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  1. I’m not saying that he could. I’m just saying that Brady was actually good at what Davis has been getting worse and worse at.
  2. Actually Brady is pretty good regarding a short powerful rotational swing. Which Davis has gradually gotten more and more linear by not “staying connected” throughout his swing. Look up Mike Epstein and his teachings on rotational vs linear swing and then watch footage of Davis during his good years vs now. Long story short, his swing has become much more arms(Long) and less rotational(body/power/short). This accounts for his bat speed issues.
  3. higgybaby

    2018 MLB Draft Discussion

    When does it start today?
  4. higgybaby

    2018 MLB Draft Discussion

    Some are speculating it was for over slot money.
  5. higgybaby

    2018 MLB Draft Discussion

    Who do you suspect will be available for the 37th pick that we would go after with overslot money?
  6. higgybaby

    2018 MLB Draft Discussion

    Out of who’s left, who do you like most
  7. higgybaby

    Cedric Mullins 2018

    PEOple from a Mike Epstein background call this “staying connected”.
  8. higgybaby

    Embrace the Losing

    What’s the story on him?
  9. higgybaby

    Embrace the Losing

    Are there any 2019 prospects that are getting the kind of hype that Bryce Harper received?
  10. higgybaby

    Jim Palmer just threw Chris Davis under the bus

    Do you really think his name is “Moundcastle” or is that a typo? not meaning to call you out or anything but I see so many people misspell it that way all of the time.
  11. higgybaby

    Looks like John Russell happened to Sisco's throws

    I haven’t been able to watch. Did he throw out three base runners today?
  12. higgybaby

    Is it time to bring in a "Davis Whisperer"?

    He needs Mike Epstein. That’s exactly what he teaches.
  13. higgybaby

    Chris Davis to leadoff?

    Do you ever sleep? im at work. What’s your excuse? Lol