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  1. Cleveland feels Astros were better prepared with analytics. The Indians have been World Series contenders the past few years and apparently some of their players weren't happy about the lack of analytics prepared for them against the Astros. I guess we aren't the only team lagging behind in this area but if you want to get better Britton's comments should be seen as constructive feedback not trashing his former team.
  2. Darkhawk

    Advice on Dropping out of College

    I really want to thank you Tony and the others who have made this board possible. I've been a member of this board for a very long time as a constant lurker and infrequent poster, but never would I have thought that I would be reaching out on a topic unrelated to baseball. I am very thankful that I have got so many responses all with different perspectives. In particular there was one poster, Crazysilver, who really reached out to me and helped me understand my options. But thank you to everyone who has tried to help. It helped my mind be a little clearer. Tomorrow I'm meeting with my counselor and we're going to talk about taking a leave of absence. I think that is the best option that I have right now. I'm at school today and taking it one step at a time, but where I am at mentally right now makes that hard to do. I don't feel that I am myself right now and that I am living as a placeholder until my true self returns. So I will look into the leave of absence and try not to make any rash decisions. That will give me a good deal of time before the next semester to help myself and hopefully I will be in a position where my judgement and cognition is not clouded. If the leave of absence means I lose my scholarship, I am not sure what I will do. But the number one priority will be my health. If I leave, I do want to try to apply myself and I feel that I have some opportunities to do that, including a start-up that is pretty exciting. Again, I am so appreciative for this board providing me a forum to get some questions answered from those who have an outside point of view. Thanks again.
  3. Darkhawk

    Advice on Dropping out of College

    I deleted my inbox. And thanks to everyone who has offered a response. To answer some questions, after this semester I have 2 full semesters and then one semester of six credits. I have my Associate's degree from my community college and there really isn't any further education I can pursue there to complete my degree. Again it is really appreciated that people are taking the time to offer some advice. Thanks.
  4. Maybe this isn't the place for this but I am in desperate need of advice and I appreciate anyone who is willing to give some. I am an English major at the University of Maryland and I am thinking of dropping out. I am 24 years old and on a full tuition scholarship that I earned while at community college. I'm a good student and I am doing well in my classes. My first semester I got all A's and this semester I expect the same. However, I am extremely depressed and am not happy at school or in general. I originally switched my major from Journalism to English because I wanted to focus more on creative writing. Unfortunately, English is more of literary analysis as opposed to creative writing. I feel that I am wasting my time and if I switch my major I am putting another year onto my studies, something I don't want to do. Due to my depression, I've also been having suicidal thoughts (I am in counseling). I don't think that it is due to being in school but I don't think it is helping. My dream is to write stories and not literary analysis. And where I am at right now I feel that I need to take time off and get myself right. But then I lose my scholarship and if I decide I want to go back then I don't know how I will pay for it. If I didn't have the scholarship I would have already left by now. I also feel that as a creative writer I don't need a degree, if I'm good enough, I'll get published. I just feel that I am wasting my time right now and not doing what I am suppose to be doing. I got some good advice today which is making me lean in a certain direction. But I thought it might be worth it to get some advice from people who don't know me at all. Again, any advice is appreciated. And thank you for listening to my story. If you need more information, just ask. Thank you.
  5. Darkhawk

    ALCS pre-sale lotto email yet?

    Just got mine.
  6. Darkhawk

    Jones just called out the FANS

    I have very little problem with Adam Jones calling out fans. They're winning and the players want a big crowd to cheer them on. We all want to be noticed when we're doing good things and we know the Orioles aren't going to get positive attention from the media (most of the time), so it has to come from the fans. But what I do have a problem with is when Orioles fans call out their brethren for not attending games. It is heartbreaking to me when I can't make it to a game and something magic happens. This year I've been to all of the Legends Ceremony games and will go to the last two. Does it makes me less of a fan that I'm a college student commuting four hours a day in good traffic because I don't have the money to live near campus? Does it make me less of a fan that I have to put all of my extra money into fixing a car that broke down, while driving my Mom's car, (which I am very grateful for or else I wouldn't be able to attend college)? I can't just save up $15 bucks a week to go to a game because that money has to go to books, parking, classes and on days where I am fortunate, food. I had a 13 game plan when I was better off financially and would love to be able to do that again. So please don't call out fans who have lived and died with this team their entire life, especially ones who aren't even old enough to have been given anything from the Orioles except memories of losing and disappointment mostly. I live and die with the Baltimore Orioles and will for the rest of my life. So it hurts to be called out by fellow fans who may have different financial means or priorities or whatever it is. If you want to call me out for not being a real fan, then please come to house and see my autographed pictures of players I am not old enough to have seen play live. Check out my wardrobe and see how much Orioles stuff is in there. Look at my mantle and see my collection of bobble-heads. My situation is not as dire as some of those on here. At the end of the season I will have been able to go to six games and will try my hardest to buy a playoff ticket. But how do you think it makes the person who is kicking their ass everyday to survive to be called out by a multimillionaire and, to me more disappointing, their fellow fans. Not cool.
  7. Darkhawk

    Ravens playoff picture

    Can someone explain to me how the Steelers have clinched but the Ravens, who old the tie-breaker against them, haven't?
  8. Darkhawk

    Keith Law was on 105.7 today

    Exactly. I hope we're not making the same mistake with Hardy, who is an even bigger injury risk than BRob was at the time he signed his extension, even though he's been great this year and I love to watch him play.
  9. Darkhawk

    Question about all time home runs

    I'm doing a project for a class and I was wondering if there was a way to find out how many total home runs have been hit in the history of MLB? I checked baseballreference.com but unless I'm missing something I couldn't find it. Any help would be appreciated.
  10. Darkhawk

    The What if thread

    Griffey had 438 homers in 2000, which was the last year he played in 145 games (he did play in 144 in 2007 and 143 in 2008). In 2000 he hit exactly 40 homers, with a .556 Slugging percentage. This was also the year where his injuries started, the three previous years he had played in at least 157 games and averaged 53 home-runs a season. In 2001 he missed a huge chunk of playing time and hit 22 homers in 364 At-Bats. He wouldn't have 350 after that until 2005. In 2005 he hit 35 homers in 491 at bats showing he still had 40 home-run power. Had Jr been able to stay healthy, he more than likely would have been able to hit AT LEAST 40 homers a season over a 5-6 year period. If he was able to do that he would have had about 200 homers in those five years. From 2006-2008 he averaged 25 homers a year. So if at 2000 he had 438 and then was able to hit 275 more homers between 2001 and 2008 he would be sitting fourth on the all time list with 713 homers, 1 shy of tying Babe Ruth.
  11. Darkhawk

    The What if thread

    How about if that three team trade between Boston, White Sox, and Texas went through for A-Rod? Boston would have received A-Rod and Magglio Ordonez, while sending Manny to Texas and Nomar Garciaparra to the White Sox. Would the Red Sox still have won those two World Series? Would they have won more? And what about the other teams involved, what would have happened with them?
  12. Darkhawk

    Mazzilli Fired

    Is Rogue Squadron the name of your gang? As for Sammy hopefully him getting his long deserved oppurtunity will help us in the long run.