoyed fans the most last year may both be out.
  2. Trumbo out 3-4 weeks

    Couple more angles on this. You could justify keeping a 3rd C like Sisco and have him be the LHH DH. He can C some here and there. You could and don’t kill me, recall Rickard. I doubt they burn a 40 man spot for this but I wound think they may want a glove to compliment Santander. Obviously Gentry can be that guy. They would have more speed and pinch running capabilities. If I am Alvarez here and they don’t call me up what does that say about him? I think he will be the guy but there are other possibilities.
  3. Trumbo out 3-4 weeks

    Where is Davis?
  4. I don’t get the hate towards MLB. They didn’t do anything to Judge, they just told him to zip it. Of course they are going to say something.
  5. Trumbo out 3-4 weeks

    Not saying it will happen but it makes Hays making the roster plausible. They could use Mancini more in the DH role. It would improve the OF defense.
  6. Trumbo out 3-4 weeks

    You can’t control injuries but at least for Mountcastle he got a chance to be in big league camp first and experience that.
  7. vs. YANKEES, 3/14 (Spring Training)

    So you already know? I have a 13 game plan. Don’t the other plans have different looking season tickets? I think it was a couple of players last year. I think Davis, Manny and Jones we on them last year.
  8. vs. YANKEES, 3/14 (Spring Training)

    Mine are suppose to arrive before 8 tonight.
  9. vs. YANKEES, 3/14 (Spring Training)

    Nestor Cortes.
  10. Santander

    Yes, I did conveniently leave that part out. If he turns out average on defense I would be happy.
  11. Santander

    Playing the wind in March in Florida isn’t easy.
  12. My wife knows 3 people who did not renew their season tickets.
  13. vs. YANKEES, 3/14 (Spring Training)

    Buck said Schoop was late to a meeting ..