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  1. Don Martindale Promoted to Defensive Coordinator

    Perhaps Pagano wanted to take some time off or perhaps he wanted 'assistant head coach' role or some other nonsense. I'd be interested in what happened there after it was reported he was #1 target. I wasn't high on Austen given his track record in Detroit. I don't like Wink's one year in Denver as DC either but they didn't have much talent that year. Looks like Harbaugh is going to sink or swim with current coaching staff minus Pees. Hope it works out and Martindale is the next great defensive minded coach to come out of Baltimore. As long as he doesn't coach like Pees he should be alright.
  2. Make Harbaugh Resign and Allow Him To Go To Detroit

    Why do you want Savage over DeCosta? Because he did so well while he was with the Browns? I'm all for cleaning house, but you can't expect anyone to come in here and be saddled with Joe and our crappy list of guys he has to throw the ball to. Like it or not we have to ride out the Harbaugh/Flacco era and let it end on it's own, two years max, maybe one if they go 4-12 next year.
  3. Pagano is the Ravens 1st choice for DC per Mike Preston

    Great news. In all honesty, if they can get this done quickly combined with moving up seven spots in the draft, I am glad they choked away the playoffs. I am not too worried about DC job. Lots of good candidates with connections to Ravens. I am intrigued by Fangio as well.
  4. 2017 Week 17: Ravens vs Bungles

    Pagano was let go today. He is the one I would like to see.
  5. 2017 Week 17: Ravens vs Bungles

    Unreal. Every year it's the same thing..a tipped ball, an outstretched arm, a final drive in the final minute. If only they didn't start the game like poo. If only they didn't blow the Bears game. Or how about if they just showed up in London? A Harbaugh led team will never go 13-3 and win the division. How will the front office spin it this time?
  6. 2017 Week 17: Ravens vs Bungles

    How fitting. Unreal.
  7. 2017 Week 17: Ravens vs Bungles

    January Joe has come five hour early! What a turn around. Now can they hold?
  8. 2017 Week 17: Ravens vs Bungles

    So lucky to only be down by 7 at the half. At least they get the ball first and have momentum going into the second half. New ballgame, perhaps.
  9. 2017 Week 17: Ravens vs Bungles

    Great coverage by Humphrey so far. That's the only bright spot. Collins too I guess. Other than that it is a worst case scenario. Ravens are dropping the ball left and right. Both Tennessee and Buffalo have early leads. At least this could be the last game we have to watch these putrid receivers.
  10. Rich Dauer has a very close call.

    Glad to see he beat the odds and made a full recovery. One of my favorite all time O's. https://www.yahoo.com/gma/houston-astros-first-coach-makes-miraculous-post-op-142205270--abc-news-health.html
  11. Star Wars: Episode VIII

    I didn't like this film. It felt like one of the prequels rather than a worthy Star Wars movie. I thought The Force Awakens, although too close in story to A New Hope, was awesome. I left the theater for that film eagering wanting to find out more of the new characters introduced. i thought Rogue One was really good too which kept my apetite alive while awaiting this latest film. The Last Jedi, however, was all buildup with no delivery. Almost all of the scenes from the various trailer releases were a let down. The new generation characters didn't develop from the previous film. I was okay with how Luke was portrayed. Don't want to spoil anything so I'll stop here. I will say the opening battle sequence was awesome and worthy of the Star Wars name. Up until the first half of the movie I thought it was leading somewhere, but then it all seemed to fall apart . With the exception of Luke's scenes I found myself wishing the movie would just end. It was much too long. I am shocked at how disappointed I am in this film. At this point I don't really care about the next one.
  12. 2017 Week 16: Ravens vs Indy

    Finally got a key defensive stop when it mattered most. Not really encouraged by this one. Pretty much got carved up by this no name quartback and an ancient Frank Gore. Whew. Interesting listening the the NFL network post game show. LT says Ravens are dangerous but can't beat Pittsburgh in playoffs. What? Didn't these two teams just play a 1 point shootout in Pittsburgh like two weeks ago? Other than that craziness LT's comments were spot on. Deon on the other hand just crushed the Ravens. Says they have no shot against Kansas City or Jax. Thye better win next week.
  13. 2017 Week 15: Ravens @ Browns

    Only a Harbaugh led team intercepts the ball on the other team's side of the ball, get first and goal inside the two yard line and yet someone comes away with no points. And that is after putting his QB at risk on a head first dive. Now you have given the Browns ramped up life. Browns take advantage and now have the lead. Ten point swing. What a stupid coaching staff.
  14. 2017 Week 14: Ravens @ Steelers

    Yeah, another classic which the Ravens piss away. How do you score 38 points and not win? Ravens defense is way overrated. The slow start killed them. Kudos to the offense for coming back from 14 points down and building a double digit lead. This game should not have been lost. Collins is the real deal. I guess that is a silver lining. i think the Steelers are toast with Shazier out. The Ravens moved the ball reaaly well on them. A good team like NE will score 40 on them. Is it me or does Chris Collinsworth get way too excited when the Steelers score? When the Ravens get close to scoring he usually says something like "uh oh". Just something I've noticed over the years. A truly demoralizing loss. We've seen them before.
  15. 2017 Week 14: Ravens @ Steelers

    Flacco has absolutely no chemistry with Maclin. That pick was terrible. Of course Steelers just march right down the field and get a TD. Mad at myself for getting sucked into the hype on this one. Some rivalry. Ravens only win when it doesn't matter.