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  1. osfan83

    Chris Davis Trade Possible in 2019-20?

    Have we ever seen the O's make a move to save $500k or $1m when our payroll was north of $100m? I seem to recall a couple of moves that were just expense savings activities bringing back $500k or so.
  2. Disagree...Davis is will give himself at least half the season next year to see if he improves...and I still think he would force the team to cut him, he's not turning down all the money owed to him.
  3. osfan83

    Chris Davis Trade Possible in 2019-20?

    $600k becomes somewhat significant if you cut your payroll to $66M...and we might be headed that way.
  4. osfan83

    Chris Davis Trade Possible in 2019-20?

    I disagree. I don't think anyone in the organization thinks we have a post season chance next year. It's going to be about saving money and developing young talent. Cutting Davis does cost you money, that's one more player you have to pay to take his place on the roster. I think he gets all of next year to try and turn it around. Only way he gets replaced in 2019 is if somehow we find ourselves in the WC race in June and he is OPSing .600....then the organization might bite the bullet and set him free.
  5. Since 2001....how many managers, coaches, scouts have we had in the last 17 years? Have all of them been bad?
  6. osfan83

    What would it take to move Davis or Trumbo?

    I'm confused. Many here are looking forward to top draft picks both this year and next. If the goal in 2019 is to secure a top 3 draft pick, then why wouldn't you keep Davis on the team and play him everyday?
  7. osfan83

    Coaching Staff

    Maybe upper management knows that the reason the team is bad has little to do with the coaching, and more to do with the roster construction. And the roster construction was done to try and eek our one more year of decent baseball from the core (Machado, Schoop, Jones, Britton, O'Day, Trumbo) Not sure that poor coaching has much to do with why Schoop, and Davis were awful to start the season, or why Cobb couldn't get anyone out. This set of coaches might have a good skill set to work with younger players on a rebuilding team.
  8. osfan83

    Why we could be "good again" sooner than many expect

    Two years is a long time....in 2010 I would have laughed if you said the O's will be in the playoffs two years later. If the young players show promise at the MLB level in 2019, two of your future infielders may be acquired in the off season before 2020. Villar might not return to 2016 all-star status, but he might not be too far off of that. Maybe Mountcastle hits well enough to forgive his C level 3B defense. So we sign a very good FA SS for 2020. They might suck for the next 15 years....but it don't think it's crazy to think in August 2020 we might be within a few games of the second WC spot, and on the edge of our seats watching Oriole baseball again.
  9. osfan83

    Why we could be "good again" sooner than many expect

    Well I don't think the organization is targeting 2023...we just traded for a bunch of 23-25 year olds.....those guys will be 28-30 by 2023. I think Dan believes we have a WC shot in 2020, and should be contending for a division in 2021.
  10. osfan83

    Adam Jones interview on C.C. Sabathia's podcast

    The moving the family thing gets me. It's only 2+ months. It's not like he is home every night at 6p to have dinner with the kids. He is on the road two weeks or so of every month during the summer as is.
  11. They Yankees should deal Judge right now....can you image the haul they would get!
  12. osfan83

    As we dismantle, the thing that worries me

    Do you think the Dodgers were foolish trading for Manny? Were the Indians foolish trading for Hand?
  13. osfan83

    As we dismantle, the thing that worries me

    Great post.....I agree 100%. When you have a playoff team, try and win the World Series, even if you have to mortgage the future a bit.
  14. osfan83

    What do they owe us?

    Just think how much money these players are costing themselves. Last year this time Schoop had to be thinking about a large payday when he turned FA. Now not so much. Beckem might never see a payout. Mancini might make below average MLB money. There might be 5 players from the 2018 Orioles that might not be offered contracts in 2019 by anybody. If these guys are tanking, or not giving maximum effort, they are only hurting themselves.
  15. osfan83

    Schoop: Extend or Trade

    Extend him and move him to third....Bannon projects better at second anyway. Could this line-up compete for a WC in 2020? C- Sisco 1b - Mancini 2b - Bannon SS- Witt 3B - Schoop LF - Hays CF - Mullins RF - Diaz DH Stewart