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  1. Hit the backstop and nearly murdered someone lost in their phone. He'd fit right in.
  2. A team no one expects to finish above last didn't think Araujo was worth holding onto for 10 more measly days. A team everyone hoped would contend figured Araujo was good enough to be carried an entire season. Pretty wild swing of evaluation there.
  3. The last thing this team needs is to put stats and individual milestones ahead of the team and organization. Hess pitched 2 innings 3 days ago. If he gets hurt, what do they do? I mean their 5th “starter” is a 2 inning reliever as it is already. They can’t afford to lose Hess.
  4. Not only all of this ^^^ - but Davis was also batting LEADOFF.
  5. We make a day of it on the weekend, so no traffic. There is a nice Main Street area, with shops and restaurants. Highly recommend Pretzels and Pizza Creations on Main Street - we would make the trip just for them! It's also easy to time a promo/fireworks night night on the weekend - so lots of bang for the buck.
  6. I guess he won't have the opportunity to skip the Brewer's FanFest...
  7. Not many HOF’ers (any?) are grinding as position coaches.
  8. Man, was looking at my orange "Buckle Up" towel from the 2012 playoffs. We had some good times... The next manager will be a sacrificial lamb. It will be a miracle to find someone who can survive a rebuild. So, yeah, Bordick - sure, whatevs.
  9. I grew up in SoBo, and lived in a house on the corner of Ostend and Race (south of the stadium). My neighbor ran what I can only assume was one of the city’s only drive through heroin windows. The north end of Ravens stadium is fine. West, East, and South are dicey.
  10. Ravens fans don't seem to be scurred - and that stadium is in a much sketchier area. * Don't cite me last year's numbers, that was all about the team and the kneeling. Concerts sell out, Monster Jam sells out, Disney on Ice...hell, the Blast were drawing 5,000 fans before they moved. I think attendance is more about economics, and prioritizing discretionary spending towards more entertaining outcomes... Edit - should have went with "what he said!" ^^^
  11. If I were Cuban, Miami sure seems like the most appealing option among who has a shot. Plus no state taxes. For a young player who seems to be very into young things, Miami also sure has us beat on things like nightlife and pretty girls. (No offense, but an Baltimore 8 is like a Miami 4.) I agree with those that are saying money talks though. I can’t imagine a defector turning down the highest offer.
  12. From 1955 to 2001, we were blessed with having a future Hall of Famer on the team that we follow. Many of us here grew up in these generations - and we became used to that 'face', the player who would always endure, the light in the storm. I love what Jones did for the Orioles. I understand the article's message. But Jones ain't that guy. (Machado was...)
  13. McLovin

    Carmona vs. Hall

    I think from a record standpoint, they are fine. And this is probably to be expected, due to the high number of college players on the roster. I'm referring, however, to the prospect potential of the team. Outside of Hall and Carmona, there isn't a player I'm interested in. I was excited to see Knight - until I saw Knight. It looks like a roster full of 'solid organizational players'.
  14. McLovin

    Carmona vs. Hall

    Hall is the best player in ABD and it's not even close. He's carrying himself with confidence on the field and in the dugout. Good to see *some* positive come out of that disaster of a team. ABD likes to do theme nights where they change the team name to the "Steamed Crabs" or "Anglers" - they should have a "Slow Un-athletic White Guys With No Power...And Adam Hall" night. Regarding his gap power - on Friday he hit a ball to the left-center gap that nearly hit the wall, with not much height on the flight path. There were gasps from the sellout crowd. It shocked me how hard and loud it was hit.
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