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  1. Means may never make another All Star game. I hate that they didn’t let him play. It’s nit like he wasn’t deserving.
  2. GrayRod was shaky. Poor command. One filthy change-up though.
  3. baltfan

    DL Hall 2019

    Hall showed three major league pitches. Scott profiled as a reliever.
  4. baltfan

    DL Hall 2019

    Best stuff I have seen from an Oriole prospect since Bundy.
  5. This is generally more common in the South, I don't think you can read much into it unless you believe kids from the South are generally better than kids from the North.
  6. Bannon has 4 homers. He had 20 when we traded for him. That can’t be just PCL inflation.
  7. It’s 8-10 wins total over the course of his career with Sox
  8. Still have zero issue with this trade. He was amazing and if we would have won it would have been in large part because of him.
  9. They said on their podcast AR is likely top 15
  10. I look at this year as one for experimentation and seeing what we have. Numerous guys have been brought in or have been called up and given a chance. If you didn't do it this way, maybe John Means or Smith don't emerge. We have also learned that a ton of these guys just aren't major leaguers.
  11. I was at the game. While there were a lot of Sox fans, there were still more Orioles fans.
  12. This reminds me a bit of Trembley. That didn’t end well even though he was right.
  13. The players don’t care. They just care that they lost. This generation doesn’t take it so personally. It’s a game.
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