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  1. I am a Chris Davis fan, but I'd have to be a complete idiot to not admit that he's been done for two years and needs to go. That said, this entire "altercation" and discussion is really blown out of control. Davis obviously did something to spark Hyde to make a comment as he was walking away. Whatever he said CLEARLY set off Davis. But it lasted like 2 seconds. The players weren't "holding him back," it was more of a get in his way for a second until his adrenaline high went away, which was very fast. Even as Davis is walking back and putting on his batting protection, you can see he's kinda shaking his head but his anger is gone. Do I agree he's done as a ballplayer? Absolutely. Do I agree he needs to be released? Clearly. Do I think THIS INCIDENT should be the catalyst for said release? No way. If he's released, its because it is long overdue and he's not helping the team now or in the future. It should not be because he and Hyde got into a shouting match.
  2. He sells tickets. (wait for it....wait for it...) Or not.
  3. I trust Elias' plan and agree with keeping guys down to develop. However, if they expect fans to keep buying season tickets, or to even show up at games for the next couple years, one of two things has to happen: 1. Start bringing up some of the prospects and let them learn on the Major League level. Even if they haven't earned it quite yet; or 2. Spend a little bit of money to sign aging veterans to one year deals. Guys that have proven to be effective but won't demand multi-year deals that block the team's development. There were several of these types of players available this offseason that would have at least made games semi-entertaining, rather than running out numerous Quad A players who struggle to hit .200. As I said, I "get it" that we're gonna stink for a few years, and I'm okay with that. But the organization has to give the fans, especially season ticket holders, SOMETHING to get excited about going to OPACY. Otherwise we might as well become Minor League ticket holders for the next few years and really have an empty stadium.
  4. I agree. It can be spun any number of ways, but what is not disputable is that the Orioles past fan base that went from Carolina up through southern PA is now divided among two teams. And the entertainment dollars people have to attend games is split between 4 teams if you add all of the Ravens/Skins/Orioles/Nats. Some people have a set income for sports, and they must decide which of these games to attend. So I guess we COULD say that the Ravens could possibly effect the Orioles ticket sales as well as the Nats. On another note, regarding the MASN dispute, how about the winner of the series wins the MASN dispute, and we move on? (I keed, we'd have no chance.)
  5. That is not very impressive.
  6. He went to the Miggy Academy? B-12 can make his arm strong, like bull.
  7. Is he in middle school? Wow does he look young!
  8. For twenty million dollars a year, I'll take the boos. After all, its only home games, and its only a few people who boo him. Boo away...I'll keep cashing my checks.
  9. I really like Davis and was hoping for a rebound, but its not looking good. To your point, if I buy a used car and it stops working, I've already spent the money. It does me no good to continue breaking down on the side of the road and not reliably do its job. I might try for a while to work on it and see if it can't run better, but at some point I need to bite the bullet, bring the car to the junkyard, and start driving a new one.
  10. Have we ever had a season where our marketing department picked only one member of the team to promote for the All Star Game? Normally we get the "Vote Orange" type stuff. I'd be a little disrespected if I was some of the other Birds who should at least be considered.
  11. If your boss calls you into the office and says, "Corn, you're doing a meh job!" How would YOU take that? I certainly would not find it complimentary, and I would either start working harder or start updating my resume.
  12. Thank you. I was thinking something similar but you said it way nicer than what I was thinking in my head.
  13. Um...news flash. The All Star Game IS meaningless. Its an exhibition. What are you saying?
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