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    Elias & Mejdal - how excited are you?

    I couldn't be happier with both hires. I was reading some of the OH prospect write-ups and noticed for one pitcher the O's brass changed his delivery. I thought to myself, here we go again with the O's messing with one of their prospects - changing what made this kid successful in the first place. Then I realized whomever was the "O's Brass" in that write-up is most likely gone. That put a smile on my face. What I am most looking forward to is an organization that can develop talent, evaluate players, and make trades that are in the Orioles favor. Of course, it will take a long time and there will be bumps and misfires along the way; but it's going to be fun being a fan again, I think.
  2. So Elias is the guy in charge but still only has the GM title. What happens in three years when the Blue Jays come calling and want to make him "President of all things Blue Jay"?
  3. SouthRider

    Ravens Head Coach Resigned To Change At Top?

    La Confora makes it sound like Harbaugh is more highly thought of than Decosta and that John would only stay if he has more authority and greater input. He also floats the idea of John taking over in Cleveland. What a laughable notion. If these are John's demands, so glad the Ravens aren't buying into it. Let John be the latest installment of the Browns taking the Ravens' throwaways. I would love to see 'Harbaugh's guys' in Cleveland. Good move by Decosta if you ask me.
  4. SouthRider

    Ravens Head Coach Resigned To Change At Top?

    I can't imagine Brady or Rodgers just not seeing a wide open and uncovered receiver despite it being their last read. It just boggles my mind. A 24 million dollar quarterback needs to see the whole field. Flacco is 'off' far too often, poor OL or not. I am so ready for the Harbaugh/Flacco era to be over. Jackson may not be the answer, but he is the only play maker they have on the roster. I would get him ready for next year with a new coach. I don't think Lamar is going to develop under Harbaugh and Marty. I was thinking Josh McDaniels would be a good fit? To the Ops point, I'm sure John sees the writing on the wall. Each week the cries for change from fans and the media get louder. John has had a good run. Like Billick, his run is coming to an end.
  5. SouthRider

    Week 9 - Steelers Week!

    Saw my Steelers neighbor out last night while trick-or-treating. He was kind. Not much for me to say. Here we are again looking up at Pittsburgh and Cincy in the standings. I told him if he wants his team to beat the Ravens just throw downfield to wide open receivers. Last time we played them we were pretty healthy. Now we have a banged up Oline and other injuries. If Humphrey is out again I look for this game to be another blow out loss.
  6. SouthRider

    Ravens Acquire Ty Montgomery

    Kinda bizarre the draft pick we gave up is in 2020 and not 2019.
  7. SouthRider

    Ravens Acquire Ty Montgomery

    I was hoping they would surprise us and be sellers at the deadline. For a 7th round pick I don't mind this deal.
  8. SouthRider

    Week 8 @ Carolina

    Hope you enjoyed the nice weather. That's about all we can enjoy about this game so far.. Once again this 'special' defense is getting shredded by a competent QB. No pass rush. No turnovers. Amazing how the others team's guys are always wide open for huge chunks of yards while our guys are always covered like blankets or the ball gets dropped, or the pass is at their feet.
  9. SouthRider

    Week 7 vs New Orleans

    Like Bill Parcells once said, "you are what your record says you are." 4-3 about sums up this Ravens team. They blew a huge opportunity to make a statement about their season. Tucker didn't lose this game; an overrated defense, an offense not quite good enough and bad playcalling from Harbaugh and Marty did. They made it easy on Brees giving up huge chunks of yards play after play. The Saints version of Lamar carved them up pretty good too. Like so many games before, Marty stuck with a very inaccurate Flacco instead of running the ball. Joe came through on that last drive but the second half was all Saints. The Ravens are pretenders looking up at both Cincy and Pittsburgh in the standings once again. Just business as usual under Harbaugh.
  10. SouthRider

    When will the Orioles Announce hirings?

    Kettle, meet pot. Pot, this is Kettle: https://www.sbnation.com/mlb/2018/10/18/17994256/astros-cheating-spying-red-sox-indians-mlb-playoffs-2018 Sorry to give you a hard time. It's funny what fans turn a blind eye to. Same goes for the Manny love around here. I love the kid, but that was an Arod-level douche move he pulled. He deserves the backlash.
  11. SouthRider

    Week 6 @ Nashville

    I got one right for a change.
  12. SouthRider

    Week 6 @ Nashville

    The Ravens are not going to lose to Dean Pees. I think they win big.
  13. SouthRider

    Week 5 @ Cleveland

    Oh well, that Pittsburgh win was nice. Back to reality. Browns defense was way more Ravens-like than the Ravens. Can't have turnovers inside the 5 yard line. Another blocked field goal? Really? What's up with Crabtree? His drops are starting to cost them. I didn't like the play calling. Should have run the ball more.
  14. SouthRider

