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  1. Maybe they are at a point with some of these guys they are tired of sending them up and down. Just leave them here and see what happens. Will need to make 40 man decisions after season anyway. Maybe Kline will stick as well. Someone will go down for Bundy.
  2. Game 3 today of 12 straight. Good chance they go with a 3 man bench during that time. Maybe Hays or another OF up in August.
  3. I would bet it is just the BA writers cell phone camera. No idea if the Orioles sent someone over there. If they did there is no evidence of it so far.
  4. Yeah. Either way have fun. I want to try to make a game but it will probably have to be on a Friday or Saturday.
  5. Good idea. Have to think it happens.
  6. Clutch. Who knows. I heard the OS radio guy call him Clutchman.
  7. Actually more of a line drive.
  8. I’m getting worried. 0-1 with a groundout. He should be crushing that level of pitching.
  9. I agree. As long as the young players are playing well. I really thought we were a lock but no longer.
  10. Tigers are getting crushed again as well. May get the second pick next year.
  11. I don’t think they are making the playoffs.
  12. Villar is never boring. I will say that.
  13. I have always wanted to go to Dodger Stadium. The view on TV always look great and the way it’s located in the ravine has always fascinated me.
  14. I think the Orioles need to contact their lawyers. The Nats stole their slogan from the Orioles. Kids Cheer Free- Orioles Kids Eat Free- Nats
  15. It isn’t a coincidence when you see some franchises be mediocre or worse over decades. The constant is ownership. The better the owners are equate to higher quality executives wanting to work for that team. The environment is conducive to winning. I admit when we turned it around I was too busy enjoying the winning after 14 years of losing to look too far into the future.
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