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  1. SouthRider

    How do you rate the return on the Britton trade?

    On the plus side,, I heard on the radio two of the three guys obtained were in the Yankees' top 15 prospect list. Perhaps that means the Yankees' farm system isn't that great.
  2. SouthRider

    Perriman Still Here, Receives Roster Bonus

    Interesting. They must see something in Perriman that gives them hope he can turn it around. 3 mil in cap space does sounds like a useful chunk of change that can be better applied elsewhere. Perhaps they are grooming him as the kick returner this season?
  3. SouthRider

    Ravens lose two OTAs, face fine

    I don't have a problem with Harbaugh's comments. It's a valid observation. I am more concern with both of our rookie TE's dealing with issues keeping them out of practice. Are these guys going to be injury prone? Are they soft? Not a good sign that both of these guys are missing practices so soon into their career.
  4. SouthRider

    And Manny will wear #8... the pain is REAL!

    Perhaps the more likely scenario is Manny always preferred #8 but it was taken here?
  5. SouthRider

    Caps need new head coach

    Interesting article. The Caps certainly have made all the right moves since McPhee left. Perhaps I should give the current GM his due. And you're right about the Knights. Let's see if McPhee can continue to build upon what they started out there in Vegas.
  6. SouthRider

    Caps need new head coach

    I am not sold on Ted being a 'very' good owner. No complaints about his running of the Caps, although I'm not sure I would have fired George McPhee as GM. McPhee's fingerprints are all over this Cap's roster and his guidance of the Vegas Golden Knights speaks volumes. He made one bad trade in my opinion (Erat and some other guy for Forsberg who blew up once he got to Nashville). The current GM seems a bit egotistical in some of his comments. I was put off how they treated Trotz. Meanwhile Ted's running of the Wizards has been nothing to boast about. A change at GM has been needed for years. They continue to build around players not worthy of building around. As a result they have a mediocre , under achieving ,over paid roster.
  7. SouthRider

    Caps need new head coach

    This is a risky move by the Caps. Trotz is a good coach who is well liked and respected by everyone. There is a lot of value in that stability beyond how many wins the team had (which by the way is probably number one in the league during Trotz' tenure). Trotz' contract was one of the lowest in the league. By winning the cup his contract automatically got extended for two more years at that low value. He rightfully asked for a raise and some stability after not getting an extension last off season - a blunder by the Caps in my opinion. They could have had him locked up for reasonable value last year. They chose the Flacco route. I don't know why DC teams just aren't willing to shell out top dollar for good coaches. Just like the Nats, the Caps have had a revolving door. They seem really high on current Cap assistant Todd Reirden which is probably why they played hardball with Trotz. It would be really depressing if they low ball Reirden and he balks. Not sure how much leverage he has since he has one more year on his assistant contract. Reirden may be a hot head coaching candidate, but so was Adam Oates. This is a huge risk by the Caps.
  8. SouthRider

    2018 Caps Stanely Cup ???? (Update: Stanley Cup Champions!!!!)

    So glad for the team, the city, and the fans. Last night's game was nail biting. Only wish the last few minutes didn't get ruined for me as one of my neighbors had to set off fire works immediately after the Caps won. I was watching on my dvr about 5 minutes behind. Just sucked all the excitement out of the final few minutes.
  9. SouthRider

    2018 Caps Stanely Cup ???? (Update: Stanley Cup Champions!!!!)

    The Knights also did not have to compete with another expansion team. This allowed them to better control the draft process. Existing teams were eager to make trades with them such as, "you agree to draft player 'x' and we'll give you player 'y'. Vegas did such a deal with Pittsburgh netting an additional player in addition to Fleury while the Knights probably would have drafted Fleury anyway. In the Caps' case, they expected Vegas to select goal tender Grubauer and were surprised to lose Nate Schmidt instead. I am a little concern about the over reaction to yesterday's victory. It was a great win no doubt, but DC fans are acting like it is over. It is not. Vegas should have been up 2-0 last night. Could have very easily been a totally different game last night. We've seen teams come back from 3-1 deficits before. The Caps seem to have figured out the Knights. Let's hope that continues. The next game will be the toughest. If the Knights win game 5 then pressure is put on the Capitals to win at home. Momentum can change quickly. With that said, the Caps should win. Let's go Caps!
  10. SouthRider

    2018 Caps Stanely Cup ???? (Update: Stanley Cup Champions!!!!)

    Dominating performance by the Capitals in games two and three. I would love to send Vegas back home to their theatrics down 3-1. Let that little guy with the Caps flag skate around and get slayed by the big, bad golden knight. Then have Ovi and the boys shut down Vegas' no-name team (other than Fluery) one more time to take the cup. It probably won't be that easy, but at the very least the Caps showed they can match Vegas' style of play. Vegas should be worried. They don't have the experience or fire power of the Caps. The Caps could revert back to their old lackadaisical, "we've got a lead" , style of play; but I doubt it. They look extremely focused, poised, and on a mission. Let's go Caps!
  11. SouthRider

    2018 Caps Stanely Cup ???? (Update: Stanley Cup Champions!!!!)

    I have written the Capitals off in each of their playoff series, so I am not going to panic unless they lose tonight. Too bad they couldn't pull out game one. It was right there for the taking. I think we will see tonight if the Caps can make the necessary adjustments or if Vegas is able to continue their unorthodox winning ways. I think I hate this Vegas team more than most. If they weren't playing the Capitals I would probably enjoy their run, but they are so frustrating to play against. Whom do you root against other than Fleury? They have no super stars. It frustrates me to no end to see Nate Schmidt talked about as matching up against, and shutting down, Ovechkin when Schmidt was a fourth line defender on our team last year. I still can't wrap my head around how George McPhee was able to put together an expansion team that is so good. Vegas worked the system that was setup for them to a tee. Other clubs were eager to make deals with them in order to protect certain players giving Vegas a lot of draft picks in return. They are setup nicely for the future as well. It's been a lot of fun. Bring on game two!
  12. SouthRider

    2018 Caps Stanely Cup ???? (Update: Stanley Cup Champions!!!!)

    Tonight's game is huge. Winner probably takes the series.
  13. SouthRider

    2018 Draft Predictions

    I like what they did in days two and three. Seems like they got a lot of good value. I like the two wide receiver picks as lottery ticket type guys. Love the highlights of the New Mexico receiver. When was the last time we saw a Raven's receiver make a one handed catch? Gotta love Tony Jefferson's first round comments on the other guy they drafted. Unfortunately we have seen what happens when you combine first round talent with not being able to catch the ball. Hopefully this guy is better than Perriman. I would have given them an A if they just drafted Ridley instead of Hurst and gotten another tight end in the lower rounds.
  14. SouthRider

    2018 Draft Predictions

    I like the pick. Early mocks had us taking him at 16.
  15. SouthRider

    2018 Draft Predictions

    Interesting. Steelers get QB Mason Rudolph and WR James Washington.