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  1. Chromehill

    Orioles sign Nate Karns

    If Karns cannot go, he is only costing the O's $800K compared to the $3 million they gave Tillman.
  2. Please explain where the team would move? None of the obvious candidates (Charlotte, Portland, Nashville, Montreal) have a MLB ready stadium. Montreal has the old Olympic Stadium which has a large capacity, it was a huge reason why the Expos left. The Orioles are not going anywhere. Considering that the Orioles have almost zero chance of contending over the next three years, they need to accumulate as much talent as possible in their system during that timeframe. It makes no sense to spend big bucks on a free agent that will not be around to help them win in 3 to 5 years. The goal in the next 3 years is to accumulate talent and improve in player development, domestic and international scouting, analytics, etc.
  3. Chromehill

    Anyone Following Manny?

    I agree a player like Machado with his numbers from a historic perspective is somebody you could gamble on. Problem is the amount of these contracts. Suppose he falls off a cliff at 33 or gets seriously injured, with a 10 year contract you are eating about $100 million on the last 3 or 4 years of the contract. For the money and duration that Harper and Machado are seeking, as many have posted, only a handful of teams can afford the contract and associated risk. Those teams don't seemed inclined to pursue them for one reason or another, in many cases, they don't really need them.
  4. Chromehill

    Anyone Following Manny?

    This is the real question. If you look at baseball history, especially before the PED era, plenty of players having HOF trajectory careers (Maris, Boog Powell, Colavito) who just seemed to lose it in their early 30's. Now with the testing for PEDs, I bet players are reverting to these types of careers and most likely plenty of analytical data to back it up. One change might be the age where the typical player really loses it performance moving from maybe 31 to 33 given the year round training, better nutrition etc. Any guaranteed contract past the early 30's is just nuts now. That is having a huge effect on the market.
  5. Syd's problems with the Orioles was that he was not a team player, Syd was about Syd. I think much of earlier success at other franchises went to his head. No doubt, he was a top baseball scout and exec with the Royals and Pirates.
  6. Eller's comment about .214 and the first 3 pitches being the key. It all gets back to what Ted Williams said, get a good pitch to hit. If the first pitch is a fast ball down the middle, waist high, you have to be swinging. As Eller said, if you are getting breaking balls that are out of the zone, you obviously take them. Follow get a good pitch to hit, the batter will draw walks and be swinging at good pitches which should result in hard hit balls.
  7. Chromehill

    Elias Q&A on the farm and player development

    I think that is what happens when the team losses 115 games...no doubt that the old ways of doing things failed miserably. Definitely helps that PGA is no longer involved, if he was, Elias does not take the job.
  8. Chromehill

    Waste of International Bounty. New GM. Discuss.

    Gaston got $2.9 mil from the Rays, O's offered $2.1 mil. I guess the question is does offering between $3 mil and $3.5 mil get the deal done and is it possibly worth the positive PR it would have generated, in addition to help offset the trade of Gausman.
  9. Chromehill

    Waste of International Bounty. New GM. Discuss.

    I think the plan was good until the Marlins started acquiring additional ISM money to match the Orioles. Until then, the Orioles had a huge advantage to sign the Mesa's since no other team could come close to matching what they could offer. Once the ISM money became similar, the Mesa's preference for South Florida clinched the deal for the Marlins. Clearly with Gaston, the Orioles could have had him since no other team could come close to matching what they could offer.
  10. Chromehill


    Agree. If they thought there was even a small possibility he could play they would have at least brought him to spring training to see what he had. Releasing him now says, they believe he is done.
  11. If they move to Montreal, a stadium has to be built there too. Although they probably could use Olympic stadium for a few years until a new stadium was built.
  12. Chromehill

    Brian Graham Out

    Nothing says Davis has to play if he is on the 25 man roster. If he stinks, he can be the 25th man on the roster who can play 1B, 3B and corner outfield spots. He could pitch in the blowout games. Reality is that you are not getting much out of the 25th man on the roster, especially on a team that will be fortunate to win 60 games.
  13. Chromehill

    Brian Graham Out

    You can be a graduate of BCCC and understand that. Brady was allowed to do what he did by Peter. Who knows maybe Brady will have specific functions going forward.
  14. Chromehill

    Schoop, Service Time, and a Lesson on our Young Guys

    I agree, Schoop is the old Orioles. A homer hitting free swinger who does not walk and strikes out a lot and lacks speed. His defense will decline as he gets older too. Pass on Schoop.
  15. Chromehill

    Schoop, Service Time, and a Lesson on our Young Guys

    The owners should have listened to Finley back in the 70's. Even today, the owners should propose mass free agency. What can the players do, refuse more freedom? Of course they could, but that would be bad PR for them.