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  1. I have a feeling the second half of the season we'll see Hayes, Mountcastle, Diaz, and others come up and give some life to this team. We still have zero pitching though and I don't see a lot in the system to even have hopes of helping anytime soon.
  2. Official Davis vs Mullins watch after last night: Chris Davis 1B 16 12 .109 46 3 5 2 0 1 8 0 0 6 20 .212 .217 .429 Cedric Mullins CF 19 16 .089 56 7 5 0 2 0 4 0 0 4 14 .188 .161 .349 Davis now has his sights set on Richie Martin at .150.
  3. Sorry, didn't see that. Thanks for being so welcoming. (jerkface!) lol
  4. Through last night: Davis: .089 Mullins: .098 Tonight should be the night Mullins drops below Crush. So the question is, we know Davis can't go anywhere because of the contract, but perhaps its time to send Mullins down to develop more before his confidence is completely destroyed. I mean, Elias sent everyone else down for development, so why is Mullins getting a pass? He's not a major league hitter. Thoughts?
  5. Mullins better watch himself. After all this Davis hate, Mullins is about an 0 for 4 away from his batting average being UNDER Davis.
  6. It was that fluky 4 game winning streak we had. We won't have to worry about silly things like that the rest of the way. I'm actually pleasantly surprised with our offense and defense early this season. But the pitching is beyond even my expected terribleness. This pitching staff alone will ensure we lose 110 games at least.
  7. Davis absolutely makes that play. He does it all the time and saves our infielders many an error. Mancini probably would have made the play but I'm not positive. Ruiz clearly short armed the tag, which then led to a 5 run inning that we should have been out of.
  8. I know this is tongue and cheek, but I know I eagerly await each of Davis' at bats because I don't want to miss the hit that breaks the streak. He really is becoming must see at bats.
  9. Yup. Yankee Stadium is like that too!
  10. Yup. On Opening Day Bud Light 16 oz bottles were $9.25, up from $8 last year. I used to give my Bud girl 2 bucks tip. Now she'll get .75 cents. She can thank the Orioles. I had to laugh hearing Hyde talk about the great crowd on Opening Day while we were driving home that night. I was thinking all day how this was easily the deadest crowd I have seen in the past 15 consecutive Opening Days I have attended. I would think someone coming from the Cubs would be used to loud crowds. Our OD crowd was dead. And that will be the best of the year! lol
  11. I get your point, but your examples are terrible. Kakes and Jones are beloved ex Orioles who people glow about. Wieters was always loved, but he just never lived up to the enormous expectations. Britton got a standing ovation when he was announced on Opening Day at Camden Yards. Tillman is the only one who might fit your description, but even Tilly is highly remembered for some good years in Baltimore.
  12. Agreed. And like I mentioned the other day...imagine those four guys tearing it up in Spring Training, being sent back down to "develop" while Davis swings and misses over and over again without a hit since September. It has to be ticking them off.
  13. I have questioned a lot of Hyde's moves so far. Then I remember that he is managing guys who probably are just happy to be in the majors. And then I don't feeeeeeeeeeeeeeel so baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaddddddd!
  14. True. Our pitching makes me wanna Exorcist vomit. I even "kinda" get why they want the guys to develop in the minors a little more. But if that was their plan all along, then they should have lowered ticket prices. The Yard is gonna be a silent graveyard this summer. I'm predicting the lowest attendance ever. I'm happy baseball is back. I enjoyed Opening Day even with the bullpen blowing the lead. But I haven't even started my 13 game plan yet and I'm actually dreading that I renewed my plan.
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