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  1. Nevermind, I looked it up for my self. Year Team POS AVG OBP SLG OPS GP AB R H 2B 3b HR RBI HP BB SO SB CS 2017 .234 .322 .306 .628 61 209 38 49 7 1 2 33 3 27 39 5 0 2018 .408 .505 .628 1.133 67 250 56 102 22 3 9 83 0 53 40 1 2 2019 ORST C .431 .581 .791 1.372 46 153 50 66 8 1 15 52 0 60 31 0 1 current stats
  2. What's his current line?
  3. He went undrafted. Every single team said no. Well all that this kid has done since then is lead all of the minor leagues in just about every batting category and was just called up by the Cincinnati Reds. And oh yeah, my two sons played with him on their state championship baseball team Luke knows what he’s doing. No other scouts had VanMeter ranked this high or even in their top ten. Josh VanMeter. https://www.milb.com/milb/news/josh-vanmeter-slugs-two-more-homers-for-louisville-bats/c-306828998 ” The left-handed hitter was a .266 hitter across six Minor League seasons heading into 2019. But through the first four weeks, VanMeter is batting .346/.432/.757. He leads all Triple-A hitters in homers and tops the International League in slugging along with RBIs (31) and OPS (1.189). It's a marked improvement for VanMeter, who clubbed 11 long balls and drove in 45 runs for the Bats while hitting .253 in 98 games last year. VanMeter went yard twice on a five-hit night against Norfolk on April 26. Three days later, he clubbed three homers and drove in eight runs at Toledo. The infielder entered Friday's contest in an 0-for-11 funk but left that behind with another loud night.”
  4. Wasn’t Matusz dealt to the cubs?
  5. Got it. Yeah I thought they took it away because of organizational philosophy. I guess the philosophy could have been to force pitchers into developing the change though.
  6. I thought the movement was more like a slider. It always looked more like a slider to me. The movement was incredible. Maybe not as sharp but the lateral movement was tremendous.
  7. Was Bundys change up considered a good pitch. I thought it was his "cutter", we all know it was really a slider.
  8. Man I really appreciate your insight and perspective. Yeah I was going for the non-oriole prospects. I was trying to gauge where Adley compares to these top prospects that you have evaluated. Thanks!
  9. Who was the best prospect that you ever watched film on and evaluated?
  10. I tried inserting an image but it wouldn't allow me for some reason. I designed an orange, a black and a white hat. What do you think? Which one do you like best? Do you think that they would sell? Here are the mock ups. black: https://imgur.com/7ei9VLb White: https://imgur.com/DmYvRtb Orange: https://imgur.com/54Rvorc
  11. 3 days rest and they were starting to make good contact. Right call.
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