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  1. Hank Scorpio

    The Victor Victor Mesa/Sandy Gaston thread

    Sorry I looked...…. so we traded Gausman for a salary dump, basically. Sweet!!! How many games we losing next year? 105?
  2. Hank Scorpio

    The Victor Victor Mesa/Sandy Gaston thread

    You apologist.
  3. Hank Scorpio

    vs. RED SOX, 8/11 (Game Two)

    That was the most Orioles half inning ever.
  4. Hank Scorpio

    vs. RED SOX, 8/11 (Game Two)

    Can we please sit Davis? What in the hell is he doing? Maybe that ball hit him harder in the head than it looked.
  5. Hank Scorpio

    Take this for what it's worth....

    Unleash the fury, Mitch.
  6. Hank Scorpio


    No matter what you do, this Bud's for you. Holy poo! My toes are blue. The bird flew right into the stew. ACHOO!!!!!! Excuse me, will you?
  7. Phew, thanks for doing the math for me.
  8. It would’ve been significantly uglier in 3 years had they done nothing. Probably.
  9. Hank Scorpio

    Dan says "tear it completely down"

    We’ll never have to hear him refer to O’Day’s fastball as “The Jennie Finch” again. Thank Jeebus.
  10. Hank Scorpio

    Dan says "tear it completely down"

    Ugh I guess it is almost NFL season again. 🤮 If you’re gonna lose, make sure the underlying organization is full of ascending talent. It’s not like they were setting the world aflame, nor were they going to in 2019.
  11. Luis Ortiz is probably the best SP prospect.
  12. What a weird day.
  13. It's fun because it's a definitive signal that something BIG has changed in the front office. I'm with you otherwise. It's a very good sign.
  14. How fun is this????