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  1. Can you tell me someone the Phillies have signed with any of the money the Orioles have traded them? In other words, who have they gotten that the Orioles could have gotten but for not trading away the money?
  2. He also has less leverage as a catcher. Catchers tend to have shorter careers. It is in his best interests to get started ASAP because the body will break down. Look at Weiters. And this kid is 6’2”, on the larger side for a catcher.
  3. He had 8 homers all of last year, he has 6 already.
  4. Too many K’s make them less special. Also more ball should in play gives you more opportunities for spectacular plays. I agree with your point re reducing home runs. On doing this all at once not making sense, part of doing so is probably to encourage fans to come out to the games by promoting all the differences.
  5. They should make the bases softer not bigger. There have been more issues with them being rock hard.
  6. Do you really think Elias et al don’t have firm opinions on this that have been formed by a combination of research and data?
  7. Yeah, if that P90x guy Tony Horton ever dies they could just substitute him in.
  8. Is there some way to tell how many times he took three swings in an at-bat? He swings and misses so often but also watches so many pitches.
  9. I think for a younger team it can’t hurt to win. Gives some confidence. Can’t see an advantage in losing when a young team.
  10. If there was ever a guy that needed three swings it is Chris Davis. He needs to stop looking for the perfect pitch
  11. It’s true his swing does basically look the same.
  12. Yeas, I agree if anything he cares too much. My hope is that the new regime is letting him see what he is doing isnt working and will convince him to try a different approach.
  13. I remember a story of Mark McGwire saying he was struggling badly with the A’s and some fan yelled at him before an at-bat, “The pigeon toe, go back to the pigeon toe.” Said it fixed him. Would love osome to just yell to Davis load sooner. It would at least give him a little more time to make up his mind.
  14. If your head is moving and your hands are moving back as the ball is being released, that is only going to work if you are ridciulously quick like Sheffield. At this point, the should have him almost like Frank Robinson who had his bat sitting, flat almost, and loaded.
  15. I am not an expert on hitting but anyone can see that Davis just doesn’t seem ready when the ball is released. If you watch him he starts to lower his hands and in conjunction lowers his head just as the ball is about to come out of the pitcher.’s hand. He then seems like he isn’t ready to pull the trigger. It seems he uses this for timing, but it isn’t working For the life of me, I don’t know why they wouldn’t just get him to load sooner. The guy is always late or just clueless.
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