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  1. Hard to find many reasons to actually watch this team. I understand the reasons here... but my dear lord you wanna talk about cringeworthy. This is about as abysmal a 25 man roster as is humanly possible.
  2. He hung a slider to Nunez at one point that was the fattest slider I've seen all spring. JD Martinez would have hit that one into the Myakka River.
  3. This is a good year to invest in the minor league broadcast packages. Those games will be more interesting than Orioles games.
  4. My goodness how unwatchable is this team going to be?!?!?!?!! Oof.
  5. I have astronomically low expectations. The Orioles inability to develop starting pitching is jaw dropping. You'd think they'd run into one at some point along the way.
  6. He certainly sucks today. Everything's up and nothing is breaking 90.
  7. My worthless opinion is that he's pitching exactly like he used to when his fastball was 95-96 and that just doesn't work, homey.
  8. The hitters have got to hate that place.
  9. The results may decline but in this day & age one would hope there is enough data to discern whether or not the output will play at the MLB level. Hitters don't go to Norfolk and suddenly suck. The park has an impact. I assume they are somewhat graded on a curve.... but with this organization (historically speaking), who knows.
  10. I hate when prospects are relegated to Norfolk. In this age of analytical enlightenment I presume they'll be able to determine who's skill set will play in the big leagues, but historically I feel like that's where bats have gone to die.
  11. Yeah, I get the advantages of holding players back due to service time. I think when you've got a "can't miss" guy, you're more likely to see that. I don't think I'd go so far as to anoint Diaz a "can't miss" guy.
  12. I would assume once they believe the player can handle the level of competition, they'll be promoted.
  13. I'd be surprised if he was. Elias was on yesterday with Melewski and he said something to the effect of "Diaz hasn't seen any time at AAA yet, but we're very excited he's on our side." As an aside, it's really hard to listen to Elias talk and NOT feel confident about the future. What an impressive guy.
  14. This team needs a lot of pitching depth. Oh and a reasonably competent 1st baseman.
  15. I especially enjoyed the double dropkicking of the Red Sox on Saturday.
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