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  1. I am curious why you would say this? Is it because of Jackson's southern drawl? He certainly has been successful quickly at every level of football he has played including last year. Harbaugh has raved over Jackson's ability to see the field which is something that is hard to teach. I have seen/heard nothing to indicate Jackson is not a really smart football player that other players respect. Personally, I am excited to see what Jackson can do based on his work ethic, desire, and physical gifts. He may flop like many are predicting if he can't hold on to the football and make those easy throws, but it won't be due to him not being a smart athlete, imho.
  2. I really like how this show portrayed the 1980's like I remember it, pretty normal. It didn't use the tired over-the-top, punk rock, ridiculous clothes stereotype that all other shows set in this time frame use. My only gripe is: for a show set in DC during the 80's it would have been cool if they showed the town's excitement for the Redskins during their heyday. I am guessing the show creators couldn't get a deal worked out with the NFL. They had that ridiculous episode where everyone was excited to watch the '87 World Series between the Twins and Cardinals, but no love for the Skins? Absurd. Stan would have been huge fan!
  3. There is a lot to nit pick. Seams like a lot of stuff: important books, furniture, etc.. survived the attack. Major plot points don't make sense. Glad to see Jon kill Dany and become more like Jon Snow again. The whole Jon/Dany love story was poorly done. Their characters had no chemistry. I liked Drogon melting the Iron Throne. Perhaps dragons are smarter than we think. I also liked him flying off with Dany's body. Had to get rid of the dragon somehow. In the end, I liked where the characters ended up. I just didn't like how they got there. I will use my own imagination to fix this and forget how the writers messed up the last two seasons.
  4. The show has become such a joke the only way it can end satisfactorily is if the modern day U.K. Police show up and arrest everyone.
  5. I don't mind Joe's comments. He is fighting for his own job. He wants to play and extend his career. Joe showed the type of person and teammate he is by accepting his role last year and not complaining. Team first. He'll do it again if the same situation plays out in Denver. This is the media making something out of nothing.
  6. Good stuff. My last memory of Jones was a picture of he and the team celebrating after the final game of the 1981 season. The Colts finished 2-14 with their only wins coming against the Patriots on opening day and then the season finale. They lost all 14 games in between.
  7. Belichick got his start as an intern on Ted Marchibroda's staff in 1975. Bert Jones was the quarterback. For a few years Jones was a heck of a player wInning league MVP in 1976. The Colts won three straight division titles. Then he got hurt and his career derailed along with the demise of the Baltimore Colts due to Bob Irsay. It's too bad Modell fired Belichick when the Browns moved to Baltimore replacing him with a well past his prime Ted Marchibroda. Perhaps the Ravens would have drafted Brady. Or perhaps, more likely, Belichick would not have turned into the greatest coach of all time and Brady would never become Brady.
  8. I love the emphasis on speed in this year's draft. Have the Ravens ever drafted two receivers in the top three rounds within the same draft? It makes me wonder how many years DeCosta might have whispered, "Hey Ozzie, I know you are a hall of fame GM, but we might need more wide outs."
  9. Hopefully he lives up to the hype. He looks like a teenager who could snap like a twig.
  10. Good. After ignoring the defensive holes in this year's draft they need to hit a home run on one or more of these un drafted guys.
  11. Wow. Receiver. I'm shocked.
  12. Looks like we traded up. Getting back to Ferguson he was disinvited to the combine after involvement in a fight at a McDonalds. Typical dumb young guy stuff. Ravens did their homework on him of course.
  13. Nice. A productive player who was conference player of the year. Spent draft day yesterday cleaning up after a tornado. Sounds like a high character guy who Harbaugh will say, "He is a Ravens type player", I like it.
  14. And with the pick they ultimately get they draft a receiver from UMASS?
  15. I wonder if Flacco will send Drew Lock a text? Deja vue for Joe.
  16. After looking at a lot of highlights of Brown I didn't see many contested catches. He pretty much blew by people with his speed. I am glad to see he is very fast AND can catch the ball. It seems the Ravens already had a guy like that in John 'Smokey' Brown whom they let go. What does Marquise bring to the table that John Brown does not?
  17. I like his Ravens hat.
  18. You nailed it. God I hope he isn't another wide out bust
  19. I wouldn't have minded Jacobs either. I would go with Sweat I suppose.
  20. I wouldn't have minded this guy.
  21. And the Ravens trade. At least they are still in the first round. I like it.
  22. Trade in front of Ravens
  23. Now that's more like it. Hopefully they close this out on Monday and move on.
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