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  1. Seattle has been pretty good at developing relievers. I'm interested in seeing how this turns out.
  2. Kinda sounds like a guy that's Scott Erickson (ish).... I'll take it
  3. Matusz to the cubs would be one of the great trollings of all time!
  4. Can't lie. I had a Beau Hale flashback. Did the University of Texas ruin this guys arm too?
  5. The prime rate in 2000 was 8.5 percent. Bonillas's 8% was conservative at the time.
  6. Is it possible that something popped up in the advanced metrics that lead them to believe that a brief sabbatical could do him good? I looked at the pitch f/x data and noticed a slight dip in velocity for the past two games.
  7. I think teams are getting smarter about not jamming a square peg in a round hole. Strike zone discipline is a skill just like speed, power and contact. Why try to make a player who doesn't have that skill take hittable pitches only to get behind in the count?
  8. I think that pitchers have adapted to OBP designed offenses. Part of this adaptation is focusing on throwing that first pitch for a strike. Hitters that hack at the first pitch (knowing that it will be a strike) might have the advantage. Maybe that the current market inefficiency?
  9. Here is another great article regarding Davis and the shift. http://www.fangraphs.com/fantasy/chris-davis-swallowed-by-the-shift/ The best way to help Davis is for the batters ahead of him (I'm looking at you Adam Jones) get on base so the opposing team cant shift on him in 83% of his at bats.
  10. Stuttering John had a wicked change up. It just started and stopped and started again.
  11. Speaking as someone who has daily followed the message board before Syd Thrift sang the praises of that great minor league pitcher, Gary Dell'Abate, I have to say the I could care less about Danny Boy's slow Decembers. Let's have some prospective y'all... We are closer to operating like a fine Swiss watch right now then the dumpster fires of days of yore.
  12. I'll really miss Markakis the man. He just seemed like a dude you could really rally around and happily tell people that "he's my guy". And I'll miss Markakis v2008, Markakis v2010, and Markakis v2012. However, Markakis the difference maker has been gone for awhile now. His skills are rapidly eroding. I don't like admitting it either. I want to believe... But the truth is a bitter pill. I don't see how Atlanta will not regret this deal.
  13. wse120372


    If this is the work of Rick Peterson then DD needs to send him a dump truck load of cash
  14. I grade it as a B strictly because of Mark Reynolds. Andy McPhail did a good job of picking the low hanging fruit but no one other than Reynolds excites me for 2012 and beyond. The bench is still awful. I would love to see Molina and Cantu added for depth.
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