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  1. Not every day you can say you saw history...
  2. Castro's done a nice job of mixing pitches despite some early wildness. Also keeping his head after getting squeezed by the ump on a few batters. Nice outing.
  3. Easiest money I spend all year. The prospect and scouting info is excellent and more important now than it has been in years with the number of new faces in the organization. This is also the best moderated board I’ve ever used. Trolls and bullies make for a crappy experience and there’s none of that here.
  4. Right, but what they got in return is the right to spend money rather than say a low minors wildcard or whatever. What do they think is out there worth spending it on? I guess there’s value in having additional reserves handy in case you see someone but I keep reading that that guy doesn’t exist.
  5. What’s in it for the Blue Jays? Part of the criticism of the Os is they missed on everyone worth spending on. Do these other teams see opportunities we don’t or are they willing to throw money at a handful of lottery tickets because they’d rather get something for a guy they were going to cut anyway?
  6. pdiddy

    Manny signs with Padres

    https://www.zillow.com/homedetails/1-The-Pt-Coronado-CA-92118/17150247_zpid/ 15 minutes to the ballpark. Add a boat to skip the traffic altogether on off days. Not getting this on south side of Chicago.
  7. Just got my notice for plus membership renewal. Some of the easiest money I spend each year. Keep up the great work!
  8. I agree. I'm never sure reading Roch whether he's putting his opinion out there or if there's a message he's supposed to convey. Either way he's cheap competition.
  9. Roch Kubatko‏Verified account @masnRoch 5m5 minutes ago Villar now seems certain to play second base with Escobar at SS. Rule 5 picks Richie Martin and Drew Jackson in utility mix #orioles
  10. There’s an argument to be made that it’s the best album of the 90s.
  11. ^^^^^ Every bit of this. I'm much more excited now than I was when I thought Duquette was staying. Go and get McLeod and pay that man.
  12. “I was thinking tonight watching Nolan, this is a guy who basically broke his neck diving in the stands for his team, his family, his city, whatever,” Showalter said. Can't find quote but when talked about the guy in Baltimore listening to the west coast game at 1AM living and dying with every pitch. That's a man that GETS Baltimore baseball. Hugging Markakis after he broke his hand: Buck Showalter: “It's emotional for all of us because we know how much he means, and more importantly, how much the Orioles mean to him. He's been here from the start and to get this opportunity... If I know our guys, they're going to rally around him. He's a special breed. " Getting close to murdering Girardi: “He was yelling at the third base coach. Somebody’s wearing black and orange, I’m not going to let that happen,” Showalter told reporters after the game. That led to this: http://baltimoresportsreport.com/buck-showalter-joe-girardi-argument-44181.html I hate the Britton decision and whatever hand he had in the Davis contract but I love him for the culture change and the wins and especially 2012 and 2014. But I love the man most for all the reasons that are obvious in the quotes above about how much he gets Baltimore and was willing to go to war for his guys and the city.
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