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  1. I remember all the Ballards.
  2. I know the 1999 Knicks were an 8th seed that made the finals, and lost to the Spurs
  3. But limiting the performance of 30+ year olds actually helps smaller payroll teams. Now having the ability to overpay for a 32 year old slugger has no value. If we hold peak performance to 27, then most of the players value is when teams have control before free agency. I don't want to go back to a time when the Yanks and Sox can buy every 32 year old All Star, and those players perform at peak level until they are 37.
  4. Home runs are way up this year.......Should we assume people under 30 are now flocking to the ball park and TV sets to see the next game? Is league wide attendance way up this year over 5 years ago? Are TV rating through the roof?
  5. A strike certainly won't help things. I don't see how PED's has any barring on the entertainment value of the game. Baseball's problem is generational. Other entertainment (mainly video games) have carved out some of baseballs space. BTW it's not just baseball. My 18 year old son spends time watching other people play video games, when I ask why, he says for the same reasons I watch baseball. To see the best in the world play a game that I play, but at a whole different level. To watch the best in the world compete. Baseball needs to find a way to adapt to shorter attention spans, and I'm not sure it can be done.
  6. Strikeout, Home Run, Walk, repeat....
  7. if MLB is not one company, and each team is a company unto it's self, can the Yankees decided to leave the MLB and play in a different league? If the Yankees would do just fine playing against fewer teams, maybe they form their own league, demand half of the profits of all the other teams for the privilege of playing against the Yankees.
  8. Here's how I view MLB, as 1 company with 30 different departments/divisions. So a player being able to pick where they work is somewhat like working for IBM and telling them what city you want to work in. I'm not saying players shouldn't have some freedoms on where they live, but I work for a big company and can't say "Hey Boss I'm tired of working in Harrisburg, move me to San Diego next month". Well I guess I can say it, but small chance of it happening. They Yankees can't survive unless they have competitive teams to play. Coke will be just fine if Pepsi goes belly up.....The Yankees will suffer if the Red Sox, Rays, Cubs, Dodgers and Orioles go out of business.
  9. Sounds like a smart business plan to me. Why wouldn't you want to be the most profitable team in the league? That's why these guys own these teams..... to make money.
  10. And they are raking it in this year!
  11. I think they only win 35 games this year.
  12. It's not cheating. There is no rule that says you have to field a competitive team. There is no penalty for losing a lot.....Here is how I'm dealing with it....I just don't watch. I'll start again in April 2020, and when they get more than 10 under, I'll stop watching again.
  13. Don't know about Baltimore, but here in Harrisburg, It's rained 8 straight Sundays and 7 straight Fridays.
  14. I have been getting up at 5a for work the last 20 years.
  15. I wouldn't extend anyone born before 2005.
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