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  1. What are the odds we can keep out team ERA under 10 runs per game this season?
  2. Anyone else lose the MASN feed on DirecTV?
  3. I remember just waiting for the Orioles to be mentioned, then getting excited when I saw their highlights.
  4. Why does the Ruiz/Nunez battle remind me of the Harriston/Roberts battle?
  5. 62-63 wins.....we have some guys starting the season playing for their MLB careers.....that has to count for something right? Martin/Jackson/Mullins/Rickard/Rio/Nunez These guys have been given a golden opportunity, a couple will step up and surprise.
  6. You can say stolen base attempts aren't worth it do to the high risk...but you can't say successful SB's aren't impactful. If that were the case than a double would not be worth any more than a single, and should not be figured into slugging %.
  7. I wonder how many players have their peak years in the minors. That would be my concern as an owner/GM. Professional sports is a young man's game. How many times has a 22-24 year old been at their best, and could have contributed well to an MLB team, but was held back, only to never hit that peak again?
  8. Start weeknight games at 5p, then you don't have to change a thing. Even if you miss the first hour commuting from work, you will still see the last 2 1/2 hours. I just cant stay up to 10:30 or 11p every week night to see the end of these games. Now, during O's season, I go to bed about the 7th inning, then watch the last two innings+ the next morning on the MLB App in my office.
  9. osfan83

    Manny signs with Padres

    Agreed....I'll be rooting for him. Very happy we don't have to play him much.
  10. Here we are on February 19th and Davis still does not have a hit! Odds are he wont have one again today. The guy just isn't trying!
  11. One of my great sports watching accomplishments was staying up until 4AM to watch the curling gold medal game live......very happy I did.
  12. Great read....Makes me wish I was about 10 years older. I was born in 1965 and have some memories of the 1970 and 1971 WS. Watched both wrap up their careers in the 70's. Brooks was my favorite player as a young kid, and I've had the privilege to meet him several times. Brooks was a great player and an even better human. Wish I had the opportunity to meet Frank. The two of them are the reason Baltimore baseball has deep roots...something 14 straight losing seasons and poor ownership decisions can't destroy.
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