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  1. A Team Full of Machados

    Gurgi??? Is that you?
  2. Maryland - Baltimore County Makes NCAA History

    Not even a contest. I’m not a huge basketball fan but when I do watch it’s NCAA... and thank God I stayed up to witness that. Me and the dog watched history unfold.
  3. Orioles 5th Starter

    It’s pretty bad.
  4. Castro moves into the lead for the 5th starter

    How many Yankees regulars are involved in there? Not being snarky just curious.
  5. Connolly's Jon Jay obsession on full display

    Jon Jay can't hit prodigious home runs and his on base percentage is embarrassingly high. Adam Jones would not approve.
  6. They sprinted to the division crown in 2014 without Manny OR Chris Davis. Just like it always is, it was about the starting pitching.
  7. Something has to be done with Mark Trumbo

    If he shows ANY sign of a pulse, eat what you need to eat and get him the hell outta here.
  8. Manny is fun to watch, no doubt. I expect he'll put on a show this summer in anticipation of that big fat New York paycheck. But I just can't help but shake my head at the following: 1. We finished in last place last year. At the deadline if you squinted REAL hard you could say we were "in it" for the 2nd Wild Card. 2. Manny will not be an Oriole in 2019. 3. Our key acquisition in our "reload" year is Andrew Cashner.
  9. The term "all in" is not universal, unfortunately.
  10. What’s most depressing to me is that the mere concept that the Orioles would even attempt to keep any of these guys after this season is already plainly dismissed. I will feel much better about the organization when they can develop pitching. If you are getting by with smoke and mirrors in terms of your pitching, you’re probably not gonna make much noise in October even if you do get in. Hopefully Bundy and Gausman both have their respective lights turn on this year. The only way this team competes is if they have a better than average starting pitching staff. It just doesn’t LOOK like they are likely to at this point in time.
  11. Orioles Interested In Neil Walker and Mark Reynolds

    I'm not sure he was, but I did admire his ability to catch the ball. He didn't have a great arm or much range... but I digress. Yes I remember Freddie Bynum, Brandon Fahey, Juan Castro and Alex Cintron. I remember Jerry Hairston. They were all bad.
  12. Orioles Interested In Neil Walker and Mark Reynolds

    They'll have any number of all field, no hit shortstops to pick from on the regular. Janish got a lot of lip service but he was not a good player unless your only criteria was catching the baseball.
  13. Welp, are we officially worried about Bundy?

    Pfffffffffft why worry. He was good last year, right? Wait, was he good last year? I felt like he was but the rest of our pitching staff was a tire fire. Maybe he WASN'T good last year. Okay, let's worry.
  14. Is this why the Orioles can't break through?

    I'm not sure about this, but I'm pretty sure Angelos has a moral objection to Buscones. Or something.
  15. Rule 5 r-e-s-p-e-c-t

    Dammit read the whole thread before you post hahahaha. Oh well, I tried. Steroids will do wonders for any middling Rule 5'er I guess.