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  1. baltfan

    Fangraphs Top 10

    https://www.fangraphs.com/fantasy/baltimore-orioles-top-10-prospects-updated/ Grayson Rodriguez #1
  2. baltfan

    'GM' Candidates and when

    Yes, so when you are the Gm of a rich team you will take more chances because there is a bigger net. Cherington wouldn’t run the Orioles the way he ran the Sox.
  3. baltfan

    'GM' Candidates and when

    Knock against Colletti was that he was not at all an analytics guy. We don’t need to go down that road again.
  4. baltfan

    'GM' Candidates and when

    This would be a great history to make.
  5. baltfan

    'GM' Candidates and when

    https://fancredsports.com/articles/jon-heyman-kim-ng-a-serious-candidate-for-oriole Ng and Cherington info. Inwoukd be good with either choice.
  6. baltfan

    Marlins Add Even More Mesa $

    The Cal Ripken statue game is one of the most fun I have ever been to.
  7. baltfan

    Marlins Add Even More Mesa $

    Most fun season I can remember possibly ever. So many comebacks. Stadium absolutely rocking.
  8. baltfan

    Ex-Orioles in the postseason

    Are you really comparing what is acceptable in high school players to the pros? There wasn't a single pro that defended A-Rod.
  9. baltfan

    Ex-Orioles in the postseason

    He kicked him on purpose. It is obvious. The Pedroia thing he was completely innocent and the Sox were out of control.
  10. baltfan

    Ex-Orioles in the postseason

    Yeah, so the correct thing for Machado to do would be to say something after crossing the bag, not kick his foot on purpose. That is the issue with Manny, it isn't like after this happened he went to Aguilar and told him he is sorry but Aguilar has to move his foot quicker because it is dangerous.
  11. baltfan

    Ex-Orioles in the postseason

    He had the Donaldson outburst. I don't think he was in the wrong with Boston. Other than not hustling some, he seemed to behave under Buck. In this series, he hasn't just not hustled but also grabbed a leg while sliding into second and kicked a foot while running to first. Would this have happened with Buck? Maybe. But the larger point here is that he is doing the type of garbage A-Rod did (slapping at the glove, yelling "I got it"), and we know the two are very close.
  12. baltfan

    Ex-Orioles in the postseason

    He is so much like A-Rod it isn’t even funny. Some day we may learn what a good job Buck did keeping him under wraps.
  13. This is so true. Moreover, Machado was awful in the first month. I wonder if you took the first month out how different then numbers vs. his Dodgers' numbers would be. Finally, all of this is SSS. Defensive numbers are notoriously unreliable with SSS. Orioles need to work on their analytics, but Machado's "improvement" doesn't prove anything.
  14. baltfan

    Behind the Curve with Analytics?

    This is so overblown. I have it on good authority that every member of the analytics department has a graphing calculator
  15. baltfan

    The Victor Victor Mesa/Sandy Gaston thread

    Perhaps one day we’ll find out whether there’s more behind the story of the Orioles sending $750,000 worth to the Phillies in August for minor league infielder Jack Zoellner, a 23-year-old corner infielder who’s spent the last two seasons in the Rookie-level Gulf Coast League and batted .240/.358/.401 with seven home runs in 58 games. The Orioles saw plenty of him while scouting the Phillies system and liked his ability to get on base. I’ve heard that the Phillies were far less enthusiastic about Zoellner and might have released him. http://www.masnsports.com/school-of-roch/2018/10/orioles-remaining-quiet-in-their-pursuit-of-three-cuban-prospects.html