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  1. I might have missed it but did we bring in anyone who projected to be in the rotation? Seems mostly bullpen and spot starters outside of some high ceiling turnaround. Cobb makes sense. Assuming we go with Bundy for home opener.
  2. https://sports.yahoo.com/a-preview-of-the-new-procedural-changes-coming-to-mlb-in-2020-162807254.html Changes for 2019: Trade deadline is July 31st. No trading of players who have cleared waivers, etc after that. Only one deadline. (Source 1 Source 2) Changes for 2020: Roster expansion by one to 26, including a maximum 13 pitchers, in the regular and postseasons. After Aug. 31, rosters may grow to as many as 28, with a maximum of 14 pitchers. Increasing the injured list and option-recall duration for pitchers from 10 to 15 days. The shortening of between-inning breaks at Major League Baseball’s discretion. Extra innings of the All-Star Game would begin with a runner at second base. Players Association has rejected the 3 batters per relief pitcher proposal.
  3. Caught an inning of the Yankees-Orioles game tonight didn't know a soul. We really do have a AAA team feel, outside of the top 3 pitchers. The Major League comparison is apt. I just hope they develop, have fun, and we keep making moves.
  4. Im not a big advocate for statues in general, anywhere, but I do think its important to remember that Jones is at or near the top in most stats for OPACY. While he might fall out of the small group of all time greatest Orioles, hes definitely up there with Cal in terms of Camden Yards history and importance.
  5. Maybe so. Many reports he’s playing CF today but everyone seems to say he’s starting for sure and Marte moving to utility. Obviously they trust him being an OFer in a large OF so who knows. I hope for his sake this deal has incentives.
  6. Yes and hes maintained a home there, lived there in offseasons and is active with charities and causes in SD. His wife is from Baltimore, her dad played for the Redskins and has always been active locally.
  7. A well done, not too big 21 and 10 would be nice in the flag court.
  8. Going to feel weird as hell when Jonesy isnt running out to CF on opening day. Good luck in Arizona! I'm hoping he signs a one day contract with the team and retires as an Oriole before going in the Os Hall of Fame. The face of the franchise as the team returned (and then fell from ) prominence. I understand why they couldn't bring him back, although hes getting NOTHING in Arizona, I hope he has a few years left and is able to be recognized properly after.
  9. Wouldn't be so quick to be so certain over this. CBA expires Dec 1 2021. Hopefully much of this system is changing. It seems teams went into this off season with an assumption that the DH will be standard, Im sure they have some hunches or expectations of the next CBA. With a team this young with so many losses ahead of them for at least two years, it makes sense to reward hard work and success as Wildcard mentioned above me....the talent has got to see a step up if they succeed and the best culture is one where any man in system can earn a spot if they are good enough.
  10. Good Good good , ive heard of a few of these guys.
  11. Love the Rockies locking up Arenado. Boras must be so peaved lol. Also the Nolan one upping Manny continues. Opt out after 3 years too!
  12. Too many factors at play but I think he for sure exceeds that value if he stays in San Diego. If the team fails to contend hes going to opt out or be traded and that changes things. I think theres a stronger chance he gets traded or opts out than sees the full ten years if only because SD contending depends on enormous step backs by others in a money rich and very strong division. If SD can't trade for pitching theres a scenario or two where AZ has rebuilt faster and is contending quicker, even if the Dodgers and Rockies take big steps back. Also got to assume the Giants wont stink for too much longer, although the path seems much tougher at the moment. Edit: Also pretty safe to say hes going to be at 3B for the duration of this contract if he stays in SD. Tatis is a well known highly regarded young player. If he falters early you could see a Manny to SS move but if he plays well or average, Tatis is the SS for awhile. If Tatis is lost to Free Agency or trade later Manny will be older and staying put would make more sense.
  13. MikeAD

    Manny signs with Padres

    Yeah but many of his away games will be in CA, far more than had he gone to the White Sox. The real question is why Chicago didn’t offer 10/300 If they were fine with 8/250 plus options.
  14. MikeAD

    Manny signs with Padres

    Anything about his position and SD has been through the lens of Tatis Jr most likely staying at SS. I think it was always a given Manny would play 3B in San Diego.
  15. MikeAD

    Manny signs with Padres

    Of course, its a perfect signing for them. I dont know how anyone could critique this deal in anyway outside of positive or lean neutral if you are looking at it from the Padres' perspective. Its even better if they somehow get Harper too.
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