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  1. Cobb only thread

    Yet another Cobb thread derailed...
  2. Cobb Talk

    What is it with Cobb threads always getting derailed?
  3. NEED one of the Big Three Pitchers Left

    I hope this guy has some good sources.
  4. Isn’t this on tomorrow?
  5. Isn’t like the video link plz

  6. That is highly speculative to say he did steroids.
  7. Leaving Baltimore... possible?

    While it may or may not involve moving the team, I see a very likely scenario of this team being sold. And sooner rather than later.
  8. Os requesting offers on Machado

    Obviously you are on a mission from God to make sure everybody knows.
  9. Os requesting offers on Machado

    I for one am getting tired of your tirade. And I suspect I am not alone.
  10. Mike Friers on the trade market?

    How anybody could watch that video and think he was throwing at anybody’s head is beyond me.
  11. Orioles extend offers to bring back coaching staff

    When have you ever heard a manager say “Player X is the reason we lost/sucked this year. “?
  12. Right. Looking at things like innings pitched and how it would impact our bullpen. And ground ball vs fly ball pitcher and how that matches up with our defensive strengths and weaknesses. Would playing on our team have theoretically negatively or positively affected their success as pitchers in 2017?
  13. I guess what my question boils down to is whether or not signing these pitchers would even move the needle enough for us to contend for the playoffs?
  14. I know it would all be hypothetical but I wonder if factoring in runs per game, defensive stats and some other team stats that I’m sure I’m not thinking of, could there be some sort of way to estimate the teams success or not success vs what we had to deal with last year?
  15. I wonder if it’s possible for somebody to do an analysis on... What would the orioles record have been had Ubaldo, Miley and Tillman been replaced with Lance Lynn, Alex Cobb and Miguel Gonzalez this past season? It can’t be as simple as just switch their records out would it? Would you have to use some advanced metrics to figure it out?