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  1. Sa-FART-e was worth it.
  2. Maybe he is senile, but he theoretically wasn't when he did the same thing with Albert Belle behind Frank Wren's back. I wish Peter good health, and hope to all that is holy that Davis is the last in a long line of Angelos' decisions that have set this franchise back.
  3. Last night, Anthony Santander tried to lay down a bunt last night despite the fact that he has been hitting well since his call-up. Perhaps with a little better form he could have kept it fair. Like the bunt there or not with a hot hitter, can't argue the effort. Chris Davis the worst hitter in baseball for two years and with one of the biggest holes in the game never shows that same effort. Does Davis know how to bunt? Probably not. Could Davis learn to bunt if he wanted to? Absolutely. But he doesn't. That makes me question his effort or at least his game focus. Do I want him to be a Hanser Alberto singles hitter? Of course not. But right now he is closer to Hamster Alberto, the least productive hitter in the game. There have been many times where the situation dictated a baserunner but it's always the same wild swings blank stares approach. At this point he's more likely to get a lucky bunt single than a legitimate hit. Davis and bunting has been talked about before, but for me if he was struggling the same as now but every now and then helped out the team with a bunt, I'd be less frustrated with him.
  4. Had more service time than Mancini at the same age and plays a more premium position, but the rebuilding Jays extended Randal Grichuk for five years. Kind of a head-scratcher.
  5. Would be interested to hear more about your thoughts on this, if you were willing.
  6. C - Matt Wieters - Sal Fasano on the bench 1b- Raffy 2b- Brian Roberts - Schoop on the bench 3b- Melvin Mora (MVP) SS- Cal - JJ Hardy on the bench LF- BJ Surhoff CF- Adam Jones RF- Nick Mar-Kick-*@# SP- Chris Tillman SP- Rodrigo Lopez SP- Mussina SP- Chen SP- Miguel Gonzalez RP- Darren O'Day RP- Buddy Groom RP- Jim Johnson RP- BJ Ryan RP- Koji CP- Zach Zack Britton
  7. https://twitter.com/Orioles/status/1137050583435829248?s=20
  8. Interesting to see Buck's son is still a scout with the team. Edit: Nevermind, interviews were with previous draftees.
  9. And he buys himself another year on the roster.
  10. Watched the whole thing. And it was glorious.
  11. At a certain point you just have to laugh either way.
  12. "The impacts that augmented reality can have is endless and the technology will affect every field." https://www.augmented-reality-games.com/imact.php
  13. I understand that Davis was only out for the ten days and he was probably working on things during that time anyway but why can't we send him down for a rehab assignment?
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