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  1. Where did he have him #10? Here is last I can find. 22. Grayson Rodriguez, RHP, Central Heights High School, Nacogdoches, Texas. Rodriguez is a sort of poor man's Carter Stewart, which, of course, is still a first-rounder of sorts. Rodriguez has been up to 97 with a power curveball, and he's big like Stewart is, 6-foot-5 and 230-plus, though he has more effort in his delivery, and there's at least a little concern that his trouble repeating it will eventually point him to the bullpen. He also hasn't shown much of a third pitch to date. He's committed to Texas A&M but seems very likely to go in the first round and sign. http://www.espn.com/mlb/insider/story/_/id/23583441/updated-top-100-draft-prospects
  2. I agree with this. Rankings are ok, but very imperfect. Every year there ar which school guys that go undrafted or are drafted later who end up being high first round picks a couple of years later.
  3. baltfan

    Is Buck a tough manager to pitch for?

    You guys are being unfair to Buck on this. This trend toward the bullpen was arguably started by the Orioles and Royals. Remember when Buck got Miller he was willing to bring him in at the best moment and also stretch him. Now teams are taking it even a bit further and look at two times through the order, but the Orioles were one of the first teams to really crate a strong pen with the idea of not expecting too much from their starters. Also, guys have left and had less success, e.g. Chen.
  4. baltfan

    (Almost) All Things Manny Machado....

    11. Manny Machado is the free agent in the coming mega-class who’s really enhanced his situation. It was said that he came within $5-to-10 million a few years back of signing long-term with the Orioles for something in the $80 million range. But he may get close to five times that now that he’s shown he can be an effective shortstop, and he’s hitting as good as anyone (well, anyone except Trout and Mookie Betts, that is). https://frsbaseball.com/mlb/inside/inside-baseball-11-observations-from-mlbs-one-third-pole/amp/?__twitter_impression=true
  5. baltfan

    Cubs rumored to have deal (offer) for Manny

    I agree that you need to get a good deal. Of course, have to weigh vs the pick you get if lose him.
  6. baltfan

    Jim Palmer just threw Chris Davis under the bus

    Hopefully he does the right thing and listens versus just getting defensive.
  7. baltfan

    Baltimore Sun: Angelos Story

    Does anyone know what the rumored Britton deal was?
  8. baltfan

    Buck losing the Clubhouse?

    Buck didn’t hurt Bundy. No one knows what is going on without Tillman. Overall he has a remarkable record of keeping pitchers healthy.
  9. baltfan

    Buck losing the Clubhouse?

    If it is any of the pitchers, they should pound sand. We haven't had a major pitching injury that I can think of since Buck has been here (Britton's Achilles doesn't count). As for the hitters, only Manny and Schoop have any right to complain. Everyone else, who cares.
  10. Every front office makes mistakes. Theo is a genius and he signed Heyward. I honestly think most of Davis’s issue is mental. Remember he struggled before he came to the Orioles as well
  11. Yeah, this is a great mystery. Was AM just at a time in his life where he didn’t want to do the work anymore or was there something deeper? Seemed like AM was given everything he wanted.
  12. baltfan

    Lack of international talent

    Why would Angelos swear off after Sano? Sank turned out to be worth it
  13. Cano is not postseason elegible. Tough to justify trading much to trade him since little likelihood they win in playoffs
  14. baltfan

    Why is Machado Playing SS This Season?

    Article makes him seem to be a real butcher. Among the 25 shortstops who have played at least 250 innings this year, he ranks last in both advanced defensive metrics displayed at FanGraphs, with negative-5 defensive runs saved and a negative-3.6 ultimate zone rating. In the latter stat, Machado is so far back from the pack that 24th-place Trea Turner is as close to 11th place as he is to Machado