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  1. As subtle a part of the game as it is, if Nunez can lay down a meh bunt, this game is OVAH...
  2. No doubt about it. It is unfortunate.
  3. Yep.... that’s why your entire offensive lineup has to have an understanding how to play the game. You can’t be just a power hitter, you can’t be just an on base guy, you can’t be some BS specialist. Learn the fundamentals and be able to execute them when they are called for.
  4. They didn’t walk Smith with runners at first and third?
  5. I presume that’s because Nunez isn’t capable of bunting, even poorly. Embarrasing!!!
  6. Walks... pretty predictable Cashner would implode. He’s not good.
  7. If Wynns doesn’t do the unthinkable the game is tied. This pitching staff is obviously bad. They are never going to be “good.” They just aren’t talented enough.
  8. I don’t blame him whatsoever.
  9. Diaz has been out of the lineup for at least three games... did I miss something?
  10. Yeah this team is just lacking talent. I guess this is what we signed up for.
  11. He’s missing his spots by 2 feet consistently. He’s just not a good pitcher.
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