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  1. 2017 Washington Nationals

    The Nationals knew exactly what they were getting with Dusty when they hired him. He has delivered exactly as he has for four other organizations - playoffs, no World Series. Personally I would have hired Bud Black instead of Dusty.
  2. Is Joe Flacco?

    I know Maclin did not play yesterday, but I am shocked how he and Joe have not connected this year. Perhaps the loss of training camp for Joe has more of an effect than let on. The Ravens receivers, tight ends, and running backs flat out suck. The best ball catcher of the bunch is probably Nick Boyle who was a fourth round draft pick. There is a reason so many teams let Wallace go. Perriman and Max Williams are so bad, they aren't just busts; they are hurting the team the more they play. Joe has no one reliable, outside of Watson maybe, he can throw to. Boy do I miss Boldin, T Smith, Jacoby Jones, Ray Rice, and Pitta. Compare that group to what Flacco has to work with now and tell me it's all Joe's fault. They have got to draft a playmaker or two asap.
  3. 2017 Week 4: Ravens vs. Steelers

    I can't believe with the trio of Wallace, Perriman, and Maclin they don't throw the deep ball like they used to with Torrey. It seems like when Flacco does throw deep his passes are so off they get picked off. This offense is so bad I even miss the days of the quick check down to the running back or tight end. Outside of Watson they have no one who can catch the ball while being covered. If you pay attention to the opponent's receivers it is striking how every other team has guys who can snatch the ball. The Ravens have needs at every position on offense. I don't care what position they take in next year's draft as long as it is on offense. Question is will Ozzie rebuild like he did with the defense last year, or will he try more band-aids? Change is needed.
  4. 2017 Week 4: Ravens vs. Steelers

    How the Ravens respond to last week's debacle will say a lot about the rest of the season. The crap show they put on last week has dampened the usual Steeler week buzz for me. I expect the defense to step up. Seems like the offense always has an excuse. They need to show something soon. Might just be the worst Raven offense ever. A 25 million dollar QB shouldn't need that much help around him.
  5. 2017 Week 3: Ravens vs. Jaguars (in London)

    I hope you are right Barnfather. My gut told me the organization was emphasizing London a little too much. Kind of like their plan to stay out west all week when they had back to back west coast games, it blew up on them big time. Some of that is out of their control as many players have never been out of the country before and are naturally going to be distracted. Some of it though is the organization's fault, bad planning. I think they thought it would be like the super bowl but unlike the super bowl there is zero time to get acclimated. It didn't help they were playing a team that has been through this before. I heard/saw nothing from the Jacksonville side of things all week long, no interviews on NFL channel or articles online. They seemed to treat it more like a normal game. I am very disappointed we got this dud instead of a showdown between two elite defenses. Jax certainly came to play. Even Bortles played well. They remind me of the Ravens and Bortles even wears number 5. People said Blake was terrible but he looked damn good today. Joe flat out stunk, probably worst game of his career. Question is how long before he shakes off that rust, or is his back still bothering him? Like that old saying, "you are never as good as you look when you are winning or as bad as you look when you are losing.". I think that applies here. Positives:. 1). They probably won't face a defense as good as Jax the rest of the year. And 2). Pittsburgh lost even though the Bears tried to give that game away multiple times. So the Ravens face Pittsburgh next week at home with sole possession of first place on the line, not that I expect them to win.
  6. Ravens @ Bengals Week 1

    Too much firepower on the Bengals and too many questions marks on the Ravens' offense. Low scoring game. AJ Green will be the difference (again).
  7. Game of Thrones, Season 7

    I was glad to see the sister thing resolved as that was hugely annoying. It makes sense that Littlefinger was called out on his stuff with omniscient Bran hanging around. I also like that Jamie has finally seen the light on what a crazy b**** Cersei is. I wasn't expecting the blue-fire undead dragon until next year. Glad to see it now. I also loved the sex scene montaged with 'Jon needs to know he is a Targaryen' moment. Yup, I would say he needs to know. The only thing that bothered me, and I haven't seen this mentioned anywhere, is those undead wights sure move fast when they are by themselves south of the wall. How come when they move and fight in masses of 10,000 they move so slowly?
  8. Jim Rice's 1982 Decision

    Damn. I don't remember anything about Fidrych pitching in Baltimore on July 3. I remember we specifically wanted to go to the July 2 game to see him pitch. I wonder why my family didn't switch games. It's not like you had to buy tickets in advance in those days. I guess we didn't get word of the switch. Should have checked online before heading to the game.
  9. Ezekiel Elliott suspended six games for conduct

    Looks like the Ravens dodged a bullet by not being able to draft this guy.
  10. Astros GM is going to have a long 2 months.

    I'm just glad the O's have Zach for next season.
  11. Kaepernick-Gate is now a national story

    I would agree this probably ends any interest the Ravens had in Kaepernick. I was all for signing him as I think he is a potentially undervalued asset, but how stupid do you have to be to allow your girlfriend to tweet such an offending reference about a potential employer? If I were the Ravens I would issue a press release immediately saying "we have no longer any interest is Colin Kaepernick".
  12. TT: DD becomes a buyer at the trading deadline

    The Bengals draft well and generally win. They just crap the bed in the playoffs. The best NFL comparison by far is the Redskins - some good players, a good coach; but just an absurdly run organization with terrible ownership. I feel bad for those O's fans who are also Redskin fans. Not trying to flame. That's just how I see it.
  13. Joe has a "sore back" ... or worse

    I'd rather have Kaepernick as I think he has more upside. I wouldn't waste a draft pick. It doesn't really matter who they sign. If Flacco is out they are done unless the guy they sign has some miraculous career turn-around.
  14. Update: Ravens sign Maclin, interested still in Decker!

    Love the signing. Amazing how the Ravens are able to close deals like this year after year. They are the anti-Orioles. With that said, they still need a lot of help on the offensive side. I am not too happy that like Wallace's deal, it is heavily backloaded into year two. This might just be a one year deal. They have to draft a receiver high next draft.
  15. Tavon Young Tears ACL

    Man, that sucks, but it gives a chance for other players to step up. I see this as a rebuilding year anyway.