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  1. I look at this year as one for experimentation and seeing what we have. Numerous guys have been brought in or have been called up and given a chance. If you didn't do it this way, maybe John Means or Smith don't emerge. We have also learned that a ton of these guys just aren't major leaguers.
  2. I was at the game. While there were a lot of Sox fans, there were still more Orioles fans.
  3. This reminds me a bit of Trembley. That didn’t end well even though he was right.
  4. The players don’t care. They just care that they lost. This generation doesn’t take it so personally. It’s a game.
  5. One thing that hasn't been said much is that it doesn't appear issues were at the major league level. None of our ex-players are really playing any better for other teams. And of the holdovers, there really aren't any that are having a better year. In other words, our problems weren't on Buck and his staff.
  6. Janvrin, a Central Missouri outfielder: “He is a guy that has shown game-changing speed. He’s a true 80[-grade] runner, and Scott Thomas, our scout there, did a good job of keeping tabs on him throughout the spring. He can play center field for us at the next level. He has a very simple swing, but it has plus bat speed. He’s really an excellent ball-in-play [hitter] and we believe that we can hand [him] over to our development people, and he’s got a very high ceiling.” https://www.baltimoresun.com/sports/orioles/bs-sp-orioles-mlb-draft-new-regime20190605-story.html
  7. Pretty surprising that a 22 year old would have a 50 year old actress as his favorite.
  8. Let me be clear. I am not angry. I also trust him and Sig. just surprised on this one. I also suspect that you might be right about them valuing good catching in the organization.
  9. Doesn’t seem to have paid off as a strategy. Moreover, the past administration wasn’t exactly killing it in the draft. We just took at catcher 1:1. Anyone being taken now is for a backup spot or trade at best. I would have rather had another position but understand the sentiment.
  10. This far into draft I am doubting there is a significant difference between this and the next guy on their board. Likely within the margin of error.
  11. Agreed but I would be surprised if this guy is so much better than the person below him that there is justification for his section. That is unless Elias has determined there is some poorly measured value to having quality minor league catchers.
  12. We have a fair amount of catchers in the minors. I would rather take a chance on an arm or someone that can play elsewhere. Pick a catcher later
  13. I guess we know what our GM was watching during the break
  14. Not quite understanding this one unless he is athletic enough to play elsewhere.
  15. Orioles definitely have better pitching than hitting in their system. Last couple drafts by Orioles have been pitching heavy.
  16. I like their draft a lot so far. Seems they have been in the right place a fair amount.
  17. I would doubt it could be that many. There is likely too much delta between what they could have drafted and did for there to be that many
  18. I am not buying the undershot theory. The problem with it is that you can’t guarantee that the guy they want won’t be drafted before they get their chance
  19. They haven’t done much with any of the position players they have inherited in the minors. Who is really over performing?
  20. I wonder if the college emphasis is in part due to our entire operation not being up and running. Perhaps they are more comfortable with the read they have on college guys.
  21. yep and many of these kids play on multiple teams too
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