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  1. SouthRider

    Flacco's Fate ...... Possible trades (Traded to Broncos)

    Not rooting against Flacco at all. I wish him the best and think Denver is the best possible situation for him. The return the Ravens are getting is a little higher than I thought, but closer to my expectations than yours. I will be watching the Broncos closely and rooting for Joe. Some of the twitter reaction to this deal is just brutal.
  2. SouthRider

    Flacco's Fate ...... Possible trades (Traded to Broncos)

    Here is a non-homer article talking about Flacco's worth on the open market: https://thebiglead.com/2019/01/03/veteran-qbs-like-joe-flacco-ryan-tannehill-could-see-bleak-free-agency-market/
  3. SouthRider

    Flacco's Fate ...... Possible trades (Traded to Broncos)

    We shall see. Teams know the Ravens are going to release Flacco unless they can deal him. I don't think anyone is going to pay Flacco 18.5 million next season. If a team does trade for him they will redo his deal to lower his cap hit. You can keep dreaming for that second round pick. Ain't going to happen unless the Ravens include significant additional assets in return.
  4. SouthRider

    Flacco's Fate ...... Possible trades (Traded to Broncos)

    I expect no better than a fifth without packing additional assets into the deal.
  5. SouthRider

    Pretty awesome championship games

    Both were great games unless you were a fan of the losing teams. The Saints were totally screwed over. As for the AFC game, the fact that Mahomes didn't get to touch the ball in OT is deplorable. They have got to change the OT rules. It's not that hard. Just give both teams one offensive possession. During the season if no one scores on that one possession call it a tie. In the playoffs, give each team one possession. If it is still tied, next score wins. Done.
  6. touche. Worked out quite well for Steve. Not so much for Larry Bigbie.
  7. SouthRider

    Short rants.

    Thanks for sharing. I live in Northern Va. I haven't been to an O's game in a few years. About a year ago I had a job based in Philadelphia. I took Amtrak through Baltimore once or twice a month. From the train I saw sections of the city I have never seem before. It looked like post World War II Europe. One of the reasons I eventually quit that job is I got tired of seeing this on my train trip each time.
  8. This upcoming season reminds me of 1989 in so many ways. The Orioles coming off a historically bad season, the roster gutted of older veterans who were terrible, young players getting their chance. I don't know if there is a Steve Finley on this roster. We haven't seen Elias make trades for a Moose Miligan or MIke Devereaux yet, but I have faith he will deliver and I am super jacked about it. Can't wait for the upcoming June draft and see who they pick #1! Is there a Ben McDonald to be had? On a side note, is anyone else relieved to just take a break from trying to compete against the Yankees and Sox? I am so glad we don't have to care where Harper and Machado wind up. Just enjoy the process. It can only go up from here.
  9. SouthRider

    Harbaugh May Not Sign an Extension

    No where in that article, or Florio's which the article references, does it say the two side have talked or what the Ravens asking price would be. Both articles are based on pure speculation from unnamed sources. I'm sure the owner with Michigan ties is interested in Harbaugh if he was available. Why not wait a year and sign him without giving up the draft picks?
  10. SouthRider

    Ravens Draft Discussion

    I appreciate your input and analysis. I disagree Lamar's instinct is to always run first. Part of the problem in the Charger game (I thought) was Lamar was trying to pass first and standing in there too long resulting in the seven sacks. I don't know, perhaps he was just trying to follow the game plan. If anything in that game I thought he should have taken off running sooner. I think it would have negated some of the Chargers defensive game and possibly opened up some receivers or TE's. Lamar is best when he is scrambling around like when he floated one to Dixon (I think) for a big gain late in the game. I agree that having him standing in the pocket is not going to yield positive results, at least not at the present time. After the Charger game my big worry is Lamarball might be good enough against week teams, maybe even good enough for a Wild Card; but it's could lead to a lot of one and done playoff games if they indeed get back there.
  11. SouthRider

    Charges at Ravens (Playoff Round 1) Discussion thread

    The linked article you referenced really says it all. The Chargers adjusted while the Ravens thought it would be the same game as last time. All the more reason to put Flacco in there to force LA into a totally different game plan. I think Jackson can succeed, but I am not so sure with this coaching staff. They need the ability to adjust and be creative.
  12. SouthRider

    Ravens offseason thread

  13. SouthRider

    Ravens offseason thread

    Btw, anyone think the Ravens can trade Flacco to the Jags for Leonard Fournette? Something worth looking into?
  14. SouthRider

    Ravens offseason thread

    I expect RG3 to be resigned. If not him then Tyrod. Giving up on Jackson after one bad game would be foolish. Ain't gonna happen. If Lamar doesn't show improvement with accuracy and ball control by the end of next year, fine move on. I have no problem with getting rid of the ultra expensive and often injured Flacco a year early, expecially since he can't be bothered to scan the whole field for wide open and uncovered players. Tyrod or RG3 would be just as good and fit the offense better.
  15. SouthRider

    Ravens game day discussion thread

    What the hell is that? This is why I don't go to games. Would love to take my family to one but I have seen and heard too many incidents like that. Not just here, but any NFL game in any city.