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  1. yeoledugger

    Ex-Orioles in the postseason

    Agreed. Manny did not hustle down to first on that 4th inning grounder to the left side. He does that stuff too often.
  2. This is a great read. Perhaps the Orioles should consult with Dr. Gow when needed. How a Model and Dr. Gow Resurrected Justin Verlander’s Career
  3. yeoledugger

    The Victor Victor Mesa/Sandy Gaston thread

    I like what I’m seeing in the videos linked by Weams. I want me some VV!
  4. yeoledugger

    Chris Davis

  5. yeoledugger

    Chris Davis

    LOL, another homer today.
  6. yeoledugger

    Chris Davis

    Just prior to that 3-run homer, Davis looked very confident at the plate. He had a big lump of chewing tobacco in his cheek and that positive look in his eye. I just felt he was going to do some noteworthy prior to his swing.
  7. yeoledugger

    Documentary Film on “The Blade”

    Coming in October to MASN, a documentary film about Mark Belanger. I suppose this should be posted in the Orioles History forum, but I thought many people would like to know about this upcoming film. Here’s the link: “The Blade” Documentary
  8. yeoledugger

    Scherzer vs. Orioles: how many K’s?

    We need a poll. Something to provide us hard core fans an incentive to follow the game.😋
  9. yeoledugger

    vs. ROYALS, 5/10

    Tillman needs to be pulled. This is unfair to the paying fans at the Yard.
  10. yeoledugger

    vs. ROYALS, 5/10

    If Tillman is not DFA tomorrow, I do not know what to think about management.
  11. yeoledugger

    Why Buck And Dan Have To Go

    I am looking forward to Tony’s exposé on the front office. It will be about as much excitement that us O’s fans are going to receive this year.
  12. yeoledugger

    vs. ANGELS, 5/01 (Sc0tt-Friendly)

    Trumbo will hit a dinger tonight.
  13. yeoledugger

    2018 Chris Tillman

    I actually hope that Tillman starts channeling his inner Greg Maddox - pinpoint control, late movement, and changing speeds. The high velocity fastball is no longer there. He needs to reinvent himself.
  14. yeoledugger

    vs. TIGERS, 4/27

    Fear The Otter!!!