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  1. Jim Rice's 1982 Decision

    Damn. I don't remember anything about Fidrych pitching in Baltimore on July 3. I remember we specifically wanted to go to the July 2 game to see him pitch. I wonder why my family didn't switch games. It's not like you had to buy tickets in advance in those days. I guess we didn't get word of the switch. Should have checked online before heading to the game.
  2. Ezekiel Elliott suspended six games for conduct

    Looks like the Ravens dodged a bullet by not being able to draft this guy.
  3. Astros GM is going to have a long 2 months.

    I'm just glad the O's have Zach for next season.
  4. Kaepernick-Gate is now a national story

    I would agree this probably ends any interest the Ravens had in Kaepernick. I was all for signing him as I think he is a potentially undervalued asset, but how stupid do you have to be to allow your girlfriend to tweet such an offending reference about a potential employer? If I were the Ravens I would issue a press release immediately saying "we have no longer any interest is Colin Kaepernick".
  5. TT: DD becomes a buyer at the trading deadline

    The Bengals draft well and generally win. They just crap the bed in the playoffs. The best NFL comparison by far is the Redskins - some good players, a good coach; but just an absurdly run organization with terrible ownership. I feel bad for those O's fans who are also Redskin fans. Not trying to flame. That's just how I see it.
  6. Joe has a "sore back" ... or worse

    I'd rather have Kaepernick as I think he has more upside. I wouldn't waste a draft pick. It doesn't really matter who they sign. If Flacco is out they are done unless the guy they sign has some miraculous career turn-around.
  7. Update: Ravens sign Maclin, interested still in Decker!

    Love the signing. Amazing how the Ravens are able to close deals like this year after year. They are the anti-Orioles. With that said, they still need a lot of help on the offensive side. I am not too happy that like Wallace's deal, it is heavily backloaded into year two. This might just be a one year deal. They have to draft a receiver high next draft.
  8. Tavon Young Tears ACL

    Man, that sucks, but it gives a chance for other players to step up. I see this as a rebuilding year anyway.
  9. Twin Peaks The Return

    Episode three has much less horror and brings back the comedy. No spoilers but there is a hilarious scene with a prostitute which combines comedic tones with high drama in a way reminiscent of Breaking Bad. Well done.
  10. Twin Peaks The Return

    I loved the original Twin Peaks. It was a ground breaking, funny, and original show that changed tv. Yet it also had a hard edge that walked the line between goofy comedy and painful emotion with realistic violence. Similar to another of my favorite tv shows, LOST, the creators just didn't know what to do with it once it became a huge hit., almost as if they didn't plan on it taking off. The intrigue of Twin Peaks was the mystery of "Who killed Laura Palmer?", and much like JR Ewing 12 years earlier, fans couldn't wait to find out. "Twin Peaks: The Return" is an interesting take on what this town and people are like 25 years after the infamous murder of Laura Palmer. Keeping to the original, super natural storyline , and nature of the original show; we see the main character , Agent Cooper, stuck in some kind of hellish purgatory for 25 years while a demonic, serial killer imposter has taken his place and has been walking the earth, wreaking havoc all these years. That is how the original story ended. An interesting concept for sure, but with the originality of this show copied so many time by other shows and films such as Northern Exposure, Fargo, and dozens more that their creators owe a huge thanks to Twin Peaks' David Lynch, we are left with just the super natural story Lynch created. Compelling for sure, but much more horror oriented than funny and cute. The pacing ,is a little slow at times or maybe I'm just not entertained by Lynch's weird stuff like I used to be as a younger viewer. I'll watch because I want to see the original characters and like the newly casted actors, but I sincerely hope this story wraps up in just one season. I think the original series is still worth watching for anyone who hasn't seen it. It was truly ground breaking.
  11. Nats flagship station takes low blow at O's fans

    I would expect such salty talk from Sports Talk 980. 106.7 the fan usually isn't as down on Baltimore, but it depends on the host. Both stations use whatever excuse they can come up with to rationalize the huge number of O's fans at Nat's Park such as this gem: "O's fans hate Angelos so much they would rather drive down I 95 and see their team in Nat's park rather than support Angelos at Camden Yards.' What a bunch of drivel. They will never admit there are a lot of O's fans in DC and Northern Va. Never ever, ever. It must drive them crazy when they hear the "OOOOH!" during the national anthem at Caps and Wizard games. Of course they never mention it. Btw, I don't even know why Sportstalk 980 carries O's games. It seems they carry some games but not most. Their game coverage is so sporadic I don't even bother trying to tune in when the O's are playing.
  12. Lets hear it for Ovechkin and the Caps

    So frustrating. The puck just isn't going the Caps way. Too many misfires. Gotta give the Pens credit. They came to play.
  13. Lets hear it for Ovechkin and the Caps

    Told ya. If you are going to finally beat your arch nemesis in a playoff series, coming back from a three games to one deficit is a good way to do it. I don't even hate the Penguins like a lot of people. Two great teams going at it like this is fun to watch. Can't wait for game seven. Rock the red.
  14. Lets hear it for Ovechkin and the Caps

    Down 3 games to 1 the Caps are down to their last chance. I don't think it is completely hopeless though. Win tonight at home, get some momentum and win in Pittsburgh, and then you've got a winner take all one game elimination on your home ice. It's not impossible. Obviously they have to take it one step at a time. Let's go Caps.
  15. Ultimate Frustration

    The good news is there are June cuts that can help this team offensively. The bad news is there are a June cuts that can help this team offensively.