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  1. This is a tough issue. Obviously, what he admitted to is deplorable. The kid was punished pursuant to the law, but we all know that the harm to the victim does not go away simply because the kid was rendered some degree of punishment under the law. Under the laws of this country, the kid is not going to be incarcerated for the duration of his life nor is he subject to some degree of harsher punishment that perhaps would be rendered in other parts of the world. Given that he is ultimately going to be (and has been) reintroduced into society, then we have to hope that he will become a law abiding and productive member of society. Isn't that the whole point of rehabilitation? I'm not privy to the discussions between he and the various counselors, etc., thus, I'm not qualified to determine whether he is likely to commit the same acts in the future. Since he has been placed back into society, then it is reasonable (and actually commendable) that he advance his eduction and eventually seek to gain employment. If the consensus is that he should not be able to utilize his skills and talents within the baseball industry to earn a living, etc., then I guess the sole issue to be resolved is what type of profession is a person with prior crimes of this nature allowed to pursue?
  2. Brach logged a ton of innings last season. His numbers suffered the 2nd half and, as has been noted, his command suffered. I know for a fact he had his knee scoped once the season ended. I'll bet it was barking at times the 2nd half of the season even though he continued to pitch.
  3. Brach's knee was barking as the season progressed. He had it cleaned up after the season.
  4. Nothing really geared toward the public. I've visited the Gaylord in Nashville for the Winter Meetings. Cocktail hour near one of the bars is a good place to camp out. You will see plenty of familiar faces.
  5. Yup, some of the best fishing I've ever done has been at night. But you better know your surroundings because you can't see a dang thing when you are cruising the water. The jetty that JF's boat struck was basically invisible as they were cruising along. They never saw it coming.
  6. You caught the Tater. You can take down those roadblocks now. I call my son Tater Tot.
  7. You are clearly spun way too tight. I'm sure Tommy will appreciate your defending my vicious attack on him.
  8. Not sure why you got your panties in a wad. I figure Tommy would get a chuckle out of it.
  9. No, Tim...Just Kidding. Just a nickname I picked up in college. But if I had to go with one of your options, it would be John.
  10. I don't know what your problem is, but you either need to show some restraint or take a break.
  11. Yes he did. He was friendly when our fast pitch clubs matched up. I think he got roped into coaching the girls due to a shortage of coaches. His roster wasn't all that great but he seemed to enjoy it. I'm not sure he's going to be coaching his daughters club this fall which is about to start.
  12. Matt Riley lives in Franklin, Tennessee. He coaches some baseball at the youth level and is involved in some baseball camps. I coached against him this past spring in 10U girls fast pitch as well.
  13. That's a fairly narrow analysis. That last place team has solid depth in its starting rotation so sure Ramirez is the odd man out, but he does profile as a solid back end guy that could potentially help the O's if the price isn't too steep.