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  1. Since I live in NC and cannot get a dish at my house, it looks like another year of seeing the Os on TV 4-5 times. I guess I'll be gone before the whole MASN thing gets fixed.
  2. I've never felt that Pete cared at all about the O's minor league system. His biggest mistake as an owner IMO. I don't know how you can expect to compete year in year out in the AL East without the ability to grow a significant portion of the roster. We should be drafting high in the order for a few years and must be wise. I'll soon be 60 but I hope they are patient and refuse to sell the farm.
  3. I'm surprised to see this thread take this turn. I'm still in the group that thinks the Os should spend money on scouting and the minors instead of stop gaps to get 15-20 more wins in '19. Manny isn't worth $200M IMO.
  4. Hopefully this won't be a huge deal with the fans. As mentioned, developing the youth, drafting wisely, developing an effective international presence, etc is the key. That 324 is a big # and hopefully we better that but I want to see 4-6 players each year that demand a spot on the 25 for years to come. Playoffs in '22.
  5. It sure warms the heart to read this thread. I look forward to a future thread pondering which new players may crack that list. Hopefully they have been born.
  6. This is what I don't understand. A segment of fans seem to want to spend money to minimize losses net season. I don't see a nickels worth of difference between 105 losses and 95. Play the young guys and coach em up. Weed out the AAAA guys and pretenders and compete, in 3-4 years.
  7. It was an obvious dirty play. I'm not saying dirty player, but ... The real question is why? Does he think it is going to go unnoticed? Please!
  8. Thanks but this is a bit of a booby prize. I want to win this thing when they win 99 and take the AL East.
  9. The lack of commitment to the minors is my biggest beef with mgmt. How in the hell are you going to compete year after year with the yanks and sox if you're not developing a significant number of players into major leaguers? I cannot fathom what the thinking was.
  10. I know it is the NL East and not the AL East but I hope someone within the organization is paying attention to what Gausman is doing differently in Atl. Let's learn something that can be used going forward. Beginners luck? Maybe.
  11. Hess pitched very well. That is the end of the positives.
  12. That does sound good but who wants to pay 4.6M for S wiffer?
  13. Draft well and develop even better. It sounds simple but that and only that will fix this mess. I feel this is impossible with the current staff. Clean house.
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