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  1. PECOTA 2018

    So law of averages tells us we should be able to have 4 starters in the rotation with a better than 6 ERA.......It would be hard to have a staff ERA worse than last year. maybe not impossible, but I'd be willing to bet without signing another pitcher our ERA will be better in 2018.
  2. PECOTA 2018

    So how hard is it to find pitchers that can post better than a 6 ERA? How many starters last year in MLB had a better than 6 ERA in at least 100 innings of work?
  3. Didn't Arrieta wash out of our organization?
  4. Drew Hutchison? Ewww...

    You think this team is as good as the 2002 team that lost 95 games? You think Manny, Schoop, Jones, Mancini could even start for that 2002 team? Batista, Bordick, Howie Clark, Jay Gibbons.......No way the 2018 team is better.
  5. It's amazing that Dempsey would go and do these things....no player today would ever go through this much effort to entertain the fans during a rain delay!
  6. I expect every team in MLB to exceed last years win total except for the O's.
  7. So...if the team right now is as good as last years team, does that mean we will only be a game out of the second WC spot on Sept 1st?
  8. Can a player really do that? Can they "make" themselves better in the playoffs? And if so, why don't they "make" themselves better all the time? I think playoff success for a player is as random as August success. Do we really look at players and say "that guys just raises his game between August 10th and 23rd every year"?
  9. I was 14 in 1979 and had mini pennants hanging on my bedroom wall for each MLB team. As soon as we lost that game, 7, I took the Pirates pennant down, went out to the driveway, and burned it.
  10. I will show my displeasure by not attending any games over the next 10 weeks.
  11. Os requesting offers on Machado

    Agree 100%. They Yankees will have him in 2019, if they are dumb enough to give US prospects to get him a year earlier, so be it.
  12. Decision Checklist for the Orioles

    Absolutely Baltimore was a model franchise for all those years. And yes the organization (in the context of wins and losses) is not at that level compared to their peers (although I will say free agency plays a big role in this...what if FRobby, Brooks and Palmer could have hit the free market in the 60's and 70's?). But I assure you, they have multiple plans, think though many scenarios, and have a pretty good idea of how their talent stacks up against the competition at every position......My best guess is PA is trying very hard to win a WS while he is alive, and he has one more year with a pretty talented core of position players. It may be unrealistic in our eyes....but that may be what Dan and his staff have been ordered to do, and he is trying to build multiple plans around that.
  13. Decision Checklist for the Orioles

    Agree that they do make some head shaking decisions. But it doesn't say much about MLB as a league, if a bunch of guys that don't know anything about baseball or business can somehow get into the play-offs 3 out of 5 years. Could the rest of the teams in the league be that much dumber than our front office?
  14. Decision Checklist for the Orioles

    I've been a fan since my first memories in the late 60's....I know the Orioles are far from perfect, and have struggled at times at making great decisions. But it amazes me how often posters on this board think that front office staff of a Major League Baseball team doesn't have the business acumen of a 3rd grader selling lemonade. Yes, they have a plan...you may not agree with it, it might not be a plan that results in a WS, but they have a plan. Many people in the organization have graduated college and understand how to run a business. Yes, they have access to advanced analytics and employ people who can interpret them. Billy Beene understands them too, and hasn't won a WS. There are other things the team considers in addition to winning baseball games. Turning a profit is one of them. yes it may be easier to do with a WS winning team, but it can also be done without winning a WS. No, the team isn't going to tell the fans everything...this doesn't mean they don't have a plan. I might not like every move they make....but I'm quite sure everyone in the organization knows they need starting pitching, knows when the season starts, knows the contract status of the GM and field manager, knows the consequences of not trading Manny, and what trading/not trading Manny means to 2018 and beyond. When the O's put up several 30 win seasons in a row...then we can question if these guys have ever watched a baseball game or run a business in the past.
  15. Decision Checklist for the Orioles

    Maybe the front office is not aware of these things?