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  1. Washington Post ranks OPACY the no. 3 stadium in MLB

    Yea that is my biggest complaint about PNC. The concession area was laid out terribly. I get what they were trying to do, having access to both front and back of the concession stands....but most people don't realize you can walk around the back of them so everyone congregates on the front, which is too close to the walking area. Other than that the seating and the view at PNC is top notch. But I still rank OPACY #1!! LOL
  2. 25 greatest games at OPACY

    The September 15 2012 game for me was the best one I ever attended. Not just the game itself, it was the culmination of everything leading up to and going on at that time.That game, to me, was the "turning the corner" and not looking back moment when I finally felt like the decade and a half of loserville was gone and the O's were going to be contenders for at least a few years. Sept 15 was close enough to the end of the season to realize there would be no collapse. You could see the fruit of MacPhail and Duquette's labor starting to pay off. The team was gelled. Everyone was looking forward and not back at that point. There was no looking back. And then Manny absolutely electrified the ball park with that play. I mean, everyone was excited, but it was like someone hit Camden with 10 thousand volts when he faked that throw and caught the runner off third. It was like everyone in the stadium, at that instant, realized the O's were back.........and when McClouth doubled into the corner the magic was officially back in Baltimore.
  3. Dylan Bundy Thread

    We keep talking number of innings but are all innings created equal? I think overall number of pitches would be a more important number to track when concerning health. Also the effort put forth in those innings and pitches thrown. I guess this thread has most of his outings and how many pitches per inning we could look at how good or bad they were. Also, the velocity is up and the curve much sharper lately. The silver lining conspiracy theorist in me says maybe he wasn't throwing with as much effort early on and is just now starting to ramp up the effort. Maybe he was going 75% early in the year in an effort to maybe throw more innings than the stated 70? At the direction of Buck and Wallace of course.
  4. Dylan Bundy Thread

    When referring to the inherited runners are you talking career or this season? Because I thought I saw a graphic yesterday that showed Bundy has allowed 1 of 5 inherited runners to score.
  5. Saturday's pitcher now listed as "TBA"

    Maybe that is how Worley spells him name now? I think this is Buck trying to motivate some competition between Worley and Wilson. Maybe? That's the only reason I can think of.
  6. Season Plan Holder Question

    I believe only certain seats that are not in Club Level have access to Club Level. I know some Field Box do but not sure if all or if other ones do as well. I think it is printed on the ticket about Club Level Access if it has it.
  7. Good info!! I would think this is some of the stuff that Buck and Dan and the coaches look at too. Hopefully Wright can follow this pattern
  8. Zach Phillips is back (Other Lefties Looming)

    Matusz?? Hehehe. I'm kidding (sort of)
  9. Fowler Signs With Cubs.

    The pitcher. LOL!!
  10. Never too early to talk Batting Lineups

    I used to be a big Reimold fan....used to be. I just don't see what he brings to the table that Rickard wouldn't. Reimold hasn't played a full season in a few years and has barely played full season his entire career. He really isn't that "known" of a commodity. I think the potential for Rickard's future value outweighs whatever Reimold gives us now over Rickard, if that is even anything. I think it's time to cut bait with Nolan. He is VERY replaceable.
  11. Chris Tillman gained weight on purpose in 2015

    "Shameful"?? Wow.
  12. Season Ticket renewals??

    "Wanted" to pay more or "would" pay more? I think there is a difference. EDIT: Sorry, there was supposed to be a "hahaha" behind that. Sounds kind of harsh without it.
  13. Season Ticket renewals??

    I got mine too. Forget what I paid last year but I am thinking mine went up at least 15% maybe more.
  14. Let's Have Some Fury

    I was wondering how long until we go to him. hahaha
  15. Let's Have Some Fury

    Yea, I think overall Williamson was OK, just for some reason my perception of him was what you are saying about Mathews.