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  1. Some do but not most, particularly LTD. it’s also expensive on open market...definitely think about buying if employer provides it.
  2. It sucks they can’t make up their minds. All the way back to them screwing Nap Mccollum. The uncertainty let’s you get him at 79 instead of 29 though. Worst case it’s 5 years from now but there’s a chance it’s much sooner. We took a basketball player at 121 so this is only a round earlier!
  3. I would love to see Song. Some chance the rules change again and he could play earlier than projected.
  4. I wonder what’s up with Tyler Callihan. Lots of first round predictions for him.
  5. As long as its not big HS shortstop batting L throwing R like this one: https://www.perfectgame.org/Players/Playerprofile.aspx?ID=3017
  6. I thought Wieters had one of the highest pre draft grades ever.
  7. Dee Brown too. Storm Davis was an assistant and head coach there for a few years. Also home to multiple Olympic swimmers and medalists. Pretty good sports program...
  8. He needed to be open to changing his batting stance from college and he was. Great attitude and really good kid. I think he was and is a good athlete that just put on the freshman 15 and it stuck to his frame. I'm rooting like hell for him.
  9. There’s only one Fernando I want in Baltimore.
  10. Richie’s dad sounds like the nicest dude in the world.
  11. Not every day you can say you saw history...
  12. Castro's done a nice job of mixing pitches despite some early wildness. Also keeping his head after getting squeezed by the ump on a few batters. Nice outing.
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