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  1. It's always been my understanding that PA balked when LaCava outlined a front office restructuring that involved removing a sacred cow or two.
  2. mcgraw238

    The Brad Brach appreciation thread

    Brach is a really nice guy. There first time I met him he was discussing the O's organization and how they handle players. He was very complimentary of the O's and their processes versus his experience in San Diego. I know he really enjoyed his time playing in Baltimore.
  3. mcgraw238

    The Victor Victor Mesa/Sandy Gaston thread

    This. DD talked up International from day 1. Then trumpeted Jomar Reyes and the other guy we signed as a major evolution of our Int'l program. I've haven't seen anything that connects the O's to VVM. The "dark horse" comment was random speculation by a writer based on the O's having the most Int'l bonus $$$$.
  4. mcgraw238

    Who's next to be traded?

    Agree. I've met Brach several times and he is a really cool dude.
  5. mcgraw238

    Machado Trade Expectations

    I'm not disputing that Rosenthal had a long lasting axe to grind, but Angelos and his dysfunctional tenure as owner has certainly given any journalist plenty to material throughout the years. I'd beat that drum too.
  6. mcgraw238

    Cobb to Orioles (Confirmed by Roch Kubatko)

    That's a reasonable analysis for me
  7. mcgraw238

    Cobb to Orioles (Confirmed by Roch Kubatko)

    Those are the types you simply ignore, not worth the time, and there are some that advocate signing every free agent under the moon under a "MASN Money" theory; I ignore those as well. Signing Cobb is a good move for the franchise, it's the type of move that a well-managed franchise makes. This move doesn't change my opinion that the O's have been poorly managed under Angelos, nor does it change my opinion that DD is capable of better if he was free of the restrains imposed by the Angelos family. Now I see we have a new thread calling for the worship at the Angelos shrine simply because they make a move that most franchises make every offseason.
  8. mcgraw238

    Cobb to Orioles (Confirmed by Roch Kubatko)

    I get annoyed when people question someone questions one's fanhood because he's critical of how a team is operated or managed; I guess we are supposed to be a shill for every move made.
  9. I'll just leave it at my opinion is the O's don't do enough things the right way to overcome the big money clubs and I'm pretty sure most of that is driven by Angelos. I'm not saying the club is bad in all aspects, heck I spoke with Brach this time last year and he was very complimentary of a lot of stuff the O's do relative to his previous employer.
  10. mcgraw238

    Os requesting offers on Machado

    Well said. Instead we end up with ump-teen additional post back and forth on the issue. I've always found calling out of these types of posters to be more distracting than the faux insider posting itself. I take Andrew, Matty Ice, or Sir_Loin or whoever he is that day for what it is and move on...I realize some folks do get ultra caught up in the insider stuff.
  11. Emerging from the dark years and functioning like first class organization are 2 different things. Aside from Schoop (an International signing ironically enough), you rattled off 3 top 4 draft picks, so I'm not sure those are the best examples of producing unless you think we will be revisiting those draft slots. There is some solid talent in the system at the moment which is a good sign, but don't mistake the O's as having a top farm system, they don't, it's still middle of the pack which is simply not good enough given all the other limitations the organization faces. I've enjoyed the winning season, but I'm concerned that the winning seasons are about to be a distant memory given (1) the strength of the Yankees and Red Sox, (2) the core of winning seasons group has run its course, and (3) the organization's refusal to embrace all aspects of developing cost controlled talent and locking up that talent before it reaches free agency. So, it doesn't have to be the same as the dark years to not be good enough.
  12. Your faith in PA as an owner is much greater than mine. I wish I had your optimism.
  13. PA has good business sense in general. He is also exhibits extremely poor skills at operating a professional baseball team and developing talent throughout an MLB franchise.
  14. This doesn't surprise me. A quality GM would have worked his tail off to get Manny signed well before free agency. If ownership shot down an extension several years back, then that actually adds context to DD's statement that no talks have been held for a couple years...what would be the point? I'm shocked that the organization found it's way out of the losing to make the 5 year run.
  15. mcgraw238

    Season ticket holders......are you renewing?

    I do not plan on renewing my tickets for 2018. I made that decision about mid-way through last season. There's just too many dysfunctional things about the organization for me to re-up for another 29 game plan.