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    Agree. If they thought there was even a small possibility he could play they would have at least brought him to spring training to see what he had. Releasing him now says, they believe he is done.
  2. If they move to Montreal, a stadium has to be built there too. Although they probably could use Olympic stadium for a few years until a new stadium was built.
  3. Chromehill

    Brian Graham Out

    Nothing says Davis has to play if he is on the 25 man roster. If he stinks, he can be the 25th man on the roster who can play 1B, 3B and corner outfield spots. He could pitch in the blowout games. Reality is that you are not getting much out of the 25th man on the roster, especially on a team that will be fortunate to win 60 games.
  4. Chromehill

    Brian Graham Out

    You can be a graduate of BCCC and understand that. Brady was allowed to do what he did by Peter. Who knows maybe Brady will have specific functions going forward.
  5. Chromehill

    Schoop, Service Time, and a Lesson on our Young Guys

    I agree, Schoop is the old Orioles. A homer hitting free swinger who does not walk and strikes out a lot and lacks speed. His defense will decline as he gets older too. Pass on Schoop.
  6. Chromehill

    Schoop, Service Time, and a Lesson on our Young Guys

    The owners should have listened to Finley back in the 70's. Even today, the owners should propose mass free agency. What can the players do, refuse more freedom? Of course they could, but that would be bad PR for them.
  7. Chromehill

    Rumors and News

    Exactly. When you are coming off a 115 lose season and if you lose less than 100 games in 2019 would be considered a great season, the manager really doesn't matter the next few years. They need a manager and coaching staff that can emotionally handle losing a lot of games while focusing on developing players who work cheap.
  8. Chromehill

    Give Sisco another Chance

    Sisco is not going to fare well with Sig's projection models.
  9. Chromehill


    I believe Verlander also changed the grip on his slider while he was in Detroit since he noticed that it was being hit hard (he did not know to what extent). He made the adjustment on his own, figured he had to try something different. Houston knew about his slider being hit hard and the subsequent improvement and actually asked him if he changed his grip. I believe Houston had him throw the slider more. With Altuve and Springer, Houston gave them a plan to work on that was developed from their analytics. To be honest when it comes to hitting, Ted Williams had it right, get a good pitch to hit. Common sense, lay off the stuff on the outside. Kuchel also benefitted from pitching to the outside and the use of shifts. Houston was able to convince them all of the improvement plan because they had the analytic data to back it up.
  10. I believe they wanted Jones to play deeper.
  11. Regarding playing for .500, in Moneyball Billy Beane said the samething, paraphrasing "you are either contending or rebuilding, no middle ground".
  12. Both you and Moose make valid points. One scenario is what happens in a few years if the team is starting to have success? At that point does ownership reinsert its self into decision making or over ruling the new mgmt. team? From the past, initially McPhail was left alone and then it changed. Dan Duquette was initially left alone and then talked to Toronto and then the interference started. I agree with Moose, the key is will the new mgmt. team be left alone now and forever? I get that ownership should have some say in baseball operations. If I was owner I would set the budget amount and make the decision to exceed it, not how the money is spent. I would also want veto approval over any contract over X value, over Y Years in length or over Z annual salary. I would also want veto approval over the decision to blow up the team or still try to contend. I would stay out of if a trade is good or not and hang up on any agent calling me directly to negotiate.
  13. Chromehill

    Rating the O's executive candidates

    I think your right. The real key is, will whoever is hired have the autonomy to run baseball operations without interference from ownership and Brady. We they be allowed to truly invest in scouting, player development, international players and analytics beyond 3 people and a commodore 64 for a computer? If the answer is yes, then the franchise has a chance, if the answer is no, get ready for another 15 years until they get lucky again.
  14. Chromehill

    Top President / EVP Candidates?

    So in other words, nobody really knows what is going on with the search and the positions they are being hired for and that might include the Angelos Boys.
  15. Chromehill

    TT: Silence of Ownership is Deafening

    Do you really need to do that? It is very obvious where the O's are lacking. Take a look at the Yankees, they have 20 employees in their Analytics Department the Orioles had 3. They have a deep minor league system which includes a lot of international players, the O's do not. They have a large scouting staff, the O's do not. Seems what the Orioles need to do is hire someone who can build an Analytics department and identify relevant information for evaluating players at every level based upon value, develop strategies for in game lineups, matchups, use of players, defense, etc. The new hire can develop an effective scouting system for in the USA and Internationally and develop a network of International contacts to assist in signing players. The new hire can develop an excellent player development program including easing the transition of international players to USA culture. Pretty obvious that the new guy has to get the O's focused on scouting and player development and proper use of analytics. Let Brady do his thing with S&C and nutrition.