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  1. I really like Davis and was hoping for a rebound, but its not looking good. To your point, if I buy a used car and it stops working, I've already spent the money. It does me no good to continue breaking down on the side of the road and not reliably do its job. I might try for a while to work on it and see if it can't run better, but at some point I need to bite the bullet, bring the car to the junkyard, and start driving a new one.
  2. Have we ever had a season where our marketing department picked only one member of the team to promote for the All Star Game? Normally we get the "Vote Orange" type stuff. I'd be a little disrespected if I was some of the other Birds who should at least be considered.
  3. If your boss calls you into the office and says, "Corn, you're doing a meh job!" How would YOU take that? I certainly would not find it complimentary, and I would either start working harder or start updating my resume.
  4. Thank you. I was thinking something similar but you said it way nicer than what I was thinking in my head.
  5. Um...news flash. The All Star Game IS meaningless. Its an exhibition. What are you saying?
  6. Did you see the hot dogs in Texas? They were like 3 feet long.
  7. So the question for these International talents is....Who wants to Walk, With Elias?
  8. Hyde put mustard on his turkey and cheese sandwich today, obviously a poor choice over mayo. He will have to deal with the consequences of this decision.
  9. Dipper9

    WAR is a JOKE

    WAR, what is it good for? Absolutely nothing HUH!
  10. That is the fans' hopes, but as of now this is the end.
  11. Add another catcher to that list.
  12. This may be the most honest post I have ever seen on the Hangout. And I love it. Nice job.
  13. Or, like, maybe he's a human being and actually enjoys where he is playing? Can we ever stop being critical of people? He's the best pitcher on this team, so even in his "loss of competitive edge" he's still wiping the floor with the rest of the staff, with the possible exception of Means.
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