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  1. o'sfansince1970


    This is what I don't understand. A segment of fans seem to want to spend money to minimize losses net season. I don't see a nickels worth of difference between 105 losses and 95. Play the young guys and coach em up. Weed out the AAAA guys and pretenders and compete, in 3-4 years.
  2. o'sfansince1970

    Ex-Orioles in the postseason

    It was an obvious dirty play. I'm not saying dirty player, but ... The real question is why? Does he think it is going to go unnoticed? Please!
  3. o'sfansince1970

    50 games left - call the record

    Thanks but this is a bit of a booby prize. I want to win this thing when they win 99 and take the AL East.
  4. o'sfansince1970

    BR: O's farm system 18th; list of 10 prospects

    The lack of commitment to the minors is my biggest beef with mgmt. How in the hell are you going to compete year after year with the yanks and sox if you're not developing a significant number of players into major leaguers? I cannot fathom what the thinking was.
  5. o'sfansince1970

    Shortest Orioles Books, 2018 version

    Small ball, by Buck S.
  6. o'sfansince1970

    Grade the Gausman Deal

    I know it is the NL East and not the AL East but I hope someone within the organization is paying attention to what Gausman is doing differently in Atl. Let's learn something that can be used going forward. Beginners luck? Maybe.
  7. o'sfansince1970

    It's a Day Game

    Hess pitched very well. That is the end of the positives.
  8. o'sfansince1970

    Chris Davis Trade Possible in 2019-20?

    That does sound good but who wants to pay 4.6M for S wiffer?
  9. o'sfansince1970

    Now that the dust has settled

    Draft well and develop even better. It sounds simple but that and only that will fix this mess. I feel this is impossible with the current staff. Clean house.
  10. o'sfansince1970

    Chris Davis Trade Possible in 2019-20?

    Pete stuck his huge nose where it didn't belong. He didn't listen to his baseball people and was the sloe reason for this horrible contract. Man up and take the loss yourself. Tell the FO "my bad" and move on. The fans shouldn't suffer for 10 years because of his ignorance.
  11. o'sfansince1970

    The Inevitable national outlet Chris Davis article.

    I really don't understand why he was in the lineup today. Sale was mowing everyone down but it seems like a no brainer to sit CD today. You could make a case for that being every day I guess.
  12. o'sfansince1970

    Who’s our GM & Manager Next Year?

    I voted to retain Dan but the reason is that I really doubt a 1st tier candidate would be interested. I also sense that his hands have been tied. Turn him loose and give him a series of 1 year,team option contracts. Accountability baby.
  13. o'sfansince1970

    tell me again why Jace Peterson is starting?

    I'm with you Roy. The FO seems to have mailed it in for '18. The rest of this season should be about evaluating what we have in an effort to move forward. I couldn't care less whether it is 100 loses or 110. Start working on the future NOW.
  14. o'sfansince1970

    Boy, do WE stink!

    It is tough right now. It will take time to fix this mess. It didn't happen overnight and it won't be fixed overnight either. I really don't think much changes unless they clean house, top to bottom. If DD hasn't been allowed to do his job and they think he can get it done, keep him. Otherwise Buck and gang need to go. It is hard to understand why the minors have been ignored for years. I have zero faith in the folks in charge there.
  15. o'sfansince1970

    The Inevitable national outlet Chris Davis article.

    It is historically bad. What really needs to happen at this point is PA needs to man up and tell the FO "this one is on me. Straight out of MY pocket. We will not let it continue to haunt us for 10 more years." DFA him and be done with it.