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  1. Now that's more like it. Hopefully they close this out on Monday and move on.
  2. Very disappointing that they couldn't come away with one of the two games in Carolina. Game 3 was the worst effort possible. Game 4 was the old Caps we have lived with for 10+ years - dominate most of the game but choke at the worst possible times. Now Oshie is out for what looks like the rest of the series. All the momentum is lost. Need to play like Stanley Cup Champs at home in game 5.
  3. and 90% of the episode was character reunions. In a regular season I would be curious to see how Jon handles things now that he knows he has been sleeping with his aunt, but as Bran states, "We don't have time for this."
  4. I'll watch, but I don't care anymore. Shows that take a year and a half between seasons and shorten season runs to 6-8 episodes are dead to me. It was a great show in its prime.
  5. It's called lettIng your hand picked GM and his hand picked management and coaches do their jobs. I don't expect to hear from the Angelos brothers until the season is over.
  6. What happened to Lasely and Scott? They pass on a legit need like Marshall due to comp picks, but then waste picks on guys like this.
  7. I like Brown. He sounds like the average MLB announcer for other teams which is an improvement over Hunter and Manfra.
  8. Perhaps the problem isn't Brown but who he is paired with. When I hear Dave Johnson I immediately switch to another channel. Hunter I can stand only if I really want to catch up on what the O's are doing. I like the Nationals' radio guys and find myself listening for a while even though my first instinct is to switch channels as I am not a Nats fan. The other day I found myself engaged listening to a Padres broadcast. They were glowing all over Manny and I found their So Cal baseball talk entertaining. The weirdest was last week while watching a Yankee/O's spring training game on MLB network. I don't know the main broadcasters, both former players; but they had Willie Randolph as their guest and he was fantastic.. You could tell he respects the game and all who played it. I watched the entire game just because I loved listening to his stories. He seemed to be rooting for everyone on the field to do well, even the O's players; while the main two announcers just ignored anyone who wasn't a Yankee. I can see why Willie has been a coach and manager . You'd think with the O's being as bad as they are they would get some good broadcasters in here to light some interest. With MLB games in all markets available on MLB TV, MLB Game Day Audio, and Sirius/XM there are other options. Hopefully Brown will be good.
  9. SouthRider

    RG3 2.0

    Love the move. Now they can keep the same offense if Robert needs to come in. I have to hand it to him. I thought he was the most arrogant, delusional, and coddled player in the history of the game when he was with Washington. He could have taken his millions are walked away when he was released by Cleveland. Instead he fought his way back and found a role that suits him well. I am glad to have him.
  10. I'd like to see the Ravens scoop up Zach Brown who was a salary cap cut by the Redskins.
  11. Keep in mind Weddle was only going to be here for one more year most likely. He couldn't tackle well and didn't get picks. Thomas probably has more left in the tank than Weddle.
  12. Hell yeah. That's the Ravens I know and love.
  13. It's always the darkest before the dawn. I wasn't big on Ingram until I looked at what we potentially had without him. Edwards could be a flash in the pan and Dixon is one urine sample away from missing half the season. I like Ingram's value for what he is - a solid addition.
  14. How sad is it that on the Ravens' web site they are talking about all the players other teams have signed and we are left talking about free agents from 8 years ago in a thread about a guy we may or may not sign.
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