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  1. Feinbird

    Anyone Following Manny?

    I think this is still what happens in the end.
  2. Feinbird

    Anyone Following Manny?

    Well, I follow him on Instagram, but if/when he signs with the Yankees, I will undoubtedly unfollow.
  3. Feinbird

    Today is our 20th Anniversary

    Happy Anniversary to you and this great site. There is no question that I am a considerably more knowledgeable O's fan because of the awesome people on this site and in this community. Let's go O's!
  4. Feinbird

    Famous Ballplayers You Have Met?

    Mo Vaughn. In NYC. This was in 2004, when he was a Met and injured. It was my (1st) bachelor party and about 20 of us were outside a steak place after dinner and grabbing cabs. Mo walks out of the restaurant by himself and one of my buddy's calls out to him. Turns out we're all going to the same strip club. He ends up sharing a cab with me and two of my friends to the place. HUGE diamond crusted watch. Totally chill. I vividly remember him saying, "Man, what do you want to get married for?" We get there, walk in with him and he picks up the covers for the whole party. We parted ways as he headed to the VIP section. Last I saw of him he had one girl under each arm. Mo Vaughn.
  5. Feinbird

    Shortest Orioles Books Ever Written: 2012 edition

    "Dr. Butterhands or How I learned to stop worrying and love the error" by Mark Reynolds
  6. Feinbird

    More Unbalanced Schedule On The Way?

    How often do you read an article that tries to make you feel sympathy for the Yankees?
  7. Feinbird


    I feel the same way. I have a theory about his hot start. Call me crazy, but the guy is single for the first time in a couple of years...
  8. Feinbird

    Favorite short-term Oriole?

    Eric Davis is definitely my first choice. But for a new name, I enjoyed watching the scrappy-ness of Dave Dellucci in '97.
  9. Who else does his agent represent? Clearly that was why the O's called...
  10. Feinbird

    Game 162 vs. Rosh Hashanah

    Hopefully their post-season won't make it into the "Book of Life."
  11. Feinbird

    Will you miss the "insider info" this offseason?

    What he said. Can someone remind me what changed for this year? I'm not remembering an announcement or anything.
  12. Feinbird

    Kanye West is a piece of crap

    He likes fish sticks.
  13. Feinbird

    Silly things your partner has said

    "Go Yankees!" and "Yankees rule!" It's real annoying.
  14. Feinbird

    July 30th: O's vs. Royals

    Uh oh. That was some limp.
  15. Feinbird

    Breaking News: Snyder to Norfolk

    Great news. And pretty cool that I found out through a Hangout message in Facebook. Hope you guys keep doing that.