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  1. That is a fake Rosenthal account. His has the check and an underscore.
  2. Moved to Texas from MD almost 2 years ago. And let me say the storms are no joke. With something like this there will be flooding. Best to keep the fans home. There calling for months worth of rain in one storm.
  3. VThokie7

    New Hat

    Love the angry bird. Actually have the fathead version they gave away a few years ago at fan fest on my work MacBook. But it looks off on a hat when it's shrunk down.
  4. Apparently they loved last years DH situation and wanted more of it.
  5. Sounds about right. How anybody can honestly believe this team could be better next year is beyond me.
  6. I would agree 100%, not even a skins fan. I just can't stand when people want to argue on the internet like a big boy but refuse to post their source. You just look incredibly stupid. Especially when going on the "you're just too lazy to do my work for me" approach.
  7. Aww was that so hard to actually post a source rather than act pompous? Only problem is that article fails to account for the fact he only had between 5-6% or half his initial investment in shares when they filed bankruptcy. It just mentions his initial investment. Meanwhile here you go: http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2010/04/30/AR2010043002502.html As you said Bill Gates had 12% which was around 130 million. Take that down to 5-6% and the other guys you were arguing with were correct. But suppose you know more than the six flags bankruptcy proceedings? Btw perhaps if you stop being a jerk in every thread perhaps people won't doubt you?
  8. The problem with that logic is they've all posted reports to the contrary. Yet you still spout nonsense without any factual backing. Want to prove you're right post a source or gtfo.
  9. Sure it goes both ways. But in all honesty have you ever once criticized something the O's do? I could be missing it but seems you're quick to jump to their defense on everything.
  10. Peter Angelos could throw a puppy from his owners box at the yard and there would still be a few that rush to defend him.
  11. It's crazy that he turned that down but perhaps he has no real interest in playing in New York. It's certainly not for everyone. Texas has a cheaper cost of living and no state income tax. So wouldn't be surprised to see him still end up with something similar or even lower with the Rangers.
  12. Supposedly we are years away from a computer that could emulate the cell processor. Even the cloud service will have limitations. A timing based game like baseball will suffer on anything but the best connections id imagine.
  13. When engaged in a debate it helps to provide the source of your information. Just spouting off 10,921,300 shares doesn't mean much when you're not crediting where you're pulling it from. Especially when Finisher is posting legit news sources that say otherwise.
  14. Well I did say, "But heaven forbid we break one of Pete's sacred rules, such as 6 years for a pitcher" Why should PA or any other MLB team pay a player 100+ million? The answer is because that is what it takes. You close yourself out of a potential talent pool on principal alone. Yu Darvish required a posting fee, think the Rangers regret paying it? Beyond that you just killed your own argument. Pitchers are by nature "injury prone" yet Mussina should've passed on that 6th year for 19 million to take his chances that after 5 years he could still get that money back?
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