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  1. o'sfansince1970

    Now that the dust has settled

    Draft well and develop even better. It sounds simple but that and only that will fix this mess. I feel this is impossible with the current staff. Clean house.
  2. o'sfansince1970

    Chris Davis Trade Possible in 2019-20?

    Pete stuck his huge nose where it didn't belong. He didn't listen to his baseball people and was the sloe reason for this horrible contract. Man up and take the loss yourself. Tell the FO "my bad" and move on. The fans shouldn't suffer for 10 years because of his ignorance.
  3. o'sfansince1970

    Chris Davis

    I really don't understand why he was in the lineup today. Sale was mowing everyone down but it seems like a no brainer to sit CD today. You could make a case for that being every day I guess.
  4. o'sfansince1970

    "GM" & Manager: What are your wishes?

    I voted to retain Dan but the reason is that I really doubt a 1st tier candidate would be interested. I also sense that his hands have been tied. Turn him loose and give him a series of 1 year,team option contracts. Accountability baby.
  5. o'sfansince1970

    tell me again why Jace Peterson is starting?

    I'm with you Roy. The FO seems to have mailed it in for '18. The rest of this season should be about evaluating what we have in an effort to move forward. I couldn't care less whether it is 100 loses or 110. Start working on the future NOW.
  6. o'sfansince1970

    Boy, do WE stink!

    It is tough right now. It will take time to fix this mess. It didn't happen overnight and it won't be fixed overnight either. I really don't think much changes unless they clean house, top to bottom. If DD hasn't been allowed to do his job and they think he can get it done, keep him. Otherwise Buck and gang need to go. It is hard to understand why the minors have been ignored for years. I have zero faith in the folks in charge there.
  7. o'sfansince1970

    Chris Davis

    It is historically bad. What really needs to happen at this point is PA needs to man up and tell the FO "this one is on me. Straight out of MY pocket. We will not let it continue to haunt us for 10 more years." DFA him and be done with it.
  8. o'sfansince1970

    50 games left - call the record

  9. o'sfansince1970

    Grade the Rebuild, Phase I

    A few stipulations: If I simply grade the trades without considering that they should have been made 2 years ago, I'd say C-C+. All things considered I would say D-D+.
  10. o'sfansince1970

    2018 Andrew Cashner

    Did I see Odor with 5 BB? I would be surprised if Ted Williams was ever walked 5 times! What is up with that?
  11. o'sfansince1970

    My thoughts on the trades.

    Our run is up and no, you cannot win every year. Particularly in the AL East. That said, it's a real shame Pete didn't turn over control of the team 2-3 years ago. All of this could have been avoided with a competent FO. The economics of the Os situation make it a necessity to utilize all tools available, not just rule 5. The state of the minor leagues and the lack of interest in the international market are simply unforgivable. It amazes me how long this has gone on. The duration of this rebuild will depend on how smart the FO is. I sure hope Buck is gone at season's end and Brady is relegated to the weight room only. While I was underwhelmed by the deadline trades, I applaud the effort to change direction.
  12. o'sfansince1970

    Orioles Deal Gausman/O'Day to Braves - Schoop to Brewers

    Sounds like Cumberland may be a future low average DH. There is too much of that around now.
  13. o'sfansince1970

    Orioles Deal Gausman/O'Day to Braves - Schoop to Brewers

    Don't be too concerned. We may not see him more than a handful of times the rest of the season.
  14. o'sfansince1970

    How do you rate the return on the Britton trade?

    An effective front office and player development will make this team winners again. No individual player or even 3-4 will turn it around. Some seem to be looking to contend next year and that just isn't happening. '20 or'21 would be awesome. Those responsible for building recent rosters need to go at season's end. Get back to some bunting, stealing bases and run manufacturing. The defense should improve naturally as the plethora of DHs leave in lieu of guys that can actually play a position. I am pleasantly surprised at the return for Britton. Now it is time to coach them up and trade for even more prospects until they are ready to contend again. As someone else said, I would not mortgage the future to sneak into the play in game ever again. Longer term thinking.
  15. o'sfansince1970

    Brach Trade Discussion & Expectations

    The train has left the station.