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  1. Looks like a guy that hasn’t played much CF
  2. It’s funny because Tillman was doing this when it had fallen out of vogue. You would think the Orioles would have learned the value.
  3. Looks like he is just as much of an enigma for the Braves. Would have loved to have gotten more from him, but it doesn't look at the moment like this is one we will be screaming about. https://www.baseball-reference.com/players/g/gausmke01.shtml
  4. Good interview. Interesting how it wasn’t a surprise to him that people were talking about Brady maybe having been let go. I hope that Brady can help and not interfere like he is saying. I believe Brady’s intentions have always been good.
  5. How can a guy with such good stuff get lit up as much as he does?
  6. Velo down from Boston. I think we all should have some concerns.
  7. Don’t look now but Rickard doesn’t look much better.
  8. I didn’t want to make too much orogresss this year. Looks like I don’t have much to worry about. Wow.
  9. Bundy with his penchant for giving up homers would be rough out of the bullpen.
  10. Looks a little faster than Weiters.
  11. Never seen a guy throw so many fastballs down the middle
  12. My obsession with Chris Davis watching third strikes has been replaced with my obsession with Bundy throwing fastballs right down the middle. It would be great if the velocity was better, but location is his biggest issue.
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