    Ex-Orioles in the postseason

    Gausman starting for Atlanta game 3. So depressing seeing all of our ex-players in the post season. I am rooting for Manny while I have the chance. If he goes to NY or Boston I will stop.
  15. SouthRider

    Week 2 vs Cincinnati Thursday Night Game

    Flacco did not play great yesterday. He was very inaccurate. Brown bailed him out a couple of times. More accurate throws and perhaps they could have had a TD or two on some of those WR throws.. He also has to cut down on the strip sacks. He has such a slow wind up. Just when you expect the ball to be thrown it is getting stripped. It's been a problem his whole career. I've come to the conclusion Dalton is better than Flacco. I know Dalton has AJ Green, but how good really are his other guys? Cincy moves the ball with ease. Flacco has the best wide outs he has had since Boldin, Torrey, and Jacoby yet we see the same 4 yard check downs over and over. The lack of urgency during the final two minutes was inexcusable. I am also very disappointed with the defense. They gave up way too many big plays. No pressure on Dalton. All this talk about being special and they looked like the same old group coached by Dean Pees. Tough schedule coming up. This could be a long year.
  16. SouthRider

    RG3 yay or nay?

    They have to keep him. I think he is too valuable as a backup. He has looked good in pre-season. Lamar is not ready. His mentorship of Lamar is a huge benefit. Would love to see it continue. I think RG3 stays. What say you?
  17. SouthRider

    Preseason Game 2: Monday Night 8/20 at IND

    First chance I have gotten to see Jackson. I am surprised his poor play is not generating much talk. Wildly inaccurate, doesn't see open receivers, runs backwards 25 yards,. Dude has a long way to go.
  18. SouthRider

    How do you rate the return on the Britton trade?

    On the plus side,, I heard on the radio two of the three guys obtained were in the Yankees' top 15 prospect list. Perhaps that means the Yankees' farm system isn't that great.
  19. SouthRider

    Perriman Still Here, Receives Roster Bonus

    Interesting. They must see something in Perriman that gives them hope he can turn it around. 3 mil in cap space does sounds like a useful chunk of change that can be better applied elsewhere. Perhaps they are grooming him as the kick returner this season?
  20. SouthRider

    Ravens lose two OTAs, face fine

    I don't have a problem with Harbaugh's comments. It's a valid observation. I am more concern with both of our rookie TE's dealing with issues keeping them out of practice. Are these guys going to be injury prone? Are they soft? Not a good sign that both of these guys are missing practices so soon into their career.
  21. SouthRider

    And Manny will wear #8... the pain is REAL!

    Perhaps the more likely scenario is Manny always preferred #8 but it was taken here?
  22. SouthRider

    Caps need new head coach

    Interesting article. The Caps certainly have made all the right moves since McPhee left. Perhaps I should give the current GM his due. And you're right about the Knights. Let's see if McPhee can continue to build upon what they started out there in Vegas.
  23. SouthRider

    Caps need new head coach

    I am not sold on Ted being a 'very' good owner. No complaints about his running of the Caps, although I'm not sure I would have fired George McPhee as GM. McPhee's fingerprints are all over this Cap's roster and his guidance of the Vegas Golden Knights speaks volumes. He made one bad trade in my opinion (Erat and some other guy for Forsberg who blew up once he got to Nashville). The current GM seems a bit egotistical in some of his comments. I was put off how they treated Trotz. Meanwhile Ted's running of the Wizards has been nothing to boast about. A change at GM has been needed for years. They continue to build around players not worthy of building around. As a result they have a mediocre , under achieving ,over paid roster.
  24. SouthRider

    Caps need new head coach

    This is a risky move by the Caps. Trotz is a good coach who is well liked and respected by everyone. There is a lot of value in that stability beyond how many wins the team had (which by the way is probably number one in the league during Trotz' tenure). Trotz' contract was one of the lowest in the league. By winning the cup his contract automatically got extended for two more years at that low value. He rightfully asked for a raise and some stability after not getting an extension last off season - a blunder by the Caps in my opinion. They could have had him locked up for reasonable value last year. They chose the Flacco route. I don't know why DC teams just aren't willing to shell out top dollar for good coaches. Just like the Nats, the Caps have had a revolving door. They seem really high on current Cap assistant Todd Reirden which is probably why they played hardball with Trotz. It would be really depressing if they low ball Reirden and he balks. Not sure how much leverage he has since he has one more year on his assistant contract. Reirden may be a hot head coaching candidate, but so was Adam Oates. This is a huge risk by the Caps.
  25. SouthRider

    2018 Caps Stanely Cup ???? (Update: Stanley Cup Champions!!!!)

    So glad for the team, the city, and the fans. Last night's game was nail biting. Only wish the last few minutes didn't get ruined for me as one of my neighbors had to set off fire works immediately after the Caps won. I was watching on my dvr about 5 minutes behind. Just sucked all the excitement out of the final few minutes.